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LocationFile Coordinates
0.8 n.mi. above entrance, Alloway Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.4967° N, 75.5167° W
130th Street, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8167° N, 73.9667° W
2.5 miles above mouth, Little Satilla River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.0583° N, 81.4933° W
2.5 n.mi. above entrance, Alloway Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5050° N, 75.4833° W
3 miles above A1A highway bridge, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9700° N, 80.1267° W
37th Avenue, Long Island City, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7617° N, 73.9467° W
8 miles above mouth, Little Satilla River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.0983° N, 81.5733° W
A1A highway bridge, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9467° N, 80.0900° W
Aba, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7500° N, 129.9500° E
Abasiri, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.0167° N, 144.2830° E
Abbapoola Creek entrance, Stono River, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.6767° N, 80.0067° W
Abbapoola Creek entrance, Stono River, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.6767° N, 80.0067° W
Abbot Point, Australiaharmonics.world19.8833° S, 148.0833° E
Abbots Meadow, Alloway Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5117° N, 75.4933° W
Aberdeen, Scotlandharmonics.world57.1500° N, 2.0833° W
Aberdeen, Washingtonharmonics.world46.9667° N, 123.8533° W
Aberdeen, Washington (2) (expired 1993-12-31)harmonics.world46.9667° N, 123.8533° W
Aberdeen, Washington (3)harmonics.world46.9670° N, 123.8500° W
Aberystwyth, Walesharmonics.world52.4000° N, 4.0833° W
Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoireharmonics.world5.2500° N, 4.0000° W
Abiels Ledge, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7000° N, 70.6667° W
Abott Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.6667° N, 65.8167° W
Abrahams Bay, Mayaguana Island, Bahamasharmonics.world22.3667° N, 73.0000° W
Abrahams Bay, Mayaguana Island, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml22.3667° N, 73.0000° W
Abram River, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8333° N, 65.9500° W
Abrolhos Anchorage, Braziloffsets.xml17.9666° S, 38.7000° W
Absecon Channel, State Route 87 bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3850° N, 74.4250° W
Absecon, Absecon Creek, U.S. Hwy. 30 bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.4233° N, 74.5000° W
Aburatu, Miyazaki, Japanharmonics.world31.5833° N, 131.4170° E
Aburatubo, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.1500° N, 139.6170° E
Acadia Cove, Nunavutharmonics.world61.3500° N, 64.9167° W
Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexicoharmonics.world16.8400° N, 99.9117° W
Active Pass, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world48.8667° N, 123.3000° W
Ad Dawhah, Qatarharmonics.world25.3000° N, 51.5167° E
Ada, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.7333° N, 128.3170° E
Adams Key, south end, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3950° N, 80.2300° W
Addenbroke Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.6000° N, 127.5167° W
Addenbroke Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.6000° N, 127.8167° W
Addison, Pleasant River, Maineoffsets.xml44.6167° N, 67.7500° W
Adelaide Inner Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world34.8500° S, 138.5000° E
Adelaide Outer Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world34.7833° S, 138.4833° E
Adele Island, Australiaharmonics.world15.5167° S, 123.1500° E
Aden, Yemenharmonics.world12.7833° N, 44.9833° E
Aden, Yemen (2)harmonics.world12.7833° N, 44.9833° E
Admiralty Bay, South Shetlandsoffsets.xml62.0500° S, 58.4000° W
Admiralty Head, 0.5 mile west of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1500° N, 122.7000° W
Admiralty Head, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.1667° N, 122.6667° W
Admiralty Inlet, Washington Currentharmonics.world48.0300° N, 122.6367° W
Admiralty Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.4500° N, 100.9833° W
Adolphus Island, Australiaharmonics.world15.1167° S, 128.1833° E
Advocate, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3333° N, 64.7833° W
Agadir, Moroccoharmonics.world30.4167° N, 9.6167° W
Agate Pass, North End of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7167° N, 122.5500° W
Agate Pass, South End of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7000° N, 122.5667° W
Aguire, Argentinaharmonics.world54.9167° S, 65.9667° W
Agvik Island, Québecharmonics.world60.0167° N, 69.7000° W
Aigura Point, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world10.1333° S, 150.2500° E
Ailinglapalap Atoll, Marshall Islandsoffsets.xml7.5000° N, 168.0000° E
Ainoura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.1833° N, 129.6330° E
Aioi, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.8000° N, 134.4670° E
Air Musi, Sumatra, Indonesiaharmonics.world2.2000° S, 104.9500° E
Airstrip Point, Nunavutharmonics.world76.0833° N, 97.7333° W
Airy Hall Plantation, Ashepoo River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6317° N, 80.4717° W
Aitutaki, Aitutaki Atollharmonics.world18.8500° S, 159.7833° W
Akabane, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.6000° N, 137.2000° E
Akasaki, Tottori, Japanharmonics.world35.5167° N, 133.6670° E
Akasi, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.6500° N, 135.0000° E
Akassa, Nigeriaharmonics.world4.3167° N, 6.0667° E
Akita, Akita, Japanharmonics.world39.7500° N, 140.0670° E
Akkesi Ko, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.0333° N, 144.8670° E
Akkesi, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.0333° N, 144.8500° E
Ako (Harima Nada), Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.7500° N, 134.3670° E
Ako (Miyake Sima), Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world34.0667° N, 139.4830° E
Akulivik, Hudson Bay, Québecharmonics.world60.8000° N, 78.2167° W
Akune, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world32.0167° N, 130.2000° E
Akureyri, Icelandharmonics.world65.6833° N, 18.1167° W
Akureyri, Iceland (2)harmonics.world65.6833° N, 18.1167° W
Akutan Pass, Aleutian Islands, Alaska Currentharmonics.world54.0217° N, 166.0517° W
Akyab, Myanmarharmonics.world20.1333° N, 92.9000° E
Al Fujayrah, U.A.E.harmonics.world25.1333° N, 56.3500° E
Ala Spit, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.3967° N, 122.5867° W
Alameda Creek, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5950° N, 122.1450° W
Alameda Radar Tower, .9 SSW of, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.7333° N, 122.2666° W
Alameda, San Francisco Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.7717° N, 122.2983° W
Alameda, San Francisco Bay, California (2)harmonics.world37.7717° N, 122.2983° W
Alameda, San Francisco Bay, California (3)harmonics.world37.7717° N, 122.2983° W
Alameda, San Francisco Bay, California (4)offsets.xml37.7717° N, 122.2983° W
Albany Island, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world10.7167° S, 142.5833° E
Albany, Australiaharmonics.world35.0333° S, 117.8833° E
Albany, Australia (2)harmonics.world35.0333° S, 117.8833° E
Albany, New Yorkharmonics.world42.6500° N, 73.7467° W
Albergottie Creek, Rt. 21 bridge, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4500° N, 80.7317° W
Alberta Pool Elev., British Columbiaharmonics.world49.3000° N, 123.0333° W
Alberton, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.8000° N, 64.0667° W
Alberton, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.8167° N, 64.0500° W
Albion, Californiaoffsets.xml39.2167° N, 123.7666° W
Alcatraz (North Point), San Francisco Bay, California Currentharmonics.world37.8267° N, 122.4167° W
Alcatraz Island .8 mi E, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8167° N, 122.4000° W
Alcatraz Island S, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8167° N, 122.4166° W
Alcatraz Island W, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8333° N, 122.4333° W
Alcatraz Island, 5 mi N, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8333° N, 122.4166° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8267° N, 122.4166° W
Alden Point, Patos Is, 2 miles S of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7500° N, 122.9833° W
Aleck Bay, Lopez Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.4333° N, 122.8500° W
Aleksandrovskiy, Russiaharmonics.world50.8833° N, 142.1167° E
Alert Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5833° N, 126.9333° W
Alert Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.5833° N, 126.9333° W
Alert, Nunavutharmonics.world82.0500° N, 62.3167° W
Alert, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml82.5000° N, 62.3333° W
Alexandria, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.8000° N, 77.0333° W
Alice Arm, British Columbiaharmonics.world55.4667° N, 129.5000° W
Alice Arm, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world55.4667° N, 129.5000° W
Alison Sound, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.1500° N, 127.0000° W
Alki Point, 0.3 miles W of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.6667° N, 122.4333° W
Allen Cove, Maineoffsets.xml44.3000° N, 68.5500° W
Allied Chemical Corp. docks, Turtle River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.1833° N, 81.5167° W
Alligator Point, St. James Island, Floridaoffsets.xml29.9033° N, 84.4133° W
Alligator Point, West Bay, Texasoffsets.xml29.1667° N, 95.1250° W
Alligator Reef Light, Floridaharmonics.world24.8500° N, 80.6183° W
Alligator Reef Light, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.8500° N, 80.6183° W
Allmondsville, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3833° N, 76.6500° W
Allston Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5317° N, 79.0533° W
Allyn, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3833° N, 122.8233° W
Alotau, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world10.3167° S, 150.4500° E
Alotau, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world10.3167° S, 150.4500° E
Alpine, New Jersey, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9450° N, 73.9183° W
Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexicoharmonics.world18.7700° N, 95.7650° W
Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico (2)offsets.xml18.7667° N, 95.7667° W
Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.7000° N, 135.4000° E
Ambon, Indonesiaharmonics.world3.6833° S, 128.1833° E
Amelia City, South Amelia River, Floridaharmonics.world30.5867° N, 81.4633° W
Amelia City, South Amelia River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.5867° N, 81.4633° W
Amelia City, South Amelia River, Florida (3)offsets.xml30.5867° N, 81.4633° W
American River, Australiaharmonics.world35.8000° S, 137.7667° E
Amherst Harbour, Magdalen Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Québecoffsets.xml47.2333° N, 61.8333° W
Amherst Point, Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.8333° N, 64.2833° W
Amherst, Myanmarharmonics.world16.0833° N, 97.5667° E
Amityville, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6550° N, 73.4183° W
Amtrak RR. swing bridge, Hackensack River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.7517° N, 74.0967° W
Amuay, Venezuelaharmonics.world11.7500° N, 70.2167° W
Ana Chaves, Ghanaharmonics.world0.3500° N, 6.7500° E
Anacortes, Guemes Channel, Washingtonharmonics.world48.5167° N, 122.6167° W
Anacortes, Guemes Channel, Washington (2)offsets.xml48.5167° N, 122.6167° W
Anacostia Bridge, D.C.offsets.xml38.8667° N, 77.0000° W
Anaga Ura, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.2667° N, 134.6670° E
Anamizu, Ishikawa, Japanharmonics.world37.2167° N, 136.9170° E
Anchorage (Knik Arm), Alaskaharmonics.world61.2383° N, 149.9167° W
Anchorage, Alaskaharmonics.anchorage61.2383° N, 149.8883° W
Anchorage, Alaska (2) (expired 1999-08-03)harmonics.anchorage61.2383° N, 149.8883° W
Anclote Key, southern end, Floridaoffsets.xml28.1650° N, 82.8433° W
Ancona, Italyharmonics.world43.6167° N, 13.5000° E
Anderson Island Hudson, Québecharmonics.world56.0333° N, 76.0667° W
Andrews Avenue bridge, New River, Fort Lauderdale, Floridaoffsets.xml26.1183° N, 80.1450° W
Androscoggin River entrance, Maineoffsets.xml43.9500° N, 69.8883° W
Anesaki, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.4833° N, 140.0330° E
Anewa Bay, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world6.1833° S, 155.5500° E
Angel Island (west side), San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8600° N, 122.4433° W
Angel Island .8 mi E, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8500° N, 122.4000° W
Angel Island off Quarry Point, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8500° N, 122.4000° W
Angel Island, East Garrison, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8633° N, 122.4200° W
Angmagssalik (Kulusuk), Greenlandoffsets.xml65.6000° N, 37.1500° W
Angra do Heroismo, Terceira, Azoresharmonics.world38.6500° N, 27.2167° W
Angra do Heroismo, Terceira, Azores (2)harmonics.world38.6500° N, 27.2167° W
Angra dos Reis, Brazilharmonics.world23.0167° S, 44.3167° W
Angra dos Reis, Braziloffsets.xml23.0166° S, 44.3167° W
Aningaq, Rifkol, Greenlandoffsets.xml67.9167° N, 53.8333° W
Ankona, Indian River, Floridaoffsets.xml27.3550° N, 80.2733° W
Anma Do, South Koreaharmonics.world35.3500° N, 126.0167° E
Anna Maria Key, Bradenton Beach, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.4967° N, 82.7133° W
Anna Maria Key, city pier, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.5333° N, 82.7300° W
Annapolis Royal, Annapolis River, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.7500° N, 65.5000° W
Annapolis, Marylandharmonics.world38.9850° N, 76.4867° W
Annapolis, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.9833° N, 76.4800° W
Annette Key, north end, Big Spanish Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7583° N, 81.3900° W
Annisquam, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.6550° N, 70.6767° W
Ano Nuevo Island, Californiaoffsets.xml37.1083° N, 122.3383° W
Anse Aux Gascons, Québecharmonics.world48.1833° N, 64.8667° W
Anthony Point, Sakonnet River, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.6383° N, 71.2117° W
Antigonish Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0667° N, 61.9167° W
Antigonish Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6667° N, 61.8833° W
Antilla, Bahía de Nipe, Cubaoffsets.xml20.8333° N, 75.7333° W
Antioch Pt .3 mi E, San Joaquin River, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0333° N, 121.8166° W
Antioch, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0200° N, 121.8150° W
Antofagasta, Chileharmonics.world23.6500° S, 70.4167° W
Antonio Enes, Mozambiqueharmonics.world16.2333° S, 39.9000° E
Antwerpen, Belgiumharmonics.world51.2333° N, 4.4000° E
Ao Sima, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.7333° N, 132.4830° E
Ao, Toyama, Japanharmonics.world36.8833° N, 136.9830° E
Aohama, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 131.0170° E
Aokata, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0000° N, 129.0500° E
Aoki, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.3667° N, 133.6830° E
Aomori, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.8333° N, 140.7670° E
Aonae, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.0667° N, 139.4500° E
Apalachicola, Apalachicola Bay, Floridaharmonics.world29.7267° N, 84.9817° W
Apalachicola, Apalachicola Bay, Florida (2)harmonics.world29.7233° N, 84.9800° W
Apalachicola, Apalachicola Bay, Florida (3)offsets.xml29.7267° N, 84.9817° W
Ape Hole Creek, Pocomoke Sound, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml37.9617° N, 75.8217° W
Apia, Samoa Islandsharmonics.world13.8000° S, 171.7667° W
Apia, Samoa Islands (2)harmonics.world13.8000° S, 171.7667° W
Apollo Bay, Australiaharmonics.world38.7500° S, 143.6667° E
Apple Cove Point, 0.5 mile E of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.8167° N, 122.4667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Aquia Creek, Virginiaharmonics.world38.4183° N, 77.3533° W
Aquia Creek, Virginia (2)offsets.xml38.4167° N, 77.3500° W
Aracaju, Brazilharmonics.world10.9167° S, 37.0500° W
Aracaju, Braziloffsets.xml10.9333° S, 37.0500° W
Arakawa (Tamanoura), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.6667° N, 128.6830° E
Arakawa, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.9167° N, 129.0500° E
Aransas Channel, Texasharmonics.world27.8383° N, 97.0517° W
Aransas Pass, Texas Currentharmonics.world27.8333° N, 97.0450° W
Aratu, Brazilharmonics.world12.7833° S, 38.5000° W
Aratu, Braziloffsets.xml12.7833° S, 38.5000° W
Arcadia, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.1967° N, 122.9383° W
Arcata Wharf, Humboldt Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml40.8500° N, 124.1166° W
Archer River, Australiaharmonics.world13.3333° S, 141.6500° E
Arctic Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world73.0333° N, 85.0167° W
Ardrossan, Australiaharmonics.world34.4333° S, 137.9167° E
Areia Branca, Brazilharmonics.world4.8167° S, 37.0333° W
Arena Cove, Californiaharmonics.world38.9133° N, 123.7083° W
Arena Cove, California (2)offsets.xml38.9133° N, 123.7083° W
Arendal, Norwayharmonics.world58.4500° N, 8.7667° E
Argentia, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.3000° N, 53.9833° W
Argentia, Newfoundland (2)harmonics.world47.3000° N, 53.9833° W
Arica, Chileharmonics.world18.4667° S, 70.3333° W
Arichat, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.5167° N, 61.0333° W
Arichat, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.5167° N, 61.0333° W
Ariege Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml51.1667° N, 56.0000° W
Arikawa, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.9833° N, 129.1170° E
Aripeka, Hammock Creek, Floridaoffsets.xml28.4333° N, 82.6683° W
Arisaig, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7667° N, 62.0167° W
Arkhangel'sk, Russiaharmonics.world64.5333° N, 40.4833° E
Arletta, Hale Passage, Puget Sound, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2667° N, 122.6500° W
Arletta, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2800° N, 122.6517° W
Armacao dos Buzios, Braziloffsets.xml22.7500° S, 41.8833° W
Armentieres Channel, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.1167° N, 132.3833° W
Armentieres Channel, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.1167° N, 132.3833° W
Arno Bay, Australiaharmonics.world33.9167° S, 136.5833° E
Arnold's Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.7500° N, 54.0000° W
Arroyo, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml17.9667° N, 66.0667° W
Artificial Island, Salem Nuclear Plant, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.4617° N, 75.5317° W
Arundel Plantation, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4833° N, 79.1783° W
Asamusi, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.9000° N, 140.8670° E
Ascension Islandharmonics.world7.9167° S, 14.4167° W
Ashe Inlet, Big Island, Nunavutharmonics.world62.5500° N, 70.5833° W
Ashe Inlet, Big Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml62.5500° N, 70.5833° W
Ashepoo, Ashepoo River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7433° N, 80.5567° W
Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff, ICWW, Ashepoo River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5250° N, 80.4517° W
Ashmore Reef, Australiaharmonics.world12.2167° S, 123.0167° E
Asibe, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.8167° N, 129.7670° E
Assab, Eritreaharmonics.world12.6500° N, 43.4333° E
Assacorkin Island, Chincoteague Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.0667° N, 75.3167° W
Assateague Beach, Toms Cove, Chincoteague Bay, Virginaoffsets.xml37.8650° N, 75.3683° W
Assiscunk Creek, Route 130 bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0750° N, 74.8483° W
Assistance Bay, Barrow Strait, Nunavutoffsets.xml74.6167° N, 94.2500° W
Astoria (Port Docks), Columbia River, Oregonoffsets.xml46.1867° N, 123.8600° W
Astoria (Tongue Point), Oregonharmonics.world46.2083° N, 123.7667° W
Astoria (Tongue Point), Oregon (2) (expired 1985-12-31)harmonics.world46.2083° N, 123.7667° W
Astoria (Tongue Point), Oregon (3)harmonics.world46.2080° N, 123.7670° W
Astoria (Youngs Bay), Columbia River, Oregonoffsets.xml46.1717° N, 123.8416° W
Atkinson Point, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.9500° N, 131.4167° W
Atlantic Beach Bridge, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7183° N, 76.7367° W
Atlantic Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml30.3350° N, 81.3950° W
Atlantic Beach, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.6933° N, 76.7117° W
Atlantic City (Steel Pier), New Jerseyharmonics.world39.3550° N, 74.4183° W
Atlantic City (Steel Pier), New Jersey (2) (expired 1989-12-31)harmonics.world39.3550° N, 74.4183° W
Atlantic City (Steel Pier), New Jersey (3)harmonics.world39.3550° N, 74.4183° W
Atlantic City (Steel Pier), New Jersey (4)offsets.xml39.3550° N, 74.4183° W
Atlantic Heights, Piscataqua River, New Hampshireoffsets.xml43.0833° N, 70.7667° W
Atlantic Highlands, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4183° N, 74.0350° W
Auburn, Oldmans Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7150° N, 75.3600° W
Aucilla River entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml30.0833° N, 84.0000° W
Auckland, New Zealandharmonics.world36.8500° S, 174.7667° E
Auckland, New Zealand (2)harmonics.world36.8500° S, 174.7667° E
Augusta, Kennebec River, Maineoffsets.xml44.3167° N, 69.7667° W
Aulatsivik Point, Nunavutharmonics.world66.0167° N, 65.6333° W
Auld Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6500° N, 61.4333° W
Auld Cove, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6500° N, 61.4333° W
Aulitiving Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.5167° N, 67.1500° W
Avalon Channel, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.4000° N, 51.8000° W
Avalon, Dogwood Harbor, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7000° N, 76.3333° W
Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, Californiaoffsets.xml33.3450° N, 118.3250° W
Avarua, Rarotongaharmonics.world21.2000° S, 159.9333° W
Aveiro, Portugalharmonics.world40.6333° N, 8.7500° W
Avila, Californiaharmonics.world35.1700° N, 120.7400° W
Avilés, Spainharmonics.world43.5833° N, 5.9333° W
Avon, North Carolinaharmonics.world35.3467° N, 75.5000° W
Avonmouth (Port of Bristol), Englandharmonics.world51.5000° N, 2.7167° W
Avonmouth (Port of Bristol), England (2)harmonics.world51.5000° N, 2.7167° W
Awa Sima (Niigata), Niigata, Japanharmonics.world38.4667° N, 139.2500° E
Awase, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.3167° N, 127.8500° E
Awasima (Bisan Seto), Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.2667° N, 133.6330° E
Awazu, Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world34.1333° N, 134.6170° E
Ayamonte, Spainharmonics.world37.2167° N, 7.4167° W
Ayock Point, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.5083° N, 123.0533° W
Ayukawa, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.3000° N, 141.5170° E
Azigasawa, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.7833° N, 140.2170° E
Aziro (Hidakatu), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.6500° N, 129.4830° E
Aziro (Naruto), Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world34.2333° N, 134.6330° E
Aziro (Sizuoka), Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world35.0500° N, 139.0830° E
Babs Bay, Hudson Bay, Québecharmonics.world60.7667° N, 78.3167° W
Babylon, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6850° N, 73.3150° W
Back Bay, Letite Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0500° N, 66.8667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Back Bay, Letite Harbour, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.0500° N, 66.8667° W
Back Cove, Maineoffsets.xml43.6767° N, 70.2550° W
Back Creek entrance, Nantuxent Cove, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3050° N, 75.2783° W
Back River Reservoir, West Branch, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9950° N, 79.9367° W
Back River, Maineoffsets.xml43.9500° N, 69.6833° W
Bacon Bridge, Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9583° N, 80.2033° W
Baffin, Nunavutharmonics.world69.9833° N, 84.0333° W
Bagan Datoh, Malaysiaharmonics.world4.0000° N, 100.7500° E
Bahía Buen Suceso, Argentinaharmonics.world54.8167° S, 65.2167° W
Bahía Crossley, Argentinaharmonics.world54.8000° S, 64.7000° W
Bahía de Ballenas, Baja California Sur, Mexicoharmonics.world26.7167° N, 113.5667° W
Bahía de Caledonia, Panamaoffsets.xml8.9000° N, 77.6833° W
Bahía de Levisa entrance, Cubaoffsets.xml20.7500° N, 75.4667° W
Bahía de los Ángeles, Baja California Norte, Mexicoharmonics.world28.9500° N, 113.5500° W
Bahía de Nipe entrance, Cubaoffsets.xml20.7833° N, 75.5667° W
Bahía de Nuevitas entrance, Cubaoffsets.xml21.6333° N, 77.1167° W
Bahía Honda Harbor (Bridge) Florida Currentharmonics.world24.6567° N, 81.2883° W
Bahía Honda Key (Bridge), Floridaharmonics.world24.6550° N, 81.2817° W
Bahía Honda Key (Bridge), Florida (2)offsets.xml24.6550° N, 81.2817° W
Bahía Honda, Cubaoffsets.xml22.9667° N, 83.2167° W
Bahía Magdalena, Baja California Sur, Mexicoharmonics.world24.6333° N, 112.1500° W
Bahía Mar Yacht Club, Fort Lauderdale, Floridaoffsets.xml26.1133° N, 80.1083° W
Bahía Pinas, Panamaharmonics.world8.3000° N, 78.1833° W
Bahía San Juanico, Baja California Sur, Mexicoharmonics.world26.2500° N, 112.4667° W
Bahía San Julian (Punta Pena), Argentinaharmonics.world49.2500° S, 67.6667° W
Bahía San Sebastian, Argentinaharmonics.world53.1667° S, 68.5000° W
Bahía Thetis, Argentinaharmonics.world54.6333° S, 65.2500° W
Baie De Brador, Québecharmonics.world51.4667° N, 57.2667° W
Baie Des Moutons, Québecharmonics.world50.7667° N, 59.0333° W
Baie Johan-Beetz, Québecharmonics.world50.2833° N, 62.8000° W
Baie Verte, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.9500° N, 56.1833° W
Baie-Comeau, Québecharmonics.world49.2333° N, 68.1333° W
Bailay Creek, Australiaharmonics.world16.2000° S, 145.4500° E
Bailey Cut, 0.8 mile west of, Satilla River, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.9850° N, 81.5917° W
Bailey's Landing, Okatee Wharf, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.3467° N, 80.8900° W
Bailey's Landing, Okatee Wharf, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.3467° N, 80.8900° W
Baillie Island (South Spit), Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world70.5167° N, 128.3500° W
Baillie Island, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world70.5500° N, 128.1333° W
Bakar, Croatiaharmonics.world45.3000° N, 14.5333° E
Bakers Haulover Inlet (inside), Floridaoffsets.xml25.9033° N, 80.1250° W
Bakkai, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.3167° N, 141.6170° E
Balboa Pier, Newport Beach, Californiaoffsets.xml33.6000° N, 117.9000° W
Balboa, Panamaharmonics.world8.9667° N, 79.5667° W
Balboa, Panama (2)harmonics.world8.9667° N, 79.5667° W
Balch Passage, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.1833° N, 122.6833° W
Bald Head, Cape Fear River, North Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8667° N, 78.0000° W
Bald Point, Ochlockonee Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml29.9483° N, 84.3417° W
Baleen Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.9500° N, 93.0833° W
Balikpapan, Borneo, Indonesiaharmonics.world1.2667° S, 116.8000° E
Ballantyne Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8667° N, 61.9167° W
Ballina, Australiaharmonics.world28.8667° S, 153.5833° E
Baltimore (Chesapeake Bay), Marylandharmonics.world39.1600° N, 76.3470° W
Baltimore (Fort McHenry), Marylandharmonics.world39.2667° N, 76.5783° W
Baltimore Harbor Approach, Maryland Currentharmonics.world39.0133° N, 76.3683° W
Bamfield, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8333° N, 125.1333° W
Bamfield, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8333° N, 125.1333° W
Bampfield Head, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world10.7000° S, 142.1000° E
Banda Harbour (Naira), Indonesiaharmonics.world4.5333° S, 129.7167° E
Bandar Abbas, Iranharmonics.world27.1833° N, 56.2833° E
Bandar-e Lengeh, Iranharmonics.world26.5500° N, 54.8833° E
Bandon, Coquille River, Oregonoffsets.xml43.1200° N, 124.4133° W
Bangkok, Thailandharmonics.world13.4333° N, 100.6000° E
Bangor, Penobscot River, Maineharmonics.world44.7950° N, 68.7717° W
Bangor, Penobscot River, Maine (2)offsets.xml44.7950° N, 68.7717° W
Bangor, Washingtonharmonics.world47.7483° N, 122.7267° W
Banjul, Gambiaharmonics.world13.4500° N, 16.5833° W
Bannermans Branch, Northeast River, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.5833° N, 77.7667° W
Banquereau Bank, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5833° N, 57.6833° W
Banyuls, Franceharmonics.world42.4833° N, 3.1000° E
Bar at entrance, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregonoffsets.xml44.6167° N, 124.0833° W
Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maineharmonics.world44.3917° N, 68.2050° W
Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (2) (expired 1999-07-27)harmonics.world44.3917° N, 68.2050° W
Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (3)offsets.xml44.3917° N, 68.2050° W
Baracoa, Cubaoffsets.xml20.3500° N, 74.5000° W
Barataria Pass, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.2667° N, 89.9500° W
Barbour Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world63.7000° N, 91.9167° W
Barbour Island, Barbour Island River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.5783° N, 81.2400° W
Barlows Landing, Pocasset Harbor, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6833° N, 70.6333° W
Barnard Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.0833° N, 129.1167° W
Barnard Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.0833° N, 129.1167° W
Barnegat Inlet (inside), New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7617° N, 74.1117° W
Barnegat Inlet, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey Currentharmonics.world39.7667° N, 74.1167° W
Barnegat Pier, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9183° N, 74.1100° W
Barnes Island, 0.8 mile SW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6833° N, 122.7667° W
Barnstable Harbor, Beach Point, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7167° N, 70.2833° W
