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Entrance Point, 3 miles west of, Port Moller, Alaska Current
56.0000 N, 160.6500 W
Flood direction 174 true
Ebb direction 2 true

December 2019




Sun 012:12 AM AKST5:08 AM AKST −2.0 kt8:12 AM AKST11:10 AM AKST 2.3 kt3:09 PM AKST6:45 PM AKST −2.4 kt9:15 PM AKST11:43 PM AKST 1.4 kt9:49 AM AKST5:13 PM AKST2:17 PM AKST10:25 PM AKST
Mon 023:10 AM AKST6:04 AM AKST −1.9 kt9:04 AM AKST11:59 AM AKST 2.2 kt3:54 PM AKST7:30 PM AKST −2.4 kt10:05 PM AKST9:51 AM AKST5:12 PM AKST2:40 PM AKST11:37 PM AKST
Tue 0312:35 AM AKST 1.4 kt4:07 AM AKST6:59 AM AKST −1.7 kt9:57 AM AKST12:46 PM AKST 2.0 kt4:37 PM AKST8:07 PM AKST −2.3 kt10:53 PM AKSTFirst Quarter9:52 AM AKST5:11 PM AKST2:57 PM AKST
Wed 041:26 AM AKST 1.4 kt5:03 AM AKST7:54 AM AKST −1.6 kt10:50 AM AKST1:34 PM AKST 1.8 kt5:20 PM AKST8:41 PM AKST −2.3 kt11:40 PM AKST9:54 AM AKST5:11 PM AKST3:12 PM AKST12:49 AM AKST
Thu 052:14 AM AKST 1.5 kt5:57 AM AKST8:48 AM AKST −1.5 kt11:43 AM AKST2:21 PM AKST 1.7 kt6:02 PM AKST9:17 PM AKST −2.2 kt9:55 AM AKST5:10 PM AKST3:24 PM AKST2:00 AM AKST
Fri 0612:26 AM AKST3:02 AM AKST 1.5 kt6:51 AM AKST9:42 AM AKST −1.5 kt12:36 PM AKST3:09 PM AKST 1.5 kt6:43 PM AKST9:55 PM AKST −2.1 kt9:57 AM AKST5:09 PM AKST3:36 PM AKST3:11 AM AKST
Sat 071:11 AM AKST3:49 AM AKST 1.6 kt7:44 AM AKST10:38 AM AKST −1.5 kt1:31 PM AKST3:57 PM AKST 1.4 kt7:25 PM AKST10:35 PM AKST −2.1 kt9:58 AM AKST5:09 PM AKST3:49 PM AKST4:22 AM AKST
Sun 081:55 AM AKST4:37 AM AKST 1.7 kt8:36 AM AKST11:34 AM AKST −1.5 kt2:25 PM AKST4:47 PM AKST 1.3 kt8:08 PM AKST11:15 PM AKST −2.0 kt10:00 AM AKST5:09 PM AKST4:03 PM AKST5:35 AM AKST
Mon 092:40 AM AKST5:24 AM AKST 1.8 kt9:27 AM AKST12:32 PM AKST −1.5 kt
1:32 PM AKST −1.5 kt
1:27 PM AKST −1.5 kt
3:20 PM AKST5:36 PM AKST 1.2 kt8:51 PM AKST11:57 PM AKST −2.0 kt10:01 AM AKST5:08 PM AKST4:20 PM AKST6:50 AM AKST
Tue 103:24 AM AKST6:12 AM AKST 2.0 kt10:16 AM AKST1:33 PM AKST −1.6 kt
2:08 PM AKST −1.6 kt
2:22 PM AKST −1.6 kt
4:14 PM AKST6:26 PM AKST 1.1 kt9:36 PM AKST10:02 AM AKST5:08 PM AKST4:42 PM AKST8:07 AM AKST
Wed 1112:39 AM AKST −1.9 kt4:07 AM AKST6:59 AM AKST 2.1 kt11:05 AM AKST2:21 PM AKST −1.7 kt
3:04 PM AKST −1.7 kt
3:11 PM AKST −1.7 kt
5:08 PM AKST7:17 PM AKST 1.0 kt10:21 PM AKSTFull Moon10:03 AM AKST5:07 PM AKST5:11 PM AKST9:25 AM AKST
Thu 121:22 AM AKST −1.9 kt4:52 AM AKST7:47 AM AKST 2.1 kt11:52 AM AKST3:00 PM AKST −1.8 kt6:01 PM AKST8:07 PM AKST 1.0 kt11:09 PM AKST10:04 AM AKST5:07 PM AKST5:52 PM AKST10:38 AM AKST
Fri 132:06 AM AKST −1.8 kt5:36 AM AKST8:34 AM AKST 2.2 kt12:37 PM AKST3:40 PM AKST −1.8 kt6:51 PM AKST8:57 PM AKST 1.0 kt11:58 PM AKST10:05 AM AKST5:07 PM AKST6:46 PM AKST11:42 AM AKST
Sat 142:51 AM AKST −1.8 kt6:22 AM AKST9:22 AM AKST 2.2 kt1:21 PM AKST4:20 PM AKST −1.9 kt7:39 PM AKST9:47 PM AKST 1.0 kt10:06 AM AKST5:07 PM AKST7:55 PM AKST12:34 PM AKST
Sun 1512:50 AM AKST3:38 AM AKST −1.8 kt7:08 AM AKST10:09 AM AKST 2.2 kt2:04 PM AKST4:59 PM AKST −2.0 kt8:26 PM AKST10:37 PM AKST 1.1 kt10:07 AM AKST5:07 PM AKST9:15 PM AKST1:12 PM AKST
