Zone :America/Halifax

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LocationFile Coordinates
Abott Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.6667° N, 65.8167° W
Abram River, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8333° N, 65.9500° W
Advocate, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3333° N, 64.7833° W
Alberton, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.8000° N, 64.0667° W
Alberton, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.8167° N, 64.0500° W
Amherst Harbour, Magdalen Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Québecoffsets.xml47.2333° N, 61.8333° W
Amherst Point, Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.8333° N, 64.2833° W
Annapolis Royal, Annapolis River, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.7500° N, 65.5000° W
Antigonish Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0667° N, 61.9167° W
Antigonish Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6667° N, 61.8833° W
Arichat, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.5167° N, 61.0333° W
Arichat, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.5167° N, 61.0333° W
Arisaig, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7667° N, 62.0167° W
Auld Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6500° N, 61.4333° W
Auld Cove, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6500° N, 61.4333° W
Back Bay, Letite Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0500° N, 66.8667° W
Back Bay, Letite Harbour, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.0500° N, 66.8667° W
Baie De Brador, Québecharmonics.world51.4667° N, 57.2667° W
Baie Des Moutons, Québecharmonics.world50.7667° N, 59.0333° W
Baie Johan-Beetz, Québecharmonics.world50.2833° N, 62.8000° W
Ballantyne Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8667° N, 61.9167° W
Banquereau Bank, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5833° N, 57.6833° W
Barrington Passage, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5333° N, 65.6167° W
Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.5333° N, 65.6000° W
Bathurst, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.6167° N, 65.6500° W
Bathurst, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.6167° N, 65.6500° W
Baxters Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2333° N, 64.5167° W
Bay Du Vin, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0500° N, 65.0167° W
Bay St. Lawrence, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.0167° N, 60.4500° W
Beaver Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0667° N, 66.7333° W
Bedford Institute, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6833° N, 63.6167° W
Belle Cote Breakwater, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.4333° N, 61.0833° W
Belledune, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.9000° N, 65.8500° W
Belliveau Village, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.9333° N, 64.6167° W
Big Bras D'or, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.2833° N, 60.4333° W
Black Rock Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.3000° N, 60.4000° W
Blacks Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0500° N, 66.8000° W
Blanc Sablon, Québecharmonics.world51.4167° N, 57.1500° W
Blandford, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5000° N, 64.0833° W
Boutilier Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6500° N, 63.9500° W
Bridgewater, La Have River, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.3833° N, 64.5167° W
Broad Cove Marsh, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.3000° N, 61.2667° W
Bunker Island Light, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8167° N, 66.1500° W
Bunker Island Wharf, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8167° N, 66.1333° W
Burnt Church, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.2000° N, 65.1333° W
Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3000° N, 63.8000° W
Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.3000° N, 63.8000° W
Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia (3)offsets.xml45.3000° N, 63.8167° W
Cabot Strait, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.5833° N, 59.7500° W
Caissie Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0333° N, 64.5167° W
Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.8333° N, 65.9500° W
Campbellton, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.9947° N, 66.6811° W
Campbellton, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml48.0167° N, 66.6667° W
Cannes, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6333° N, 60.9667° W
Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.1500° N, 63.3000° W
Canso Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3333° N, 61.0000° W
Canso Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.3500° N, 61.0000° W
Cap-Aux-Meules, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.3833° N, 61.8667° W
Cape Bald, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.2333° N, 64.2333° W
Cape Bear, Prince Edward Islandoffsets.xml46.0000° N, 62.4500° W
Cape Blomidon, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2667° N, 64.3500° W
Cape Blomidon, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.2667° N, 64.3500° W
Cape Capstan, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4667° N, 64.8500° W
Cape Cliff, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8833° N, 63.4667° W
Cape D'or, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2833° N, 64.7667° W
Cape Egmont, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4000° N, 64.1333° W
Cape Enrage, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6000° N, 64.7833° W
Cape George, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.8833° N, 61.8833° W
Cape Jack, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7000° N, 61.5500° W
Cape Jack, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.7000° N, 61.5500° W
Cape Sharp, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3667° N, 64.3833° W
Cape Tormentine, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.1333° N, 63.7667° W
Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml46.1333° N, 63.7833° W
Caraquet Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.8000° N, 64.9333° W
Caraquet Harbour, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.8000° N, 64.9333° W
Caribou, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7333° N, 62.6833° W
Centreville, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5500° N, 66.0333° W
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.2167° N, 63.1333° W
