Zone :America/Montreal

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LocationFile Coordinates
Agvik Island, Québecharmonics.world60.0167° N, 69.7000° W
Akulivik, Hudson Bay, Québecharmonics.world60.8000° N, 78.2167° W
Anderson Island Hudson, Québecharmonics.world56.0333° N, 76.0667° W
Anse Aux Gascons, Québecharmonics.world48.1833° N, 64.8667° W
Babs Bay, Hudson Bay, Québecharmonics.world60.7667° N, 78.3167° W
Baie-Comeau, Québecharmonics.world49.2333° N, 68.1333° W
Basking Island, Québecharmonics.world59.9833° N, 70.0833° W
Bassin De La Rivière St-Charles, Québecharmonics.world46.8167° N, 71.2000° W
Batiscan, Québecharmonics.world46.5000° N, 72.2500° W
Becancour, Québecharmonics.world46.4000° N, 72.3833° W
Belanger Island, Québecharmonics.world56.1333° N, 76.7167° W
Berthier, Québecharmonics.world46.9333° N, 70.7333° W
Betchewun Harbour, Québecoffsets.xml50.2333° N, 63.1833° W
Bic, Québecharmonics.world48.3833° N, 68.7333° W
Bill Of Portland Island, Québecharmonics.world55.0333° N, 77.7500° W
Bonsecours, Québecharmonics.world47.1333° N, 70.3667° W
Bradore Bay, Québecoffsets.xml51.4667° N, 57.2500° W
Brickyard, Québecharmonics.world46.5500° N, 72.1500° W
Cacouna Harbour, Québecharmonics.world47.9333° N, 69.5167° W
Cap Aux Oies, Québecharmonics.world47.4833° N, 70.2333° W
Cap Chat, Québecharmonics.world49.1000° N, 66.7500° W
Cap Chat, Québec (2)offsets.xml49.1000° N, 66.7500° W
Cap D'espoir, Québecharmonics.world48.4269° N, 64.3314° W
Cap De Rabast, Québecharmonics.world49.9500° N, 64.1500° W
Cap-A-La-Roche, Québecharmonics.world46.5667° N, 72.1000° W
Cap-Aux-Corbeaux, Québecharmonics.world47.4333° N, 70.4500° W
Cape Acadia, Québecharmonics.world61.5833° N, 78.8667° W
Carleton Centre, Québecharmonics.world48.1000° N, 66.1333° W
Carleton Point, Québecoffsets.xml48.0833° N, 66.1167° W
Cawée Islands, Québecoffsets.xml49.8333° N, 67.0000° W
Champlain, Québecharmonics.world46.4333° N, 72.3500° W
Chicoutimi, Québecharmonics.world48.4333° N, 71.0833° W
Chicoutimi, Québec (2)harmonics.world48.4333° N, 71.0833° W
Cloridorme, Québecharmonics.world49.1833° N, 64.8333° W
Deception Bay, Québecharmonics.world62.1500° N, 74.7500° W
Diana Bay, Québecharmonics.world60.8667° N, 70.0667° W
Diana Bay, Québec (2)harmonics.world60.8667° N, 70.0667° W
Diana Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml60.8667° N, 70.0667° W
Doctor Island, Québecharmonics.world61.6833° N, 71.5667° W
Douglas Harbour, Québecharmonics.world61.9167° N, 72.6167° W
Duck Island, Québecharmonics.world55.7500° N, 77.2000° W
Eastmain River, Québecharmonics.world52.2500° N, 78.5500° W
Eastmain, Québecharmonics.world52.0167° N, 78.0500° W
Eastmain, Québec (2)harmonics.world52.0167° N, 78.0500° W
Ellis Bay, Québecoffsets.xml49.8000° N, 64.3667° W
Forestville, Québecharmonics.world48.7333° N, 69.0833° W
Fort Chimo, Québecharmonics.world58.1000° N, 68.3167° W
Ft. George River (Loon Point), Québecharmonics.world53.8500° N, 79.0500° W
Gaspé Bay, Québecharmonics.world48.8333° N, 64.4833° W
Gaspé Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.8333° N, 64.4833° W
George River (Derived), Québecharmonics.world58.5167° N, 66.0000° W
Gillies Island, Québecharmonics.world56.5500° N, 76.6333° W
Grande Île, Québecharmonics.world47.6167° N, 69.8667° W
Grande-Rivière, Québecharmonics.world48.4000° N, 64.5000° W
Grande-Vallée, Québecharmonics.world49.2333° N, 65.1333° W
Great Whale River, Québecharmonics.world55.2667° N, 77.7667° W
Grist Mill, Québecharmonics.world46.6500° N, 71.9000° W
Grondines, Québecharmonics.world46.5833° N, 72.0333° W
Grondines, Québec (2)harmonics.world46.5833° N, 72.0333° W
Gros Cacouna, Québecharmonics.world47.9333° N, 69.5167° W
Grosse-Île, Québecharmonics.world47.0333° N, 70.6667° W
Havre-De-Beaubassin, Québecharmonics.world48.0333° N, 65.4833° W
Havre-St-Pierre, Québecharmonics.world50.2333° N, 63.6000° W