Mon 161:44 AM AKST4:27 AM AKST −1.7 kt7:56 AM AKST10:57 AM AKST 2.2 kt2:46 PM AKST5:40 PM AKST −2.1 kt9:11 PM AKST11:28 PM AKST 1.3 kt10:08 AM AKST5:07 PM AKST10:41 PM AKST1:40 PM AKST
Tue 172:42 AM AKST5:20 AM AKST −1.7 kt8:46 AM AKST11:46 AM AKST 2.2 kt3:28 PM AKST6:22 PM AKST −2.2 kt9:55 PM AKST10:09 AM AKST5:07 PM AKST2:02 PM AKST
Wed 1812:19 AM AKST 1.4 kt3:40 AM AKST6:15 AM AKST −1.7 kt9:39 AM AKST12:35 PM AKST 2.1 kt4:11 PM AKST7:05 PM AKST −2.3 kt10:39 PM AKSTLast Quarter10:10 AM AKST5:07 PM AKST12:07 AM AKST2:20 PM AKST
Thu 191:10 AM AKST 1.6 kt4:40 AM AKST7:13 AM AKST −1.7 kt10:34 AM AKST1:25 PM AKST 2.0 kt4:54 PM AKST7:50 PM AKST −2.5 kt11:24 PM AKST10:11 AM AKST5:08 PM AKST1:34 AM AKST2:36 PM AKST
Fri 202:02 AM AKST 1.9 kt5:41 AM AKST8:13 AM AKST −1.8 kt11:32 AM AKST2:16 PM AKST 1.9 kt5:40 PM AKST8:38 PM AKST −2.5 kt10:11 AM AKST5:08 PM AKST3:00 AM AKST2:51 PM AKST
Sat 2112:10 AM AKST2:55 AM AKST 2.1 kt6:42 AM AKST9:15 AM AKST −1.8 kt12:30 PM AKST3:09 PM AKST 1.8 kt6:28 PM AKST9:28 PM AKST −2.6 kt10:12 AM AKST5:09 PM AKST4:25 AM AKST3:07 PM AKST
Sun 2212:58 AM AKST3:49 AM AKST 2.2 kt7:42 AM AKST10:18 AM AKST −1.8 kt1:30 PM AKST4:02 PM AKST 1.7 kt7:18 PM AKST10:20 PM AKST −2.6 kt10:12 AM AKST5:09 PM AKST5:51 AM AKST3:25 PM AKST
Mon 231:47 AM AKST4:42 AM AKST 2.4 kt8:42 AM AKST11:23 AM AKST −1.9 kt2:29 PM AKST4:56 PM AKST 1.6 kt8:10 PM AKST11:14 PM AKST −2.6 kt10:13 AM AKST5:10 PM AKST7:16 AM AKST3:48 PM AKST
Tue 242:37 AM AKST5:37 AM AKST 2.5 kt9:40 AM AKST12:29 PM AKST −2.0 kt3:28 PM AKST5:51 PM AKST 1.5 kt9:04 PM AKST10:13 AM AKST5:10 PM AKST8:38 AM AKST4:19 PM AKST
Wed 2512:09 AM AKST −2.5 kt3:29 AM AKST6:30 AM AKST 2.5 kt10:36 AM AKST1:39 PM AKST −2.1 kt4:26 PM AKST6:47 PM AKST 1.4 kt10:00 PM AKSTNew Moon10:13 AM AKST5:11 PM AKST9:52 AM AKST4:59 PM AKST
Thu 261:06 AM AKST −2.4 kt4:21 AM AKST7:24 AM AKST 2.5 kt11:30 AM AKST2:59 PM AKST −2.2 kt5:23 PM AKST7:43 PM AKST 1.3 kt10:58 PM AKST10:14 AM AKST5:12 PM AKST10:54 AM AKST5:51 PM AKST
Fri 272:02 AM AKST −2.3 kt5:13 AM AKST8:16 AM AKST 2.4 kt12:22 PM AKST4:07 PM AKST −2.3 kt6:17 PM AKST8:38 PM AKST 1.2 kt11:56 PM AKST10:14 AM AKST5:13 PM AKST11:42 AM AKST6:55 PM AKST
Sat 282:58 AM AKST −2.1 kt6:05 AM AKST9:06 AM AKST 2.4 kt1:11 PM AKST5:03 PM AKST −2.3 kt7:11 PM AKST9:33 PM AKST 1.2 kt10:14 AM AKST5:14 PM AKST12:17 PM AKST8:05 PM AKST
Sun 2912:54 AM AKST3:54 AM AKST −1.9 kt6:57 AM AKST9:55 AM AKST 2.2 kt1:57 PM AKST5:55 PM AKST −2.3 kt8:02 PM AKST10:27 PM AKST 1.2 kt10:14 AM AKST5:15 PM AKST12:43 PM AKST9:17 PM AKST
Mon 301:51 AM AKST4:48 AM AKST −1.8 kt7:49 AM AKST10:42 AM AKST 2.1 kt2:40 PM AKST6:41 PM AKST −2.3 kt8:51 PM AKST11:18 PM AKST 1.2 kt10:14 AM AKST5:16 PM AKST1:03 PM AKST10:30 PM AKST
Tue 312:47 AM AKST5:41 AM AKST −1.7 kt8:40 AM AKST11:29 AM AKST 1.9 kt3:22 PM AKST7:11 PM AKST −2.2 kt9:39 PM AKST10:14 AM AKST5:17 PM AKST1:18 PM AKST11:42 PM AKST


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