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (2)harmonics.world46.2167° N, 63.1167° W
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.2167° N, 63.1333° W
Chatham, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0333° N, 65.4667° W
Chester, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.5667° N, 64.3000° W
Cheticamp, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.6333° N, 61.0167° W
Cheticamp, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml46.6167° N, 61.0333° W
Chezzetcook Inlet, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.7833° N, 63.2333° W
Chignecto (Ray .4), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4833° N, 64.9833° W
Church Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.3333° N, 66.1167° W
Clarks Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.4500° N, 65.6333° W
Cliff Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5167° N, 63.9333° W
Cobequid Bay (Ray .4), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3667° N, 63.7333° W
Cocagne Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0333° N, 64.6167° W
Cormoran, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.1167° N, 65.1500° W
Cribbons Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7500° N, 61.9000° W
Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6667° N, 64.5167° W
Dalhousie, New Brunswickharmonics.world48.0667° N, 66.3833° W
Dalhousie, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml48.0667° N, 66.3667° W
Deep Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6667° N, 65.8333° W
Digby, Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6333° N, 65.7500° W
Digby, Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml44.6333° N, 65.7500° W
Diligent River, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4000° N, 64.4167° W
Dingwall (Was 1510), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.9000° N, 60.4667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Dipper Harbour West, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.1000° N, 66.4167° W
Dover, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.9833° N, 64.6833° W
Duffus Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.2833° N, 60.4167° W
East Margaree Bridge, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.4000° N, 61.0833° W
East Quoddy Head, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.9667° N, 66.9000° W
East Sandy Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4833° N, 66.0833° W
Economy (Inshore 5), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3167° N, 63.9000° W
Ecum Secum, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9667° N, 62.1333° W
Ellerslie, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.6500° N, 63.9167° W
Etang De L'ouest, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world47.2500° N, 62.0167° W
Etang Du Nord, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.3667° N, 61.9667° W
Evandale, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.5833° N, 66.0333° W
Fairhaven, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.9667° N, 67.0167° W
Five Islands, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3833° N, 64.1167° W
Five Islands, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.3833° N, 64.0667° W
Flat Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5000° N, 66.0000° W
Fourchu, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7167° N, 60.2500° W
Fox Island, Miramich, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.1167° N, 65.0500° W
Fredericton, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.9667° N, 66.6500° W
Fundy (Offshore 1), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.8167° N, 63.2167° W
Fundy (Offshore 21), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.6167° N, 64.3667° W
Fundy (Offshore 22a), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.1167° N, 65.0500° W
Fundy (Offshore 22b), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.0500° N, 65.6333° W
Fundy (Offshore 23), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world40.3667° N, 67.7500° W
Fundy (Offshore 3), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world41.7333° N, 65.8000° W
Fundy (Offshore 4), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world40.7500° N, 66.8500° W
Fundy (Offshore 6), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.4667° N, 67.7167° W
Gabarus Cove, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.8500° N, 60.1667° W
Gannet Rock, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5167° N, 66.7833° W
Georgetown Harbour, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.1833° N, 62.5333° W
Georgetown Harbour, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.1833° N, 62.5333° W
Gethsemani, Québecharmonics.world50.2167° N, 60.6833° W
Glace Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.2000° N, 59.9167° W
Gordon Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0833° N, 65.4000° W
Graham Pond, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.1000° N, 62.4500° W
Grand Eddy, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4000° N, 66.2000° W
Grand Manan Channel (Bay of Fundy Entrance), New Brunswick Currentharmonics.world44.7533° N, 66.9317° W
Grande Entree, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.5500° N, 61.5500° W
Grindstone (Ray .4), New Brunswickharmonics.world45.7167° N, 64.6000° W
Grindstone Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.7167° N, 64.6167° W
Grindstone Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.7167° N, 64.6167° W
Guysborough, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.3833° N, 61.4833° W
Halifax, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6667° N, 63.5833° W
Halifax, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world44.6667° N, 63.5833° W
Hantsport, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0667° N, 64.1667° W
Hantsport, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.0667° N, 64.1667° W
Harrington Harbour, Québecharmonics.world50.5000° N, 59.4833° W
Harrington Harbour, Québec (2)harmonics.world50.5000° N, 59.4833° W
Hatfield Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.6500° N, 65.8667° W
Havre Aubert (Amherst), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.2333° N, 61.8472° W
Heath Point, Québecharmonics.world49.0833° N, 61.7000° W
Herring Cove, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.5667° N, 64.9667° W
Herring Cove, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.5833° N, 64.9667° W
Hopewell Cape, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.8500° N, 64.5833° W
Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.8667° N, 64.5833° W