Barra do Riacho, Brazilharmonics.world19.8333° S, 40.0500° W
Barra Norte, Brazilharmonics.world0.9167° N, 50.0667° W
Barren Island, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.3383° N, 76.2650° W
Barren Island, Rockaway Inlet, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5833° N, 73.8833° W
Barrington Passage, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5333° N, 65.6167° W
Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.5333° N, 65.6000° W
Barrow in Furness, Englandharmonics.world54.1000° N, 3.2000° W
Barrow Island - Tkr Mrg, Australiaharmonics.world20.8167° S, 115.5500° E
Barrow Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.7167° S, 115.4667° E
Barrow Island, Australia (2)harmonics.world20.7167° S, 115.4667° E
Barry, Walesharmonics.world51.3833° N, 3.2667° W
Barview, Tillamook Bay, Oregonoffsets.xml45.5683° N, 123.9433° W
Basilaki, Pitt Bay, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world10.6167° S, 151.0500° E
Basilaki, Pitt Bay, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world10.6167° S, 151.0500° E
Basking Island, Québecharmonics.world59.9833° N, 70.0833° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Basrah, Iraqharmonics.world30.5167° N, 47.8500° E
Bass Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml44.2417° N, 68.3533° W
Bassein River, Myanmarharmonics.world15.8667° N, 94.2833° E
Bassein, Myanmarharmonics.world16.7833° N, 94.7833° E
Bassin De La Rivière St-Charles, Québecharmonics.world46.8167° N, 71.2000° W
Bastian Island, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.2867° N, 89.6633° W
Bata, Equatorial Guineaharmonics.world1.8667° N, 9.7667° E
Batemans Bay, Australiaharmonics.world35.7167° S, 150.2167° E
Baten, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.1833° N, 127.7830° E
Bath, Kennebec River, Maineharmonics.world43.9183° N, 69.8133° W
Bath, Kennebec River, Maine (2)offsets.xml43.9183° N, 69.8133° W
Bath, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.4000° N, 4.2167° E
Bathurst, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.6167° N, 65.6500° W
Bathurst, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.6167° N, 65.6500° W
Batiscan, Québecharmonics.world46.5000° N, 72.2500° W
Battery Creek, 4 mi. above entrance, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4133° N, 80.7000° W
Battery Point, Gunpowder River, Marylandoffsets.xml39.3333° N, 76.3333° W
Battle Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world52.2667° N, 55.6000° W
Battle Harbour, Labrador (2)offsets.xml52.2667° N, 55.6000° W
Baudin Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.1333° S, 125.6000° E
Baxters Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2333° N, 64.5167° W
Bay Center, Palix River, Willapa Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.6300° N, 123.9516° W
Bay City, Tillamook Bay, Oregonoffsets.xml46.8617° N, 124.0600° W
Bay City, Tillamook Bay, Oregon (2)offsets.xml46.8617° N, 124.0600° W
Bay Du Vin, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0500° N, 65.0167° W
Bay Of Woe, Nunavutharmonics.world76.4167° N, 89.0667° W
Bay Point, Blackwater River, Pensacola Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5717° N, 87.0050° W
Bay Ridge, Marylandoffsets.xml38.9333° N, 76.4500° W
Bay Ridge, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6333° N, 74.0333° W
Bay Shore, Watchogue Creek Entrance, Long Island, New Yorkharmonics.world40.7167° N, 73.2400° W
Bay Shore, Watchogue Creek Entrance, Long Island, New York (2)offsets.xml40.7167° N, 73.2400° W
Bay Slough, east end, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5450° N, 122.2216° W
Bay Slough, west end, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5517° N, 122.2433° W
Bay St. Lawrence, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.0167° N, 60.4500° W
Bay St. Louis, Mississippiharmonics.world30.3067° N, 89.3283° W
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi (2)offsets.xml30.3167° N, 89.3000° W
Bay Waveland Yacht Club, Bay St. Louis, Mississippiharmonics.world30.3250° N, 89.3250° W
Bayley Island, Australiaharmonics.world16.9000° S, 139.0667° E
Bayonne Bridge, Kill van Kull, New York Currentharmonics.world40.6417° N, 74.1433° W
Bayonne Bridge, Kill van Kull, New York Current (2)harmonics.world40.6417° N, 74.1433° W
Bayonne Bridge, Staten Island, New Yorkharmonics.world40.6400° N, 74.1467° W
Bayonne Bridge, Staten Island, New York (2)offsets.xml40.6400° N, 74.1467° W
Bayou La Batre, Mississippi Sound, Alabamaoffsets.xml30.3717° N, 88.2750° W
Bayou Rigaud, Grand Isle, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaharmonics.world29.2550° N, 89.9683° W
Bayou Rigaud, Grand Isle, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana (2)offsets.xml29.2667° N, 89.9667° W
Bayport, Floridaoffsets.xml28.5333° N, 82.6500° W
Bayport, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.7550° N, 76.6733° W
Bayville Bridge, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9033° N, 73.5500° W
Bayville, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8933° N, 76.1050° W
Beach Channel (bridge), Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5883° N, 73.8200° W
Beach Creek ent., Cumberland Island, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.7267° N, 81.4767° W
Beach Hammock, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.9500° N, 80.9333° W
Beach Haven Coast Guard Station, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5483° N, 74.2567° W
Beach Haven Crest, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6133° N, 74.2100° W
Beachley (Aust), River Severn, Englandharmonics.world51.6000° N, 2.6333° W
Beachport, Australiaharmonics.world37.5000° S, 140.1833° E
Beachside, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.6333° N, 55.8833° W
Bear Island, Nunavutharmonics.world54.3500° N, 81.0833° W
Bear Islands, Nunavutharmonics.world55.1000° N, 78.3500° W
Bear River Entrance, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.7233° N, 81.1417° W
Bear River, (Range "A" Light), Georgiaoffsets.xml31.8000° N, 81.1833° W
Beaufort Inlet Channel Range, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.6983° N, 76.6650° W
Beaufort, Beaufort River, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.4333° N, 80.6667° W
Beaufort, Beaufort River, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.4300° N, 80.6700° W
Beaufort, Duke Marine Lab, North Carolinaharmonics.world34.7200° N, 76.6700° W
Beaufort, Duke Marine Lab, North Carolina (2)offsets.xml34.7200° N, 76.6700° W
Beaver Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0667° N, 66.7333° W
Beaverdam Creek entrance, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0617° N, 74.0617° W
Beaverdam Creek, inside, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0617° N, 74.0733° W
Beavertail Point, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.4517° N, 71.4017° W
Becancour, Québecharmonics.world46.4000° N, 72.3833° W
Becher Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.3333° N, 123.6333° W
Becher Bay, Washingtonharmonics.world48.0333° N, 123.6333° W
Bechers Bay, Santa Rosa Island, Californiaoffsets.xml34.0083° N, 120.0466° W
Bedford Institute, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6833° N, 63.6167° W
Bedford Island, Australiaharmonics.world16.1500° S, 123.3167° E
Bedout Islet, Australiaharmonics.world19.6000° S, 119.1000° E
Bedwell Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.7333° N, 123.2333° W
Bedwell Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.7333° N, 123.2333° W
Beechy Island, Barrow Strait, Nunavutharmonics.world74.7167° N, 91.9000° W
Beechy Island, Barrow Strait, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml74.7167° N, 91.9000° W
Beesleys Point, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2883° N, 74.6283° W
Beira, Mozambiqueharmonics.world19.8167° S, 34.8333° E
Belanger Island, Québecharmonics.world56.1333° N, 76.7167° W
Belawan, Sumatra, Indonesiaharmonics.world3.8333° N, 98.7167° E
Belcher Point, Nunavutharmonics.world75.7667° N, 81.0833° W
Belém, Pará, Brazilharmonics.world1.4333° S, 48.5000° W
Belém, Pará, Braziloffsets.xml1.4500° S, 48.5000° W
Belfast, Belfast River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.8217° N, 81.2983° W
Belfast, Northern Irelandharmonics.world54.6000° N, 5.9167° W
Belfast, Northern Ireland (2)harmonics.world54.6000° N, 5.9167° W
Belfast, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.4267° N, 69.0000° W
Belize City, Belizeharmonics.world17.5000° N, 88.1833° W
Belize City, Belize (2)offsets.xml17.5000° N, 88.1833° W
Belize Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.1167° N, 127.2667° W
Bell Cay, Australiaharmonics.world21.8167° S, 151.2500° E
Bell Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6333° N, 52.9333° W
Bella Bella, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.1667° N, 128.1333° W
Bella Bella, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.1667° N, 128.1333° W
Bella Coola, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.3833° N, 126.8000° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Bella Coola, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.3833° N, 126.8000° W
Belle Cote Breakwater, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.4333° N, 61.0833° W
Belle Isle Inlet entrance, Boston Harbor, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3833° N, 70.9950° W
Belledune, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.9000° N, 65.8500° W
Belleoram, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5333° N, 55.4167° W
Belleoram, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml47.5333° N, 55.4167° W
Belleville, Acushnet River, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6667° N, 70.9167° W
Belleville, Mobjack Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4117° N, 76.4383° W
Belleville, Passaic River, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.7767° N, 74.1517° W
Belleville, Passaic River, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.7767° N, 74.1517° W
Bellevue, D.C.offsets.xml38.8333° N, 77.0333° W
Bellingham Channel, off Cypress Island, Light of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5500° N, 122.6500° W
Bellingham, Washingtonharmonics.world48.7500° N, 122.5000° W
Bellingham, Washington (2)harmonics.world48.7500° N, 122.0500° W
Bellingham, Washington (3)offsets.xml48.7450° N, 122.4950° W
Belliveau Village, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.9333° N, 64.6167° W
Bellmore, Bellmore Creek, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6633° N, 73.5200° W
Bellport, Bellport Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7500° N, 72.9333° W
Bellville Point, Sapelo River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.5317° N, 81.3600° W
Belmar, Atlantic Ocean, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.1850° N, 74.0083° W
Below Spring Bluff, Little Satilla River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.1667° N, 81.6167° W
Ben Sawyer Bridge, ICWW, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7733° N, 79.8417° W
Benedict, Marylandoffsets.xml38.5133° N, 76.6700° W
Benicia, Carquinez Strait, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0433° N, 122.1300° W
Benner Bay, St. Thomas, Virgin Islandsharmonics.world18.3200° N, 64.8700° W
Bennet's Dock, Pawleys Island Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4350° N, 79.1267° W
Benning Bridge, D.C.offsets.xml38.9000° N, 76.9667° W
Berbera, Somaliaharmonics.world10.4333° N, 45.0167° E
Bere Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world76.9500° N, 94.0167° W
Bergen, Norwayharmonics.world60.4000° N, 5.3000° E
Bergen, Norway (2)harmonics.world60.4000° N, 5.3000° E
Bergh Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5333° N, 127.6333° W
Bergsche Diepsluis west, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.5000° N, 4.2000° E
Berkeley Yacht Harbor .9 mi S, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8500° N, 122.3000° W
Berkeley Yacht Harbor, California Currentharmonics.world37.8522° N, 122.3112° W
Berkeley, Californiaharmonics.world37.8667° N, 122.3000° W
Berkeley, California (2)offsets.xml37.8650° N, 122.3066° W
Bermagui, Australiaharmonics.world36.4333° S, 150.0667° E
Bermuda Esso Pier, St. Georges, Bermudaharmonics.world32.3733° N, 64.7033° W
Bermuda Hundred, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3333° N, 77.2667° W
Bernard Harbour, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world68.7833° N, 114.7833° W
Berthier, Québecharmonics.world46.9333° N, 70.7333° W
Betchewun Harbour, Québecoffsets.xml50.2333° N, 63.1833° W
Betterton, Marylandoffsets.xml39.3717° N, 76.0633° W
Beverly, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.5333° N, 70.8833° W
Beypore, Indiaharmonics.world11.1667° N, 75.8000° E
Bhavnagar, Indiaharmonics.world21.8000° N, 72.1500° E
Bic, Québecharmonics.world48.3833° N, 68.7333° W
Bidwell Creek entrance, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1283° N, 74.8917° W
Bidwell Creek, Route 47 bridge, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1183° N, 74.8683° W
Big Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.1333° W
Big Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.1333° W
Big Bras D'or, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.2833° N, 60.4333° W
Big Coppitt Key, northeast side, Waltz Key Basin, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6017° N, 81.6550° W
Big Paradise Island, Wando River, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.9150° N, 79.7467° W
Big Paradise Island, Wando River, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.9150° N, 79.7467° W
Big Pine Key, Bogie Channel Bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6967° N, 81.3483° W
Big Pine Key, Coupon Bight, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6517° N, 81.3500° W
Big Pine Key, Doctors Arm, Bogie Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6900° N, 81.3567° W
Big Pine Key, Newfound Harbor Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6517° N, 81.3750° W
Big Pine Key, north end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7450° N, 81.3950° W
Big Pine Key, northeast shore, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7283° N, 81.3867° W
Big Pine Key, Pine Channel Bridge, north side, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6700° N, 81.3683° W
Big Pine Key, Pine Channel Bridge, south side, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6683° N, 81.3717° W
Big Pine Key, Spanish Harbor, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6483° N, 81.3300° W
Big Pine Key, west side, Pine Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6900° N, 81.3833° W
Big River Cove, Tasmaniaharmonics.world40.2667° S, 148.1000° E
Big Spanish Key, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7883° N, 81.4117° W
Big Torch Key, Harbor Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7367° N, 81.4433° W
Big Torch Key, Niles Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7050° N, 81.4333° W
Bilbao, Spainharmonics.world43.3333° N, 3.0333° W
Bill Of Portland Island, Québecharmonics.world55.0333° N, 77.7500° W
Billingsport, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8500° N, 75.2500° W
Billygoat Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.8667° W
Billygoat Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.8667° W
Billys Point, south of, Elliott Key, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.4150° N, 80.2100° W
Biloxi, Biloxi Bay, Mississippioffsets.xml30.4000° N, 88.8500° W
Biltmore Shores, South Oyster Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6667° N, 73.4683° W
Birch Islands, Maineoffsets.xml44.8750° N, 67.1583° W
Bird Island, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6667° N, 70.7167° W
Bird Key, Similar Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml24.5883° N, 81.6383° W
Birnie Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.6000° N, 130.4667° W
Bishop Cut, Disappointment Slough, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0450° N, 121.4200° W
Bissau, Guinea-Bissauharmonics.world11.8667° N, 15.5833° W
Bivalve, Maurice River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2300° N, 75.0367° W
Black Creek, S.C.L. RR. bridge, Floridaharmonics.world30.0800° N, 81.7617° W
Black Creek, S.C.L. RR. bridge, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.0800° N, 81.7617° W
Black Creek, S.C.L. RR. bridge, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.0800° N, 81.7617° W
Black Creek, S.C.L. RR. bridge, Florida (4)offsets.xml30.0800° N, 81.7617° W
Black Joke Cove, Labradorharmonics.world52.0167° N, 55.8667° W
Black River (south of Dunbar), South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5117° N, 79.3417° W
Black Rock Harbor entrance, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.1500° N, 73.2167° W
Black Rock Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.3000° N, 60.4000° W
Blackbeard Creek, Blackbeard Island, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.4883° N, 81.2100° W
Blackbeard Island, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.5333° N, 81.2000° W
Blackett Strait, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world8.1333° S, 157.1333° E
Blacks Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0500° N, 66.8000° W
Blackslough Landing, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9950° N, 121.4200° W
Blaine, Semiahmoo Bay, Washingtonharmonics.world49.0000° N, 122.7667° W
Blaine, Semiahmoo Bay, Washington (2)harmonics.world49.0000° N, 122.7667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Blaine, Semiahmoo Bay, Washington (3)offsets.xml48.9917° N, 122.7650° W
Blake Island, SW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.6000° N, 122.6667° W
Blakes Landing, Tomales Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1900° N, 122.9166° W
Blanc Sablon, Québecharmonics.world51.4167° N, 57.1500° W
Blanche Port, Australiaharmonics.world32.7667° S, 134.2000° E
Blandford, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5000° N, 64.0833° W
Blessing Plantation, East Branch, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0550° N, 79.8800° W
Blind Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.7167° N, 124.1833° W
Blind Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.7167° N, 124.1833° W
Blind Channel, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4167° N, 125.5000° W
Blind Channel, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.4167° N, 125.0500° W
Block Island (Great Salt Pond), Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.1833° N, 71.5817° W
Block Island (Old Harbor), Rhode Islandharmonics.world41.1733° N, 71.5567° W
Block Island (Old Harbor), Rhode Island (2)offsets.xml41.1733° N, 71.5567° W
Block Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.1500° N, 129.7667° W
Block Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.1500° N, 129.7667° W
Bloedel, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.1167° N, 125.3833° W
Bloedel, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.1167° N, 125.3833° W
Blomsterbugten, Greenlandoffsets.xml73.3500° N, 25.2833° W
Bloody Point Bar Light, Marylandoffsets.xml38.8333° N, 76.3917° W
Bloody Point, Daufuskie Island, New River, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.0833° N, 80.8833° W
Bloody Point, Daufuskie Island, New River, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.0817° N, 80.8783° W
Blount Island Bridge, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.4133° N, 81.5450° W
Blount Island Bridge, St. Johns River, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.4133° N, 81.5450° W
Blubber Bay (Powell River Approaches), British Columbiaharmonics.world49.8000° N, 124.6167° W
Blubber Bay (Powell River Approaches), British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.8000° N, 124.6167° W
Blue Hill Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml44.4083° N, 68.5633° W
Bluefields Lagoon entrance, Nicaraguaoffsets.xml12.0000° N, 83.7000° W
Bluff Harbour, New Zealandharmonics.world46.6000° S, 168.3500° E
Bluff Islands, Ashepoo River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5783° N, 80.4933° W
Bluff Plantation, Combahee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6833° N, 80.7383° W
Bluff Point .1 mi E, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8833° N, 122.4333° W
Bluff Point, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6467° N, 80.2567° W
Bluff, New Zealandharmonics.world46.6000° S, 168.3500° E
Bluffton, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.0833° N, 80.8667° W
Bluffton, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.2300° N, 80.8617° W
Blunden Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.9000° N, 127.2833° W
Boat Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1000° N, 123.8000° W
Boat Passage, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world48.8167° N, 123.1833° W
Boca Chica Channel Bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml24.5767° N, 81.7217° W
Boca Chica Key, Long Point, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6033° N, 81.6983° W
Boca Chita Key, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.5233° N, 80.1750° W
Boca De Cangrejos, Isla Verde, San Juan, Puerto Ricoharmonics.world18.4600° N, 65.9933° W
Boca Grande Channel, Florida Currentharmonics.world24.5667° N, 82.0667° W
Boca Grande Pass, Charlotte Harbor, Florida Currentharmonics.world26.7150° N, 82.2567° W
Boca Raton, Lake Boca Raton, Floridaoffsets.xml26.3433° N, 80.0767° W
Bocas del Toro, Almirante Bay, Panamaoffsets.xml9.3500° N, 82.2500° W
Bodega Harbor entrance, Californiaoffsets.xml38.3250° N, 123.0400° W
Bodomari, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.2833° N, 130.2170° E
Bodø, Norwayharmonics.world67.2833° N, 14.3833° E
Boggy Creek, 2 mi. above entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5883° N, 81.6633° W
Bogue Inlet, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.6500° N, 77.1000° W
Bogues Bay, Chincoteague Inlet, Chincoteague Bay, Virginaoffsets.xml37.8833° N, 75.5000° W
Bolama, Guinea-Bissauharmonics.world11.5833° N, 15.4833° W
Bolinao, Philippinesharmonics.world16.4000° N, 119.9000° E
Bolinas Lagoon, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9100° N, 122.6816° W
Bolivar Roads, Texas Currentharmonics.world29.3433° N, 94.7817° W
Bombay, Indiaharmonics.world18.9167° N, 72.8333° E
Bon Secour, Bon Secour River, Alabamaoffsets.xml30.3033° N, 87.7350° W
Bonanza, Spainharmonics.world36.8000° N, 6.3333° W
Bonne Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.8000° N, 82.7500° W
Bonneau Ferry, East Branch, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0717° N, 79.8833° W
Bonny, Nigeriaharmonics.world4.4500° N, 7.1667° E
Bonsecours, Québecharmonics.world47.1333° N, 70.3667° W
Booby Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.6000° S, 141.9167° E
Booby Island, Torres Strait (2)harmonics.world10.6000° S, 141.9167° E
Boonlye Point, Australiaharmonics.world25.5667° S, 152.9333° E
Boot Key Harbor, Vaca Key, Floridaharmonics.world24.7067° N, 81.0967° W
Boot Key Harbor, Vaca Key, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.7050° N, 81.1050° W
Boothbay Harbor, Maineharmonics.world43.8500° N, 69.6283° W
Boothbay Harbor, Maine (2)offsets.xml43.8500° N, 69.6283° W
Bootless Inlet, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world9.5000° S, 147.2500° E
Borden Highway Bridge, Middle River, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8867° N, 121.4850° W
Borden Highway Bridge, Old River, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8833° N, 121.5766° W
Borkum, Germanyharmonics.world53.5833° N, 6.6667° E
Borrowman Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.7333° N, 129.2833° W
Borrowman Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.7333° N, 129.2833° W
Boston Harbor, Massachusetts Currentharmonics.world42.3383° N, 70.9567° W
Boston Light, Boston Harbor, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3283° N, 70.8917° W
Boston, Massachusettsharmonics.world42.3550° N, 71.0517° W
Boston, Massachusetts (2) (expired 1986-12-31)harmonics.world42.3550° N, 71.0500° W
Botany Bay, Australiaharmonics.world33.9833° S, 151.2167° E
Botany Bay, Australia (2)harmonics.world34.0167° S, 151.1333° E
Botwood, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.1333° N, 55.3333° W
Boulders Island, New Chehaw River, Combahee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5650° N, 80.5167° W
Boulogne, Franceharmonics.world50.7333° N, 1.5833° E
Boundary Pass, 2 miles NNE of Skipjack Island, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7667° N, 123.0167° W
Boutilier Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6500° N, 63.9500° W
Bouverie Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.6333° N, 82.2000° W
Bowdoinham, Cathance River, Maineoffsets.xml44.0000° N, 69.9000° W
Bowen, Australiaharmonics.world20.0167° S, 148.2167° E
Bowen, Australia (2)harmonics.world20.0167° S, 148.2500° E
Bowlers Rock, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8167° N, 76.7333° W
Bowley Bar, Middle River, Marylandoffsets.xml39.3000° N, 76.3833° W
Bowman Bay, Fidalgo Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.4150° N, 122.6517° W
Boy Scout Camp, Bohicket Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6250° N, 80.1667° W
Boy Scout Dock, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9867° N, 80.1417° W
Boynton Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml26.5483° N, 80.0533° W
Braddock Point, Hilton Head Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1133° N, 80.8300° W
Bradenton, Manatee River, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.5000° N, 82.5733° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Bradley Point, Bradley River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.8217° N, 81.0500° W
Bradmoor Island, Nurse Slough, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1833° N, 121.9233° W
Bradore Bay, Québecoffsets.xml51.4667° N, 57.2500° W
Bramble Cay, Coral Seaharmonics.world9.1333° S, 143.8667° E
Bramble Cove, Tasmaniaharmonics.world43.3167° S, 146.0000° E
Brandt Bridge, San Joaquin River, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8667° N, 121.3166° W
Brandywine Shoal Light, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml38.9867° N, 75.1117° W
Branford Harbor, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2667° N, 72.8167° W
Brazos Drawbridge, Napa River, Carquinez Strait, Californiaoffsets.xml38.2100° N, 122.3066° W
Breach Inlet, Isle of Palms, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7767° N, 79.8117° W
Breakwater Harbor, Delawareharmonics.world38.7817° N, 75.1200° W
Breakwater Harbor, Delaware (2) (expired 1983-12-31)harmonics.world38.7817° N, 75.1200° W
Bremerhaven, Germanyharmonics.world53.5333° N, 8.5833° E
Bremerton, Washingtonharmonics.world47.5667° N, 122.6333° W
Bremerton, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.5617° N, 122.6233° W
Brentwood Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.5833° N, 123.4667° W
Brentwood Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.5833° N, 123.4667° W
Brest, Franceharmonics.world48.3333° N, 4.4833° W
Brest, France (2)harmonics.world48.3833° N, 4.5000° W
Brest, France (3)harmonics.world48.3833° N, 4.5000° W
Breton Islands, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.4933° N, 89.1733° W
Brevoort Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world63.3167° N, 64.1500° W
Brewer Point, Marylandoffsets.xml39.0267° N, 76.5333° W
Briars Creek ent., Wimbee Creek, Bull River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5783° N, 80.6700° W
Bribie Island, Bongaree, Australiaharmonics.world27.0833° S, 153.1500° E
Brickyard Ferry, swing bridge, Ashepoo River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6133° N, 80.4817° W
Brickyard Point, Brickyard Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4933° N, 80.6850° W
Brickyard, Québecharmonics.world46.5500° N, 72.1500° W
Bridesburg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml39.9833° N, 75.0750° W
Bridgeboro, Rancocas Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0283° N, 74.9317° W
Bridgeport, Connecticutharmonics.world41.1733° N, 73.1817° W
Bridgeport, Raccoon Creek, New Jersey, Delaware River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8067° N, 75.3550° W
Bridgewater, La Have River, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.3833° N, 64.5167° W
Bridport Inlet, Melville Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml74.9333° N, 108.8166° W
Brigantine Channel @ Hoffman Thorofare, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.4350° N, 74.3633° W
Brighton, Australiaharmonics.world35.0333° S, 138.5167° E
Brighton, Nehalem River, Oregonoffsets.xml45.6700° N, 123.9250° W
Brisbane Bar, Australiaharmonics.world27.3667° S, 153.1667° E
Brisbane Bar, Australia (2)harmonics.world27.3333° S, 153.1667° E
Brisbane Bar, Australia (3)harmonics.world27.3333° S, 153.1667° E
Brisbane Port Off., Australiaharmonics.world27.4833° S, 153.0333° E
Bristol Ferry, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.6367° N, 71.2550° W
Bristol Highlands, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.6967° N, 71.2933° W
Bristol Point, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.6500° N, 71.2667° W
Bristol, Bristol Harbor, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.6683° N, 71.2800° W
Bristol, Rhode Islandharmonics.world41.6667° N, 71.2667° W
Broad Cove Marsh, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.3000° N, 61.2667° W
Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.1833° N, 80.7500° W
Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.1850° N, 80.7533° W
Broadway Bridge, Harlem River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8667° N, 73.9167° W
Brookings, Chetco Cove, Oregonoffsets.xml42.0433° N, 124.2850° W
Brooklyn Bridge, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7000° N, 74.0000° W
Brooklyn, New Yorkharmonics.world40.6833° N, 74.0167° W
Brooksby Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.9833° N, 124.9833° W
Broome, Australiaharmonics.world18.0000° S, 122.2167° E
Broome, Australia (2)harmonics.world18.0000° S, 122.2167° E
Broomes Island, Marylandoffsets.xml38.4150° N, 76.5450° W
Broughton Island, Australiaharmonics.world32.6167° S, 152.3333° E
Broughton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world67.5167° N, 64.0667° W
Broughton Point, Hazzard Creek, Broad River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4100° N, 80.8850° W
