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Humboldt Bay Entrance, California Tide Chart

Local time: 2015-02-28 11:13 AM PST

Tide chart: Humboldt Bay Entrance, California

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Humboldt Bay Entrance, California
40.7667 N, 124.2500 W

2015-02-28  2:56 PM PST   0.36 feet  Low Tide
2015-02-28  6:06 PM PST   Sunset
2015-02-28  9:27 PM PST   4.59 feet  High Tide
2015-03-01  2:43 AM PST   2.89 feet  Low Tide
2015-03-01  6:51 AM PST   Sunrise
2015-03-01  8:38 AM PST   5.90 feet  High Tide
2015-03-01  3:45 PM PST   0.24 feet  Low Tide
2015-03-01  6:08 PM PST   Sunset
2015-03-01 10:11 PM PST   4.86 feet  High Tide
2015-03-02  3:38 AM PST   2.65 feet  Low Tide
2015-03-02  6:49 AM PST   Sunrise
2015-03-02  9:29 AM PST   5.95 feet  High Tide
2015-03-02  4:27 PM PST   0.18 feet  Low Tide
2015-03-02  6:09 PM PST   Sunset
2015-03-02 10:48 PM PST   5.09 feet  High Tide
2015-03-03  4:24 AM PST   2.37 feet  Low Tide
2015-03-03  6:48 AM PST   Sunrise
2015-03-03 10:12 AM PST   5.98 feet  High Tide
2015-03-03  5:03 PM PST   0.19 feet  Low Tide
2015-03-03  6:10 PM PST   Sunset
2015-03-03 11:20 PM PST   5.27 feet  High Tide
2015-03-04  5:04 AM PST   2.08 feet  Low Tide
2015-03-04  6:46 AM PST   Sunrise
2015-03-04 10:52 AM PST   5.97 feet  High Tide
2015-03-04  5:35 PM PST   0.27 feet  Low Tide

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