Horton Bluff, Avon River, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.1000° N, 64.2167° W
Hubbards, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6333° N, 64.0500° W
Île D'entree, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.2833° N, 61.7167° W
Île Haute, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2500° N, 64.9667° W
Île Haute, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.2500° N, 65.0000° W
Indian Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5167° N, 63.9333° W
Ingomar, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5667° N, 65.3333° W
Ingonish Island, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.6667° N, 60.3833° W
Isaac's Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.1833° N, 61.6667° W
Isaac's Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.1833° N, 61.6667° W
Jeddore Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.7500° N, 63.0167° W
Joggins Wharf, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6833° N, 64.4667° W
Joggins Wharf, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6833° N, 64.4667° W
Johnstown, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8000° N, 60.7500° W
Kegaska, Québecharmonics.world50.1833° N, 61.2667° W
Kelley's Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7833° N, 66.1333° W
L' Etang Harbour, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.0333° N, 66.8167° W
La Have Bank, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.9000° N, 64.2333° W
La Pointe, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.6000° N, 61.0500° W
La Tabatière, Québecharmonics.world50.8333° N, 58.9667° W
Larry's River, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2167° N, 61.3833° W
Lepreau Harbour, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.1167° N, 66.4833° W
Leslie, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.6167° N, 61.5167° W
Lighthouse Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.2500° N, 66.4000° W
Liscomb Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0167° N, 62.0000° W
Liscomb Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.0000° N, 62.0333° W
Little Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.7167° N, 62.8500° W
Liverpool Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.0333° N, 64.6833° W
Liverpool, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.0500° N, 64.7167° W
Lockeport, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7000° N, 65.1167° W
Lockeport, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.7333° N, 65.0833° W
Loggieville, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0667° N, 65.3833° W
Long Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.1500° N, 66.9667° W
Lorneville, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.2000° N, 66.1500° W
Louisbourg, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.9167° N, 59.9667° W
Louisburg Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.9000° N, 59.9833° W
Lower East Pubnico, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.6333° N, 65.7667° W
Lower East Pubnico, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.6333° N, 65.7667° W
Lower Escuminac, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0667° N, 64.8833° W
Lower Neguac, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.2667° N, 65.0667° W
Lower Wedgeport, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7167° N, 65.9833° W
Lunenburg, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.3667° N, 64.3167° W
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world44.3667° N, 64.3167° W
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (3)offsets.xml44.3667° N, 64.3167° W
Mabou River entrance, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.1000° N, 61.4667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Mahone Harbour, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.4500° N, 64.3667° W
Malagash, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7833° N, 63.2833° W
Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Islandoffsets.xml46.5833° N, 63.6667° W
Malpeque, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.5333° N, 63.7000° W
Margaree Breakwater, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.4500° N, 61.1167° W
Margaree Trailer, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.4333° N, 61.1167° W
Margretsville, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0500° N, 65.0667° W
Marie Joseph, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9667° N, 62.0833° W
Matthews Cove, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0500° N, 66.8667° W
Mc Donald Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.7167° N, 66.0500° W
Mcmaster Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0500° N, 66.9333° W
Merigomish Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6500° N, 62.4500° W
Merigomish Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6500° N, 62.4500° W
Meteghan, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.2000° N, 66.1667° W
Midjik Bluff, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.1167° N, 66.9000° W
Mill Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5833° N, 64.0667° W
Millerand, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.2134° N, 61.9870° W
Miminegash, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.8833° N, 64.2333° W
Minas Basin (Ray .4), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3167° N, 64.2000° W
Miscou Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.9000° N, 64.5833° W
Miscou Harbour, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.9000° N, 64.5833° W
Montague, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.0167° N, 62.6500° W
Murphy Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.7833° N, 62.7500° W
Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.0167° N, 62.4833° W
Musquash Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.1500° N, 66.2500° W
Natashquan, Québecharmonics.world50.1833° N, 61.0833° W
Naufrage, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4667° N, 62.4167° W
Naufrage, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.4667° N, 62.4167° W
Neguac, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.2500° N, 65.0833° W
Neil Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.8000° N, 60.3333° W
Newcastle Creek, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0667° N, 66.0000° W
Newcastle, Miramichi River, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0000° N, 65.5667° W
Newcastle, Miramichi River, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.0000° N, 65.5667° W
