Zone :America/Iqaluit

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LocationFile Coordinates
Acadia Cove, Nunavutharmonics.world61.3500° N, 64.9167° W
Admiralty Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.4500° N, 100.9833° W
Airstrip Point, Nunavutharmonics.world76.0833° N, 97.7333° W
Alert, Nunavutharmonics.world82.0500° N, 62.3167° W
Alert, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml82.5000° N, 62.3333° W
Arctic Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world73.0333° N, 85.0167° W
Ashe Inlet, Big Island, Nunavutharmonics.world62.5500° N, 70.5833° W
Ashe Inlet, Big Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml62.5500° N, 70.5833° W
Assistance Bay, Barrow Strait, Nunavutoffsets.xml74.6167° N, 94.2500° W
Aulatsivik Point, Nunavutharmonics.world66.0167° N, 65.6333° W
Aulitiving Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.5167° N, 67.1500° W
Baffin, Nunavutharmonics.world69.9833° N, 84.0333° W
Baleen Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.9500° N, 93.0833° W
Barbour Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world63.7000° N, 91.9167° W
Bay Of Woe, Nunavutharmonics.world76.4167° N, 89.0667° W
Bear Island, Nunavutharmonics.world54.3500° N, 81.0833° W
Bear Islands, Nunavutharmonics.world55.1000° N, 78.3500° W
Beechy Island, Barrow Strait, Nunavutharmonics.world74.7167° N, 91.9000° W
Beechy Island, Barrow Strait, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml74.7167° N, 91.9000° W
Belcher Point, Nunavutharmonics.world75.7667° N, 81.0833° W
Bere Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world76.9500° N, 94.0167° W
Bonne Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.8000° N, 82.7500° W
Bouverie Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.6333° N, 82.2000° W
Brevoort Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world63.3167° N, 64.1500° W
Bridport Inlet, Melville Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml74.9333° N, 108.8166° W
Broughton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world67.5167° N, 64.0667° W
Byam Channel (Lp), Nunavutharmonics.world75.0167° N, 106.3667° W
Byam Channel (Z3), Nunavutharmonics.world75.1333° N, 105.0833° W
Byam Island, Nunavutharmonics.world75.0167° N, 104.2167° W
Byam Martin Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml75.1667° N, 103.5666° W
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut/NWT (2)offsets.xml69.1167° N, 105.1166° W
Cape Adair, Nunavutoffsets.xml71.5500° N, 71.5000° W
Cape Aldrich, Nunavutharmonics.world83.1167° N, 69.0667° W
Cape Bounty, Nunavutharmonics.world74.8500° N, 109.5333° W
Cape Capel, Nunavutharmonics.world75.0333° N, 98.0333° W
Cape Christian, Nunavutharmonics.world70.5167° N, 68.2167° W
Cape Cockburn, Nunavutharmonics.world74.8667° N, 79.3667° W
Cape Columbia, Lincoln Sea, Nunavutoffsets.xml83.2333° N, 69.9167° W
Cape Defosse, Nunavutharmonics.world81.2167° N, 65.7167° W
Cape Dyer, Baffin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world66.5500° N, 61.0667° W
Cape Dyer, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml66.5667° N, 61.6667° W
Cape Hewett, Nunavutoffsets.xml70.2667° N, 67.7833° W
Cape Hooper, Baffin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world68.3833° N, 66.7500° W
Cape Hooper, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml68.3833° N, 66.7500° W
Cape Jones Island, Nunavutharmonics.world54.6000° N, 79.7833° W
Cape Lawrence, Ellesmere Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml80.3500° N, 69.2500° W
Cape Liverpool, Nunavutharmonics.world73.6333° N, 78.1000° W
Cape Sheridan, Lincoln Sea, Nunavutharmonics.world82.4500° N, 61.0500° W
Cape Sheridan, Lincoln Sea, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml82.4833° N, 61.5000° W
Cape Skogn, Nunavutharmonics.world75.7667° N, 84.2167° W
Cape Southwest, Nunavutharmonics.world78.2167° N, 91.0833° W
Cape Wilson 1, Nunavutharmonics.world67.0667° N, 81.3667° W
Cape Wilson 2, Nunavutharmonics.world67.1000° N, 81.3833° W
Cape Wilson 3, Nunavutharmonics.world67.0000° N, 81.4500° W
Charlton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world51.9667° N, 79.3000° W
Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavutharmonics.world63.0333° N, 90.7000° W
Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml63.3333° N, 90.7000° W
Clearwater Fiord, Cumberland Sound, Nunavutharmonics.world66.6000° N, 67.3167° W
Clearwater Fiord, Cumberland Sound, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml66.6000° N, 67.3333° W