Havre-St-Pierre, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.2333° N, 63.6000° W
Heath Point, Québec (2)offsets.xml49.0833° N, 61.7000° W
Hopes Advance Bay, Ungava Bay, Québecharmonics.world59.3500° N, 69.6333° W
Hopes Advance Bay, Ungava Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml59.3500° N, 69.6333° W
Hudson Strait Station 808, Québecharmonics.world62.0000° N, 71.5833° W
Île Brion, Magdalen, Québecharmonics.world47.7833° N, 61.5000° W
Île Verte, Québecharmonics.world48.0500° N, 69.4167° W
Île-Aux-Grues, Québecharmonics.world47.0579° N, 70.5453° W
Île-Aux-Lievres, Québecharmonics.world47.9000° N, 69.6833° W
Immigration Wharf, Québecharmonics.world46.8000° N, 71.2333° W
Inenew Passage, Québecharmonics.world51.7333° N, 79.0333° W
Inoucdjouac, Québecharmonics.world58.4500° N, 78.1000° W
Inukjuak, Québecharmonics.world58.4500° N, 78.1000° W
Islets Perces, Québecharmonics.world46.1167° N, 72.9500° W
Kegaska, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.2000° N, 61.2333° W
Koartac, Québecharmonics.world61.0500° N, 69.6333° W
Koksoak River entrance, Québecoffsets.xml58.5333° N, 68.1833° W
Koksoak River, West Entrance, Québecharmonics.world58.5333° N, 68.2000° W
La Grande Rivière, Québecharmonics.world53.8167° N, 78.9167° W
Lac St-Pierre, Québecharmonics.world46.1833° N, 72.9000° W
Le Petit Pelerin, Québecharmonics.world47.7000° N, 69.7667° W
Leaf Basin, Québecharmonics.world58.7333° N, 69.0833° W
Leaf Bay, Ungava Bay, Québecoffsets.xml58.9167° N, 69.0000° W
Leaf Lake, Ungava Bay, Québecoffsets.xml58.7500° N, 69.6667° W
Les Escoumins, Québecharmonics.world48.3500° N, 69.3833° W
Little Whale River, Québecharmonics.world56.0000° N, 74.7667° W
Louiseville, Québecharmonics.world46.2167° N, 72.9333° W
Lower Attawaspiskat, Ontarioharmonics.world52.9667° N, 82.2667° W
Matane, Québecharmonics.world48.8500° N, 67.5333° W
Matane, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.8500° N, 67.5333° W
Mctavish Island, Québecharmonics.world57.0500° N, 76.8667° W
Metis-sur-Mer, Québecoffsets.xml48.6833° N, 68.0333° W
Millerand, Québecharmonics.world47.1167° N, 61.8833° W
Mingan, Québecharmonics.world50.2833° N, 64.0167° W
Mingan, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.3000° N, 64.0500° W
Mistanoque Harbour, Québecoffsets.xml51.2667° N, 58.2000° W
Moisie Bay, Québecoffsets.xml50.2000° N, 66.0833° W
Mont-Louis, Québecharmonics.world49.2333° N, 65.7333° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Montmorency, Québecharmonics.world46.8667° N, 71.1500° W
Moosonee, James Bay, Ontarioharmonics.world51.2833° N, 80.6333° W
Natashquan, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.2000° N, 61.8333° W
Neuville, Québecharmonics.world46.7000° N, 71.5667° W
Neuville, Québecharmonics.new46.7000° N, 71.5667° W
Nicholson Creek, Ontarioharmonics.world51.3000° N, 80.5667° W
Nicolet, Québecharmonics.world46.2333° N, 72.6167° W
North Kopak Island, Québecharmonics.world60.0000° N, 77.7500° W
Paspebiac, Québecharmonics.world48.0167° N, 65.2333° W
Paspebiac, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.0167° N, 65.2333° W
Petite Rivière, Québecharmonics.world48.4106° N, 64.4131° W
Pikyulik Island, Payne River, Québecharmonics.world60.0000° N, 69.9167° W
Pikyulik Island, Payne River, Québec (2)offsets.xml60.0000° N, 69.9167° W
Pointe Au Platon, Québecharmonics.world46.6536° N, 71.8263° W
Pointe des Monts, Québecoffsets.xml49.3333° N, 67.3667° W
Pointe Howatson, Québecharmonics.world48.1333° N, 65.0833° W
Pointe Saint-Pierre, Québecharmonics.world48.6333° N, 64.1667° W
Pointe Saint-Pierre, Québec (2)harmonics.world48.6253° N, 64.1739° W
Pointe Saint-Pierre, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.6333° N, 64.1667° W
Pointe-au-Pere, Québecharmonics.world48.5167° N, 68.4667° W
Pointe-au-Pere, Québec (2)harmonics.world48.5167° N, 68.4667° W