North Head, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.7667° N, 66.7500° W
North Head, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.7667° N, 66.7500° W
North Lake Harbour, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4667° N, 62.0667° W
North Point, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world47.0667° N, 63.9833° W
North Rustico, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4667° N, 63.2833° W
North Rustico, Prince Edward Island (2)harmonics.world46.4667° N, 63.2833° W
North Rustico, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.4667° N, 63.2833° W
North Sydney, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.2167° N, 60.2500° W
North Sydney, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world46.2167° N, 60.2500° W
North Sydney, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml46.2167° N, 60.2500° W
Oak Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.1167° N, 65.2667° W
Old Harry, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.5667° N, 61.4667° W
Old Tracadie Gully entrance, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.5167° N, 64.8667° W
Old Tracadie Gully entrance, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.5167° N, 64.8667° W
Outer Wood Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.6000° N, 66.8000° W
Outer Wood Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.6000° N, 66.8000° W
Owls Head, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5833° N, 63.9167° W
Parkers Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.8000° N, 65.5333° W
Parkers Cove, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world44.8000° N, 65.5333° W
Parrsboro, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3667° N, 64.3333° W
Parrsboro, Nova Scotia (over keel blocks)harmonics.world45.3667° N, 64.1167° W
Partridge Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.2333° N, 66.0500° W
Pecks Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7500° N, 64.4833° W
Petit De Grat, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.5000° N, 60.9667° W
Pictou Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8000° N, 62.5833° W
Pictou, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6833° N, 62.7000° W
Pictou, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.6833° N, 62.7000° W
Pinkney Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7000° N, 66.0667° W
Point Sapin, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.9833° N, 64.8167° W
Point Tupper, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6000° N, 61.3667° W
Point Tupper, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.6000° N, 61.3667° W
Pointe Basse, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.3833° N, 61.7833° W
Port Bickerton, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.1000° N, 61.7333° W
Port Borden, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.2500° N, 63.7000° W
Port Dufferin, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9000° N, 62.3667° W
Port Elgin, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0500° N, 64.0667° W
Port George, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.0167° N, 65.1667° W
Port Greville, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4000° N, 64.5500° W
Port Hastings, Strait of Canso, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6500° N, 61.4000° W
Port Hastings, Strait of Canso, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6500° N, 61.4000° W
Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6167° N, 61.3667° W
Port Hood, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.0167° N, 61.5333° W
Port Hood, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml46.0167° N, 61.5333° W
Port Maitland, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.9833° N, 66.1500° W
Port Mouton, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.9333° N, 64.8500° W
Portage Island, Miramichi Bay, New Brunswickoffsets.xml47.1500° N, 65.0500° W
Portage Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0167° N, 65.0500° W
Portage Island, off Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world47.2000° N, 65.1333° W
Prim Point, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.0500° N, 63.0333° W
Prospect, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4500° N, 63.7833° W
Pugwash, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8500° N, 63.6833° W
Pugwash, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.8500° N, 63.6667° W
Quaco Bay, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.3333° N, 65.5333° W
Richibucto Bar, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.7167° N, 64.7833° W
Richibucto Cape, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0667° N, 64.7000° W
Richibucto, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.6833° N, 64.8667° W
Riverport, La Have River, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.2833° N, 64.3333° W
Robichaud Spit, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.1167° N, 65.2500° W
Rothesay, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.4000° N, 66.0000° W
Sable Bank, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.0833° N, 59.9500° W
Sable Island Drill Site, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.0333° N, 59.6000° W
Sable Island, north side, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml43.9500° N, 60.1000° W
Sable Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.9667° N, 59.8000° W
Sable Island, south side, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml43.9333° N, 59.9000° W
Saint John, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.2667° N, 66.0667° W
Saint John, New Brunswick (2)harmonics.world45.2667° N, 66.0667° W
Salmon River Bridge, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.7667° N, 63.0500° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Sambro Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4833° N, 63.6000° W
Sand Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.5167° N, 61.2667° W
Sandy Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5000° N, 66.1000° W
Sandy Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7000° N, 65.3333° W
Savage Harbour, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4333° N, 62.8500° W
Scots Bay, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3167° N, 64.4333° W
Seal Cove, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.6500° N, 66.8500° W
Seal Cove, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.6167° N, 66.8500° W
Seal Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.4833° N, 66.0000° W
Shediac Bay, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.2500° N, 64.5333° W
