Cape Hooper, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)
68.3833 N, 66.7500 W

October 2020




Thu 013:43 AM EDT 0.76 m10:05 AM EDT 0.25 m4:14 PM EDT 0.74 m10:16 PM EDT 0.28 mFull Moon6:42 AM EDT5:48 PM EDT6:32 PM EDT5:31 AM EDT
Fri 024:27 AM EDT 0.76 m10:35 AM EDT 0.28 m4:39 PM EDT 0.76 m10:50 PM EDT 0.24 m6:46 AM EDT5:44 PM EDT6:21 PM EDT7:07 AM EDT
Sat 035:09 AM EDT 0.76 m11:05 AM EDT 0.31 m5:04 PM EDT 0.77 m11:24 PM EDT 0.22 m6:49 AM EDT5:40 PM EDT6:10 PM EDT8:43 AM EDT
Sun 045:49 AM EDT 0.75 m11:35 AM EDT 0.34 m5:30 PM EDT 0.77 m11:58 PM EDT 0.21 m6:53 AM EDT5:35 PM EDT5:57 PM EDT10:22 AM EDT
Mon 056:30 AM EDT 0.73 m12:04 PM EDT 0.37 m5:56 PM EDT 0.77 m6:57 AM EDT5:31 PM EDT5:40 PM EDT12:09 PM EDT
Tue 0612:34 AM EDT 0.21 m7:11 AM EDT 0.70 m12:34 PM EDT 0.40 m6:24 PM EDT 0.77 m7:00 AM EDT5:27 PM EDT5:10 PM EDT2:15 PM EDT
Wed 071:13 AM EDT 0.22 m7:54 AM EDT 0.68 m1:06 PM EDT 0.42 m6:54 PM EDT 0.76 m7:04 AM EDT5:23 PM EDT
Thu 081:55 AM EDT 0.24 m8:43 AM EDT 0.65 m1:41 PM EDT 0.45 m7:28 PM EDT 0.75 m7:08 AM EDT5:18 PM EDT
Fri 092:45 AM EDT 0.25 m9:42 AM EDT 0.63 m2:26 PM EDT 0.47 m8:11 PM EDT 0.73 mLast Quarter7:11 AM EDT5:14 PM EDT
Sat 103:42 AM EDT 0.26 m10:49 AM EDT 0.62 m3:28 PM EDT 0.48 m9:08 PM EDT 0.72 m7:15 AM EDT5:10 PM EDT
Sun 114:44 AM EDT 0.26 m11:56 AM EDT 0.64 m4:45 PM EDT 0.48 m10:25 PM EDT 0.71 m7:19 AM EDT5:06 PM EDT9:38 PM EDT6:55 PM EDT
Mon 125:49 AM EDT 0.25 m12:54 PM EDT 0.67 m6:01 PM EDT 0.46 m11:49 PM EDT 0.72 m7:23 AM EDT5:01 PM EDT6:20 PM EDT
Tue 136:50 AM EDT 0.23 m1:42 PM EDT 0.71 m7:09 PM EDT 0.41 m7:27 AM EDT4:57 PM EDT12:08 AM EDT6:01 PM EDT
Wed 141:03 AM EDT 0.74 m7:46 AM EDT 0.21 m2:23 PM EDT 0.75 m8:07 PM EDT 0.35 m7:30 AM EDT4:53 PM EDT2:19 AM EDT5:47 PM EDT
Thu 152:09 AM EDT 0.78 m8:37 AM EDT 0.20 m3:01 PM EDT 0.78 m8:58 PM EDT 0.27 m7:34 AM EDT4:49 PM EDT4:25 AM EDT5:34 PM EDT
Fri 163:10 AM EDT 0.82 m9:25 AM EDT 0.21 m3:38 PM EDT 0.81 m9:46 PM EDT 0.19 mNew Moon7:38 AM EDT4:44 PM EDT6:30 AM EDT5:21 PM EDT
Sat 174:07 AM EDT 0.84 m10:11 AM EDT 0.23 m4:14 PM EDT 0.83 m10:33 PM EDT 0.12 m7:42 AM EDT4:40 PM EDT8:40 AM EDT5:06 PM EDT
Sun 185:04 AM EDT 0.86 m10:56 AM EDT 0.26 m4:51 PM EDT 0.84 m11:20 PM EDT 0.07 m7:46 AM EDT4:36 PM EDT10:58 AM EDT4:46 PM EDT
Mon 196:01 AM EDT 0.85 m11:41 AM EDT 0.31 m5:29 PM EDT 0.85 m7:50 AM EDT4:31 PM EDT1:46 PM EDT4:02 PM EDT
Tue 2012:09 AM EDT 0.05 m6:58 AM EDT 0.82 m12:25 PM EDT 0.36 m6:10 PM EDT 0.84 m7:54 AM EDT4:27 PM EDT
Wed 211:01 AM EDT 0.06 m7:58 AM EDT 0.78 m1:13 PM EDT 0.40 m6:54 PM EDT 0.82 m7:58 AM EDT4:23 PM EDT
Thu 221:57 AM EDT 0.09 m9:01 AM EDT 0.74 m2:05 PM EDT 0.44 m7:45 PM EDT 0.79 m8:02 AM EDT4:19 PM EDT
Fri 232:58 AM EDT 0.13 m10:10 AM EDT 0.70 m3:06 PM EDT 0.47 m8:44 PM EDT 0.75 mFirst Quarter8:06 AM EDT4:14 PM EDT
Sat 244:06 AM EDT 0.17 m11:23 AM EDT 0.69 m4:18 PM EDT 0.48 m9:56 PM EDT 0.72 m8:10 AM EDT4:10 PM EDT5:55 PM EDT9:42 PM EDT
Sun 255:16 AM EDT 0.21 m12:30 PM EDT 0.69 m5:40 PM EDT 0.46 m11:18 PM EDT 0.70 m8:14 AM EDT4:06 PM EDT5:28 PM EDT11:46 PM EDT
Mon 266:22 AM EDT 0.24 m1:20 PM EDT 0.70 m6:56 PM EDT 0.42 m8:18 AM EDT4:01 PM EDT5:13 PM EDT
Tue 2712:37 AM EDT 0.69 m7:20 AM EDT 0.27 m1:56 PM EDT 0.72 m7:55 PM EDT 0.38 m8:22 AM EDT3:57 PM EDT5:00 PM EDT1:33 AM EDT
Wed 281:44 AM EDT 0.70 m8:08 AM EDT 0.29 m2:26 PM EDT 0.74 m8:40 PM EDT 0.33 m8:26 AM EDT3:53 PM EDT4:48 PM EDT3:12 AM EDT
Thu 292:41 AM EDT 0.71 m8:48 AM EDT 0.32 m2:53 PM EDT 0.76 m9:18 PM EDT 0.28 m8:30 AM EDT3:49 PM EDT4:38 PM EDT4:48 AM EDT
Fri 303:30 AM EDT 0.73 m9:23 AM EDT 0.34 m3:19 PM EDT 0.78 m9:52 PM EDT 0.24 m8:35 AM EDT3:44 PM EDT4:26 PM EDT6:24 AM EDT
Sat 314:14 AM EDT 0.74 m9:56 AM EDT 0.36 m3:46 PM EDT 0.79 m10:25 PM EDT 0.20 mFull Moon8:39 AM EDT3:40 PM EDT4:14 PM EDT8:02 AM EDT


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