Pointe-Au-Pic, Québecharmonics.world47.6167° N, 70.0500° W
Pointe-Aux-Orignaux, Québecharmonics.world47.4833° N, 70.0333° W
Port Cartier, Québecharmonics.world50.0333° N, 66.7833° W
Port Daniel, Québecharmonics.world48.1833° N, 64.9500° W
Port Daniel, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.1667° N, 64.9500° W
Port St. Francois, Québecharmonics.world46.2667° N, 72.6167° W
Port-Alfred, Québecharmonics.world48.3333° N, 70.8667° W
Port-Alfred, Québec (2)harmonics.world48.3167° N, 70.8833° W
Port-Menier, Québecharmonics.world49.8167° N, 64.3667° W
Portneuf, Québecharmonics.world46.6833° N, 71.8833° W
Povungnituk, Québecharmonics.world60.0333° N, 77.2833° W
Québec (Lauzon), Québecharmonics.world46.8333° N, 71.1667° W
Québec (Lauzon), Québec (2)harmonics.world46.8333° N, 71.1667° W
Québec (Lauzon), Québec (3)harmonics.world46.8333° N, 71.1667° W
Québec City, Québecharmonics.world46.8167° N, 71.1500° W
Revillon Wharf, Ontarioharmonics.world51.2833° N, 80.6167° W
Rimouski, Québecharmonics.world48.4333° N, 68.5500° W
Rivière Au Tonnerre, Québecharmonics.world50.2833° N, 64.7833° W
Rivière-Au-Renard, Québecharmonics.world49.0000° N, 64.3833° W
Rivière-Du-Loup, Québecharmonics.world47.8500° N, 69.5667° W
Roggan-River, Québecharmonics.world54.3833° N, 79.0500° W
Saint-Godefroi, Québecharmonics.world48.0333° N, 65.1000° W
Saint-Nicolas, Québecharmonics.world46.7167° N, 71.3833° W
Sand Head, Ontarioharmonics.world51.4167° N, 80.3500° W
Sand Head, Ontario (2)harmonics.world51.4167° N, 80.3500° W
Sandy Beach Centre, Québecharmonics.world48.8194° N, 64.4289° W
Sault-Au-Cochon, Québecharmonics.world47.2000° N, 70.6333° W
Sept-Îles, Québecharmonics.world50.1833° N, 66.3667° W
Sept-Îles, Québec (2)harmonics.world50.2167° N, 66.4000° W
Sept-Îles, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.2167° N, 66.4000° W
Sorel, Québecharmonics.world46.0500° N, 73.1167° W
Southwest Point, Québecharmonics.world49.4000° N, 63.6000° W
Southwest Point, Québec (2)offsets.xml49.4000° N, 63.6000° W
St-Bernard-de-l'ile-, Québecharmonics.world47.4500° N, 70.3667° W
St-Francois, Québecharmonics.world47.0000° N, 70.8167° W
St-Irénée, Québecharmonics.world47.5167° N, 70.0167° W
St-Jean-D'orleans, Québecharmonics.world46.9167° N, 70.9000° W
St-Jean-Port-Joli, Québecharmonics.world47.2167° N, 70.2667° W
St-Joachim, Québecharmonics.world47.0500° N, 70.8500° W
St-Joseph-De-La-Rive, Québecharmonics.world47.4500° N, 70.3667° W
St-Laurent-D'orleans, Québecharmonics.world46.8667° N, 71.0000° W
St-Lawrence Mooring, Québecharmonics.world47.4667° N, 70.1000° W
St-Romuald, Québecharmonics.world46.7667° N, 71.2333° W
St-Simeon, Québecharmonics.world47.8333° N, 69.8833° W
Ste-Anne-De-Beaupré, Québecharmonics.world47.0167° N, 70.9333° W
Ste-Anne-De-Portneuf, Québecharmonics.world48.6333° N, 69.0833° W
Ste-Anne-Des-Monts, Québecharmonics.world49.1333° N, 66.4833° W
Ste-Anne-Des-Monts, Québec (2)offsets.xml49.1333° N, 66.4833° W
Stupart Bay, Québecharmonics.world61.5833° N, 71.5333° W
Stupart Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml61.5833° N, 71.5333° W
Sugluk, Québecharmonics.world62.2167° N, 75.6500° W
Tadoussac, Saguenay River, Québecharmonics.world48.1333° N, 69.7167° W
Traverse St-Roch, Québecharmonics.world47.4000° N, 70.2333° W
Trois-Pistoles, Québecharmonics.world48.1333° N, 69.1833° W
Trois-Rivières, Québecharmonics.world46.3500° N, 72.5500° W
Trois-Rivières, Québec (2)harmonics.world46.3333° N, 72.5333° W
Tukarak, Québecharmonics.world56.3167° N, 78.0833° W
Upper Attawaspiskat, Ontarioharmonics.world52.9167° N, 82.4333° W
Wakeham Bay, Québecharmonics.world61.6000° N, 72.2500° W
Wakeham Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml61.7167° N, 71.9500° W
Wapitagun Harbour, Québecoffsets.xml50.2000° N, 60.0167° W
Winisk, Ontarioharmonics.world55.2833° N, 85.1000° W

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