Brouwershavense Gat 8, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.7500° N, 3.8167° E
Brown Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.1667° N, 125.3667° W
Brown Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0167° N, 125.3667° W
Brown Cove, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8750° N, 76.0617° W
Brown Island, South Santee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.1500° N, 79.3333° W
Brownell Point, Labradorharmonics.world59.4167° N, 63.8500° W
Browns Bay, Mobjack Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3000° N, 76.4000° W
Brownsville, Port Orchard, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.6433° N, 122.6150° W
Browse Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.1000° S, 123.5500° E
Brundige Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.6167° N, 130.8500° W
Brundige Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.6167° N, 130.8500° W
Brunswick Heads, Australiaharmonics.world28.5333° S, 153.6167° E
Brunswick, East River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.1483° N, 81.4983° W
Brunswick, Maineoffsets.xml43.9217° N, 69.9633° W
Bubaque, Guinea-Bissauharmonics.world11.3333° N, 15.8667° W
Buchanan Creek entrance, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8617° N, 76.1150° W
Buck Hall, Awendaw Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0400° N, 79.5600° W
Bucksport, Humboldt Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml40.7783° N, 124.1950° W
Bucksport, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.5717° N, 68.8017° W
Bucksport, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.6467° N, 79.0950° W
Budd Inlet, Olympia Shoal, Puget Sound, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.1000° N, 122.8966° W
Buenaventura, Colombiaharmonics.world3.9000° N, 77.1000° W
Buenos Aires, Argentinaharmonics.world34.6000° S, 58.3667° W
Buenos Aires, Argentina (2)harmonics.world34.5667° S, 58.3833° W
Buffalo Bluff, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world29.5950° N, 81.6817° W
Buffalo Bluff, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world29.5950° N, 81.6817° W
Buffalo Bluff, St. Johns River, Florida (3)offsets.xml29.5950° N, 81.6817° W
Buffalo River entrance, Turtle River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.2150° N, 81.5833° W
Bugatti Reef, Australiaharmonics.world20.1000° S, 150.2833° E
Bugatti Reef, Australia (2)harmonics.world20.1000° S, 150.2833° E
Bukhta Babushkina, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world50.6500° N, 156.4000° E
Bukhta Blakiston, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world49.4833° N, 154.8330° E
Bukhta Broutona, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world47.1500° N, 152.2500° E
Bukhta Krasheninikova, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world50.2833° N, 155.3330° E
Bukhta Shelekhovo, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world50.3833° N, 155.5830° E
Bull Creek entrance, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5967° N, 79.0983° W
Bull Creek, Bull Island South, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1650° N, 80.8567° W
Bull Island North, May River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.2000° N, 80.8150° W
Bunbury, Australiaharmonics.world33.3167° S, 115.6500° E
Bunbury, Australia (2)harmonics.world33.3167° S, 115.6500° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Bundaberg, Australiaharmonics.world24.7667° S, 152.3833° E
Bungana Island, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world9.1833° S, 160.2167° E
Bunker Island Light, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8167° N, 66.1500° W
Bunker Island Wharf, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8167° N, 66.1333° W
Buntzen Lake, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.3667° N, 122.8833° W
Buntzen Lake, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.3667° N, 122.8833° W
Burge Point, Australiaharmonics.world12.5833° S, 130.5667° E
Burgoyne Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.7833° N, 123.5167° W
Burlington, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0800° N, 74.8750° W
Burnes Point, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.1167° N, 123.0500° W
Burnie, Tasmaniaharmonics.world41.0500° S, 145.9500° E
Burnie, Tasmania (2)harmonics.world41.0500° S, 145.9500° E
Burnt Church, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.2000° N, 65.1333° W
Burnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island, Maineoffsets.xml44.1450° N, 68.4500° W
Burnt Fort, Satilla River, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.9500° N, 81.9000° W
Burnt Island, Georges Islands, Maineoffsets.xml43.8717° N, 69.2950° W
Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3000° N, 63.8000° W
Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.3000° N, 63.8000° W
Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia (3)offsets.xml45.3000° N, 63.8167° W
Burrows Bay, 0.5 E of Allan Island, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4667° N, 122.6833° W
Burrows Bay, Allan Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.4667° N, 122.7000° W
Burrows Is - Allan Is channel, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4667° N, 122.7000° W
Burrows Island Light, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4833° N, 122.7333° W
Burton, Quartermaster Harbor (inside), Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3950° N, 122.4633° W
Burwell Bay, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.0567° N, 76.6683° W
Bush Point Light, 0.5 mile NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.0333° N, 122.6167° W
Bush Point, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0333° N, 122.6067° W
Bushehr, Iranharmonics.world28.9000° N, 50.7500° E
Bushwood Wharf, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2833° N, 76.8000° W
Busselton, Australiaharmonics.world33.6500° S, 115.3500° E
Büsum, Germanyharmonics.world54.1167° N, 8.8500° E
Butedale, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.1667° N, 128.7000° W
Butedale, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.1667° N, 128.7000° W
Button Islands, Labradoroffsets.xml60.6167° N, 64.7333° W
Byam Channel (Lp), Nunavutharmonics.world75.0167° N, 106.3667° W
Byam Channel (Z3), Nunavutharmonics.world75.1333° N, 105.0833° W
Byam Island, Nunavutharmonics.world75.0167° N, 104.2167° W
Byam Martin Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml75.1667° N, 103.5666° W
Cabedelo, Brazilharmonics.world6.9667° S, 34.8333° W
Cabedelo, Braziloffsets.xml6.9667° S, 34.8333° W
Cabo Cassiporé, Braziloffsets.xml3.8167° N, 51.0167° W
Cabo Frio, Brazilharmonics.world22.9667° S, 42.0167° W
Cabo Frio, Braziloffsets.xml23.0000° S, 42.0500° W
Cabo Gracias a Dios, Nicaraguaoffsets.xml15.0000° N, 83.1667° W
Cabo San Antonio, Cubaoffsets.xml21.8667° N, 84.9667° W
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexicoharmonics.world22.8833° N, 109.9000° W
Cabo San Pablo, Argentinaharmonics.world54.2833° S, 66.7000° W
Cabot Point, Labradorharmonics.world53.7167° N, 59.0333° W
Cabot Strait, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.5833° N, 59.7500° W
Cabrillo Beach, Californiaoffsets.xml33.7067° N, 118.2733° W
Cacheu, Guinea-Bissauharmonics.world12.2833° N, 16.1667° W
Cacouna Harbour, Québecharmonics.world47.9333° N, 69.5167° W
Cádiz, Spainharmonics.world36.5333° N, 6.2833° W
Cádiz, Spain (2)harmonics.world36.5333° N, 6.2833° W
Cadzand, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.3833° N, 3.3833° E
Caesar Creek, Biscayne Bay, Florida Currentharmonics.world25.3867° N, 80.2267° W
Caillou Boca, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.0633° N, 90.8067° W
Cainhoy, Wando River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9267° N, 79.8300° W
Caio, Guinea-Bissauharmonics.world11.8333° N, 16.3167° W
Cairncross Island, Australiaharmonics.world11.2500° S, 142.9167° E
Cairns, Australiaharmonics.world16.9167° S, 145.7833° E
Cairns, Australia (2)harmonics.world16.9167° S, 145.7833° E
Caissie Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0333° N, 64.5167° W
Calabar, Nigeriaharmonics.world4.9667° N, 8.3167° E
Calais, Franceharmonics.world50.9667° N, 1.8500° E
Calaveras Point, west of, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.4667° N, 122.0500° W
Calcasieu Pass, Lighthouse wharf, Louisianaharmonics.world29.7783° N, 93.3450° W
Calcasieu Pass, Lighthouse wharf, Louisiana (2)offsets.xml29.7833° N, 93.3500° W
Calcutta (Garden Reach), Indiaharmonics.world22.5500° N, 88.3000° E
Caldera, Chileharmonics.world27.0667° S, 70.8333° W
Caleta Brent, Argentinaharmonics.world54.8333° S, 64.3667° W
Caleta la Misión, Argentinaharmonics.world53.7000° S, 67.8333° W
Calibogue Cay, Broad Creek, Hilton Head Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1533° N, 80.7950° W
Callao, Peruharmonics.world12.0333° S, 77.1500° W
Callawassie Creek, Colleton River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3167° N, 80.8417° W
Callawassie Island Bridge, Colleton River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3417° N, 80.8567° W
Callawassie Island, south, Colleton River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3133° N, 80.8600° W
Caloundra Head, Australiaharmonics.world26.8000° S, 153.1500° E
Cam Pha, Vietnamharmonics.world21.0333° N, 107.3667° E
Cam Ranh, Vietnamharmonics.world11.8833° N, 109.2000° E
Camamu, Braziloffsets.xml13.9000° S, 38.9667° W
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.1167° N, 105.0667° W
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut/NWT (2)harmonics.world69.1167° N, 105.0667° W
Cambridge Bay, Nunavut/NWT (2)offsets.xml69.1167° N, 105.1166° W
Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.8333° N, 65.9500° W
Cambridge, Choptank River, Marylandharmonics.world38.5733° N, 76.0683° W
Cambridge, Choptank River, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.5750° N, 76.0717° W
Camden Haven, Australiaharmonics.world31.6333° S, 152.8167° E
Camden, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.2000° N, 69.0500° W
Caminada Pass (bridge), Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.2000° N, 90.0500° W
Camocim, Braziloffsets.xml2.8833° S, 40.8667° W
Camp Cove, Australiaharmonics.world33.8333° S, 151.2833° E
Camp Latona Beach, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.5333° N, 123.3833° W
Camp Lloyd, Sondre Stromfjord, Greenlandoffsets.xml66.9667° N, 50.9500° W
Camp Michigan, Maligiak Fjord, Greenlandoffsets.xml66.9333° N, 52.6167° W
Camp Point, Australiaharmonics.world11.6000° S, 131.4667° E
Campbell Island, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.1167° N, 77.9333° W
Campbell River, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.0167° N, 125.2333° W
Campbell River, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0167° N, 125.2333° W
Campbellton, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.9947° N, 66.6811° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Campbellton, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml48.0167° N, 66.6667° W
Campeche City, Campeche, Mexicoharmonics.world18.6667° N, 90.5333° W
Canaday Landing, south of, Edisto River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8133° N, 80.4067° W
Canal de Braganca, Rio Pará entrance, Braziloffsets.xml0.3833° S, 47.9167° W
Canal Galheta, Brazilharmonics.world25.5667° S, 48.3167° W
Cananéia, Braziloffsets.xml25.0166° S, 47.9333° W
Canarsie, Brooklyn, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6300° N, 73.8850° W
Canaveral Harbor Entrance, Floridaharmonics.world28.4083° N, 80.6017° W
Canaveral Harbor Entrance, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.4083° N, 80.6017° W
Canavieiras, Braziloffsets.xml15.6666° S, 38.9333° W
Cane Patch Creek entrance, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.8167° N, 81.1500° W
Cannes, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6333° N, 60.9667° W
Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.1500° N, 63.3000° W
Canoe Pass, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.2333° N, 123.2500° W
Canova Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml28.1383° N, 80.5783° W
Canso Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3333° N, 61.0000° W
Canso Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.3500° N, 61.0000° W
Canton, Stow Creek, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.4617° N, 75.4033° W
Cap Aux Oies, Québecharmonics.world47.4833° N, 70.2333° W
Cap Boujdour, Western Saharaharmonics.world26.1167° N, 14.5000° W
Cap Chat, Québecharmonics.world49.1000° N, 66.7500° W
Cap Chat, Québec (2)offsets.xml49.1000° N, 66.7500° W
Cap d'Antifer, Franceharmonics.world49.6500° N, 0.1500° E
Cap D'espoir, Québecharmonics.world48.4269° N, 64.3314° W
Cap De Rabast, Québecharmonics.world49.9500° N, 64.1500° W
Cap-A-La-Roche, Québecharmonics.world46.5667° N, 72.1000° W
Cap-Aux-Corbeaux, Québecharmonics.world47.4333° N, 70.4500° W
Cap-Aux-Meules, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.3833° N, 61.8667° W
Cape Acadia, Québecharmonics.world61.5833° N, 78.8667° W
Cape Adair, Nunavutoffsets.xml71.5500° N, 71.5000° W
Cape Alava, Washingtonharmonics.world48.1667° N, 124.7333° W
Cape Alava, Washington (2)harmonics.world48.1667° N, 124.7333° W
Cape Aldrich, Nunavutharmonics.world83.1167° N, 69.0667° W
Cape Bald, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.2333° N, 64.2333° W
Cape Bear, Prince Edward Islandoffsets.xml46.0000° N, 62.4500° W
Cape Blomidon, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2667° N, 64.3500° W
Cape Blomidon, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.2667° N, 64.3500° W
Cape Borgen, Greenlandoffsets.xml75.4333° N, 18.0833° W
Cape Bounty, Nunavutharmonics.world74.8500° N, 109.5333° W
Cape Bowling Green, Australiaharmonics.world19.3167° S, 147.4167° E
Cape Bryant, Greenlandharmonics.world82.3667° N, 55.1333° W
Cape Bryant, Greenland (2)offsets.xml82.3500° N, 55.5000° W
Cape Canaveral, Floridaharmonics.world28.4333° N, 80.5667° W
Cape Canaveral, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.4333° N, 80.5667° W
Cape Capel, Nunavutharmonics.world75.0333° N, 98.0333° W
Cape Capstan, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4667° N, 64.8500° W
Cape Charles Coast Guard Station, Virginiaharmonics.world37.2633° N, 76.0150° W
Cape Charles Harbor, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2633° N, 76.0200° W
Cape Christian, Nunavutharmonics.world70.5167° N, 68.2167° W
Cape Cliff, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8833° N, 63.4667° W
Cape Cockburn, Nunavutharmonics.world74.8667° N, 79.3667° W
Cape Cod Canal (East Entrance), Massachusettsharmonics.world41.7717° N, 70.5067° W
Cape Cod Canal (East Entrance), Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.7667° N, 70.5000° W
Cape Cod Canal, Bournedale, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7667° N, 70.5667° W
Cape Cod Canal, Buzzards Bay Entrance, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.7417° N, 70.6183° W
Cape Cod Canal, Massachusetts Currentharmonics.world41.7417° N, 70.6133° W
Cape Cod Canal, RR. bridge, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7333° N, 70.6167° W
Cape Cod Canal, Sagamore, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7667° N, 70.5333° W
Cape Cod Lighthouse, SE of, Cape Cod, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.0000° N, 70.0167° W
Cape Columbia, Lincoln Sea, Nunavutoffsets.xml83.2333° N, 69.9167° W
Cape Coral Bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml26.5633° N, 81.9333° W
Cape Croker, Australiaharmonics.world11.0000° S, 132.5667° E
Cape D'or, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2833° N, 64.7667° W
Cape Dalhousie, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world70.2667° N, 129.6500° W
Cape Defosse, Nunavutharmonics.world81.2167° N, 65.7167° W
Cape Deliverance, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world11.4000° S, 154.2833° E
Cape Domett, Australiaharmonics.world14.8167° S, 128.3833° E
Cape Don, Australiaharmonics.world11.3167° S, 131.7667° E
Cape Dyer, Baffin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world66.5500° N, 61.0667° W
Cape Dyer, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml66.5667° N, 61.6667° W
Cape Egmont, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4000° N, 64.1333° W
Cape Elizabeth, Australiaharmonics.world34.2500° S, 137.3333° E
Cape Enrage, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6000° N, 64.7833° W
Cape Fear, North Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8500° N, 77.9667° W
Cape Flattery, Australiaharmonics.world14.9500° S, 145.3333° E
Cape George, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.8833° N, 61.8833° W
Cape Grenville, Australiaharmonics.world11.9667° S, 143.2500° E
Cape Grey, Australiaharmonics.world13.0000° S, 136.6500° E
Cape Hatteras (fishing pier), North Carolinaharmonics.world35.2233° N, 75.6350° W
Cape Hatteras (fishing pier), North Carolina (2) (expired 1993-08-05)harmonics.world35.2233° N, 75.6350° W
Cape Hatteras (fishing pier), North Carolina (3)harmonics.world35.2233° N, 75.6350° W
Cape Hatteras, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.2333° N, 75.5167° W
Cape Henlopen, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml38.8000° N, 75.0833° W
Cape Henry, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9333° N, 76.0000° W
Cape Hewett, Nunavutoffsets.xml70.2667° N, 67.7833° W
Cape Hooper, Baffin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world68.3833° N, 66.7500° W
Cape Hooper, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml68.3833° N, 66.7500° W
Cape Hotham, Australiaharmonics.world12.0500° S, 131.2833° E
Cape Island Creek, Cape May, New Jerseyoffsets.xml38.9467° N, 74.9133° W
Cape Jack, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7000° N, 61.5500° W
Cape Jack, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.7000° N, 61.5500° W
Cape Jervis, Australiaharmonics.world35.6167° S, 138.1000° E
Cape Jones Island, Nunavutharmonics.world54.6000° N, 79.7833° W
Cape Kakkiviak (Williams Harbour), Labradorharmonics.world60.0000° N, 64.2667° W
Cape Lawrence, Ellesmere Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml80.3500° N, 69.2500° W
Cape Legendre, Australiaharmonics.world20.3500° S, 116.8333° E
Cape Liverpool, Nunavutharmonics.world73.6333° N, 78.1000° W
Cape Lookout, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.6167° N, 76.5333° W
Cape Lupton, Greenlandharmonics.world81.0667° N, 61.0833° W
Cape May Harbor, New Jerseyoffsets.xml38.9483° N, 74.8917° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Cape May Point, Sunset Beach, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml38.9467° N, 74.9717° W
Cape May, Atlantic Ocean, New Jerseyoffsets.xml38.9300° N, 74.9350° W
Cape May, ferry terminal, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyharmonics.world38.9683° N, 74.9600° W
Cape May, ferry terminal, Delaware Bay, New Jersey (2)harmonics.world38.9683° N, 74.9600° W
Cape May, ferry terminal, Delaware Bay, New Jersey (3)offsets.xml38.9683° N, 74.9600° W
Cape Mendocino, Californiaoffsets.xml40.4333° N, 124.4166° W
Cape Morris Jesup, North Greenlandoffsets.xml83.6667° N, 34.2500° W
Cape Parry, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world70.1500° N, 124.0667° W
Cape Poge, Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.4167° N, 70.4500° W
Cape Poge, Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.4167° N, 70.4500° W
Cape Porpoise, Maineoffsets.xml43.3667° N, 70.4317° W
Cape Romain, 46 miles east of, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.1000° N, 78.4333° W
Cape Romain, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0250° N, 79.3483° W
Cape Romano, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8533° N, 81.6750° W
Cape Sable, East Cape, Floridaoffsets.xml25.1167° N, 81.0833° W
Cape Saint James, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.9333° N, 131.0167° W
Cape Saint James, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.9333° N, 131.0167° W
Cape Scott, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.7833° N, 128.4167° W
Cape Scott, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.7833° N, 128.4167° W
Cape Sharp, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3667° N, 64.3833° W
Cape Sheridan, Lincoln Sea, Nunavutharmonics.world82.4500° N, 61.0500° W
Cape Sheridan, Lincoln Sea, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml82.4833° N, 61.5000° W
Cape Skogn, Nunavutharmonics.world75.7667° N, 84.2167° W
Cape Sorell, Pilot Bay, Tasmaniaharmonics.world42.2000° S, 145.2167° E
Cape Southwest, Nunavutharmonics.world78.2167° N, 91.0833° W
Cape Tormentine, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.1333° N, 63.7667° W
Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml46.1333° N, 63.7833° W
Cape Town, South Africaharmonics.world33.9000° S, 18.4167° E
Cape Upstart, Australiaharmonics.world19.7000° S, 147.7500° E
Cape Voltaire, Australiaharmonics.world14.2500° S, 125.6000° E
Cape Whiskey, Australiaharmonics.world14.1667° S, 127.6500° E
Cape Wilson 1, Nunavutharmonics.world67.0667° N, 81.3667° W
Cape Wilson 2, Nunavutharmonics.world67.1000° N, 81.3833° W
Cape Wilson 3, Nunavutharmonics.world67.0000° N, 81.4500° W
Capers Creek, Cowen Creek, St. Helena Island, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3717° N, 80.6050° W
Capers Creek, South Capers Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8567° N, 79.7067° W
Capers Island, Trenchards Inlet, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.2733° N, 80.5850° W
Captain Alex's Marina, Parsonage Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5517° N, 79.0367° W
Captiva Island (outside), Floridaoffsets.xml26.4783° N, 82.1833° W
Captiva Island, Pine Island Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml26.5217° N, 82.1883° W
Carapachibey, Isla de Pinos, Cubaoffsets.xml21.4500° N, 82.9167° W
Caraquet Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.8000° N, 64.9333° W
Caraquet Harbour, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.8000° N, 64.9333° W
Caravalla Cove, Labradorharmonics.world54.0500° N, 58.5833° W
Caravelas, Braziloffsets.xml17.7166° S, 39.1500° W
Card Sound, western side, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3450° N, 80.3317° W
Cardenas (Melchor Ocampo), Mexicoharmonics.world17.9167° N, 102.1750° W
Cardenas, Cubaoffsets.xml23.0667° N, 81.2000° W
Cardiff, Walesharmonics.world51.4500° N, 3.1667° W
Cardwell, Australiaharmonics.world18.2667° S, 146.0167° E
Cardwell, Australia (2)harmonics.world18.2667° S, 146.0167° E
Carelmapu, Chileharmonics.world41.7500° S, 73.7167° W
Caribou, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7333° N, 62.6833° W
Carleton Centre, Québecharmonics.world48.1000° N, 66.1333° W
Carleton Point, Québecoffsets.xml48.0833° N, 66.1167° W
Carlisle Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.7833° S, 149.3000° E
Carlos Point, Floridaoffsets.xml26.4050° N, 81.8850° W
Carmanville, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4000° N, 54.2833° W
Carmel Cove, Carmel Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml36.5200° N, 121.9400° W
Carnarvon, Australiaharmonics.world24.8667° S, 113.6500° E
Carnarvon, Australia (2)harmonics.world24.7833° S, 113.6500° E
Carquinez Strait, California Currentharmonics.world38.0617° N, 122.2183° W
Carr Creek, 1 mile above entrance, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4650° N, 79.1867° W
Carrabelle, Carrabelle River, Floridaoffsets.xml29.8500° N, 84.6650° W
Cartagena, Colombiaharmonics.world10.3833° N, 75.5333° W
Cartagena, Colombiaoffsets.xml10.4000° N, 75.5500° W
Carteret, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.5867° N, 74.2100° W
Carters Dock, Big Bay Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4933° N, 80.3267° W
Cartwright Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world53.7000° N, 57.0333° W
Cartwright Harbour, Labrador (2)offsets.xml53.7000° N, 57.0333° W
Carysfort Reef, Floridaoffsets.xml25.2217° N, 80.2117° W
Casablanca, Moroccoharmonics.world33.6000° N, 7.6000° W
Casablanca, Morocco (2)harmonics.world33.6000° N, 7.6167° W
Casablanca, Morocco (3)harmonics.world33.6000° N, 7.6000° W
Cascais, Portugalharmonics.world38.6833° N, 9.4167° W
Casey Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2833° N, 130.3667° W
Casey Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.2833° N, 130.3667° W
Casey, Antarcticaharmonics.world66.2500° S, 110.5167° E
Casilda, Cubaoffsets.xml21.7500° N, 79.9833° W
Casino Creek, ICWW, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.1083° N, 79.3933° W
Cassini Island, Australiaharmonics.world13.9500° S, 125.6667° E
Castine, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.3867° N, 68.7967° W
Castle Hayne, Northeast River, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.3500° N, 77.9333° W
Castle Hill, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.4633° N, 71.3617° W
Castle Island, Boston Harbor, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3333° N, 71.0167° W
Castle Island, Labradorharmonics.world51.9667° N, 55.8500° W
Castleton-on-Hudson, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml42.5333° N, 73.7667° W
Castors Harbour, St. John Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml50.9167° N, 56.9833° W
Castries, St. Luciaoffsets.xml14.0167° N, 61.0000° W
Cat Island (West Point), Mississippioffsets.xml30.2333° N, 89.1667° W
Cat Point, Apalachicola Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml29.7233° N, 84.8867° W
Catalina Harbor, Californiaharmonics.world33.4317° N, 118.5033° W
Catalina Harbor, California (2)offsets.xml33.4317° N, 118.5033° W
Cato Island, Coral Seaharmonics.world23.2500° S, 155.5333° E
Catskill, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml42.2167° N, 73.8500° W
Cattle Point, 1.2 mile SE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.4167° N, 122.9500° W
Cattle Point, 2.8 miles SSW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.4000° N, 123.0000° W
Cattle Point, 5 miles SSW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.3833° N, 123.0167° W
Cawée Islands, Québecoffsets.xml49.8333° N, 67.0000° W
Cayenne, French Guianaharmonics.world4.9167° N, 52.3333° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Cayenne, French Guianaoffsets.xml4.9333° N, 52.3333° W
Cayos de Perlas, Nicaraguaoffsets.xml12.4167° N, 83.4167° W
Cebu, Philippinesharmonics.world10.3000° N, 123.9000° E
Cedar Creek entrance, Nantuxent Cove, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2983° N, 75.2467° W
Cedar Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8700° N, 74.1550° W
Cedar Heights, Broward River, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.4367° N, 81.6417° W
Cedar Heights, Broward River, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.4367° N, 81.6417° W
Cedar Heights, Broward River, St. Johns River, Florida (3)offsets.xml30.4367° N, 81.6417° W
Cedar Island Point, South Santee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.1200° N, 79.2700° W
Cedar Island, North Santee Bay, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.1400° N, 79.2450° W
Cedar Key, Way Key, Floridaharmonics.world29.1350° N, 83.0317° W
Cedar Key, Way Key, Florida (2)offsets.xml29.1350° N, 83.0317° W
Cedar Point, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0333° N, 72.2667° W
Cedar Point, Marylandharmonics.world38.2983° N, 76.3700° W
Cedar Point, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.2983° N, 76.3700° W
Cedar Point, Maryland (3)offsets.xml38.3000° N, 76.3667° W
Cedar Run, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6533° N, 74.2567° W
Cedar Swamp Creek, Tuckahoe River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2467° N, 74.7183° W
Cedar Tree Neck, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.4333° N, 70.7000° W
Cedar Tree Neck, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.4350° N, 70.6967° W
Ceepeecee, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.8667° N, 126.7167° W
Ceepeecee, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.8667° N, 126.7167° W
Center Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.2667° N, 68.5833° W
Central Bridge, Harlem River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8333° N, 73.9333° W
Centre Island, Australiaharmonics.world15.7500° S, 136.8167° E
Centreville Landing, Corsica River, Marylandoffsets.xml39.0533° N, 76.0750° W
Centreville, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5500° N, 66.0333° W
Cervantes, Australiaharmonics.world30.5000° S, 115.0667° E
Ceuta, Spainharmonics.world35.8833° N, 5.2667° W
Ceylon, Satilla River, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.9633° N, 81.6550° W
Chain Bridge, D.C.offsets.xml38.9333° N, 77.1167° W
Chain Bridge, one mile below, D.C.offsets.xml38.9167° N, 77.1000° W
Chain Island .7 mi SW, Sacramento River, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0500° N, 121.8666° W
Champlain, Québecharmonics.world46.4333° N, 72.3500° W
Champney Island, South Altamaha River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.3317° N, 81.4600° W
Chance, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.1717° N, 75.9450° W
Chandbali, Indiaharmonics.world20.7833° N, 86.9667° E
Chandeleur Light, Louisianaoffsets.xml30.0483° N, 88.8717° W
Change Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.6667° N, 54.4167° W
Channel entrance, St. Andrew Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.1250° N, 85.7217° W
Channel Five, east side, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8367° N, 80.7667° W
Channel Five, west side, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8400° N, 80.7800° W
Channel Key, west side, Floridaharmonics.world24.6033° N, 81.7250° W
Channel Key, west side, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.6033° N, 81.7250° W
Channel Marker Lt. #59, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7033° N, 76.6200° W
Channel Two, east, Lower Matecumbe Key, Fla. Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8450° N, 80.7483° W
Channel Two, west side, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8417° N, 80.7533° W
Chappaquoit Point, West Falmouth Harbor, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6014° N, 70.6514° W
Charcot, Antarcticaharmonics.world65.0667° S, 64.0333° W
Charles Island, Washingtonharmonics.world48.4500° N, 122.9000° W
Charles River Dam, Charles River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3667° N, 71.0667° W
