Eiši, Faroe Islands
62.2958° N, 7.0900° W

July 2020




Wed 0112:10 AM WEST 0.29 m6:11 AM WEST 1.48 m12:58 PM WEST 0.04 m7:03 PM WEST 1.34 m3:41 AM WEST11:22 PM WEST6:39 PM WEST2:00 AM WEST
Thu 021:16 AM WEST 0.15 m7:17 AM WEST 1.54 m1:53 PM WEST −0.03 m7:55 PM WEST 1.45 m3:42 AM WEST11:21 PM WEST8:22 PM WEST2:08 AM WEST
Fri 032:12 AM WEST 0.01 m8:13 AM WEST 1.59 m2:40 PM WEST −0.07 m8:39 PM WEST 1.56 m3:44 AM WEST11:19 PM WEST9:57 PM WEST2:22 AM WEST
Sat 043:01 AM WEST −0.12 m9:03 AM WEST 1.62 m3:23 PM WEST −0.09 m9:19 PM WEST 1.65 m3:45 AM WEST11:18 PM WEST11:13 PM WEST2:47 AM WEST
Sun 053:47 AM WEST −0.20 m9:48 AM WEST 1.61 m4:03 PM WEST −0.08 m9:58 PM WEST 1.71 mFull Moon3:47 AM WEST11:17 PM WEST3:33 AM WEST
Mon 064:29 AM WEST −0.23 m10:29 AM WEST 1.56 m4:41 PM WEST −0.03 m10:35 PM WEST 1.73 m3:49 AM WEST11:15 PM WEST12:01 AM WEST4:44 AM WEST
Tue 075:11 AM WEST −0.20 m11:08 AM WEST 1.48 m5:17 PM WEST 0.03 m11:12 PM WEST 1.71 m3:51 AM WEST11:14 PM WEST12:26 AM WEST6:12 AM WEST
Wed 085:52 AM WEST −0.12 m11:46 AM WEST 1.39 m5:52 PM WEST 0.12 m11:49 PM WEST 1.66 m3:53 AM WEST11:12 PM WEST12:39 AM WEST7:43 AM WEST
Thu 096:32 AM WEST −0.01 m12:24 PM WEST 1.28 m6:26 PM WEST 0.22 m3:55 AM WEST11:10 PM WEST12:47 AM WEST9:12 AM WEST
Fri 1012:28 AM WEST 1.57 m7:13 AM WEST 0.12 m1:05 PM WEST 1.18 m7:02 PM WEST 0.33 m3:57 AM WEST11:08 PM WEST12:52 AM WEST10:37 AM WEST
Sat 111:10 AM WEST 1.46 m7:56 AM WEST 0.25 m1:51 PM WEST 1.09 m7:42 PM WEST 0.44 m3:59 AM WEST11:06 PM WEST12:55 AM WEST11:59 AM WEST
Sun 121:58 AM WEST 1.34 m8:45 AM WEST 0.37 m2:50 PM WEST 1.02 m8:33 PM WEST 0.54 m4:01 AM WEST11:04 PM WEST12:58 AM WEST1:20 PM WEST
Mon 132:58 AM WEST 1.23 m9:48 AM WEST 0.45 m4:03 PM WEST 1.01 m9:49 PM WEST 0.60 mLast Quarter4:03 AM WEST11:02 PM WEST1:00 AM WEST2:41 PM WEST
Tue 144:11 AM WEST 1.16 m11:06 AM WEST 0.48 m5:19 PM WEST 1.04 m11:27 PM WEST 0.60 m4:06 AM WEST11:00 PM WEST1:03 AM WEST4:03 PM WEST
Wed 155:25 AM WEST 1.15 m12:15 PM WEST 0.44 m6:22 PM WEST 1.13 m4:08 AM WEST10:58 PM WEST1:07 AM WEST5:28 PM WEST