Clyde River, Nunavutharmonics.world69.0833° N, 70.3667° W
Coats Island, Nunavutharmonics.world62.4500° N, 81.3500° W
Coral Harbour, Southampton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world64.1333° N, 83.0167° W
Coral Harbour, Southampton Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml64.1333° N, 83.1667° W
Crown Prince Frederick, Nunavutharmonics.world70.0333° N, 86.0833° W
Cunningham Inlet, Nunavutharmonics.world74.1333° N, 93.8833° W
Davis Strait, Nunavutharmonics.world66.2667° N, 58.3833° W
Davis Strait, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world66.2667° N, 60.9667° W
Davis Strait, Nunavut (3)harmonics.world66.2667° N, 56.7667° W
Deer Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.6167° N, 91.4833° W
Digges Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world62.5667° N, 77.8667° W
Digges Harbour, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml62.5000° N, 77.7000° W
Disraeli Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world82.8833° N, 73.0500° W
Dundas Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world74.5167° N, 82.4167° W
Entrance Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.9000° N, 85.6000° W
Eskimo Point, Nunavutharmonics.world61.1167° N, 94.0667° W
Eureka, Nunavutharmonics.world79.9833° N, 85.9500° W
False Strait, Nunavutharmonics.world71.9667° N, 95.1667° W
False Strait, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world71.9833° N, 95.0167° W
Fort Conger, Discovery Harbour, Ellesmere Island, Nunavutharmonics.world81.7333° N, 64.7333° W
Fort Conger, Discovery Harbour, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml81.7333° N, 64.7333° W
Fort Ross, Nunavutharmonics.world72.0167° N, 94.2333° W
Fort Ross, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world72.0167° N, 94.2333° W
Foulke Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world78.3000° N, 72.6333° W
Greely Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world80.6000° N, 79.5833° W
Griffith Island, Barrow Strait, Nunavutoffsets.xml74.5833° N, 95.5000° W
Grise Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world76.4167° N, 83.0833° W
Hall Beach, Foxe Basin, Nunavutharmonics.world68.7500° N, 81.2167° W
Hall Beach, Foxe Basin, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world68.7500° N, 81.2167° W
Hall Beach, Foxe Basin, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml68.7500° N, 81.2167° W
Hamilton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world74.2000° N, 99.0167° W
Hejka Drill Site, Nunavutharmonics.world62.0167° N, 62.9667° W
Hell Gate, Nunavutharmonics.world76.9000° N, 89.4167° W
Hook Island, Nunavutharmonics.world53.4333° N, 79.1167° W
Hyde Parker Island, Nunavutharmonics.world76.4833° N, 97.2167° W
Hyperite Point, Nunavutharmonics.world78.1333° N, 88.8833° W
Iceberg Point, Nunavutharmonics.world80.4167° N, 86.0167° W
Igloolik, Nunavutharmonics.world69.3667° N, 81.7667° W
Igloolik, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml69.3500° N, 81.6167° W
Imigen Island, Nunavutharmonics.world66.0167° N, 67.1500° W
Innetalling Island, Nunavutharmonics.world55.9000° N, 79.0667° W
Iqaluit S Farthest, Nunavutharmonics.world63.4833° N, 68.0333° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Iqaluit S Farthest, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml63.4833° N, 68.0333° W
Iqaluit, Nunavutharmonics.world63.7167° N, 68.5333° W
Iqaluit, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world63.7167° N, 68.5333° W
Kean Point, Nunavutharmonics.world68.9500° N, 102.3667° W
King Edward Point, Nunavutharmonics.world76.1333° N, 81.0667° W
Kivitoo, Baffin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world67.9333° N, 64.9333° W
Kivitoo, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml67.9333° N, 64.9333° W
Kleybolt Peninsula, Nunavutharmonics.world81.5500° N, 91.5500° W
Koluktoo Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world72.1000° N, 80.7833° W
Lake Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world62.8500° N, 69.8833° W
Lewis Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world63.6000° N, 68.0667° W
Lincoln Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world82.1167° N, 62.0667° W
Little Cornwallis Island, Nunavutharmonics.world75.3500° N, 96.8000° W
Little Cornwallis, Nunavutharmonics.world75.3833° N, 96.9500° W
Long Island, Nunavutharmonics.world54.7667° N, 79.7333° W
Longstaff Bluff #1, Nunavutharmonics.world68.8833° N, 75.1167° W