Charleston Harbor Entrance, South Carolina Currentharmonics.world32.7567° N, 79.8700° W
Charleston Harbor, off Fort Sumter, South Carolina Current (expired 1996-12-31)harmonics.world32.7583° N, 79.8683° W
Charleston, Oregonharmonics.world43.3450° N, 124.3217° W
Charleston, Oregon (2)offsets.xml43.3450° N, 124.3216° W
Charleston, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.7817° N, 79.9250° W
Charlestown Bridge, Charles River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3667° N, 71.0667° W
Charlestown, Charles River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3667° N, 71.0500° W
Charlestown, Northeast River, Marylandharmonics.world39.5733° N, 75.9700° W
Charlestown, Northeast River, Maryland (2)offsets.xml39.5733° N, 75.9700° W
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islandsharmonics.world18.3350° N, 64.9183° W
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (2)offsets.xml18.3333° N, 64.9333° W
Charlottetown, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.4333° N, 54.0167° W
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.2167° N, 63.1333° W
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (2)harmonics.world46.2167° N, 63.1167° W
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.2167° N, 63.1333° W
Charlton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world51.9667° N, 79.3000° W
Chassahowitzka, Chassahowitzka River, Floridaharmonics.world28.7150° N, 82.5767° W
Chassahowitzka, Chassahowitzka River, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.7150° N, 82.5767° W
Chateau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labradoroffsets.xml52.0000° N, 55.8333° W
Chatham (inside), Cape Cod, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.6883° N, 69.9500° W
Chatham (inside), Cape Cod, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.6833° N, 69.9500° W
Chatham (outer coast), Cape Cod, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.6667° N, 69.9333° W
Chatham (outer coast), Cape Cod, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.6667° N, 69.9333° W
Chatham Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.3333° N, 125.4333° W
Chatham Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0333° N, 125.4333° W
Chatham River entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml25.6900° N, 81.2850° W
Chatham, Englandharmonics.world51.4000° N, 0.5500° E
Chatham, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0333° N, 65.4667° W
Cheatham Annex, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2917° N, 76.5867° W
Chebeague Point, Great Chebeague Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.7667° N, 70.1000° W
Chechessee Bluff, Chechessee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3733° N, 80.8367° W
Cheesequake Creek, Garden State Parkway, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4533° N, 74.2733° W
Cheju, Cheju Do, South Koreaharmonics.world33.5167° N, 126.5333° E
Chelsea Docks, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7500° N, 74.0167° W
Chelsea St. Bridge, Chelsea River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3867° N, 71.0233° W
Chelsea, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.6000° N, 74.2000° W
Chemanius, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.9167° N, 123.7000° W
Chemanius, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.9167° N, 123.7000° W
Cherbourg, Franceharmonics.world49.6500° N, 1.6167° W
Cherbourg, France (2)harmonics.world49.6500° N, 1.6333° W
Cherry Grove (inside), South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8350° N, 78.6333° W
Cherry Island, Beckwiths Creek, Little Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.5667° N, 76.2167° W
Cherry Point, Piankatank River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5167° N, 76.3000° W
Cherry Point, Washingtonharmonics.world48.8633° N, 122.7583° W
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Maryland/Delaware Currentharmonics.world39.5333° N, 75.8167° W
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Virginiaharmonics.world36.9667° N, 76.1133° W
Chesapeake Bay Entrance, Virginia Current (1) (expired 1987-12-31)harmonics.world36.9800° N, 76.0067° W
Chesapeake Bay Entrance, Virginia Current (2)harmonics.world36.9800° N, 75.9983° W
Chesapeake Beach, Marylandharmonics.world38.6833° N, 76.5333° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.6833° N, 76.5333° W
Chesapeake City, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5267° N, 75.8100° W
Chesconessex Creek, Schooner Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.7633° N, 75.7733° W
Chesnucknuw Creek, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0500° N, 124.8333° W
Chester, Bells River, St. Marys River, Floridaoffsets.xml30.6833° N, 81.5333° W
Chester, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3833° N, 77.3783° W
Chester, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.5667° N, 64.3000° W
Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavutharmonics.world63.0333° N, 90.7000° W
Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml63.3333° N, 90.7000° W
Chestertown, Marylandoffsets.xml39.2067° N, 76.0633° W
Cheticamp, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.6333° N, 61.0167° W
Cheticamp, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml46.6167° N, 61.0333° W
Chezzetcook Inlet, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.7833° N, 63.2333° W
Chi-Lung, Taiwanharmonics.world25.1500° N, 121.7500° E
Chiba, Japanharmonics.world35.6000° N, 140.1167° E
Chicoutimi, Québecharmonics.world48.4333° N, 71.0833° W
Chicoutimi, Québec (2)harmonics.world48.4333° N, 71.0833° W
Chignecto (Ray .4), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4833° N, 64.9833° W
Chincoteague Channel (south end), Chincoteague Bay, Virginaharmonics.world37.9067° N, 75.4050° W
Chincoteague Channel (south end), Chincoteague Bay, Virgina (2)offsets.xml37.9067° N, 75.4050° W
Chincoteague Island, Blake Cove, Chincoteague Bay, Virginaoffsets.xml37.9517° N, 75.3550° W
Chincoteague Island, Lewis Creek, Chincoteague Bay, Virginaoffsets.xml37.9383° N, 75.3733° W
Chincoteague Island, Oyster Bay, Chincoteague Bay, Virginaoffsets.xml37.9417° N, 75.3467° W
Chincoteague Island, USCG Station, Chincoteague Bay, Virginaoffsets.xml37.9317° N, 75.3833° W
Chinde, Mozambiqueharmonics.world18.5667° S, 36.4500° E
Chinhae, South Koreaharmonics.world35.1667° N, 128.5500° E
Chinnampo, North Koreaharmonics.world38.6833° N, 125.3833° E
Chinook, Baker Bay, Columbia River, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.2717° N, 123.9483° W
Chipiona, Spainharmonics.world36.7500° N, 6.4333° W
Chise P'o, South Koreaharmonics.world34.8333° N, 128.7167° E
Chittagong, Bangladeshharmonics.world22.3333° N, 91.8333° E
Chokoloskee, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8133° N, 81.3633° W
Choptank River Light, Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6500° N, 76.1833° W
Choptank, Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6800° N, 75.9533° W
Christiansted, St. Croix Island, Virgin Islandsoffsets.xml17.7500° N, 64.7000° W
Christmas Islandharmonics.world10.4000° S, 105.7167° E
Christmas Point, Christmas Bay, Texasoffsets.xml29.0800° N, 95.1717° W
Christmas Point, Elliott Key, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3917° N, 80.2300° W
Chuckanut Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.6667° N, 122.5000° W
Chuckatuck Creek entrance, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9133° N, 76.4983° W
Church Creek bridge, Wadmalaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7150° N, 80.0917° W
Church Flats, Stono River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7467° N, 80.1650° W
Church Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.3333° N, 66.1167° W
Churchill, Manitobaharmonics.world58.7833° N, 94.2000° W
Churchill, Manitoba (2)harmonics.world58.7833° N, 94.2000° W
Churchill, Manitoba (2)offsets.xml58.7833° N, 94.2000° W
Cienfuegos, Cubaoffsets.xml22.1333° N, 80.4500° W
City Island, New Yorkharmonics.world40.8500° N, 73.7833° W
City Island, New York (2)offsets.xml40.8500° N, 73.7833° W
City Point (Hopewell), James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3133° N, 77.2717° W
Claiborne, Eastern Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.8333° N, 76.2833° W
Clam Bay, Rich Passage, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.5750° N, 122.5433° W
Clambank Creek, Goat Island, North Inlet, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.3333° N, 79.1933° W
Clapboard Creek, Pelotes Island, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.4067° N, 81.5100° W
Clapboard Creek, Pelotes Island, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.4067° N, 81.5100° W
Clapboard Creek, Pelotes Island, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.4067° N, 81.5100° W
Clapboard Creek, Pelotes Island, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.4067° N, 81.5100° W
Clapboard Creek, Pelotes Island, St. Johns River, Florida (5)offsets.xml30.4067° N, 81.5100° W
Claremont, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2317° N, 76.9483° W
Clarence Harbor, Long Island, Bahamasharmonics.world23.1000° N, 75.9833° W
Clarence Harbor, Long Island, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml23.1000° N, 74.9833° W
Clarenville, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.1667° N, 53.9667° W
Clark Island, 1.6 mile North of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7333° N, 122.7667° W
Clarks Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.4500° N, 65.6333° W
Clarks Point, Alaskaharmonics.world58.8500° N, 158.5333° W
Clarks Point, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5933° N, 70.9000° W
Clarksburg #4, Sacramento River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.4167° N, 121.5233° W
Clay Bank, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3467° N, 76.6133° W
Clear Lake, Harris Co. Park, Texasharmonics.world29.5633° N, 95.0667° W
Clear Lake, Harris Co. Park, Texas (2)offsets.xml29.5633° N, 95.0667° W
Clearwater Beach, Floridaharmonics.world27.9767° N, 82.8317° W
Clearwater Fiord, Cumberland Sound, Nunavutharmonics.world66.6000° N, 67.3167° W
Clearwater Fiord, Cumberland Sound, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml66.6000° N, 67.3333° W
Clearwater, Floridaoffsets.xml27.9550° N, 82.8067° W
Clews Point, Australiaharmonics.world24.0167° S, 151.7500° E
Cliff Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5167° N, 63.9333° W
Cliff Island, Luckse Sound, Maineoffsets.xml43.6950° N, 70.1100° W
Cliffs Point, Marylandoffsets.xml39.1067° N, 76.1417° W
Cliffs Wharf, Marylandoffsets.xml39.1100° N, 76.1383° W
Clifton Beach, Marylandoffsets.xml38.4167° N, 77.2667° W
Clifton, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.1833° N, 53.7333° W
Cloridorme, Québecharmonics.world49.1833° N, 64.8333° W
Clouter Creek, north entrance, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9067° N, 79.9350° W
Clouter Creek, south entrance, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8600° N, 79.9383° W
Clover Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4000° N, 123.3500° W
Clover Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.4000° N, 123.3500° W
Club Bridge Creek ent., Trenchards Inlet, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3350° N, 80.5417° W
Clyde River, Nunavutharmonics.world69.0833° N, 70.3667° W
Coal Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.6000° N, 127.5833° W
Coal Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.6000° N, 127.5833° W
Coates Point, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9483° N, 74.1150° W
Coats Island, Nunavutharmonics.world62.4500° N, 81.3500° W
Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexicoharmonics.world18.1483° N, 94.4117° W
Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico (2)harmonics.world18.1500° N, 94.4167° W
Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico (2)offsets.xml18.1500° N, 94.4167° W
Cobb Point Bar Light, Marylandharmonics.world38.2500° N, 76.8333° W
Cobb Point Bar Light, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.2500° N, 76.8333° W
Cobequid Bay (Ray .4), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3667° N, 63.7333° W
Cobh, Irelandharmonics.world51.8333° N, 8.3000° W
Cobh, Ireland (2)harmonics.world51.8333° N, 8.3000° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Cocagne Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0333° N, 64.6167° W
Cochin, Indiaharmonics.world9.9667° N, 76.2500° E
Cocoanut Key, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7450° N, 81.2367° W
Cocodrie, Terrebonne Bay, Louisianaharmonics.world29.2450° N, 90.6617° W
Coconut Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.0500° S, 143.0667° E
Coconut Point, Floridaoffsets.xml26.4000° N, 81.8433° W
Codroy Road, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.8833° N, 59.4000° W
Coffee Bluff, Forest River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.9333° N, 81.1500° W
Coffin Point, Maineharmonics.world44.8667° N, 67.1333° W
Coffin Point, Maine (2)offsets.xml44.8667° N, 67.1167° W
Coffs Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world30.3000° S, 153.1500° E
Coffs Harbour, Australia (2)harmonics.world30.3000° S, 153.1500° E
Cohasset Harbor (White Head), Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2483° N, 70.7850° W
Cold Spring Harbor, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8733° N, 73.4700° W
Coles Point, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.1500° N, 76.6333° W
College Point, Flushing Bay, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7833° N, 73.8567° W
Colleton River Entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3217° N, 80.7917° W
Collinsville, Sacramento River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0733° N, 121.8483° W
Colombo, Sri Lankaharmonics.world6.9500° N, 79.8500° E
Colonia del Sacramento, Rio de la Plata, Uruguayharmonics.world34.4667° S, 57.8500° W
Colonial Beach, Potomac River, Virginiaharmonics.world38.2517° N, 76.9600° W
Colonial Beach, Potomac River, Virginia (2)offsets.xml38.2517° N, 76.9600° W
Colton's Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2167° N, 76.7500° W
Columbia River entrance (N. Jetty), offsets.xml46.2733° N, 124.0716° W
Colville Island, 1 miles SSE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4000° N, 122.8167° W
Colville Island, 1.4 miles E of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4167° N, 122.7833° W
Come By Chance, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.8167° N, 54.0167° W
Comfort Bight, Labradoroffsets.xml53.1500° N, 55.7667° W
Commonwealth Bay, Antarcticaharmonics.world67.0000° S, 142.6667° E
Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentinaharmonics.world45.8667° S, 67.4833° W
Comox, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.6667° N, 124.9167° W
Comox, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0667° N, 124.9333° W
Conakry, Guineaharmonics.world9.5000° N, 13.7167° W
Conanicut Point, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.5733° N, 71.3717° W
Concarneau, Franceharmonics.world47.8667° N, 3.9167° W
Conch Bar, Jupiter Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9883° N, 80.0933° W
Conch Key, eastern end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7917° N, 80.8833° W
Coney Island, Brooklyn, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5700° N, 73.9833° W
Connoire Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6667° N, 57.9000° W
Conscience Bay entrance (Narrows), Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9667° N, 73.1167° W
Constable Hook, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.6550° N, 74.0850° W
Constantine Harbor, Amchitka, Alaskaharmonics.world51.4083° N, 179.2817° E
Content Keys, Content Passage, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7900° N, 81.4833° W
Conway, RR. bridge, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8350° N, 79.0417° W
Cook Landing Cemetery, New River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1950° N, 81.0000° W
Cook's Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.6167° N, 55.8667° W
Cooktown, Australiaharmonics.world15.4667° S, 145.2500° E
Cooktown, Australia (2)harmonics.world15.4667° S, 145.2500° E
Coon Key, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8967° N, 81.6367° W
Coon Point, Elliott Key, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.4800° N, 80.1883° W
Coopers Creek bridge, Alloway Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5133° N, 75.4467° W
Copper Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.3500° N, 131.1667° W
Copper Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.3500° N, 131.1667° W
Coppermine, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world67.8167° N, 115.0833° W
Coquimbo, Chileharmonics.world29.9333° S, 71.3500° W
Coral Bay, Atlantic Beach, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7000° N, 76.7683° W
Coral Harbour, Southampton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world64.1333° N, 83.0167° W
Coral Harbour, Southampton Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml64.1333° N, 83.1667° W
Coral Shoal, Biscayne Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml25.6517° N, 80.1600° W
Corbins Neck, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.2167° N, 77.2833° W
Cordero Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4333° N, 125.4833° W
Cordero Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.4333° N, 125.4833° W
Cordova, Alaskaharmonics.world60.5583° N, 145.7533° W
Core Creek Bridge, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.8250° N, 76.6900° W
Corea Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml44.4000° N, 67.9667° W
Corkscrew Slough, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5083° N, 122.2100° W
Cormoran, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.1167° N, 65.1500° W
Cormorant Point, Key Largo, Card Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml25.2900° N, 80.3400° W
Corner Brook, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.9500° N, 57.9500° W
Cornet Bay, Deception Pass, Washingtonharmonics.world48.3833° N, 122.6333° W
Cornet Bay, Deception Pass, Washington (2)offsets.xml48.4017° N, 122.6233° W
Cornfield Harbor, Marylandoffsets.xml38.0667° N, 76.3667° W
Corning Landing, Whale Branch, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5000° N, 80.7850° W
Cornwells Heights, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml40.0683° N, 74.9383° W
Corpus Christi, Texasharmonics.world27.5800° N, 97.2167° W
Corpus Christi, Texas (2) (expired 1999-07-23)harmonics.world27.7933° N, 97.3900° W
Corta de los Jeronimos, Spainharmonics.world37.1333° N, 6.1000° W
Corte Madera Creek, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9433° N, 122.5133° W
Cortez, Sarasota Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.4667° N, 82.6883° W
Cos Cob Harbor, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.0167° N, 73.5967° W
Cosgrove Bridge, Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8350° N, 79.9867° W
Cosmopolis, Chehalis River, Grays Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.9667° N, 123.7783° W
Cote Blanche Island, West Cote Blanche Bay, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.7350° N, 91.7133° W
Cotuit Highlands, Nantucket Sound, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6000° N, 70.4333° W
Coupeville, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.2233° N, 122.6900° W
Courthouse Point, Marylandoffsets.xml39.5167° N, 75.8833° W
Couteau Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.7167° N, 58.0500° W
Cove Point (1.1 mi. NE of), Maryland Currentharmonics.world38.3817° N, 76.3600° W
Cove Point, Marylandharmonics.world38.3850° N, 76.3817° W
Cove Point, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.3850° N, 76.3817° W
Covenas, Colombiaoffsets.xml9.3333° N, 75.6667° W
Cow Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.6900° N, 70.1900° W
Cowaramup, Australiaharmonics.world33.8667° S, 114.9833° E
Cowen Creek, Rt. 21 bridge, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3983° N, 80.6167° W
Cowichan Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.7333° N, 123.6167° W
Cowichan Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.7333° N, 123.6167° W
Coxsackie, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml42.3500° N, 73.8000° W
Coyote Creek, Alviso Slough, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.4633° N, 122.0233° W
Coyote Creek, Tributary #1, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.4467° N, 121.9633° W
Coyote Hills Slough entrance, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5633° N, 122.1283° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Coyote Point Marina, San Francisco Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.5917° N, 122.3133° W
Coyote Point Marina, San Francisco Bay, California (2)harmonics.world37.6000° N, 122.3167° W
Coyote Point Marina, San Francisco Bay, California (3)offsets.xml37.5917° N, 122.3133° W
Crab Island, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world10.9667° S, 142.1167° E
Cramers Boatyard, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5483° N, 74.4617° W
Crandall, St. Marys River, Floridaoffsets.xml30.7217° N, 81.6217° W
Crane Island, Wasp Passage, South of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5833° N, 123.0000° W
Crane Keys, north side, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.0050° N, 80.6183° W
Craney Island, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9000° N, 76.3333° W
Crawl Key, Big Spanish Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7567° N, 81.3583° W
Creal Reef, Australiaharmonics.world20.5333° S, 150.3667° E
Creech Reef, Australiaharmonics.world13.6333° S, 144.0833° E
Creighton Narrows Entrance, Crescent River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.4983° N, 81.3250° W
Crescent Bay, Washingtonharmonics.world48.1667° N, 123.7333° W
Crescent Bay, Washington (2)harmonics.world48.0167° N, 123.7167° W
Crescent Bay, Washington (3)offsets.xml48.1667° N, 123.7333° W
Crescent Beach, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0333° N, 122.8833° W
Crescent Beach, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0333° N, 122.8833° W
Crescent City, Californiaharmonics.world41.7450° N, 124.1833° W
Crescent City, California (2) (expired 1989-12-31)harmonics.world41.7450° N, 124.1833° W
Crescent Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.2833° N, 122.6167° W
Cribbons Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7500° N, 61.9000° W
Crisfield, Little Annemessex River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml37.9767° N, 75.8633° W
Crispen Island, Turtle River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.2133° N, 81.5500° W
Cristóbal, Panamaharmonics.world9.3500° N, 79.9000° W
Cristóbal, Panama (2)harmonics.world9.3500° N, 79.9167° W
Crockett, Carquinez Strait, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0583° N, 122.2233° W
Crofton, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8667° N, 123.6500° W
Crofton, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8500° N, 123.6333° W
Croiselles, South Island, New Zealandharmonics.world41.0833° S, 173.7000° E
Crooked River, Cumberland Dividings, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.8433° N, 81.4867° W
Cross River entrance, Maineoffsets.xml43.9250° N, 69.6700° W
Crow Point, Hingham Harbor entrance, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2617° N, 70.8933° W
Crowdy Head, Australiaharmonics.world31.8333° S, 152.7500° E
Crown Point, Mission Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml32.7833° N, 117.2333° W
Crown Prince Frederick, Nunavutharmonics.world70.0333° N, 86.0833° W
Crumpton, Marylandoffsets.xml39.2500° N, 75.9333° W
Cuba Island, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6200° N, 73.5233° W
Cuckolds Creek, Combahee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7133° N, 80.6950° W
Cudjoe Key, Cudjoe Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6600° N, 81.4917° W
Cudjoe Key, north end, Kemp Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7000° N, 81.5050° W
Cudjoe Key, Pirates Cove, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6617° N, 81.5150° W
Cuidad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexicoharmonics.world18.5400° N, 91.8383° W
Culebrita, Isla, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.3167° N, 65.2333° W
Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6667° N, 64.5167° W
Cumberland Wharf, Cumberland River, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.9300° N, 81.4467° W
Cumberland, Sampit River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.3700° N, 79.4333° W
Cumuruxatiba, Braziloffsets.xml17.1000° S, 39.1833° W
Cundy Harbor, New Meadows River, Maineoffsets.xml43.7883° N, 69.8933° W
Cunningham Inlet, Nunavutharmonics.world74.1333° N, 93.8833° W
Cuno, Lofton Creek, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5767° N, 81.5717° W
Curles, 1 mile north of, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3967° N, 77.2950° W
Curlew Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml53.7500° N, 56.5500° W
Currituck Beach Light, North Carolinaoffsets.xml36.3833° N, 75.8333° W
Cushing Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.6450° N, 70.1983° W
Cutler, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.6150° N, 80.3050° W
Cutler, Little River, Maineharmonics.world44.6567° N, 67.2100° W
Cutler, Little River, Maine (2)harmonics.world44.6500° N, 67.2167° W
Cutler, Little River, Maine (3)offsets.xml44.6567° N, 67.2100° W
Cutler, Naval Radio Station, Maineoffsets.xml44.6417° N, 67.2967° W
Cuttyhunk Pond entrance, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.4250° N, 70.9167° W
Cuttyhunk Pond entrance, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.4167° N, 70.9167° W
Cuxhaven, Germanyharmonics.world53.8667° N, 8.7167° E
Cuxhaven, Germany (2)harmonics.world53.8667° N, 8.7167° E
Cuyler Harbor, San Miguel Island, Californiaoffsets.xml34.0567° N, 120.3550° W
Cypremort Point, Louisianaharmonics.world29.7117° N, 91.8783° W
Da Nang, Vietnamharmonics.world16.1167° N, 108.2167° E
Dadens, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.1833° N, 132.9833° W
Dahlgren, Upper Machodoc Creek, Virginiaharmonics.world38.3200° N, 77.0367° W
Dahlgren, Upper Machodoc Creek, Virginia (2)offsets.xml38.3167° N, 77.0333° W
Daiiti Kaiho, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.3167° N, 139.7670° E
Daikon Sima, Simane, Japanharmonics.world35.5000° N, 133.1670° E
Dakar, Senegalharmonics.world14.6667° N, 17.4167° W
Dalhousie, New Brunswickharmonics.world48.0667° N, 66.3833° W
Dalhousie, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml48.0667° N, 66.3667° W
Daliang, Chinaharmonics.world38.9167° N, 121.6333° E
Dallas Bluff, Julienton River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.5833° N, 81.3167° W
Daly River, Australiaharmonics.world13.3667° S, 130.3167° E
Damariscove Harbor, Damariscove Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.7583° N, 69.6150° W
Dame Point, Floridaharmonics.world30.3867° N, 81.5583° W
Dame Point, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.3867° N, 81.5583° W
Damons Point, North River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.1600° N, 70.7333° W
Dampier, Australiaharmonics.world20.6500° S, 116.7167° E
Dampier, Australia (2)harmonics.world20.6500° S, 116.7167° E
Dana Passage, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.1667° N, 122.8667° W
Danmarks Havn, Greenlandoffsets.xml76.7667° N, 18.7667° W
Danmarks Island, Scoresby Sound, Greenlandoffsets.xml70.4500° N, 26.2000° W
Dannoura (Simonoseki), Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9667° N, 130.9500° E
Dannoura (Simonoseki), Yamaguti, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.9667° N, 130.9500° E
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzaniaharmonics.world6.8167° S, 39.3167° E
Darien, Darien River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.3683° N, 81.4350° W
Dark Cove, Dildo Run, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5333° N, 54.7500° W
Darnley Island, Coral Seaharmonics.world9.6000° S, 143.7667° E
Daru, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world9.0667° S, 143.2000° E
Darwin, Australiaharmonics.world12.4667° S, 130.8500° E
Darwin, Australia (2)harmonics.world12.4667° S, 130.8500° E
Datum Bay, Acklins Island, Bahamasharmonics.world22.1667° N, 74.3000° W
Datum Bay, Acklins Island, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml22.1667° N, 74.3000° W
Daufuskie Landing, Daufuskie Island, New River, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.1000° N, 80.9000° W
Daufuskie Landing, Daufuskie Island, New River, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.1033° N, 80.8950° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Dauphin Island, Alabamaharmonics.world30.2500° N, 88.0750° W
Davao, Philippinesharmonics.world7.0833° N, 125.6333° E
Davids Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8833° N, 73.7667° W
Davis Bank, Nantucket Shoals, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.1333° N, 69.6500° W
Davis Inlet, Labradorharmonics.world55.8833° N, 60.9000° W
Davis Point, California Currentharmonics.worldNULL
Davis Point, midchannel, San Pablo Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0500° N, 122.2500° W
Davis River, British Columbiaharmonics.world55.7667° N, 130.1667° W
Davis River, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world55.7667° N, 130.1667° W
Davis Slough, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.7483° N, 75.5533° W
Davis Strait, Nunavutharmonics.world66.2667° N, 58.3833° W
Davis Strait, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world66.2667° N, 60.9667° W
Davis Strait, Nunavut (3)harmonics.world66.2667° N, 56.7667° W
Davis, Antarcticaharmonics.world68.0000° S, 78.5000° E
Davis, Antarctica (2)harmonics.world68.0000° S, 78.5000° E
Dawho Bridge, Dawho River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6367° N, 80.3417° W
Dawho, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6567° N, 80.3917° W
Daytona Beach (Ocean), Floridaharmonics.world29.2283° N, 81.0050° W
Daytona Beach Shores (Sunglow Pier), Floridaharmonics.world29.1467° N, 80.9633° W
Daytona Beach Shores (Sunglow Pier), Florida (2)harmonics.world29.1467° N, 80.9633° W
Daytona Beach Shores (Sunglow Pier), Florida (3)harmonics.world29.1467° N, 80.9633° W
