Zone :America/Goose_Bay

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LocationFile Coordinates
Battle Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world52.2667° N, 55.6000° W
Battle Harbour, Labrador (2)offsets.xml52.2667° N, 55.6000° W
Black Joke Cove, Labradorharmonics.world52.0167° N, 55.8667° W
Brownell Point, Labradorharmonics.world59.4167° N, 63.8500° W
Button Islands, Labradoroffsets.xml60.6167° N, 64.7333° W
Cabot Point, Labradorharmonics.world53.7167° N, 59.0333° W
Cape Kakkiviak (Williams Harbour), Labradorharmonics.world60.0000° N, 64.2667° W
Caravalla Cove, Labradorharmonics.world54.0500° N, 58.5833° W
Cartwright Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world53.7000° N, 57.0333° W
Cartwright Harbour, Labrador (2)offsets.xml53.7000° N, 57.0333° W
Castle Island, Labradorharmonics.world51.9667° N, 55.8500° W
Chateau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labradoroffsets.xml52.0000° N, 55.8333° W
Comfort Bight, Labradoroffsets.xml53.1500° N, 55.7667° W
Curlew Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml53.7500° N, 56.5500° W
Davis Inlet, Labradorharmonics.world55.8833° N, 60.9000° W
Denbigh Island, Labradorharmonics.world52.5333° N, 55.8333° W
Eclipse Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml59.8000° N, 64.1500° W
Emily Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world54.5333° N, 57.1833° W
Ford Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world56.4500° N, 61.2000° W
Forteau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labradorharmonics.world51.4500° N, 56.8833° W
Forteau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador (2)offsets.xml51.4500° N, 56.8833° W
Goose Bay, Labradoroffsets.xml53.3500° N, 60.4000° W
Hamilton Bank 334, Labradorharmonics.world53.7333° N, 53.6167° W
Hamilton Bank 789, Labradorharmonics.world53.7333° N, 55.4500° W
Hamilton Bank 790, Labradorharmonics.world54.1833° N, 52.1333° W
Hamilton Bank 795, Labradorharmonics.world54.4667° N, 55.4333° W
Hamilton Bank, Labradorharmonics.world55.3500° N, 53.7667° W
Hebron, Hebron Fjord, Labradorharmonics.world58.1833° N, 62.6167° W
Hebron, Hebron Fjord, Labrador (2)offsets.xml58.2000° N, 62.6333° W
Henley Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world51.9833° N, 55.8500° W
Hopedale, Labradorharmonics.world55.4500° N, 60.2167° W
Hopedale, Labrador (2)offsets.xml55.4500° N, 60.2167° W
House Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world56.2333° N, 61.0500° W
Indian Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml54.4500° N, 57.2000° W
Jordans Point, Labradorharmonics.world54.2167° N, 58.2333° W
Kangalaksiorvik Fiord, Labradoroffsets.xml59.3833° N, 63.7833° W
Makkovik Bank North, Labradorharmonics.world55.7167° N, 58.2000° W
Makkovik, Labradorharmonics.world55.0833° N, 59.1667° W
Nachvak Bay, Labradoroffsets.xml59.0500° N, 63.5833° W
Nain Bank Station 847, Labradorharmonics.world57.0000° N, 58.0667° W
Nain, Labradorharmonics.world56.5333° N, 61.6833° W
Nain, Labrador (2)offsets.xml56.5500° N, 61.6833° W
Neville Island, Labradorharmonics.world52.5500° N, 56.1167° W
Northwest River, Labradorharmonics.world53.5167° N, 60.1500° W
Paradise River, Labradorharmonics.world53.4333° N, 57.2833° W
Port Burwell, Labradorharmonics.world60.4167° N, 64.8500° W
Port Burwell, Labrador (2)offsets.xml60.4167° N, 64.8667° W
Port Hope Simpson, Labradorharmonics.world52.5500° N, 56.3000° W
Port Manvers, Labradoroffsets.xml56.9500° N, 61.4167° W
Port Marnham, Labradorharmonics.world52.3833° N, 55.7333° W
Port Marnham, Labrador (2)offsets.xml52.3833° N, 55.7333° W
Postville, Labradorharmonics.world54.9000° N, 59.7833° W
Punchbowl, Labradorharmonics.world53.2500° N, 55.7667° W
Red Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labradorharmonics.world51.7167° N, 56.4167° W
Red Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador (2)offsets.xml51.7167° N, 56.4167° W
Rigolet, Labradorharmonics.world54.1833° N, 58.4333° W
Rigolet, Labrador (2)offsets.xml54.1833° N, 58.4167° W
Sandwich Bay (East Arm), Labradorharmonics.world53.5667° N, 57.1667° W
Shoal Tickle, Labradorharmonics.world55.7667° N, 60.3667° W
Smokey, Labradorharmonics.world54.4667° N, 57.2500° W
Square Island Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml52.7333° N, 55.8167° W
Terrington Basin, Labradorharmonics.world53.3500° N, 60.4000° W
Ticoralak Island, Labradoroffsets.xml54.2833° N, 58.2000° W
Turnavik Island, Labradorharmonics.world55.3000° N, 59.3500° W
Webeck Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml54.9000° N, 58.0333° W
West Ste Modeste, Strait of Bell Isle, Labradorharmonics.world51.5833° N, 56.7000° W
White Bear Arm, Labradorharmonics.world52.7333° N, 55.8333° W
Williams Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml60.0000° N, 64.3167° W

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