Shediac Bay, New Brunswick (2)harmonics.world46.2500° N, 64.5333° W
Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9167° N, 62.5333° W
Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml44.9000° N, 62.5000° W
Shelburne, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7500° N, 65.3000° W
Shelburne, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.7500° N, 65.3000° W
Sherbrooke, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.1333° N, 61.9833° W
Ship Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.7833° N, 62.8167° W
Shippegan Gully, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.7167° N, 64.6667° W
Shippegan, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.7500° N, 64.7000° W
Skinner Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8000° N, 63.0500° W
Skinner's Pond, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.9500° N, 64.1167° W
Sonora, St. Mary River, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0500° N, 61.9167° W
Sonora, St. Mary River, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.0500° N, 61.9167° W
Souris Head, Prince Edward Islandoffsets.xml46.3333° N, 62.2833° W
Souris, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.3500° N, 62.2500° W
Spencer Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3500° N, 64.7167° W
Spencer Island, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.3333° N, 64.7000° W
Spicer Cove, Chignecto Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.4333° N, 64.9000° W
Spry Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.8333° N, 62.6167° W
St-Thomas-De-Kent, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.4500° N, 64.6333° W
St. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0667° N, 67.0500° W
St. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.0667° N, 67.0500° W
St. Anns Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.2500° N, 60.5667° W
St. Augustin, Québecharmonics.world51.2167° N, 58.6500° W
St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.5167° N, 63.9333° W
St. Martins, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.3500° N, 65.5333° W
St. Paul Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.2000° N, 60.1500° W
St. Paul Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml47.2000° N, 60.1500° W
St. Peter Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.6333° N, 60.8667° W
St. Peters Bay, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4333° N, 62.7333° W
St. Peters Bay, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.4333° N, 62.7333° W
St. Stephen, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.2000° N, 67.2833° W
Stonehaven, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.7500° N, 65.3500° W
Strait Of Canso Bass, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4667° N, 61.1833° W
Summerside Harbour, Prince Edward Islandoffsets.xml46.4000° N, 63.7833° W
Summerside, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.3833° N, 63.7833° W
Swim Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.4333° N, 65.6333° W
Swim Point, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.4333° N, 65.6333° W
Sydney, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.1500° N, 60.2000° W
Sydney, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world46.1500° N, 60.2000° W
Table Head Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.3333° N, 60.3667° W
Tête-à-la-Baleine, Québecharmonics.world50.6833° N, 59.2333° W
The Ledge, St. Croix River, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.1667° N, 67.2000° W
Tidnish Head, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0000° N, 64.0167° W
Tidnish Head, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml46.0167° N, 64.0167° W
Tignish, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.9500° N, 64.0000° W
Tignish, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.9667° N, 64.0000° W
Tiverton (Boar's Head), St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4000° N, 66.2167° W
Tiverton (Boar's Head), St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world44.3833° N, 66.2167° W
Tiverton (Boar's Head), St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotia (3)offsets.xml44.4000° N, 66.2167° W
Tomlee Bay, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.8333° N, 62.6000° W
Tracadie, New Brunswickoffsets.xml47.5167° N, 64.9167° W
Tusket, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8500° N, 65.9833° W
Upper Gagetown, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.8500° N, 66.2333° W
Upper Port Latour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5167° N, 65.4667° W
Victoria, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.2167° N, 63.0500° W
Walton, Nova Scotia (over keel blocks)harmonics.world45.2167° N, 64.0000° W
Wedgeport, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7333° N, 65.9833° W
Welshpool, Campobello Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.8833° N, 66.9500° W
Welshpool, Campobello Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.8833° N, 66.9500° W
West Advocate, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3500° N, 64.8167° W
West Head, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.4667° N, 65.6500° W
West Narrows, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4000° N, 66.2167° W
West Newdy Quoddy, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9000° N, 62.3167° W
West Point, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.6167° N, 64.3833° W
Westport, St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.2667° N, 66.3500° W
Westport, St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml44.2667° N, 66.3500° W
Weymouth, St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.4500° N, 66.0167° W
Whitehaven Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.2333° N, 61.2000° W
Whitehead (Casp350), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2333° N, 61.1833° W
Wilson's Beach, Campobello Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.9333° N, 66.9333° W
Wilson's Beach, Campobello Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.9333° N, 66.9333° W
Windsor, Nova Scotia (over keel blocks)harmonics.world45.0000° N, 64.1333° W
Wood Island, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world45.9500° N, 62.7333° W
Woods Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5333° N, 65.7333° W
Yarmouth, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8333° N, 66.1167° W
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world43.8333° N, 66.1167° W
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.8000° N, 66.1333° W

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