Daytona Beach Shores (Sunglow Pier), Florida (4)offsets.xml29.1467° N, 80.9633° W
Deauville, Franceharmonics.world49.2200° N, 0.0500° W
Deception Bay, Québecharmonics.world62.1500° N, 74.7500° W
Deception Island, 1.3 miles NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4167° N, 122.7000° W
Deception Island, 1.O miles W of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4000° N, 122.7000° W
Deception Island, 2.7 mile West of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.4167° N, 122.7333° W
Deception Pass, Washington Currentharmonics.world48.4000° N, 122.6333° W
Dedele Point, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world10.2333° S, 148.7167° E
Deep Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.3333° N, 122.9500° W
Deep Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0333° N, 122.9500° W
Deep Cove, Moose Island, Maineoffsets.xml44.9000° N, 67.0167° W
Deep Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6667° N, 65.8333° W
Deep Creek Meadow, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6033° N, 73.5250° W
Deep Landing, Swan Creek, Marylandoffsets.xml39.1450° N, 76.2600° W
Deep Neck Point, Broad Creek, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7317° N, 76.2350° W
Deep Point, Mattawoman Creek, Marylandoffsets.xml38.5667° N, 77.2167° W
Deer Island (south end), Boston Harbor, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3500° N, 70.9667° W
Deer Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.6167° N, 91.4833° W
Deerfield Beach, Hillsboro River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.3133° N, 80.0817° W
Degerando Island, Australiaharmonics.world15.3333° S, 124.1833° E
Degnen Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1333° N, 123.7167° W
Delaware Bay Entrance, Delaware Current (1) (expired 1986-12-31)harmonics.world38.7817° N, 75.0433° W
Delaware Bay Entrance, Delaware Current (2)harmonics.world38.7817° N, 75.0433° W
Delaware City Branch Channel bridge, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delawareoffsets.xml39.5700° N, 75.5900° W
Delfzijl, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.3333° N, 6.9333° E
Delray Beach, ICWW, Floridaoffsets.xml26.4733° N, 80.0617° W
Democrat Point, Fire Island Inlet, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6333° N, 73.2933° W
Den Helder, Netherlandsharmonics.new52.9667° N, 4.7500° E
Den Oever, Netherlandsharmonics.new52.9333° N, 5.1333° E
Denbigh Island, Labradorharmonics.world52.5333° N, 55.8333° W
Denham, Australiaharmonics.world25.4333° S, 113.5333° E
Denman Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.5333° N, 124.8167° W
Denman Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.5333° N, 124.8167° W
Dennis Creek, 2.5 n.mi. above entrance, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1783° N, 74.8517° W
Dennis Creek, Route 47 bridge, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1833° N, 74.8217° W
Dennis Port, Nantucket Sound, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6500° N, 70.1167° W
Denton, Choptank River, Marylandharmonics.world38.8833° N, 75.8333° W
Denton, Choptank River, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.8833° N, 75.8333° W
Depuch Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.6167° S, 117.7500° E
Derby, Australiaharmonics.world17.2833° S, 123.6500° E
Des Moines, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.4000° N, 122.3283° W
Desimatu, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 130.9330° E
Destruction Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.6667° N, 124.4833° W
Devils Head, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.1667° N, 122.7633° W
Devonport, Tasmaniaharmonics.world41.1833° S, 146.3667° E
Devonport, Tasmania (2)harmonics.world41.1500° S, 146.3833° E
Diamond Harbour, Indiaharmonics.world22.1833° N, 88.1833° E
Diana Bay, Québecharmonics.world60.8667° N, 70.0667° W
Diana Bay, Québec (2)harmonics.world60.8667° N, 70.0667° W
Diana Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml60.8667° N, 70.0667° W
Dias Creek, Route 47 bridge, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.0833° N, 74.8867° W
Diego-Suarez, Madagascarharmonics.world12.2667° S, 49.2833° E
Dieppe, Franceharmonics.world49.9333° N, 1.0833° E
Digby, Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6333° N, 65.7500° W
Digby, Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml44.6333° N, 65.7500° W
Digges Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world62.5667° N, 77.8667° W
Digges Harbour, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml62.5000° N, 77.7000° W
Dildo Run, Tea Kettle Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4833° N, 54.7333° W
Diligent River, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4000° N, 64.4167° W
Dillard Creek, Turtle River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.2250° N, 81.5717° W
Dillard Wharf, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2000° N, 76.8667° W
Dingwall (Was 1510), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.9000° N, 60.4667° W
Dinner Key Marina, Floridaoffsets.xml25.7267° N, 80.2367° W
Dinner Point Creek, upper end, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6567° N, 74.2700° W
Dionisio Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0167° N, 123.5667° W
Dionisio Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0167° N, 123.5667° W
Dipper Harbour West, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.1000° N, 66.4167° W
Discovery Island, 3 miles SSE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.3833° N, 123.2000° W
Discovery Island, 3.3 miles NE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2667° N, 122.5333° W
Discovery Island, 7.6 miles SSE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.3000° N, 123.1667° W
Disraeli Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world82.8833° N, 73.0500° W
Distant Island Creek, upper end, Cowen Creek, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4017° N, 80.6533° W
Distant Island, Cowen Creek, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3783° N, 80.6333° W
Dividing Creek entrance, Maurice River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2167° N, 75.1033° W
Dividing Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.7333° N, 76.3000° W
Divine's Dock, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5417° N, 79.0283° W
Dixie Bay, Salt River, Crystal Bay, Floridaharmonics.world28.8817° N, 82.6350° W
Dixie Bay, Salt River, Crystal Bay, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.8817° N, 82.6350° W
Dixie, Piankatank River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5067° N, 76.4167° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Djibouti, Djiboutiharmonics.world11.5833° N, 43.1500° E
Djogue, Senegalharmonics.world12.5667° N, 16.7333° W
Do Son, Vietnamharmonics.world20.6667° N, 106.8000° E
Dobbs Ferry, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0167° N, 73.8833° W
Dock Thorofare, Risley Channel, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3517° N, 74.5400° W
Doctor Island, Québecharmonics.world61.6833° N, 71.5667° W
Doctors Lake, Peoria Point, Floridaharmonics.world30.1200° N, 81.7583° W
Doctors Lake, Peoria Point, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.1200° N, 81.7583° W
Doctors Lake, Peoria Point, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.1200° N, 81.7583° W
Doctors Lake, Peoria Point, Florida (4)offsets.xml30.1200° N, 81.7583° W
Dodd Narrows, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world49.1367° N, 123.8167° W
Dodge Island, Fishermans Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml25.7700° N, 80.1683° W
Dofflemeyer Point, Budd Inlet, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.1417° N, 122.9050° W
Dog Hammock, Sapelo River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.5317° N, 81.2700° W
Dog Island, west end, Floridaoffsets.xml29.7850° N, 84.6667° W
Doi, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 132.3000° E
Donald Ross Bridge, ICWW, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.8817° N, 80.0700° W
Donoura, Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world34.2167° N, 134.5830° E
Douala, Cameroonharmonics.world4.0500° N, 9.6833° E
Douala, Cameroon (2)harmonics.world4.0500° N, 9.6667° E
Double Bay, Australiaharmonics.world20.1833° S, 148.6333° E
Double Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7450° N, 74.2017° W
Doughboy Island, New River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1383° N, 80.9317° W
Douglas Harbour, Québecharmonics.world61.9167° N, 72.6167° W
Dover Bluff, Dover Creek, Little Satilla River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.0167° N, 81.5283° W
Dover Bridge, Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7567° N, 75.9983° W
Dover Point, Piscataqua River, New Hampshireoffsets.xml43.1167° N, 70.8333° W
Dover St. Bridge, Fort Point Channel, Boston, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3500° N, 71.0667° W
Dover, Englandharmonics.world51.1167° N, 1.3167° E
Dover, England (2)harmonics.world51.1167° N, 1.3167° E
Dover, England (3)harmonics.world51.1167° N, 1.3167° E
Dover, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.9833° N, 64.6833° W
Doyle Point, Maineoffsets.xml43.7517° N, 70.1400° W
Drainey Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.4833° N, 127.5500° W
Drainey Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.4833° N, 127.5500° W
Drayton Harbor Entrance, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6833° N, 123.2500° W
Drayton, Bee's Ferry, Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8483° N, 80.0517° W
Dreger Harbour, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world6.6500° S, 147.8667° E
Drum Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.3200° N, 76.4217° W
Drury Entrance, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.9000° N, 126.9000° W
Dubayy, U.A.E.harmonics.world25.2667° N, 55.2833° E
Dublin, Irelandharmonics.world53.3500° N, 6.2167° W
Dublin, Ireland (2)harmonics.world53.3500° N, 6.2167° W
Dublon Island, Chuuk, F.S.M.harmonics.world7.3300° N, 151.5800° E
Dublon Island, Chuuk, F.S.M. (2)harmonics.world7.3667° N, 151.8833° E
Duchateau Island, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world11.2833° S, 152.3667° E
Duchateau Island, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world11.2833° S, 152.3667° E
Duck Island, Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8300° N, 79.9667° W
Duck Island, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2500° N, 72.4833° W
Duck Island, Québecharmonics.world55.7500° N, 77.2000° W
Duck Key Point, Duck Key, Waltz Key Basin, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6233° N, 81.6850° W
Duck Key, Hawk Channel, Floridaharmonics.world24.7650° N, 80.9133° W
Duck Key, Hawk Channel, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.7650° N, 80.9133° W
Duck Pier, outside, North Carolinaharmonics.world36.1833° N, 75.7467° W
Duck Pier, outside, North Carolina (2)offsets.xml36.1833° N, 75.7467° W
Duffus Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.2833° N, 60.4167° W
Dumbarton Bridge, San Francisco Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.5067° N, 122.1150° W
Dumbarton Bridge, San Francisco Bay, California (2)harmonics.world37.5000° N, 122.1167° W
Dumbarton Bridge, San Francisco Bay, California (3)offsets.xml37.5067° N, 122.1150° W
Dumbarton Bridge, San Francisco Bay, California Currentharmonics.world37.5100° N, 122.1200° W
Dumbarton Hwy Bridge, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.5000° N, 122.1166° W
Dumbarton Point 2.3 mi NE, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.4667° N, 122.0666° W
Dumfoundling Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.9417° N, 80.1250° W
Dumpling Rocks, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5333° N, 70.9167° W
Duncan Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.0833° N, 125.3000° W
Duncan Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0833° N, 125.3000° W
Dundas Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world74.5167° N, 82.4167° W
Dundee, Scotlandharmonics.world56.4667° N, 2.9500° W
Dunedin, New Zealandharmonics.world45.8833° S, 170.5000° E
Dunedin, St. Joseph Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml28.0133° N, 82.7933° W
Dungeness Reef, Coral Seaharmonics.world9.9833° S, 142.9833° E
Dungeness, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.1667° N, 123.1167° W
Dunk Island, Australiaharmonics.world17.9333° S, 146.1500° E
Dunkerque, Franceharmonics.world51.0500° N, 2.3667° E
Dunn Sound, Little River Inlet, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8583° N, 78.5700° W
Dunn Sound, north end, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8600° N, 78.5800° W
Dunn Sound, west end, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8517° N, 78.5883° W
Dupont Wharf, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.1183° N, 122.6667° W
Dupont, Dean Hall, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0583° N, 79.9367° W
Durban, South Africaharmonics.world29.8667° S, 31.0500° E
Durban, South Africa (2)harmonics.world29.8667° S, 31.0500° E
Dutch Harbor, Alaska (expired 1988-12-31)harmonics.world53.8917° N, 166.5367° W
Duwamish Waterway, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.5350° N, 122.3217° W
Dyer Point, Weskeag River, Maineoffsets.xml44.0333° N, 69.1167° W
Dzaoudzi, Île de Mayotteharmonics.world12.7833° S, 45.2500° E
E-No-Sima, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.3000° N, 139.4830° E
Eagle Creek, Mud River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.5100° N, 81.2783° W
Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.6200° N, 122.5150° W
Eagle Harbor, Cypress Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.5833° N, 122.7000° W
Eagle Neck, South Newport River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.6500° N, 81.3050° W
Eagle Point, Texasoffsets.xml29.4983° N, 94.9117° W
East 110th Street, New York City, Harlem River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7833° N, 73.9333° W
East 19th Street, New York City, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7333° N, 73.9667° W
East 27th Street, Bellevue Hospital, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7333° N, 73.9667° W
East 41st Street, New York City, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7467° N, 73.9683° W
East Arsenicker, Card Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3733° N, 80.2900° W
East Bahía Honda Key, south end, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7750° N, 81.2267° W
East Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.9400° N, 67.1150° W
East Bay, Pensacola Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.4500° N, 86.9183° W
East Boothbay, Maineoffsets.xml43.8650° N, 69.5833° W

LocationFile Coordinates
East Cape, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world10.2333° S, 150.8833° E
East Chop, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.4667° N, 70.5667° W
East Chop, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.4667° N, 70.5667° W
East Creek, Route 47 bridge, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2083° N, 74.9017° W
East Diamond It., Coral Seaharmonics.world17.4333° S, 151.0667° E
East Greenwich, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.6650° N, 71.4450° W
East Haddam, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.4500° N, 72.4633° W
East Key, southern end, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9967° N, 80.6100° W
East London, South Africaharmonics.world33.0333° S, 27.9167° E
East Margaree Bridge, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.4000° N, 61.0833° W
East Narrows Dolphin, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.1500° N, 132.2500° W
East Narrows, Skidegate Channel, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.1500° N, 132.2500° W
East Pass (Destin), Choctawhatchee Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.3950° N, 86.5133° W
East Point, Maurice River Cove, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2000° N, 75.0200° W
East Quoddy Head, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.9667° N, 66.9000° W
East Repulse Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.5833° S, 148.8833° E
East Repulse Island, Australia (2)harmonics.world20.5833° S, 148.8833° E
East Rockaway Inlet, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5950° N, 73.7433° W
East Rockaway, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6300° N, 73.6700° W
East Sandy Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4833° N, 66.0833° W
East Strait Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.5000° S, 142.4500° E
East Tocoi, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world29.8583° N, 81.5533° W
East Tocoi, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world29.8583° N, 81.5533° W
East Tocoi, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world29.8583° N, 81.5533° W
East Tocoi, St. Johns River, Florida (4)offsets.xml29.8583° N, 81.5533° W
Easter Group, Australiaharmonics.world28.7167° S, 113.7833° E
Eastern Point Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maineharmonics.world44.4667° N, 68.1667° W
Eastern Point Harbor, Frenchman Bay, Maine (2)offsets.xml44.4667° N, 68.1667° W
Eastmain River, Québecharmonics.world52.2500° N, 78.5500° W
Eastmain, Québecharmonics.world52.0167° N, 78.0500° W
Eastmain, Québec (2)harmonics.world52.0167° N, 78.0500° W
Easton Point, Tred Avon River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7683° N, 76.0950° W
Eastport, Maineharmonics.world44.9033° N, 66.9850° W
Eastport, Maine (2) (expired 1988-12-31)harmonics.world44.9033° N, 66.9850° W
Eastport, Maine (3)harmonics.world44.9000° N, 66.9833° W
Eatons Neck Point, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9533° N, 73.4000° W
Echo Bay, Sucia Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.7500° N, 122.9000° W
Echo Shoal, Australiaharmonics.world10.1500° S, 126.8167° E
Eclipse Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml59.8000° N, 64.1500° W
Economy (Inshore 5), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3167° N, 63.9000° W
Ecstall River, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.0000° N, 129.7667° W
Ecum Secum, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9667° N, 62.1333° W
Edding Point, Edding Creek, Morgan River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4467° N, 80.5333° W
Eddystone Point, Tasmaniaharmonics.world41.0000° S, 148.3500° E
Eden, Australiaharmonics.world37.0667° S, 149.9000° E
Eden, Australia (2)harmonics.world37.0667° S, 149.9000° E
Eden, Nettles Island, Indian River, Floridaoffsets.xml27.2867° N, 80.2267° W
Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.3883° N, 70.5117° W
Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.3883° N, 70.5117° W
Edgely, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml40.1283° N, 74.8233° W
Edgemoor, Del.offsets.xml39.7500° N, 75.4933° W
Edgerley Island, Napa River, Carquinez Strait, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1917° N, 122.3116° W
Edgewater, Hudson River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.8133° N, 73.9783° W
Edgewater, South River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.9500° N, 76.5500° W
Edisto Beach, Edisto Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5017° N, 80.2967° W
Edisto Marina, Big Bay Creek entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4933° N, 80.3400° W
Edithburgh, Australiaharmonics.world35.0833° S, 137.7500° E
Ediz Hook Light, 1.2 miles N of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1667° N, 123.4167° W
Ediz Hook Light, 5.3 miles ENE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1833° N, 123.2833° W
Ediz Hook, Port Angeles, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.1367° N, 123.4083° W
Edmonds, 2.7 wsW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.9500° N, 122.5833° W
Edmonds, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.8133° N, 122.3833° W
Edwards Creek, 1 mi. above entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5017° N, 81.5417° W
Eel Point, Nantucket Island, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.2917° N, 70.2083° W
Eel River entrance, Californiaoffsets.xml40.6333° N, 124.3166° W
Eemshaven, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.4500° N, 6.8333° E
Egedesminde, Greenlandharmonics.world68.7167° N, 52.8833° W
Egg Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.2500° N, 127.8333° W
Egg Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.2500° N, 127.0833° W
Egg Islands, Ossabaw Sound, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.8333° N, 81.0833° W
Egmont Key, Egmont Channel, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.6000° N, 82.7600° W
Egmont, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.7500° N, 123.9333° W
Egmont, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.7500° N, 123.9333° W
Ei, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.4667° N, 134.8170° E
Eiði, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world62.2958° N, 7.0900° W
Eisvík, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world62.3033° N, 6.4713° W
Ekalugarsuit, Greenlandharmonics.world60.7333° N, 46.0167° W
El Ferrol del Caudillo, Spainharmonics.world43.4667° N, 8.2667° W
El Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexicoharmonics.world31.6500° N, 114.5833° W
El Jobean, Myakka River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9617° N, 82.2100° W
El Segundo, Santa Monica Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml33.9083° N, 118.4333° W
Elbow Cay, Cay Sal Bank, Bahamasharmonics.world23.9500° N, 80.4667° W
Elbow Cay, Cay Sal Bank, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml23.9500° N, 80.4667° W
Elbow Point, Australiaharmonics.world25.7833° S, 153.0333° E
Eld Inlet Entrance, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.1500° N, 122.9333° W
Eleuthera Island (east coast), Bahamasharmonics.world24.9333° N, 76.1500° W
Eleuthera Island (east coast), Bahamas (2)offsets.xml24.9333° N, 76.1500° W
Eleuthera Island (west coast), Bahamasharmonics.world25.2500° N, 76.3167° W
Eleuthera Island (west coast), Bahamas (2)offsets.xml25.2500° N, 76.3167° W
Elk River Railroad Bridge #18, Humboldt Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml40.7567° N, 124.1933° W
Elkhorn Slough railroad bridge, Californiaoffsets.xml36.8567° N, 121.7550° W
Elkhorn Slough, Highway 1 Bridge, Californiaoffsets.xml36.8100° N, 121.7850° W
Elkhorn Yacht Club, Californiaoffsets.xml36.8133° N, 121.7866° W
Elkhorn, Californiaharmonics.world36.8183° N, 121.7450° W
Elkhorn, California (2)offsets.xml36.8183° N, 121.7466° W
Ellerslie, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.6500° N, 63.9167° W
Elliot Heads, Australiaharmonics.world24.9167° S, 152.4833° E
Elliott Cut entrance, Stono River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7633° N, 80.0017° W
Elliott Key Harbor, Elliott Key, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.4533° N, 80.1967° W
Ellis Bay, Québecoffsets.xml49.8000° N, 64.3667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Elliston, Australiaharmonics.world33.6333° S, 134.8667° E
Emily Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world54.5333° N, 57.1833° W
Empire Jetty, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.2500° N, 89.6083° W
Empire, Oregonharmonics.world43.3833° N, 124.2167° W
Emu Bay, Australiaharmonics.world35.6000° S, 137.5333° E
Englewood, Lemon Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9333° N, 82.3533° W
English Kills entrance, Newtown Creek, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7167° N, 73.9167° W
Enoura (Mekari Seto), Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3500° N, 133.2000° E
Ensenada Honda, Culebra Island, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.3000° N, 65.2833° W
Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexicoharmonics.world31.8500° N, 116.6333° W
Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico (2)harmonics.world31.8500° N, 116.6333° W
Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico (3)harmonics.world31.8500° N, 116.6333° W
Enterprise Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.6667° N, 79.0633° W
Entrance Island, Australiaharmonics.world11.9667° S, 134.2500° E
Entrance Island, Nunavutharmonics.world69.9000° N, 85.6000° W
Entrance, Siuslaw River, Oregonoffsets.xml44.0167° N, 124.1300° W
Entrance, Umpqua River, Oregonoffsets.xml43.6750° N, 124.1916° W
Entrance, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.3667° N, 79.2550° W
Erimo, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.0167° N, 143.1500° E
Erimomisaki, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.9333° N, 143.2330° E
Esaki, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.6333° N, 131.6500° E
Esasi (Hiyama), Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.8667° N, 140.1000° E
Esasi (Kitami), Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.9333° N, 142.6000° E
Esbjerg, Denmarkharmonics.world55.4833° N, 8.4667° E
Esbjerg, Denmark (2)harmonics.world55.4833° N, 8.4667° E
Eskimo Lakes Station 1c, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.5667° N, 131.2833° W
Eskimo Lakes Station 2b, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.5667° N, 131.4000° W
Eskimo Point, Nunavutharmonics.world61.1167° N, 94.0667° W
Esperance, Australiaharmonics.world33.8667° S, 121.9000° E
Esperanza Station, Antarcticaharmonics.world63.3000° S, 56.9167° W
Esquimalt Lagoon, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4333° N, 123.4667° W
Esquimalt, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4333° N, 123.4167° W
Esquimalt, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.4333° N, 123.4333° W
Essex, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.3483° N, 72.3850° W
Estus Point, Hagemeister Strait, Alaskaharmonics.world58.8083° N, 161.1000° W
Eta Uti, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.2500° N, 132.4670° E
Etang De L'ouest, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world47.2500° N, 62.0167° W
Etang Du Nord, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.3667° N, 61.9667° W
Etomo, Simane, Japanharmonics.world35.5167° N, 132.9830° E
Ettalong, Australiaharmonics.world33.5167° S, 151.3333° E
Eucla, Australiaharmonics.world31.7167° S, 128.8833° E
Eugene Island, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.3717° N, 91.3850° W
Euhaw Creek, 2.5 mi. above entrance, Broad River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4350° N, 80.8517° W
Eureka Slough Bridge, Humboldt Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml40.8067° N, 124.1416° W
Eureka, Humboldt Bay, Californiaharmonics.world40.8067° N, 124.1667° W
Eureka, Humboldt Bay, California (2)harmonics.world40.7500° N, 124.2333° W
Eureka, Humboldt Bay, California (2)offsets.xml40.8067° N, 124.1666° W
Eureka, Nunavutharmonics.world79.9833° N, 85.9500° W
Euro platform, Netherlandsharmonics.new52.0000° N, 3.2833° E
Evandale, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.5833° N, 66.0333° W
Everett, Washingtonharmonics.world47.9833° N, 122.2167° W
Everett, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.9800° N, 122.2233° W
Everglades City, Barron River, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8583° N, 81.3867° W
Ewell, Smith Island, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml37.9950° N, 76.0317° W
Execution Rocks, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8833° N, 73.7333° W
Exmouth, Australiaharmonics.world21.9333° S, 114.1500° E
Exploits Lower Harbour, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml49.5333° N, 55.0667° W
Exploits Upper Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5167° N, 55.0667° W
Ezaki, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.6000° N, 134.9830° E
Fair Isle, Shetland Islands, Scotlandharmonics.world59.5500° N, 1.6333° W
Fairhaven, Herring Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7500° N, 76.5500° W
Fairhaven, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.9667° N, 67.0167° W
Falkner Island, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2167° N, 72.6500° W
Fall River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7333° N, 71.1333° W
Fall River, State Pier, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.7033° N, 71.1650° W
Falling Creek entrance, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4333° N, 77.4333° W
Falmouth Foreside, Maineoffsets.xml43.7317° N, 70.2050° W
Falmouth Heights, Nantucket Sound, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5450° N, 70.5933° W
Falmouth, Englandharmonics.world50.1500° N, 5.0500° W
False Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.5000° N, 124.3500° W
False Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0500° N, 124.3500° W
False Cape, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.6033° N, 75.8817° W
False Creek, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.2667° N, 123.1333° W
False Creek, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.2667° N, 123.1333° W
False River, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0500° N, 121.6500° W
False Strait, Nunavutharmonics.world71.9667° N, 95.1667° W
False Strait, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world71.9833° N, 95.0167° W
Fare Ute Point, Papeete Harbor, Tahitiharmonics.world17.5350° S, 149.5717° W
Farewell, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5500° N, 54.4667° W
Farmdale, East Bay, St. Andrew Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.0167° N, 85.4700° W
Faro-Olhão, Portugalharmonics.world36.9667° N, 7.8667° W
Fat Deer Key, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7333° N, 81.0167° W
Fauntleroy Point Light, 0.89 mile ESE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5167° N, 122.7667° W
Fécamp, Franceharmonics.world49.7667° N, 0.3667° E
Fells Point, Baltimore Harbor, Marylandoffsets.xml39.2833° N, 76.5833° W
Fenwick Island Light, Delawareoffsets.xml38.4500° N, 75.0500° W
Fenwick Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5600° N, 80.4183° W
Fermeuse, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.9667° N, 52.9667° W
Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Floridaharmonics.world30.6717° N, 81.4667° W
Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.6717° N, 81.4667° W
Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.6717° N, 81.4667° W
Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.6717° N, 81.4667° W
Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Florida (5)harmonics.world30.6717° N, 81.4667° W
Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Florida (6)harmonics.world30.6717° N, 81.4667° W
Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Florida (7)harmonics.world30.6717° N, 81.4667° W
Fernandina Beach, Amelia River, Florida (8)harmonics.world30.6717° N, 81.4667° W
Fernando de Noronha, Braziloffsets.xml3.8333° S, 32.4167° W
Ferndale, Strait of Georgia, Washingtonharmonics.world48.8333° N, 122.7167° W
Ferndale, Strait of Georgia, Washington (2)offsets.xml48.8333° N, 122.7166° W
Ferry Cove, Eastern Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7667° N, 76.3250° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Ferry Point (bridge), Chickahominy River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2667° N, 76.8833° W
Ferry Reach (Biological Station), Bermuda Islandsoffsets.xml32.3667° N, 64.7000° W
Fields Cut, Wright River, New River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.0867° N, 80.9333° W
Fields Landing, Humboldt Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml40.7233° N, 124.2216° W
Fields Point, Combahee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5683° N, 80.5533° W
Fieldsboro, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.1367° N, 74.7367° W
Fife Island, Australiaharmonics.world13.6500° S, 143.7167° E
Figaldo Head, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4833° N, 122.7000° W
Figueira da Foz, Portugalharmonics.world40.1500° N, 8.8667° W
Figueira da Foz, Portugal (2)harmonics.world40.1500° N, 8.8667° W
Finlayson Arm, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.5000° N, 123.5500° W
Finnerty Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4667° N, 123.3000° W
Finnerty Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.4667° N, 123.3000° W
Finnsbu, Greenlandharmonics.world63.4000° N, 41.2833° W
Finnsbu, Greenlandoffsets.xml63.4000° N, 41.2833° W
Finsch Harbour, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world6.5500° S, 147.8500° E
Finsch Islands, Greenlandoffsets.xml73.9833° N, 21.1333° W
Fire Island Breakwater, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6167° N, 73.3000° W
Fire Island Coast Guard Station, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6267° N, 73.2600° W
Fire Island Radiobeacon, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6350° N, 73.2200° W
First Narrows, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world49.3167° N, 123.1333° W
Fish Creek, Berrys Creek, Hackensack River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.7933° N, 74.0917° W
Fishermans Island, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.0967° N, 75.9833° W
Fishermans Rest, Floridaoffsets.xml29.7333° N, 83.5333° W
Fishing Battery Light, Susquehanna River, Marylandoffsets.xml39.5000° N, 76.0833° W
Fishing Bend, Santa Rosa Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml30.3367° N, 87.1367° W
Fishing Creek entrance, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2167° N, 75.1583° W
Fishing Point, Fishing Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.3083° N, 76.0183° W
Fishmaster's Harbour, Sondre Stromfjord, Greenlandoffsets.xml66.0167° N, 53.4833° W
Fitzroy Island, Australiaharmonics.world16.9167° S, 146.0000° E
Five Fathom Creek entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0000° N, 79.4967° W
Five Islands, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3833° N, 64.1167° W
Five Islands, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.3833° N, 64.0667° W
Flamingo, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.1417° N, 80.9233° W
Flat Creek, Manahawkin Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7067° N, 74.1917° W
Flat Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5000° N, 66.0000° W
Fleet Point, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8133° N, 76.2750° W
Fleming Point 1.7 mi SW, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8500° N, 122.3500° W
Flinders Bay, Australiaharmonics.world34.3333° S, 115.1667° E
Flinders Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.1667° S, 144.1667° E
Flinders Reef, Coral Seaharmonics.world17.8667° S, 148.5667° E
Flinders Reef, Coral Sea (2)harmonics.world17.8667° S, 148.5667° E
Flock Pigeon Island, Australiaharmonics.world22.1167° S, 149.5667° E
Florence Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.3000° N, 125.1667° W
Florence Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.3000° N, 125.0167° W
Florence, Siuslaw River, Oregonoffsets.xml43.9667° N, 124.1033° W
Florianópolis, Brazilharmonics.world27.5833° S, 48.5500° W
Florianópolis, Braziloffsets.xml27.6000° S, 48.5667° W
Florida Bay (East), Floridaharmonics.world24.8367° N, 80.7667° W
Florida Bay (West), Floridaharmonics.world24.8400° N, 80.7800° W
Florida Passage, Bear River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.8167° N, 81.1667° W
Florida Passage, Ogeechee River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.8533° N, 81.1467° W
Florida Power, Floridaoffsets.xml28.9600° N, 82.7250° W
Flowers Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.3000° N, 56.7333° W
Floyd Creek, 2.8 miles above entrance, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.9367° N, 81.5067° W
Fogo Harbour, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml49.7167° N, 54.2667° W
Folly Beach, Folly River bridge, Folly Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6617° N, 79.9450° W
Folly Creek, Hwy. 171 bridge, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6750° N, 79.9517° W
Folly Creek, Metompkin Inlet, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.6967° N, 75.6350° W
Folly Island (outer coast), South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6500° N, 79.9333° W
Folly River, north, Folly Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6700° N, 79.9167° W
Fongafale, Funafuti, Tuvaluharmonics.world8.5333° S, 179.2000° E
Forari, Vanuatuharmonics.world17.6833° S, 168.5500° E
Ford Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world56.4500° N, 61.2000° W
Fore River, Maineoffsets.xml43.6417° N, 70.2850° W
Forestville, Québecharmonics.world48.7333° N, 69.0833° W
Forge Pond, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0650° N, 74.1350° W
Forked River, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8250° N, 74.1733° W
Forster, Australiaharmonics.world32.1833° S, 152.5000° E
Fort Bragg Landing, Californiaoffsets.xml39.4433° N, 123.8133° W
Fort Canhy, Jetty A, Columbia River, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.2667° N, 124.0366° W
Fort Carroll, Marylandoffsets.xml39.2167° N, 76.5167° W
Fort Caswell, Cape Fear River, North Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8967° N, 78.0167° W
Fort Chimo, Québecharmonics.world58.1000° N, 68.3167° W
Fort Churchill, Manitobaharmonics.world58.7667° N, 94.0667° W
Fort Conger, Discovery Harbour, Ellesmere Island, Nunavutharmonics.world81.7333° N, 64.7333° W
Fort Conger, Discovery Harbour, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml81.7333° N, 64.7333° W
Fort Fremont, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3067° N, 80.6450° W
Fort Gaines, Mobile Bay Entrance, Alabamaoffsets.xml30.2500° N, 88.0667° W
Fort George Island, Fort George River, Floridaharmonics.world30.4400° N, 81.4383° W
Fort George Island, Fort George River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.4400° N, 81.4383° W
Fort George Island, Fort George River, Florida (3)offsets.xml30.4400° N, 81.4383° W
Fort Hamilton, The Narrows, Brooklyn, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6083° N, 74.0350° W
Fort Jackson, Savannah River, Georgiaoffsets.xml32.0817° N, 81.0367° W
Fort Johnson, Charleston Harbor, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7517° N, 79.8983° W
Fort Macon, USCG Station, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.6983° N, 76.6817° W
Fort McAllister, Ogeechee River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.8833° N, 81.2167° W
Fort Myers, Floridaharmonics.world26.6467° N, 81.8717° W
Fort Myers, Florida (2) (expired 1999-03-25)harmonics.world26.6467° N, 81.8717° W
Fort Myers, Florida (3)offsets.xml26.6467° N, 81.8717° W
Fort Pierce (inside), Indian River, Floridaharmonics.world27.4567° N, 80.3233° W
Fort Pierce (inside), Indian River, Florida (2)offsets.xml27.4567° N, 80.3233° W
Fort Pierce Inlet, Floridaoffsets.xml27.4683° N, 80.2967° W
Fort Pierce Inlet, south jetty, Floridaoffsets.xml27.4700° N, 80.2883° W
Fort Point, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.4667° N, 68.8117° W
Fort Point, Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshireoffsets.xml43.0717° N, 70.7117° W
Fort Popham, Kennebec River, Maineoffsets.xml43.7500° N, 69.7833° W
Fort Ross, Californiaoffsets.xml38.5133° N, 123.2450° W
Fort Ross, Nunavutharmonics.world72.0167° N, 94.2333° W
Fort Ross, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world72.0167° N, 94.2333° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7533° N, 79.8767° W
Fort Wadsworth, The Narrows, Staten Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6067° N, 74.0550° W
Fort Washington, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7167° N, 77.0333° W
Fort-de-France, Martiniqueharmonics.world14.5833° N, 61.0500° W
Fort-de-France, Martiniqueoffsets.xml14.5833° N, 61.0500° W
Fortaleza, Braziloffsets.xml3.7167° S, 38.4833° W
Forteau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labradorharmonics.world51.4500° N, 56.8833° W
Forteau Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador (2)offsets.xml51.4500° N, 56.8833° W
Fortescue Road, Australiaharmonics.world21.0000° S, 116.1000° E
Foulke Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world78.3000° N, 72.6333° W
Foulweather Bluff, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.9267° N, 122.6167° W
Foulweather Bluff, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.9500° N, 122.5667° W
Fourchu, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7167° N, 60.2500° W
Fowey Rocks, Floridaoffsets.xml25.5833° N, 80.1000° W
Fowl River, Mobile Bay Entrance, Alabamaoffsets.xml30.4333° N, 88.1167° W
Fox Island, Miramich, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.1167° N, 65.0500° W
Fox Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.7333° N, 58.7000° W
Franklin Bay, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.9500° N, 126.9167° W
Franklin City, Chincoteague Bay, Virginaoffsets.xml38.0067° N, 75.3817° W
Franklin River, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1000° N, 124.8167° W
Franklin River, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.1000° N, 124.8167° W
Frazier Point, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.3167° N, 79.2833° W
Frederica River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.2217° N, 81.3933° W
Frederick River Bridge, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.1683° N, 81.4133° W
Frederick Sound, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.0500° N, 126.7333° W
Fredericksburg, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.2983° N, 77.4533° W
Fredericton, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.9667° N, 66.6500° W
Frederiksdal, Greenlandoffsets.xml60.0000° N, 44.6667° W
Frederikshåb, Greenlandoffsets.xml62.0000° N, 49.7167° W
Freeport Creek, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6417° N, 73.5700° W
Freeport Harbor, Texasharmonics.world28.9467° N, 95.3083° W
Freeport Harbor, Texas (2)offsets.xml28.9483° N, 95.3083° W
Freeport Harbour, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamasharmonics.world26.5167° N, 78.7833° W
Freeport, Baldwin Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6333° N, 73.5867° W
Freeport, DOW Barge Canal, Texasharmonics.world28.9483° N, 95.3083° W
Freetown, Sierra Leoneharmonics.world8.5000° N, 13.2333° W
Fremantle, Australiaharmonics.world32.0500° S, 115.7333° E
Fremantle, Australia (2)harmonics.world32.0500° S, 115.7500° E
Frenchman's Cove, Bay of Islands, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml49.0667° N, 58.1667° W
Fresh Creek, Andros Island, Bahamasharmonics.world24.7333° N, 77.8000° W
Fresh Creek, Andros Island, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml24.7333° N, 77.8000° W
Friday Harbor, San Juan Channel, Washingtonharmonics.world48.5500° N, 123.0000° W
Friday Harbor, San Juan Channel, Washington (2)harmonics.world48.5500° N, 123.0000° W
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washingtonharmonics.world48.5467° N, 123.0100° W
Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington (2)offsets.xml48.5467° N, 123.0100° W
Friendship Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml43.9700° N, 69.3417° W
Fripp Inlet Bridge, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3400° N, 80.4650° W
Frontera, Tabasco, Mexicoharmonics.world18.5333° N, 92.6500° W
Frontera, Tabasco, Mexico (2)offsets.xml18.5333° N, 92.6500° W
Frost-Willow Island, between, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5167° N, 122.8167° W
Ft. George River (Loon Point), Québecharmonics.world53.8500° N, 79.0500° W
Fulford Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.7667° N, 123.4500° W
Fulford Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.7667° N, 123.4500° W
Fulton, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.3900° N, 81.5067° W
Fulton, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3900° N, 81.5067° W
Fulton, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.3900° N, 81.5067° W
Fulton, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.3900° N, 81.5067° W
Fulton, St. Johns River, Florida (5)offsets.xml30.3900° N, 81.5067° W
Funchal, Madeiraharmonics.world32.6333° N, 16.9167° W
Fundy (Offshore 1), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.8167° N, 63.2167° W
Fundy (Offshore 21), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.6167° N, 64.3667° W
Fundy (Offshore 22a), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.1167° N, 65.0500° W
Fundy (Offshore 22b), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.0500° N, 65.6333° W
Fundy (Offshore 23), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world40.3667° N, 67.7500° W
Fundy (Offshore 3), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world41.7333° N, 65.8000° W
Fundy (Offshore 4), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world40.7500° N, 66.8500° W
Fundy (Offshore 6), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.4667° N, 67.7167° W
Gabarus Cove, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.8500° N, 60.1667° W
Gabo Island, Australiaharmonics.world37.5667° S, 149.9167° E
Gabriola Pass, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1333° N, 123.7167° W
Gabriola Passage, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world49.1283° N, 123.7000° W
Gakiya, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world27.0333° N, 127.9670° E
Galesville, West River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.8417° N, 76.5400° W
Gallant Channel, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7283° N, 76.6683° W
Galle, Sri Lankaharmonics.world6.0333° N, 80.2167° E
Gallinas Creek, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0150° N, 122.5033° W
Galt Island, Pine Island Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml26.5133° N, 82.1067° W
Galveston (Galveston Channel), Texasharmonics.world29.3100° N, 94.7933° W
Galveston (Galveston Channel), Texas (2) (expired 1993-12-31)harmonics.world29.3133° N, 94.7867° W
Galveston (Pleasure Pier), Texasharmonics.world29.2867° N, 94.7900° W
Galveston (Pleasure Pier), Texas (2)offsets.xml29.2867° N, 94.7900° W
Galveston Bay entrance, south jetty, Texasoffsets.xml29.3333° N, 94.7000° W
Galveston Bay Entrance, Texas Currentharmonics.world29.3467° N, 94.7050° W
Galway, Irelandharmonics.world53.2667° N, 9.0500° W
Galway, Ireland (2)harmonics.world53.2667° N, 9.0500° W
Gamagori, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.8167° N, 137.2330° E
Gamlagætt, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world61.9642° N, 6.8230° W
Ganges Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8500° N, 123.5000° W
Ganges Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8500° N, 123.0500° W
Gannet Cay, Australiaharmonics.world21.9833° S, 152.4667° E
Gannet Rock, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5167° N, 66.7833° W
Garden City Bridge, Main Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5783° N, 79.0033° W
Garden City Pier (ocean), South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5750° N, 78.9967° W
Garden Cove, Key Largo, Floridaoffsets.xml25.1717° N, 80.3667° W
Garden Key, Dry Tortugas, Floridaharmonics.world24.6267° N, 82.8717° W
Garden Key, Dry Tortugas, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.6267° N, 82.8717° W
Garden Point, Gouldsboro Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.4683° N, 67.9700° W
Gardiner, Discovery Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0667° N, 122.9167° W
Gardiner, Kennebec River, Maineoffsets.xml44.2333° N, 69.7667° W
Gardiner, Umpqua River, Oregonoffsets.xml43.7333° N, 124.1166° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Gardner Island, Breton Sound, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.6833° N, 89.3833° W
Gargathy Neck, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.7767° N, 75.5617° W
Garibaldi, Oregonharmonics.world45.5583° N, 123.9117° W
Garibaldi, Oregon (2)offsets.xml45.5550° N, 123.9116° W
Garnet Point, Maineharmonics.world44.9167° N, 67.1167° W
Garry Island, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.0500° N, 135.7500° W
Gaskins Point, Occohannock Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5567° N, 75.9167° W
Gaspé Bay, Québecharmonics.world48.8333° N, 64.4833° W
Gaspé Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.8333° N, 64.4833° W
Gatcombe Head, Australiaharmonics.world23.8833° S, 151.3833° E
Gaviota, Californiaoffsets.xml34.4683° N, 120.2050° W
Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.3533° N, 70.8300° W
Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.3533° N, 70.8300° W
Gazya Sima, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world29.9000° N, 129.5500° E
Geelong, Australiaharmonics.world38.1500° S, 144.3667° E
General Dynamics Pier, Cooper River, South Carolinaharmonics.world33.0150° N, 79.9233° W
General Dynamics Pier, Cooper River, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml33.0150° N, 79.9233° W
General Fish Company Pier, Californiaoffsets.xml36.8017° N, 121.7866° W
George Island Landing, Chincoteague Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.0333° N, 75.3667° W
George River (Derived), Québecharmonics.world58.5167° N, 66.0000° W
George Washington Bridge (Hudson River), New York Currentharmonics.world40.8500° N, 73.9500° W
George Washington Bridge, Hudson River, New Yorkharmonics.world40.8500° N, 73.9500° W
George Washington Bridge, Hudson River, New York (2)offsets.xml40.8500° N, 73.9500° W
Georges Shoal, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7000° N, 69.7667° W
Georgetown Harbour, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.1833° N, 62.5333° W
Georgetown Harbour, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.1833° N, 62.5333° W
Georgetown Lighthouse, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.2233° N, 79.1850° W
Georgetown, Guyanaharmonics.world6.8333° N, 58.1667° W
Georgetown, Guyanaoffsets.xml6.8000° N, 58.1667° W
Georgetown, Sampit River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.3617° N, 79.2800° W
Georgetown, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world29.3850° N, 81.6367° W
Georgetown, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world29.3850° N, 81.6367° W
Georgetown, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world29.3850° N, 81.6367° W
Georgetown, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world29.3850° N, 81.6367° W
Georgetown, Tasmaniaharmonics.world41.1167° S, 146.8167° E
Georgiana Slough entrance, Mokelumne River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1250° N, 121.5783° W
Georgina Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8667° N, 123.2833° W
Georgina Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8667° N, 123.2833° W
Geraldton, Australiaharmonics.world28.7833° S, 114.5833° E
Geraldton, Australia (2)harmonics.world28.7833° S, 114.5833° E
Geranium Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world13.9333° S, 126.5833° E
Gerrish Island, Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshireoffsets.xml43.0667° N, 70.6967° W
Gethsemani, Québecharmonics.world50.2167° N, 60.6833° W
Gibbs Island, Pleasant River, Maineharmonics.world44.5500° N, 67.7667° W
Gibbs Island, Pleasant River, Maine (2)offsets.xml44.5500° N, 67.7667° W
Gibraltar (U.K.)harmonics.world36.1333° N, 5.3500° W
Gibraltar (U.K.) (2)harmonics.world36.1333° N, 5.3500° W
Gibson Point, 0.8 miles E of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2167° N, 122.5833° W
Gibsons Landing, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.4000° N, 123.0500° W
Gibsons, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.4000° N, 123.5000° W
Gig Harbor Entrance, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.3333° N, 122.5667° W
Gig Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3400° N, 122.5883° W
Gijón, Spainharmonics.world43.5667° N, 5.7000° W
Gilchrist, East Bay, Texasoffsets.xml29.5167° N, 94.4833° W
Gilgo Heading, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6200° N, 73.3950° W
Gillard Pass, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world50.3933° N, 125.1567° W
Gillies Island, Québecharmonics.world56.5500° N, 76.6333° W
Gima, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.3333° N, 126.7670° E
Gingerville Creek, Marylandharmonics.world38.9583° N, 76.5550° W
Gingerville Creek, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.9583° N, 76.5550° W
Gisborne, New Zealandharmonics.world38.6667° S, 178.0167° E
Gisborne, New Zealand (2)harmonics.world38.6833° S, 178.0333° E
Gizo Anchorage, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world8.1000° S, 156.8500° E
Glace Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.2000° N, 59.9167° W
Gladstone, Australiaharmonics.world23.8333° S, 151.2500° E
Gladstone, Australia (2)harmonics.world23.8333° S, 151.7500° E
Gladstone, Australia (3)harmonics.world23.8333° S, 151.2500° E
Gleason Cove, Western Passage, Maineoffsets.xml44.9667° N, 67.0500° W
Glebe Point, Great Wicomico River, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8467° N, 76.3683° W
Glen Cove, Hempstead Harbor, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8633° N, 73.6550° W
Glendale Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.6667° N, 125.7333° W
Glendale Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0667° N, 125.7333° W
Glendale, Whidbey Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.9400° N, 122.3567° W
Gloucester Harbor (Ten Pound Island), Massachusettsharmonics.world42.6033° N, 70.6650° W
Gloucester Harbor (Ten Pound Island), Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml42.6000° N, 70.6667° W
Gloucester Point, York River, Virginiaharmonics.world37.2467° N, 76.5000° W
Gloucester Point, York River, Virginia (2)offsets.xml37.2467° N, 76.5000° W
Glymont, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6167° N, 77.1333° W
Goaribari Island, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world7.7500° S, 144.2000° E
Goaribari Island, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world7.7500° S, 144.2000° E
Godfrey Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.0167° N, 130.2333° W
Godhavn, Disko Island, Greenlandharmonics.world69.2500° N, 53.5500° W
Godhavn, Disko Island, Greenlandoffsets.xml69.2500° N, 53.5500° W
Godthåb, Greenlandharmonics.world64.1833° N, 51.7500° W
Godthåb, Greenland (2)harmonics.world64.1833° N, 51.7500° W
Godthåb, Greenland (2)offsets.xml64.1667° N, 51.7333° W
Gogo Sima, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 132.6830° E
Gokasyo, Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.3167° N, 136.6670° E
Gold Coast Seaway, Australiaharmonics.world27.9500° S, 153.4333° E
Gold River, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.6833° N, 126.1333° W
Gold River, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.6833° N, 126.1333° W
Gold Street Bridge, Alviso Slough, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.4233° N, 121.9750° W
Golden Beach, ICWW, Floridaoffsets.xml25.9667° N, 80.1250° W
Golden Gate Bridge .8 mi E ., San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8167° N, 122.4500° W
Gomez, South Jupiter Narrows, Floridaoffsets.xml27.0933° N, 80.1367° W
Gonoura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.7333° N, 129.6830° E
Good Hope Landing, south of, New River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1767° N, 80.9667° W
Goods Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.5667° S, 142.1667° E
Goods Island, Torres Strait (2)harmonics.world10.5667° S, 142.1667° E
Goodwin Neck, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2333° N, 76.4333° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Goold Island, Australiaharmonics.world18.1667° S, 146.1833° E
Goold Island, Australia (2)harmonics.world18.1667° S, 146.1833° E
Goose Bay, Labradoroffsets.xml53.3500° N, 60.4000° W
Goose Bay, Port Tobacco River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.4500° N, 77.0500° W
Goose Creek entrance, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9633° N, 74.1150° W
Goose Creek entrance, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9100° N, 79.9517° W
Goose Island, Australiaharmonics.world34.0833° S, 123.1833° E
Goose Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.0000° N, 128.4167° W
Goose Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.0000° N, 128.4167° W
Gooseberry Point, Hale Passage, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.7300° N, 122.6700° W
Gooseneck Point, bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.3267° N, 74.0167° W
Gopher Key, Cudjoe Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6417° N, 81.4850° W
Gordon Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.1000° N, 131.2167° W
Gordon Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.1000° N, 131.2167° W
Gordon Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0833° N, 65.4000° W
Gorge (Victoria), British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4500° N, 123.4167° W
Gorge Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.1000° N, 124.9833° W
Gorge-Tillicum Bridge, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world48.4500° N, 123.4000° W
Gosford, Australiaharmonics.world33.4333° S, 151.3500° E
Gosling Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.9000° N, 128.4333° W
Gosling Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.9000° N, 128.4333° W
Gosport Harbor, Isles of Shoals, New Hampshireoffsets.xml42.9783° N, 70.6150° W
Gotu, Simane, Japanharmonics.world35.0167° N, 132.2330° E
Gove Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world12.2167° S, 136.6667° E
Government Cut, Miami Harbor Entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml25.7633° N, 80.1300° W
Governors Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6950° N, 74.0167° W
Gowanus Bay, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6650° N, 74.0133° W
Gowlland Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.0667° N, 125.2333° W
Gowlland Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0667° N, 125.2333° W
Gøta, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world62.1968° N, 6.7405° W
Graham Pond, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.1000° N, 62.4500° W
Grahamville, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8300° N, 78.9533° W
Granby Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world55.4167° N, 129.8333° W
Granby Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world55.4167° N, 129.8000° W
Grand Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6000° N, 59.1667° W
Grand Cayman, Jamaicaoffsets.xml19.3333° N, 81.3333° W
Grand Eddy, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4000° N, 66.2000° W
Grand Isle, USCG Station, East Point, Louisianaharmonics.world29.2633° N, 89.9567° W
Grand Manan Channel (Bay of Fundy Entrance), New Brunswick Currentharmonics.world44.7533° N, 66.9317° W
Grande Entree, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.5500° N, 61.5500° W
Grande Île, Québecharmonics.world47.6167° N, 69.8667° W
Grande le Pierre Harbour, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6667° N, 54.7833° W
Grande-Rivière, Québecharmonics.world48.4000° N, 64.5000° W
Grande-Vallée, Québecharmonics.world49.2333° N, 65.1333° W
Granite Rock, Redwood Creek, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.4950° N, 122.2133° W
Grant Line Canal (drawbridge), Old River, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8200° N, 121.4466° W
Grassy Bay (bridge), Brooklyn, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6450° N, 73.8367° W
Grassy Key (North), Floridaharmonics.world24.7667° N, 80.9333° W
Grassy Key (North), Florida (2)offsets.xml24.7717° N, 80.9400° W
Grassy Key, south side, Hawk Channel, Floridaharmonics.world24.7550° N, 80.9583° W
Grassy Key, south side, Hawk Channel, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.7550° N, 80.9583° W
Grassy, King Island, Tasmaniaharmonics.world40.0667° S, 144.0833° E
Graveling Point, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5400° N, 74.3867° W
Grays Harbor Entrance, Washington Currentharmonics.world46.9167° N, 124.1250° W
Great Captain Island, Connecticutoffsets.xml40.9833° N, 73.6167° W
Great Chebeague Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.7167° N, 70.1333° W
Great Diamond Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.6700° N, 70.2000° W
Great Glennie Island, Australiaharmonics.world39.0833° S, 146.2333° E
Great Hill, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7117° N, 70.7150° W
Great Jervis Harbour, Bay d'Espoir, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6500° N, 56.1833° W
Great Kills Harbor, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.5433° N, 74.1400° W
Great Machipongo Inlet (inside), Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4000° N, 75.7167° W
Great Pocket, Floridaoffsets.xml27.1550° N, 80.1717° W
Great Point Clear, Mobile Bay, Alabamaoffsets.xml30.4817° N, 87.9333° W