Loon Island, Nunavutharmonics.world53.8167° N, 79.0167° W
Lower Savage Islands, Nunavutoffsets.xml61.7667° N, 65.8500° W
Marble Island, Nunavutharmonics.world62.6833° N, 91.2000° W
Maxwell Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world74.6833° N, 88.9000° W
Mcbean Island, Nunavutharmonics.world72.6333° N, 89.6333° W
Milne Inlet (Head), Nunavutharmonics.world71.9000° N, 80.8500° W
Natkusiak Peninsula, Nunavutharmonics.world73.0167° N, 110.4667° W
Needle Cove, Nunavutharmonics.world69.1000° N, 79.0167° W
Norah Island, Nunavutharmonics.world77.0333° N, 96.7500° W
North Twin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world53.0333° N, 80.0000° W
Northumberland Sound, Nunavutharmonics.world76.8667° N, 96.7000° W
Norton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world64.0000° N, 94.2167° W
Norwegian Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world77.7000° N, 88.9500° W
Nova Zembla Island, Nunavutharmonics.world72.2167° N, 74.6500° W
Otrick Island, Nunavutharmonics.world72.6000° N, 95.5500° W
Payer Harbour, Cape Sabine, Ellesmere Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml78.7167° N, 74.4167° W
Peel Point, Nunavutharmonics.world73.2667° N, 115.1833° W
Pelham Bay, Belcher Channel, Nunavutharmonics.world76.7500° N, 96.9000° W
Pelham Bay, Belcher Channel, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world76.7500° N, 96.9000° W
Penny Strait, Nunavutoffsets.xml76.8667° N, 97.0000° W
Pim Island, Nunavutharmonics.world78.0667° N, 74.0167° W
Pisiktarfik Island, Nunavutharmonics.world72.5833° N, 80.0500° W
Port Bowen, Prince Regent Inlet, Nunavutoffsets.xml73.2333° N, 88.9167° W
Port De Boucherville, Nunavutharmonics.world63.2500° N, 77.4667° W
Port De Boucherville, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml63.2000° N, 77.4667° W
Port De Laperriere, Nunavutharmonics.world62.5667° N, 78.0667° W
Port Kennedy, Bellot Strait, Nunavutoffsets.xml72.0167° N, 94.2000° W
Port Leopold, Nunavutharmonics.world73.0833° N, 90.0333° W
Port Leopold, Prince Regent Inlet, Nunavutoffsets.xml73.8000° N, 90.2500° W
Primrose Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.9167° N, 93.0000° W
Purfur Cove, Nunavutharmonics.world69.0833° N, 84.2167° W
Radstock Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world74.7167° N, 91.0833° W
Rankin Inlet, Nunavutharmonics.world62.8167° N, 92.0667° W
Refuge Cove, Wellington Channel, Nunavutoffsets.xml75.5167° N, 92.1667° W
Refuge Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world70.8667° N, 71.0167° W
Renouf Island, Nunavutharmonics.world56.5667° N, 79.0167° W
Resolute, Nunavutharmonics.world74.6833° N, 94.9000° W
Resolute, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world74.6833° N, 94.9000° W
Resor Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.2167° N, 68.0500° W
Rigby Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world74.5500° N, 90.0167° W
Roche Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world68.4167° N, 82.6167° W
Sandpiper Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.4333° N, 90.0667° W
Schooner Harbour, Baffin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world64.4167° N, 78.0000° W
Schooner Harbour, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml64.4000° N, 77.8667° W
Seal Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world69.5167° N, 98.5167° W
Severn Harbour Area, Nunavutharmonics.world63.6000° N, 91.0167° W
Sevigny Point, Nunavutharmonics.world69.7833° N, 82.1167° W
Ship Sands Island, Nunavutharmonics.world51.0333° N, 80.4333° W
Sorry Harbor, Resolution Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml61.6167° N, 64.7333° W
St. Patrick Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world81.8000° N, 64.0167° W
Stag Island, Nunavutharmonics.world51.6333° N, 79.0333° W
Strathcona Sound, Nunavutharmonics.world73.0500° N, 84.4000° W
Strutton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world52.0333° N, 78.8667° W
Surprise Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world78.0333° N, 90.0333° W
Tanquary Camp, Nunavutharmonics.world81.4000° N, 76.9167° W
Tasmania Island, Nunavutharmonics.world71.2000° N, 96.4167° W
Turning Island, Nunavutharmonics.world53.8500° N, 79.2167° W
Wadsworth Island, Nunavutharmonics.world73.4333° N, 95.6833° W
Winter Island, Foxe Basin, Nunavutoffsets.xml66.1833° N, 83.1667° W
Wrangel Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world82.0000° N, 62.0500° W

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