Thu 1612:42 AM WEST 0.51 m6:29 AM WEST 1.19 m1:07 PM WEST 0.36 m7:11 PM WEST 1.24 m4:10 AM WEST10:56 PM WEST1:13 AM WEST6:55 PM WEST
Fri 171:33 AM WEST 0.39 m7:20 AM WEST 1.26 m1:48 PM WEST 0.27 m7:50 PM WEST 1.36 m4:13 AM WEST10:54 PM WEST1:24 AM WEST8:22 PM WEST
Sat 182:15 AM WEST 0.26 m8:04 AM WEST 1.34 m2:26 PM WEST 0.17 m8:26 PM WEST 1.48 m4:15 AM WEST10:51 PM WEST1:42 AM WEST9:41 PM WEST
Sun 192:53 AM WEST 0.13 m8:43 AM WEST 1.43 m3:03 PM WEST 0.09 m9:00 PM WEST 1.59 m4:18 AM WEST10:49 PM WEST2:16 AM WEST10:40 PM WEST
Mon 203:30 AM WEST 0.00 m9:21 AM WEST 1.50 m3:40 PM WEST 0.03 m9:34 PM WEST 1.68 mNew Moon4:20 AM WEST10:46 PM WEST3:15 AM WEST11:15 PM WEST
Tue 214:08 AM WEST −0.10 m9:59 AM WEST 1.55 m4:17 PM WEST −0.01 m10:09 PM WEST 1.75 m4:23 AM WEST10:44 PM WEST4:39 AM WEST11:35 PM WEST
Wed 224:47 AM WEST −0.17 m10:38 AM WEST 1.57 m4:55 PM WEST −0.01 m10:46 PM WEST 1.79 m4:26 AM WEST10:41 PM WEST6:17 AM WEST11:46 PM WEST
Thu 235:28 AM WEST −0.19 m11:20 AM WEST 1.55 m5:35 PM WEST 0.03 m11:26 PM WEST 1.80 m4:28 AM WEST10:39 PM WEST7:59 AM WEST11:53 PM WEST
Fri 246:11 AM WEST −0.17 m12:04 PM WEST 1.50 m6:17 PM WEST 0.09 m4:31 AM WEST10:36 PM WEST9:41 AM WEST11:58 PM WEST
Sat 2512:10 AM WEST 1.76 m6:58 AM WEST −0.11 m12:53 PM WEST 1.42 m7:04 PM WEST 0.17 m4:34 AM WEST10:33 PM WEST11:21 AM WEST
Sun 261:01 AM WEST 1.68 m7:51 AM WEST −0.01 m1:50 PM WEST 1.34 m7:58 PM WEST 0.27 m4:36 AM WEST10:31 PM WEST1:00 PM WEST12:02 AM WEST
Mon 272:00 AM WEST 1.59 m8:52 AM WEST 0.10 m2:57 PM WEST 1.27 m9:03 PM WEST 0.35 mFirst Quarter4:39 AM WEST10:28 PM WEST2:39 PM WEST12:05 AM WEST
Tue 283:12 AM WEST 1.50 m10:03 AM WEST 0.19 m4:13 PM WEST 1.25 m10:23 PM WEST 0.37 m4:42 AM WEST10:25 PM WEST4:20 PM WEST12:10 AM WEST
Wed 294:33 AM WEST 1.45 m11:21 AM WEST 0.23 m5:28 PM WEST 1.29 m11:47 PM WEST 0.31 m4:44 AM WEST10:22 PM WEST6:01 PM WEST12:17 AM WEST
Thu 305:53 AM WEST 1.45 m12:31 PM WEST 0.20 m6:34 PM WEST 1.39 m4:47 AM WEST10:19 PM WEST7:38 PM WEST12:28 AM WEST
Fri 3112:58 AM WEST 0.19 m7:03 AM WEST 1.48 m1:30 PM WEST 0.15 m7:29 PM WEST 1.50 m4:50 AM WEST10:16 PM WEST9:00 PM WEST12:48 AM WEST


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