Great Point, Nantucket Island, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.3867° N, 70.0467° W
Great River, Connetquot River, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7233° N, 73.1517° W
Great Shoals Light, Monie Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2167° N, 75.8833° W
Great Sound, Ireland Island, Bermudaharmonics.world32.3167° N, 64.8333° W
Great Sound, Ireland Island, Bermudaoffsets.xml32.3167° N, 64.8333° W
Great Sound, Ireland Island, Bermuda (2)harmonics.world32.3167° N, 64.8333° W
Great St. Lawrence Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.9000° N, 55.3667° W
Great St. Lawrence Harbour, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml46.9167° N, 55.3667° W
Great Whale River, Québecharmonics.world55.2667° N, 77.7667° W
Great Wicomico River Light, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8050° N, 76.2683° W
Greely Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world80.6000° N, 79.5833° W
Green Bank, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6117° N, 74.5900° W
Green Bay, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.1500° N, 77.0833° W
Green Cove Springs, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world29.9900° N, 81.6633° W
Green Cove Springs, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world29.9900° N, 81.6633° W
Green Cove Springs, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world29.9900° N, 81.6633° W
Green Cove Springs, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world29.9900° N, 81.6633° W
Green Cove Springs, St. Johns River, Florida (5)harmonics.world29.9900° N, 81.6633° W
Green Cove Springs, St. Johns River, Florida (6)offsets.xml29.9900° N, 81.6633° W
Green Island, Australiaharmonics.world16.7500° S, 145.9667° E
Green Island, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6233° N, 73.5017° W
Green Island, Petit Manan Bar, Maineoffsets.xml44.3717° N, 67.8700° W
Green Point, 0.8 mile NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5000° N, 122.7000° W
Green Turtle Cay, Bahamasharmonics.world26.7667° N, 77.3000° W
Greenbank, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.1050° N, 122.5700° W
Greenbury Point Shoal Light, Marylandoffsets.xml38.9667° N, 76.4500° W
Greenly Island, Australiaharmonics.world34.6500° S, 134.7833° E
Greenock, Scotlandharmonics.world55.9667° N, 4.8167° W
Greenport, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.1017° N, 72.3617° W
Greens Ledge, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.0500° N, 73.4500° W
Greensboro, Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.9667° N, 75.8167° W
Greenwich Pier, Cohansey River, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3833° N, 75.3500° W
Greenwich, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.0167° N, 73.6167° W
Greggs Landing, Matceba Gardens, Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9317° N, 80.1567° W
Grenadaoffsets.xml12.0667° N, 61.7500° W
Greville, South Island, New Zealandharmonics.world40.8667° S, 173.8000° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Grey River, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.5667° N, 57.1167° W
Griffin Passage, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.7500° N, 128.3667° W
Griffin Passage, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.7500° N, 128.3667° W
Griffith Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.6000° N, 130.5500° W
Griffith Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.6000° N, 130.5500° W
Griffith Island, Barrow Strait, Nunavutoffsets.xml74.5833° N, 95.5000° W
Grindstone (Ray .4), New Brunswickharmonics.world45.7167° N, 64.6000° W
Grindstone Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.7167° N, 64.6167° W
Grindstone Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.7167° N, 64.6167° W
Grise Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world76.4167° N, 83.0833° W
Grist Mill, Québecharmonics.world46.6500° N, 71.9000° W
Grondines, Québecharmonics.world46.5833° N, 72.0333° W
Grondines, Québec (2)harmonics.world46.5833° N, 72.0333° W
Gros Cacouna, Québecharmonics.world47.9333° N, 69.5167° W
Gross Point, Eastern Channel, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.5367° N, 68.7583° W
Grosse-Île, Québecharmonics.world47.0333° N, 70.6667° W
Grundarfjörður, Icelandharmonics.world64.5600° N, 23.1500° W
Guam, Marianasharmonics.world13.3300° N, 144.6600° E
Guam, Marianas (2)harmonics.world13.4333° N, 144.6500° E
Guánica, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml17.9667° N, 66.9167° W
Guantanamo Bay, Cubaoffsets.xml19.9000° N, 75.1500° W
Guarapari, Braziloffsets.xml20.6666° S, 40.5000° W
Guard Shore, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8500° N, 75.7000° W
Guayaquil, Ecuadorharmonics.world2.2000° S, 79.8833° W
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexicoharmonics.world27.9167° N, 110.8833° W
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico (2)harmonics.world27.9250° N, 110.8917° W
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico (3)harmonics.world27.9250° N, 110.8917° W
Guemes Channel, West entrance of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5167° N, 122.6500° W
Guinchos Cay, Bahamasharmonics.world22.7500° N, 78.1167° W
Guinchos Cay, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml22.7500° N, 78.1167° W
Gulf Harbors, Floridaoffsets.xml28.2433° N, 82.7633° W
Gulfport, Floridaoffsets.xml27.7367° N, 82.7067° W
Gulfport, Gulfport Harbor, Mississippiharmonics.world30.3600° N, 89.0817° W
Gull Island, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.2667° N, 52.7833° W
Guluwuru Island, Australiaharmonics.world11.5167° S, 136.3833° E
Gunston Cove, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.6667° N, 77.1333° W
Gurnet Point, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.0000° N, 70.6000° W
Guysborough, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.3833° N, 61.4833° W
Habu (In-No-Sima), Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.2667° N, 133.2000° E
Habu (Izu-O Sima), Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world34.6833° N, 139.4330° E
Hachinohe, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.5333° N, 141.5330° E
Hackensack, Hackensack River, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.8900° N, 74.0383° W
Hackensack, Hackensack River, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.8800° N, 74.0400° W
Haddam, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.4833° N, 72.5000° W
Haderuma, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.0667° N, 123.7670° E
Hadlyme, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.4200° N, 72.4283° W
Haedomari, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 130.8830° E
Hagemeister Island (north end), Alaskaharmonics.world58.7767° N, 160.7767° W
Hagi, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.4333° N, 131.4170° E
Hagley Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4350° N, 79.1817° W
Haig Point, Daufuskie Island, Cooper River, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.1500° N, 80.8333° W
Haig Point, Daufuskie Island, Cooper River, South Carolina (2)offsets.xml32.1467° N, 80.8367° W
Haiki Jetty (N.side), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.1333° N, 129.8000° E
Haiki Jetty (S.side), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.1333° N, 129.8000° E
Hainesport, South Branch Rancocas Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9783° N, 74.8233° W
Haiphong, Vietnamharmonics.world20.8667° N, 106.6667° E
Hakata Hukuoka, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.6000° N, 130.3830° E
Hakata-Hunadamari, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.6000° N, 130.4000° E
Hakata-Hunadamari, Hukuoka, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.6000° N, 130.4000° E
Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.7833° N, 140.7170° E
Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan (2)harmonics.world41.7833° N, 140.7167° E
Hale Passage, 0.5 miles SE of Lummi Pt, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7333° N, 122.6833° W
Hale Passage, West end, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2833° N, 122.6500° W
Half Moon Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.5000° N, 122.4833° W
Half Moon Bay, California (2)offsets.xml37.5017° N, 122.4866° W
Halfmoon Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.5167° N, 123.9167° W
Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.5167° N, 123.9167° W
Halfmoon Island, highway bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5767° N, 81.6083° W
Halifax, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6667° N, 63.5833° W
Halifax, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world44.6667° N, 63.5833° W
Hall Beach, Foxe Basin, Nunavutharmonics.world68.7500° N, 81.2167° W
Hall Beach, Foxe Basin, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world68.7500° N, 81.2167° W
Hall Beach, Foxe Basin, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml68.7500° N, 81.2167° W
Hall Point, Australiaharmonics.world15.6667° S, 124.4000° E
Hallowell, Kennebec River, Maineoffsets.xml44.2833° N, 69.7833° W
Halls Boathouse, Washingtonharmonics.world48.0500° N, 123.5500° W
Halls River Bridge, Halls River, Floridaharmonics.world28.8000° N, 82.6033° W
Halls River Bridge, Halls River, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.8000° N, 82.6033° W
Hama-Onisibetu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.3333° N, 142.1670° E
Hamamasu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.6000° N, 141.3830° E
Hamazima, Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 136.7670° E
Hamburg, Germanyharmonics.world53.5500° N, 9.9667° E
Hamelin Bay, Australiaharmonics.world34.1833° S, 115.0333° E
Hamelin Pool, Australiaharmonics.world26.3833° S, 114.1833° E
Hamilton Bank 334, Labradorharmonics.world53.7333° N, 53.6167° W
Hamilton Bank 789, Labradorharmonics.world53.7333° N, 55.4500° W
Hamilton Bank 790, Labradorharmonics.world54.1833° N, 52.1333° W
Hamilton Bank 795, Labradorharmonics.world54.4667° N, 55.4333° W
Hamilton Bank 796, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.0667° N, 53.0167° W
Hamilton Bank, Labradorharmonics.world55.3500° N, 53.7667° W
Hamilton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world74.2000° N, 99.0167° W
Hamlin Creek, Isle of Palms, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7867° N, 79.7917° W
Hamlin Sound, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8267° N, 79.7867° W
Hammerfest, Norwayharmonics.world70.6667° N, 23.6833° E
Hammersley Inlet, 0.8 miles E of Libby Pt, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2000° N, 122.9667° W
Hammersley Inlet, W of Skookum Pt, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2000° N, 123.0333° W
Hammond, Columbia River, Oregonoffsets.xml46.2017° N, 123.9450° W
Hampden, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5667° N, 56.8667° W
Hampden, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.7500° N, 68.8333° W
Hampton Harbor, New Hampshireoffsets.xml42.8950° N, 70.8167° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Hampton River entrance, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.2167° N, 81.3167° W
Hampton River, Hampton Roads, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.0167° N, 76.3333° W
Hampton Roads, Virginiaharmonics.world36.9467° N, 76.3300° W
Hampton Roads, Virginia (2) (expired 1989-12-31)harmonics.world36.9467° N, 76.3300° W
Hanabutihama, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.3000° N, 141.0830° E
Hanahan, Turkey Creek, Goose Creek, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9183° N, 80.0117° W
Hanasaki, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.2833° N, 145.5830° E
Hanbury Point, Mosquito Pass, San Juan I., Haro Strait, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.5817° N, 123.1700° W
Haneda, Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world35.5500° N, 139.7670° E
Hanga Piko, Easter Islandharmonics.world27.1667° S, 109.3333° W
Hanga Piko, Easter Island (2)harmonics.world27.1500° S, 109.4500° W
Hannibal Island, Australiaharmonics.world11.6000° S, 142.9333° E
Hansville, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.9183° N, 122.5450° W
Hansweert, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.4500° N, 4.0000° E
Hantsport, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0667° N, 64.1667° W
Hantsport, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.0667° N, 64.1667° W
Harbor Bay, Great Swan Island, Hondurasoffsets.xml17.4000° N, 83.9333° W
Harbor of Refuge, Chincoteague Bay, Virginaoffsets.xml37.9033° N, 75.4067° W
Harbor River Bridge, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4033° N, 80.4533° W
Harbor River entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0333° N, 79.5350° W
Harbour Breton, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.4667° N, 55.8000° W
Harbour Grace, Conception Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6833° N, 53.2000° W
Hare Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6167° N, 56.5333° W
Hargray Pier, Daufuskie Island, New River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.0983° N, 80.8983° W
Haringvliet 10, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.8667° N, 3.8667° E
Haringvlietsluizen, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.8333° N, 4.0333° E
Harkers Island Bridge, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7150° N, 76.5783° W
Harlingen, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.1667° N, 5.4167° E
Harmac, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1333° N, 123.8500° W
Harmac, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.1333° N, 123.8500° W
Harmil Island, Eritreaharmonics.world16.4833° N, 40.1833° E
Harney Channel, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5833° N, 122.9000° W
Harper, Yukon Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.5233° N, 122.5167° W
Harpswell Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml43.7667° N, 70.0000° W
Harrietts Bluff, Crooked River, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.8700° N, 81.5850° W
Harrington Harbour, Québecharmonics.world50.5000° N, 59.4833° W
Harrington Harbour, Québec (2)harmonics.world50.5000° N, 59.4833° W
Harrington Inlet, Australiaharmonics.world31.8667° S, 152.6833° E
Harrington Point, Columbia River, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.2667° N, 123.6533° W
Harrington Reef, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world10.8167° S, 142.7167° E
Harris Neck, Barbour Island River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.6233° N, 81.2633° W
Harris, The Narrows, Choctawhatchee Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.4083° N, 86.7317° W
Hartford, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.7700° N, 72.6683° W
Hartley Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.4333° N, 129.2500° W
Hartley Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.4333° N, 129.2500° W
Harumi (Tokyo), Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world35.6500° N, 139.7670° E
Harwich, Englandharmonics.world51.9500° N, 1.2833° E
Hase, Saga, Japanharmonics.world33.3167° N, 129.8170° E
Hashamomuck Beach, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0950° N, 72.3983° W
Hasihama, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world34.1167° N, 132.9670° E
Hasirimizu, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.2500° N, 139.7330° E
Hatakezimo, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0667° N, 129.7330° E
Hatfield Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.6500° N, 65.8667° W
Hati Lawi Harbour, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world11.2667° S, 153.1667° E
Hati Lawi Harbour, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world11.2667° S, 153.1667° E
Hatteras (ocean), North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.2050° N, 75.7033° W
Hatteras Inlet, North Carolinaharmonics.world35.2050° N, 75.7033° W
Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina (2)offsets.xml35.2000° N, 75.7333° W
Haulover Pier, North Miami Beach, Floridaharmonics.world25.9033° N, 80.1200° W
Haulover Pier, North Miami Beach, Florida (2)offsets.xml25.9033° N, 80.1200° W
Hauy Islet, Australiaharmonics.world20.4167° S, 116.9667° E
Havana, Cubaoffsets.xml23.1500° N, 82.3333° W
Haverstraw (Hudson River), New York Currentharmonics.world41.2000° N, 73.9500° W
Haverstraw, Hudson River, New Yorkharmonics.world41.1967° N, 73.9583° W
Haverstraw, Hudson River, New York (2)offsets.xml41.1967° N, 73.9583° W
Havre Aubert (Amherst), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.2333° N, 61.8472° W
Havre de Grace, Susquehanna River, Marylandharmonics.world39.5367° N, 76.0900° W
Havre de Grace, Susquehanna River, Maryland (2)offsets.xml39.5367° N, 76.0900° W
Havre-De-Beaubassin, Québecharmonics.world48.0333° N, 65.4833° W
Havre-St-Pierre, Québecharmonics.world50.2333° N, 63.6000° W
Havre-St-Pierre, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.2333° N, 63.6000° W
Hawkesbury Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.3833° S, 142.1333° E
Hawks Nest Anchorage, Turks Islandsharmonics.world21.4333° N, 71.1167° W
Hawks Nest Anchorage, Turks Islands (2)offsets.xml21.4333° N, 71.1167° W
Haxall, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3733° N, 77.2433° W
Hay Point, Australiaharmonics.world21.2667° S, 149.3000° E
Hay Point, Australia (2)harmonics.world21.2667° S, 149.3000° E
Hayase Seto, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.1500° N, 132.4830° E
Hayman Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.0500° S, 148.8833° E
Haysport, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.1833° N, 130.0000° W
Haysport, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.1833° N, 130.0000° W
Hazel Point, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.8167° N, 122.6833° W
Head Harbor, Isle au Haut, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.0217° N, 68.6200° W
Head of Passes, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.1500° N, 89.2500° W
Heard Island, Antarcticaharmonics.world53.0167° S, 73.3833° E
Heart's Content, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.8667° N, 53.3667° W
Heath Point, Québecharmonics.world49.0833° N, 61.7000° W
Heath Point, Québec (2)offsets.xml49.0833° N, 61.7000° W
Hebron, Hebron Fjord, Labradorharmonics.world58.1833° N, 62.6167° W
Hebron, Hebron Fjord, Labrador (2)offsets.xml58.2000° N, 62.6333° W
Heikish Narrows, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world52.8667° N, 128.5000° W
Hejka Drill Site, Nunavutharmonics.world62.0167° N, 62.9667° W
Helgoland, Germanyharmonics.world55.1833° N, 7.9000° E
Helgoland, Germany (2)harmonics.world54.1833° N, 7.9000° E
Hell Gate (East River), New York Currentharmonics.world40.7833° N, 73.9333° W
Hell Gate, Hallets Point, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7833° N, 73.9333° W
Hell Gate, Nunavutharmonics.world76.9000° N, 89.4167° W
Hell Gate, Wards Island, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7867° N, 73.9217° W
Hell-Ville, Madagascarharmonics.world13.4000° S, 48.2833° E
Henderson Inlet, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.1550° N, 122.8383° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Henley Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world51.9833° N, 55.8500° W
Hentona, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.7500° N, 128.1830° E
Herald Camp, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world10.9333° S, 142.1500° E
Hercules, Refugio Landing, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0233° N, 122.2916° W
Hermitage, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5667° N, 55.9333° W
Hernando Beach, Rocky Creek, Little Pine I. Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml28.4867° N, 82.6617° W
Herod Point, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9667° N, 72.8333° W
Heron Island, Australiaharmonics.world23.4500° S, 151.9167° E
Herring Cove, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.5667° N, 64.9667° W
Herring Cove, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.5833° N, 64.9667° W
Herschel Island, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.5667° N, 138.9167° W
Hesikiya, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.3000° N, 127.9170° E
Hewlett Point, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8333° N, 73.7500° W
Heywood Shoal, Australiaharmonics.world13.4667° S, 124.0500° E
Hiagari, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9000° N, 130.8830° E
Hibernia (780-1080), Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.5667° N, 48.7333° W
Hibernia 109, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.8667° N, 48.7167° W
Hickman's Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.1000° N, 53.7333° W
Higasi Ura, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world48.7833° N, 154.0830° E
Higasi-Agenosyo, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9000° N, 132.2830° E
Higasi-Harima, Hutami-Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.7000° N, 134.9000° E
Higasi-Sizunai, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.2833° N, 142.4670° E
Higganum Creek, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.5033° N, 72.5533° W
Higgins Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.4833° N, 128.7500° W
Higgins Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.4833° N, 128.7500° W
High Bar, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7567° N, 74.1283° W
High Island, Australiaharmonics.world17.1667° S, 146.0167° E
High Peak Island, Australiaharmonics.world21.9500° S, 150.6833° E
High Point, Occoquan Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.6167° N, 77.2000° W
Highlands, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.3967° N, 73.9817° W
Highway bridge, east of, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9000° N, 76.0833° W
Highway bridge, Ogeechee River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.9833° N, 81.2833° W
Highway bridge, South Brunswick River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.1500° N, 81.5667° W
Hii Wan, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 135.1000° E
Hikawa (Yonakuni Sima), Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.4167° N, 123.0000° E
Hiketa, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.2333° N, 134.4000° E
Hills Bridge (Route 4), Marylandoffsets.xml38.8000° N, 76.7167° W
Hillsboro Beach, ICWW, Floridaoffsets.xml26.2733° N, 80.0800° W
Hillsboro Inlet (ocean), Floridaoffsets.xml26.2567° N, 80.0800° W
Hillsboro Inlet Marina, Floridaoffsets.xml26.2600° N, 80.0850° W
Hillsboro Inlet, Coast Guard Light Station, Floridaoffsets.xml26.2583° N, 80.0817° W
Hillsborough Bay, Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.9333° N, 82.4500° W
Hillsborough, Carriacou, The Grenadinesharmonics.world12.4833° N, 61.4500° W
Hilo, Hilo Bay, Hawaiiharmonics.world19.7333° N, 155.0583° W
Hilo, Hilo Bay, Hawaii (2)harmonics.world19.7333° N, 155.0667° W
Hilton Head, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.2333° N, 80.6667° W
Hime Sima, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.7333° N, 131.6500° E
Himezi-Sikama, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.7833° N, 134.6670° E
Himezi-Sikama, Hyogo, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.7833° N, 134.6667° E
Hingham, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2467° N, 70.8850° W
Hinotu Ura, Simane, Japanharmonics.world36.0833° N, 133.0670° E
Hirao, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 132.0500° E
Hirara, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.8000° N, 125.2830° E
Hirohata, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.7833° N, 134.6170° E
Hirosima, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3500° N, 132.4670° E
Hirosima, Hirosima, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.3500° N, 132.4667° E
Hiru-Ga-Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3167° N, 129.2830° E
Hisi Ura, Simane, Japanharmonics.world36.1000° N, 133.0830° E
Hitati, Ibaraki, Japanharmonics.world36.5000° N, 140.6330° E
Hitokappu Wan, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.9333° N, 147.6330° E
Hiwasa, Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world33.7333° N, 134.5500° E
Hix Bridge, East Branch, Westport River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5700° N, 71.0733° W
Hizi, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.3667° N, 131.5330° E
Hobart, Tasmaniaharmonics.world42.8833° S, 147.3333° E
Hobart, Tasmania (2)harmonics.world42.8833° S, 147.3333° E
Hobcaw Point, Wando River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8233° N, 79.8983° W
Hobe Sound bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml27.0650° N, 80.1233° W
Hobe Sound, Jupiter Island, Floridaoffsets.xml27.0367° N, 80.1067° W
Hoboken, Castle Point, Hudson River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.7500° N, 74.0167° W
Hoden, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.5833° N, 134.1000° E
Hoek van Holland, Netherlandsharmonics.world51.9833° N, 4.1167° E
Hoek van Holland, Netherlands (2)harmonics.world51.9833° N, 4.1167° E
Hoek van Holland, Netherlands (3)harmonics.world51.9833° N, 4.1167° E
Hog Bay, Australiaharmonics.world35.7333° S, 137.9500° E
Hog Inlet Pier, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8367° N, 78.6067° W
Hog Island, San Antonio Creek, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1617° N, 122.5500° W
Hog Point, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2000° N, 76.6833° W
Holden Beach, North Carolinaharmonics.world33.9167° N, 78.2667° W
Holland Island Bar Light, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.0683° N, 76.0967° W
Hollidays Point (bridge), Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8333° N, 76.5500° W
Holly Farms Harbor, Holmes Harbor, Whidbey I., Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0167° N, 122.5333° W
Holly Grove Plantation, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5517° N, 79.1767° W
Hollywood Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml26.0400° N, 80.1150° W
Hollywood Beach, The Glades, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2750° N, 75.1417° W
Hollywood Beach, West Lake, north end, Floridaoffsets.xml26.0433° N, 80.1267° W
Hollywood Beach, West Lake, south end, Floridaoffsets.xml26.0333° N, 80.1233° W
Hólmavík, Icelandharmonics.world65.4230° N, 21.4350° W
Holsteinsborg, Greenlandoffsets.xml66.9333° N, 53.7000° W
Holt, Whiskey Slough, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9350° N, 121.4350° W
Holwerd, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.4000° N, 5.8833° E
Holyhead, Walesharmonics.world53.3167° N, 4.6167° W
Holyhead, Wales (2)harmonics.world53.3167° N, 4.6167° W
Holyrood, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.3500° N, 53.1167° W
Home, Von Geldern Cove, Carr Inlet, Puget Sound, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2667° N, 122.7500° W
Homer, Alaskaharmonics.world59.6000° N, 151.4167° W
Hon Nieu, Vietnamharmonics.world18.8000° N, 105.7667° E
Hondo, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.4500° N, 130.2000° E
Hong Kong, Chinaharmonics.world22.2833° N, 114.1833° E
Hong Kong, China (2)harmonics.world22.2833° N, 114.1833° E
Hongay, Vietnamharmonics.world20.9500° N, 107.0667° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Honiara, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world9.4167° S, 159.9667° E
Honolulu, Oahu (Hawaii)harmonics.world21.3067° N, 157.8667° W
Honolulu, Oahu (Hawaii) (2) (expired 1989-12-31)harmonics.world21.3067° N, 157.8667° W
Hook Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.0667° S, 148.9333° E
Hook Island, Nunavutharmonics.world53.4333° N, 79.1167° W
Hookton Slough, Humboldt Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml40.6867° N, 124.2216° W
Hooper Island Light, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2500° N, 76.2500° W
Hooper Island, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.3000° N, 76.2000° W
Hooper Island, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.6833° N, 134.0833° W
Hooper Strait Light, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2267° N, 76.0767° W
Hope Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8000° N, 123.2667° W
Hope Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8000° N, 123.2667° W
Hope Creek, 0.6 n.mi. above entrance, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.4583° N, 75.4950° W
Hope Creek, Edisto River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7000° N, 80.4267° W
Hopedale, Labradorharmonics.world55.4500° N, 60.2167° W
Hopedale, Labrador (2)offsets.xml55.4500° N, 60.2167° W
Hopeful Bay, Australiaharmonics.world11.4333° S, 136.5000° E
Hopes Advance Bay, Ungava Bay, Québecharmonics.world59.3500° N, 69.6333° W
Hopes Advance Bay, Ungava Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml59.3500° N, 69.6333° W
Hopewell Cape, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.8500° N, 64.5833° W
Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.8667° N, 64.5833° W
Hopyard Landing, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.2433° N, 77.2267° W
Horan Head, South Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.8667° N, 67.0667° W
Horn Island Pass, Mississippioffsets.xml30.2167° N, 88.4833° W
Hornafjörður, Icelandharmonics.world64.1500° N, 15.1200° W
Hornby Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.5000° N, 124.6833° W
Hornby Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0500° N, 124.6833° W
Horns Hook, East 90th Street, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7767° N, 73.9417° W
Horozuki, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.2167° N, 140.5500° E
Horsehead Bay, Carr Inlet, Puget Sound, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3000° N, 122.6666° W
Horseshoe Keys, south end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7667° N, 81.2833° W
Horseshoe, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.3333° N, 123.2500° W
Horta, Azoresharmonics.world38.5333° N, 28.6167° W
Horta, Azores (2)harmonics.world38.5333° N, 28.6167° W
Horten, Norwayharmonics.world59.4333° N, 10.5000° E
Horton Bluff, Avon River, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.1000° N, 64.2167° W
Horton Point, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0833° N, 72.4500° W
Hososima, Miyazaki, Japanharmonics.world32.4333° N, 131.6670° E
