Zone :America/St_Johns

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LocationFile Coordinates
Argentia, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.3000° N, 53.9833° W
Argentia, Newfoundland (2)harmonics.world47.3000° N, 53.9833° W
Ariege Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml51.1667° N, 56.0000° W
Arnold's Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.7500° N, 54.0000° W
Avalon Channel, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.4000° N, 51.8000° W
Baie Verte, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.9500° N, 56.1833° W
Beachside, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.6333° N, 55.8833° W
Bell Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6333° N, 52.9333° W
Belleoram, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5333° N, 55.4167° W
Belleoram, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml47.5333° N, 55.4167° W
Botwood, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.1333° N, 55.3333° W
Carmanville, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4000° N, 54.2833° W
Castors Harbour, St. John Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml50.9167° N, 56.9833° W
Change Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.6667° N, 54.4167° W
Charlottetown, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.4333° N, 54.0167° W
Clarenville, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.1667° N, 53.9667° W
Clifton, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.1833° N, 53.7333° W
Codroy Road, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.8833° N, 59.4000° W
Come By Chance, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.8167° N, 54.0167° W
Connoire Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6667° N, 57.9000° W
Cook's Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.6167° N, 55.8667° W
Corner Brook, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.9500° N, 57.9500° W
Couteau Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.7167° N, 58.0500° W
Dark Cove, Dildo Run, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5333° N, 54.7500° W
Dildo Run, Tea Kettle Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4833° N, 54.7333° W
Exploits Lower Harbour, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml49.5333° N, 55.0667° W
Exploits Upper Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5167° N, 55.0667° W
Farewell, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5500° N, 54.4667° W
Fermeuse, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.9667° N, 52.9667° W
Flowers Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.3000° N, 56.7333° W
Fogo Harbour, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml49.7167° N, 54.2667° W
Fox Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.7333° N, 58.7000° W
Frenchman's Cove, Bay of Islands, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml49.0667° N, 58.1667° W
Grand Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6000° N, 59.1667° W
Grande le Pierre Harbour, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6667° N, 54.7833° W
Great Jervis Harbour, Bay d'Espoir, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6500° N, 56.1833° W
Great St. Lawrence Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.9000° N, 55.3667° W
Great St. Lawrence Harbour, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml46.9167° N, 55.3667° W
Grey River, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.5667° N, 57.1167° W
Gull Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.2667° N, 52.7833° W
Hamilton Bank 796, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.0667° N, 53.0167° W
Hampden, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5667° N, 56.8667° W
Harbour Breton, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.4667° N, 55.8000° W
Harbour Grace, Conception Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6833° N, 53.2000° W
Hare Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6167° N, 56.5333° W
Heart's Content, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.8667° N, 53.3667° W
Hermitage, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5667° N, 55.9333° W
Hibernia (780-1080), Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.5667° N, 48.7333° W
Hibernia 109, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.8667° N, 48.7167° W
Hickman's Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.1000° N, 53.7333° W
Holyrood, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.3500° N, 53.1167° W
Isle Aux Morts, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5667° N, 58.9667° W
Jackos Point, Newfoundlandharmonics.world59.4500° N, 55.1167° W
Jamestown, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.4333° N, 53.8000° W
La Poile Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6667° N, 58.4000° W
La Scie, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.9667° N, 55.6000° W
Lance Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.0833° N, 52.0333° W
Lark Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.1000° N, 58.3667° W
Lewisporte, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.2333° N, 55.0500° W
Little Bay Arm, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.6000° N, 55.9167° W
Locks Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.3333° N, 55.9500° W
Long Beach, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.9833° N, 53.8000° W
Long Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.4333° N, 54.8167° W
Long Pond, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5167° N, 52.9667° W
Middle Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6667° N, 52.7000° W
Mortier Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.1667° N, 55.1500° W
Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4500° N, 53.9667° W
Newman Sound, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.5833° N, 53.9500° W
Norris Cove, Bonne Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5167° N, 57.8667° W
Norris Cove, Bonne Bay, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml49.5167° N, 57.8667° W
North Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.8500° N, 54.1000° W
Pistolet Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml51.5000° N, 55.7333° W
Port Aux Basques, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5833° N, 59.1500° W
Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml47.5833° N, 59.1500° W
Port De St-Pierre, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.8167° N, 56.1833° W
Port Harmon, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.5167° N, 58.5333° W
Port Saunders, Newfoundlandharmonics.world50.6500° N, 57.3000° W
Port Saunders, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml50.6500° N, 57.3000° W
Port Union, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.5000° N, 53.0833° W
Port Union, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml48.5000° N, 53.0833° W
Port-au-Port, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml48.5500° N, 58.7500° W
Portland Cove, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml50.1833° N, 57.6000° W
Portugal Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6167° N, 52.8667° W
Pushthrough, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6333° N, 56.1667° W
Random Head Harbour, Trinity Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml48.1000° N, 53.5667° W
Saint John's Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5500° N, 52.7000° W
Saint Pierre et Miquelonharmonics.world46.8167° N, 56.1833° W
Savage Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.3333° N, 56.7000° W
Seal Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.9333° N, 56.3667° W
Seal Cove, Newfoundland (2)harmonics.world49.7333° N, 54.2833° W
Ship Cove, Bay d'Espoir, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.8667° N, 55.8333° W
Ship Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.6333° N, 55.6333° W
Shoal Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.0167° N, 57.0167° W
Sop's Island, White Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.8333° N, 56.7667° W
Sop's Island, White Bay, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml49.8333° N, 56.7667° W
Springdale, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4833° N, 56.0500° W
St. Alban's, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.8667° N, 55.8333° W
St. Anthony, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.3667° N, 55.5833° W
St. Barbe Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.2000° N, 56.7667° W
St. Barbe Bay, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml51.2000° N, 56.7667° W
St. Bride's, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.9167° N, 54.1833° W

LocationFile Coordinates
St. Georges Harbour, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml48.4500° N, 58.5000° W
St. Georges, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.4333° N, 58.0500° W
St. John's, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5667° N, 52.7000° W
St. John's, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml47.5667° N, 52.7000° W
St. Mary Harbour, St. Mary Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.9333° N, 53.5833° W
St. Mary Harbour, St. Mary Bay, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml46.9167° N, 53.5833° W
St. Pierre Harbor, St. Pierre Island, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml46.7833° N, 56.1667° W
Summerford, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4833° N, 54.7833° W
Tacks Beach, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5833° N, 54.2000° W
Tilt Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.8833° N, 55.6167° W
Tilting Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.7000° N, 54.0500° W
Trepassey Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.7333° N, 53.3667° W
Trepassey Harbour, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml46.7167° N, 53.3833° W
Trinity, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.3667° N, 53.3500° W
Twillingate, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.6500° N, 54.7667° W
Valleyfield, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.1667° N, 53.6167° W
Valleyfield, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml49.1667° N, 53.6167° W
Wild Cove, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml50.7000° N, 56.1667° W
Woody Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.7833° N, 54.1667° W
Woody Island, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml47.7833° N, 54.1667° W

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