Hososima, Miyazaki, Japan (2)harmonics.world32.4333° N, 131.6667° E
House Harbour, Labradorharmonics.world56.2333° N, 61.0500° W
Howard Point, New Meadows River, Maineoffsets.xml43.8900° N, 69.8833° W
Howe Key, northwest end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7583° N, 81.4283° W
Howe Key, south end, Harbor Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7250° N, 81.4067° W
Howick Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.5167° S, 144.9833° E
Hrutafjordur, Icelandharmonics.world65.2500° N, 21.1167° W
Huangpu, Chinaharmonics.world23.0833° N, 113.4333° E
Hubbards, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.6333° N, 64.0500° W
Huckleberry Island, 0.5 miles N of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5500° N, 122.5667° W
Hudson B (Satellite), Manitobaharmonics.world57.0500° N, 86.0000° W
Hudson Bay Passage, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.4500° N, 130.8500° W
Hudson Bay Passage, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.4500° N, 130.8500° W
Hudson Creek entrance, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.4467° N, 81.3433° W
Hudson Creek, Little Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.5883° N, 76.2500° W
Hudson Strait Station 808, Québecharmonics.world62.0000° N, 71.5833° W
Hudson, Floridaharmonics.world28.3667° N, 82.7000° W
Hudson, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.3617° N, 82.7100° W
Hudson, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml42.2500° N, 73.8000° W
Huehuki, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.1833° N, 129.0500° E
Huelva, Spainharmonics.world37.1333° N, 6.8667° W
Huibertgat, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.5667° N, 6.4000° E
Hukahori, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.6833° N, 129.8170° E
Hukaura, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.6500° N, 139.9330° E
Huke, Osaka, Japanharmonics.world34.3167° N, 135.1330° E
Hukue (Aiti), Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.6333° N, 137.1170° E
Hukue (Goto), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7000° N, 128.8500° E
Hukui, Hukui, Japanharmonics.world36.2000° N, 136.1330° E
Hukura, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.2500° N, 134.7000° E
Hukuro Ura, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.1833° N, 130.3670° E
Hukusima (Sibusi Wan), Miyazaki, Japanharmonics.world31.4500° N, 131.2000° E
Hukuyama, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.4833° N, 133.4170° E
Hull, Englandharmonics.world53.7333° N, 0.2500° W
Hull, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3033° N, 70.9200° W
Huludao, Taiwanharmonics.world23.0833° N, 120.9833° E
Humboldt Bay (south jetty), California (expired 1984-12-31)harmonics.world40.7450° N, 124.2267° W
Humboldt Bay Entrance, Californiaoffsets.xml40.7667° N, 124.2500° W
Humboldt Bay, North Spit, Californiaharmonics.world40.7667° N, 124.2167° W
Humboldt Bay, North Spit, California (2) (expired 1993-12-31)harmonics.world40.7667° N, 124.2167° W
Humoto, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.5500° N, 130.7330° E
Humpback Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.0833° N, 130.4000° W
Humpback Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.0833° N, 130.4000° W
Hunabasi, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.6833° N, 139.9830° E
Hunadomari, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.4500° N, 141.0330° E
Hunagawa, Akita, Japanharmonics.world39.8833° N, 139.8500° E
Hunagosi Wan, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.5333° N, 141.5170° E
Hunakata, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.0333° N, 139.8500° E
Hunamawari Wan, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.8667° N, 128.9330° E
Hunauki, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.3333° N, 123.7330° E
Hunger Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.7500° N, 132.0333° W
Hungry Harbor., Columbia River, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.2583° N, 123.8483° W
Hunt Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.0667° N, 130.4500° W
Hunt Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.0667° N, 130.4500° W
Hunt Islets, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4667° N, 128.0333° W
Hunters Point, Newtown Creek, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7333° N, 73.9500° W
Hunters Point, San Francisco Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.7300° N, 122.3567° W
Hunters Point, San Francisco Bay, California (2)harmonics.world37.7333° N, 122.3500° W
Hunters Point, San Francisco Bay, California (3)offsets.xml37.7300° N, 122.3566° W
Huntington Park, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.0133° N, 76.4583° W
Hunts Point, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8000° N, 73.8733° W
Hurue, Mie, Japanharmonics.world33.9667° N, 136.2170° E
Hurukamappu Wan, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.0333° N, 145.8500° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Húsavík, Icelandharmonics.world66.0270° N, 17.2150° W
Husiki, Toyama, Japanharmonics.world36.7833° N, 137.0670° E
Hutami (Mano Wan), Niigata, Japanharmonics.world37.9667° N, 138.2670° E
Hutchinson Island, Ashepoo River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5517° N, 80.4817° W
Hvalba, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world61.6000° N, 6.9417° W
Hwy. 170 bridge, Broad River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3867° N, 80.7767° W
Hwy. 19 bridge, Pithlachascotee River, Floridaoffsets.xml28.2683° N, 82.7267° W
Hyannis Port, Nantucket Sound, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.6317° N, 70.3050° W
Hyannis Port, Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.6317° N, 70.3000° W
Hyde Park, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.7833° N, 73.9500° W
Hyde Parker Island, Nunavutharmonics.world76.4833° N, 97.2167° W
Hyperite Point, Nunavutharmonics.world78.1333° N, 88.8833° W
Ibo, Mozambiqueharmonics.world12.3500° S, 40.5833° E
Iceberg Point, 2.1 mile SSW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.3833° N, 122.9167° W
Iceberg Point, Nunavutharmonics.world80.4167° N, 86.0167° W
Ie (Okinawa), Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.7000° N, 127.8000° E
Ie Sima (Harima Nada), Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.6833° N, 134.5330° E
Ie-No-Sima, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world34.1000° N, 133.1830° E
Igloolik, Nunavutharmonics.world69.3667° N, 81.7667° W
Igloolik, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml69.3500° N, 81.6167° W
Iino Seto, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.9500° N, 129.0000° E
IJmuiden, Netherlandsharmonics.new52.4667° N, 4.5833° E
Ike-No-Ura, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.3833° N, 130.3500° E
Ikema, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.9167° N, 125.2500° E
Ikuzi, Toyama, Japanharmonics.world36.8833° N, 137.4170° E
Île Brion, Magdalen, Québecharmonics.world47.7833° N, 61.5000° W
Île D'entree, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.2833° N, 61.7167° W
Île Haute, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2500° N, 64.9667° W
Île Haute, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.2500° N, 65.0000° W
Île Verte, Québecharmonics.world48.0500° N, 69.4167° W
Île-Aux-Grues, Québecharmonics.world47.0579° N, 70.5453° W
Île-Aux-Lievres, Québecharmonics.world47.9000° N, 69.6833° W
Îles du Salut, French Guianaharmonics.world5.2833° N, 52.5833° W
Îles du Salut, French Guianaoffsets.xml5.2833° N, 52.5833° W
Îles Wallisharmonics.world13.3667° S, 176.1833° W
Ilha de Maraca anchorage, Braziloffsets.xml2.1500° S, 50.5000° W
Ilha do Brigue, Amazon River, Braziloffsets.xml0.9167° S, 50.0833° W
Ilha Guaíba, Brazilharmonics.world23.0000° S, 44.0333° W
Ilhas de São João, Braziloffsets.xml1.2833° S, 44.9167° W
Ilhéus, Braziloffsets.xml14.8000° S, 39.0333° W
Ilot Cone, Cambodiaharmonics.world11.4167° N, 103.0000° E
Iluka, Australiaharmonics.world29.4167° S, 153.3667° E
Ilwaco, Baker Bay, Wash., Columbia River, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.3033° N, 124.0400° W
Imabari, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world34.0667° N, 133.0000° E
Imbituba, Brazilharmonics.world28.2167° S, 48.6500° W
Imbituba, Braziloffsets.xml28.2333° S, 48.6500° W
Imigen Island, Nunavutharmonics.world66.0167° N, 67.1500° W
Immigration Wharf, Québecharmonics.world46.8000° N, 71.2333° W
Immingham Dock, Humberside, Englandharmonics.world51.7167° N, 2.4667° W
Immingham, Englandharmonics.world53.6333° N, 0.1833° W
Impression Bay, Tasmaniaharmonics.world43.0500° S, 147.7833° E
Ina, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.5500° N, 129.3170° E
Inaba-Aziro, Tottori, Japanharmonics.world35.5833° N, 134.3000° E
Ince Point, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.5000° S, 142.3167° E
Inch'on, South Koreaharmonics.world37.4667° N, 126.5833° E
Independence Island, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.3100° N, 89.9383° W
Indian Creek Golf Club, ICWW, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8750° N, 80.1433° W
Indian Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml54.4500° N, 57.2000° W
Indian Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5167° N, 63.9333° W
Indian Head, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6000° N, 77.1833° W
Indian Key Anchorage, Lower Matecumbe Key, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8683° N, 80.7033° W
Indian Key, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8000° N, 81.4667° W
Indian Key, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8767° N, 80.6767° W
Indian River Inlet (USCG Station), Delawareharmonics.world38.6100° N, 75.0700° W
Indian River Inlet (USCG Station), Delaware (2)offsets.xml38.6167° N, 75.0667° W
Indian Rocks Beach (inside), Floridaoffsets.xml27.8767° N, 82.8500° W
Ine, Kyoto, Japanharmonics.world35.6667° N, 135.2830° E
Inenew Passage, Québecharmonics.world51.7333° N, 79.0333° W
Ingnerit, Umanak Fjord, Greenlandoffsets.xml71.0000° N, 51.0000° W
Ingomar, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5667° N, 65.3333° W
Ingonish Island, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.6667° N, 60.3833° W
Ingram Thorofare, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1100° N, 74.7383° W
Inhambane, Mozambiqueharmonics.world23.8667° S, 35.3833° E
Inlet (bridge), Indian River, Delawareoffsets.xml38.6167° N, 75.0667° W
Innetalling Island, Nunavutharmonics.world55.9000° N, 79.0667° W
Inokusi, Oita, Japanharmonics.world32.8000° N, 131.9000° E
Inoucdjouac, Québecharmonics.world58.4500° N, 78.1000° W
Inoura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0500° N, 129.7500° E
Inubo Saki, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.7000° N, 140.8670° E
Inukjuak, Québecharmonics.world58.4500° N, 78.1000° W
Inverness, Scotlandharmonics.world57.5000° N, 4.2500° W
Inverness, Tomales Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1133° N, 122.8683° W
Inward Rocks, River Severn, Englandharmonics.world51.6500° N, 2.6167° W
Io Sima (Nagasaki), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7000° N, 129.7830° E
Iona Shores, Floridaoffsets.xml26.5217° N, 81.9650° W
Iozima (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world30.7833° N, 130.2830° E
Iqaluit S Farthest, Nunavutharmonics.world63.4833° N, 68.0333° W
Iqaluit S Farthest, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml63.4833° N, 68.0333° W
Iqaluit, Nunavutharmonics.world63.7167° N, 68.5333° W
Iqaluit, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world63.7167° N, 68.5333° W
Iquique, Chileharmonics.world20.2167° S, 70.1667° W
Irago, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.5833° N, 137.0170° E
Iriribusi, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.7167° N, 147.3500° E
Irish Landing, Sand Mound Slough, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0333° N, 121.5833° W
Irvines Landing, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.6333° N, 124.0500° W
Irvines Landing, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.6333° N, 124.0500° W
Isaac's Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.1833° N, 61.6667° W
Isaac's Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.1833° N, 61.6667° W
Isachsen, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world78.7833° N, 103.5333° W
Ísafjörður, Icelandharmonics.world66.0400° N, 23.0700° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Isanotski Strait (False Pass cannery), Alaska Currentharmonics.world54.8667° N, 163.4000° W
Isigaki, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.3333° N, 124.1670° E
Isihama (Matusima Wan), Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.3167° N, 141.1170° E
Isikawa, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.4167° N, 127.8500° E
Isinomaki, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.4167° N, 141.3170° E
Isla Baltra, Galapagos Islandsharmonics.world0.4500° S, 90.2833° W
Isla De Cozumel, Mexicoharmonics.world20.5000° N, 87.0000° W
Isla de Guanaja, Hondurasoffsets.xml16.4833° N, 85.9000° W
Isla de Providencia, Colombiaoffsets.xml13.3333° N, 81.3833° W
Isla del Maiz Grande, Nicaraguaoffsets.xml12.1667° N, 83.0500° W
Isla Guadalupe, Baja California Norte, Mexicoharmonics.world28.8817° N, 118.2933° W
Isla Guadalupe, Baja California Norte, Mexico (2)harmonics.world28.8817° N, 118.2933° W
Isla Guadalupe, Baja California Norte, Mexico (3)harmonics.world28.8667° N, 118.2833° W
Isla Martin Garcia, Argentinaharmonics.world34.1833° S, 58.2500° W
Isla Neny, Antarcticaharmonics.world68.2000° S, 67.0000° W
Isla Socorro, Revillagigedo Islands, Mexicoharmonics.world18.7317° N, 111.0200° W
Isla Socorro, Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico (2)harmonics.world18.7167° N, 111.0167° W
Islamorada, Upper Matecumbe Key, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9250° N, 80.6317° W
Island Beach, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8517° N, 74.0883° W
Island Beach, Sedge Islands, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7883° N, 74.0983° W
Islas Ano Nuevo, Argentinaharmonics.world54.6500° S, 64.1333° W
Isle Au Haut, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.0733° N, 68.6367° W
Isle Aux Morts, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5667° N, 58.9667° W
Isle of Hope, Skidaway River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.9833° N, 81.0500° W
Isle of Palms Pier, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7833° N, 79.7850° W
Isle of Springs, Maineharmonics.world43.8600° N, 69.6867° W
Isle of Springs, Maine (2)offsets.xml43.8600° N, 69.6867° W
Islets Perces, Québecharmonics.world46.1167° N, 72.9500° W
Isso, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world30.4667° N, 130.5000° E
Itacurussa, Braziloffsets.xml22.9333° S, 43.9167° W
Itajaí, Brazilharmonics.world26.9000° S, 48.6500° W
Itajaí, Braziloffsets.xml26.9000° S, 48.6500° W
Itaqui, Brazilharmonics.world2.5667° S, 44.3667° W
Itihara, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.5333° N, 140.1170° E
Itikawa, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.6833° N, 139.9500° E
Ito, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.9667° N, 139.1170° E
Itoman, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.1333° N, 127.6670° E
Itozaki, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3833° N, 133.1170° E
Itukusima, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 132.3170° E
Ivigtut, Arsuk Fjord, Greenlandoffsets.xml61.2000° N, 48.1833° W
Iwadate, Akita, Japanharmonics.world40.4000° N, 139.9830° E
Iwaguro, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9667° N, 130.9830° E
Iwahune, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world38.1833° N, 139.4330° E
Iwaihukuro, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.1000° N, 139.8330° E
Iwakuni, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.1667° N, 132.2500° E
Iwanai, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.9833° N, 140.5000° E
Iwasaki, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.5833° N, 139.9000° E
Iwaya (Awazi Sima), Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.6000° N, 135.0170° E
Iwaya (Hukuoka), Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9333° N, 130.6830° E
Izaki, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 130.9170° E
Izasiki, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.1000° N, 130.7000° E
Izuhara, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.2000° N, 129.3000° E
Izumi Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.6667° N, 129.4830° E
Izumi-Otu, Osaka, Japanharmonics.world34.5000° N, 135.4000° E
Izumozaki, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world37.5500° N, 138.6670° E
J.F.K. International Airport, Brooklyn, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6233° N, 73.7833° W
Jabiru, Australiaharmonics.world11.8333° S, 125.2000° E
Jack Bay, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.3667° N, 89.3450° W
Jack Creek entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9333° N, 79.5833° W
Jackos Point, Newfoundlandharmonics.world59.4500° N, 55.1167° W
Jackson Creek, Piankatank River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5483° N, 76.3317° W
Jacksonville Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml30.2833° N, 81.3867° W
Jacksonville, Acosta Bridge, Floridaharmonics.world30.3250° N, 81.6650° W
Jacksonville, Acosta Bridge, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3250° N, 81.6650° W
Jacksonville, Acosta Bridge, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.3250° N, 81.6650° W
Jacksonville, Acosta Bridge, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.3250° N, 81.6650° W
Jacksonville, Acosta Bridge, Florida (5)harmonics.world30.7967° N, 81.5150° W
Jacksonville, Acosta Bridge, Florida (6)offsets.xml30.3250° N, 81.6650° W
Jacksonville, Navy Fuel Depot, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.4000° N, 81.6267° W
Jacksonville, Navy Fuel Depot, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.4000° N, 81.6267° W
Jacksonville, Navy Fuel Depot, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.4000° N, 81.6267° W
Jacksonville, Navy Fuel Depot, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.4000° N, 81.6267° W
Jacksonville, Navy Fuel Depot, St. Johns River, Florida (5)harmonics.world30.4000° N, 81.6267° W
Jacksonville, Navy Fuel Depot, St. Johns River, Florida (6)harmonics.world30.4000° N, 81.6267° W
Jacksonville, Navy Fuel Depot, St. Johns River, Florida (7)offsets.xml30.4000° N, 81.6267° W
Jacmel, Haitioffsets.xml18.2167° N, 72.5667° W
Jacobs Wharf, Sampit River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.3633° N, 79.3550° W
Jaffrey Point, Portsmouth Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml43.0567° N, 70.7133° W
Jaluit, Marshall Islandsharmonics.world5.9167° N, 169.6333° E
Jamaica Beach, West Bay, Texasoffsets.xml29.2000° N, 94.9850° W
James Bay, St. Helenaharmonics.world15.9167° S, 5.7167° W
James Island Creek, 1 mi. above ent., Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7450° N, 79.9483° W
James Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.9067° N, 124.6466° W
Jamestown Bridge, Santee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.3050° N, 79.6783° W
Jamestown Island, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2067° N, 76.7783° W
Jamestown, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.4333° N, 53.8000° W
Janes Island Light, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml37.9667° N, 75.9167° W
Jar Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.1500° S, 126.2333° E
Jazirat Das, U.A.E.harmonics.world25.1500° N, 52.8833° E
Jazirat Halul, Qatarharmonics.world25.6667° N, 52.4000° E
Jazireh-ye Khark, Iranharmonics.world29.2667° N, 50.3333° E
Jazireh-ye Lavan, Iranharmonics.world26.8000° N, 52.3833° E
Jeddore Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.7500° N, 63.0167° W
Jekyll Point, Jekyll Sound, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.0167° N, 81.4333° W
Jenkins Creek, 1 mi. above entrance, Morgan River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4400° N, 80.5533° W
Jenkins Creek, Polawana Island, Morgan River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4200° N, 80.5767° W
Jennetts Pier (ocean), North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.9100° N, 75.5917° W
Jennis Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.9167° N, 127.0167° W
Jennis Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.9167° N, 127.0167° W
Jensen Bay, Australiaharmonics.world11.1833° S, 136.6833° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Jensen Beach, Indian River, Floridaoffsets.xml27.2350° N, 80.2100° W
Jersey City, Con Rail RR. Ferry, Hudson River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.7167° N, 74.0317° W
Jervis Bay, Australiaharmonics.world35.1167° S, 150.7000° E
Jewfish Hole, Long Key, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8383° N, 80.7983° W
Joggins Wharf, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6833° N, 64.4667° W
Joggins Wharf, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6833° N, 64.4667° W
Johns Island, 0.8 mile North of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6833° N, 123.1500° W
Johns Island, Chassahowitzka Bay, Floridaharmonics.world28.6917° N, 82.6383° W
Johns Island, Chassahowitzka Bay, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.6917° N, 82.6383° W
Johns Island, Church Creek, Wadmalaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7067° N, 80.1567° W
Johns Pass, Floridaoffsets.xml27.7850° N, 82.7817° W
Johnson Creek Bridge, Hunting Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3917° N, 80.4383° W
Johnson Keys, north end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7667° N, 81.3233° W
Johnson Keys, south end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7433° N, 81.3000° W
Johnson Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.1167° N, 127.5333° W
Johnston Atoll, Pacific Oceanharmonics.world16.7383° N, 169.5300° W
Johnston Key, southwest end, Turkey Basin, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7100° N, 81.5933° W
Johnstone Strait Central, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world50.4717° N, 126.1367° W
Johnstown, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8000° N, 60.7500° W
Joice Island, Suisun Slough, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1800° N, 122.0450° W
Jointer Island, Jointer Creek, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.0950° N, 81.5050° W
Jolo, Philippinesharmonics.world6.0667° N, 121.0000° E
Jones Creek entrance, Hampton River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.3000° N, 81.3333° W
Jones Inlet (Point Lookout), Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5867° N, 73.5783° W
Jones Neck, Maineoffsets.xml44.0150° N, 69.3800° W
Jonesport, Moosabec Reach, Maineoffsets.xml44.5283° N, 67.5983° W
Jordan Point, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3133° N, 77.2233° W
Jordans Point, Labradorharmonics.world54.2167° N, 58.2333° W
Joseph Bayou, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.0583° N, 89.2717° W
Juan De Fuca Strait (East), British Columbia Currentharmonics.world48.2317° N, 123.5300° W
Julianehåb, Greenlandharmonics.world60.7167° N, 46.0333° W
Julianehåb, Greenland (2)offsets.xml60.7167° N, 46.0167° W
Julington Creek, Floridaharmonics.world30.1350° N, 81.6300° W
Julington Creek, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.1350° N, 81.6300° W
Julington Creek, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.1350° N, 81.6300° W
Julington Creek, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.1350° N, 81.6300° W
Julington Creek, Florida (5)offsets.xml30.1350° N, 81.6300° W
Juneau, Alaskaharmonics.world58.2983° N, 134.4117° W
Juneau, Alaska (2)harmonics.world58.3000° N, 134.4100° W
Jupiter Inlet, south jetty, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9433° N, 80.0733° W
Jupiter Inlet, U.S. Highway 1 Bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9483° N, 80.0850° W
Jupiter Sound, south end, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9517° N, 80.0800° W
Jupiter, Lake Worth Creek, ICWW, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9350° N, 80.0850° W
Jurien Bay, Australiaharmonics.world30.3000° S, 115.0333° E
Juskatla, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.6167° N, 132.3000° W
Juskatla, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.6167° N, 132.3000° W
K13A platform, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.2167° N, 3.2167° E
Kabasima Suido, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.5500° N, 129.7830° E
Kacho To, South Koreaharmonics.world34.3000° N, 126.0500° E
Kaga Sima, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.5167° N, 130.5330° E
Kaga, Simane, Japanharmonics.world35.5667° N, 133.0500° E
Kagosima, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.6000° N, 130.5670° E
Kagosima, Kagosima, Japan (2)harmonics.world31.6000° N, 130.5667° E
Kahuka (Rebun-To), Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.3000° N, 141.0500° E
Kahului, Kahului Harbor, Hawaiiharmonics.world20.8983° N, 156.4717° W
Kahului, Kahului Harbor, Hawaii (2) (expired 1999-12-31)harmonics.world20.8983° N, 156.4717° W
Kailua Kona, Big Island, Hawaiiharmonics.world19.6433° N, 156.0000° W
Kainan, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world34.1500° N, 135.2000° E
Kakazi, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.6833° N, 131.5170° E
Kakinada, Indiaharmonics.world16.9333° N, 82.2500° E
Kalbarri, Australiaharmonics.world27.7000° S, 114.1667° E
Kaligola Point, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world10.1500° S, 148.2667° E
Kaligola Point, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world10.1500° S, 148.2667° E
Kamae, Oita, Japanharmonics.world32.7833° N, 131.9170° E
Kamaisi, Iwate, Japanharmonics.world39.2667° N, 141.9000° E
Kamaisi, Iwate, Japan (2)harmonics.world39.2667° N, 141.9000° E
Kamegawa, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.3333° N, 131.5000° E
Kamen Point, 1.3 miles SW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1000° N, 122.9667° W
Kami Sima, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.5500° N, 136.9830° E
Kaminato (Hatizyo Sima), Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world33.1333° N, 139.8000° E
Kamo, Yamagata, Japanharmonics.world38.7667° N, 139.7330° E
Kamogawa, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.0833° N, 140.1000° E
Kamoise, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3333° N, 129.3830° E
Kampong Saom, Cambodiaharmonics.world10.6333° N, 103.4833° E
Kamui Misaki, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.3333° N, 140.3500° E
Kan-Onzi, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.1333° N, 133.6330° E
Kanaka Bay, San Juan Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.4833° N, 123.0833° W
Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japanharmonics.world36.6167° N, 136.6000° E
Kanbe, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.8667° N, 129.0330° E
Kanda, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.7833° N, 130.9830° E
Kandla, Indiaharmonics.world23.0000° N, 70.2333° E
Kaneda Wan, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.2000° N, 139.6830° E
Kanezaki, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.8833° N, 130.5330° E
Kangalaksiorvik Fiord, Labradoroffsets.xml59.3833° N, 63.7833° W
Kannoura, Koti, Japanharmonics.world33.5500° N, 134.3000° E
Kanoya, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.4000° N, 130.7670° E
Kaohsiung, Taiwanharmonics.world22.6167° N, 120.2667° E
Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2)harmonics.world22.6167° N, 120.2667° E
Kap Farvel, Greenlandoffsets.xml59.7500° N, 43.8833° W
Karachi, Pakistanharmonics.world24.8000° N, 66.9667° E
Karang Jamuang, Java, Indonesiaharmonics.world6.9333° S, 112.7333° E
Karatu, Saga, Japanharmonics.world33.4667° N, 129.9670° E
Kario, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.4500° N, 129.3000° E
Kariya (Osaka Wan), Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.5167° N, 135.0000° E
Kariya (Saga), Saga, Japanharmonics.world33.4667° N, 129.8500° E
Kariya (Suo Nada), Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 131.1670° E
Karoto-Ko Seto, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.0667° N, 132.5500° E
Karrakatta Bay, Australiaharmonics.world16.3667° S, 123.0333° E
Karumba, Australiaharmonics.world17.5000° S, 140.8333° E
Karumo Sima, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.6500° N, 135.1670° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Karwar, Indiaharmonics.world14.8000° N, 74.1000° E
Kasaoka, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.5000° N, 133.5000° E
Kasari Wan, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world28.4500° N, 129.6500° E
Kasima, Ibaraki, Japanharmonics.world35.9333° N, 140.7000° E
Kasiwabara, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9000° N, 130.6670° E
Kasiwazaki (Ehime), Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.0167° N, 132.4830° E
Kasiwazaki (Niigata), Niigata, Japanharmonics.world37.3500° N, 138.5170° E
Kasumi, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world35.6500° N, 134.6330° E
Katakami, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.7333° N, 134.2170° E
Katanohara, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.7833° N, 137.1830° E
Katasima (Sukumo Wan), Koti, Japanharmonics.world32.9000° N, 132.7000° E
Katumoto, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.8500° N, 129.7000° E
Katurasele, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world7.2000° S, 156.9000° E
Kaunakakai, Molokai (Hawaii)harmonics.world21.0850° N, 157.0317° W
Kavieng, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world2.5833° S, 150.8000° E
Kawaihae, Big Island, Hawaiiharmonics.world20.0400° N, 155.8317° W
Kawaihae, Big Island, Hawaii (2)harmonics.world20.0500° N, 155.8333° W
Kawana, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.9500° N, 139.1330° E
Kawasaki (Siohama Unga), Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.5167° N, 139.7500° E
Kay Point, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.2833° N, 138.4333° W
Kayak Point, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.1367° N, 122.3683° W
Kazi-Ga-Hana, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 130.9670° E
Kazura, Oita, Japanharmonics.world32.9833° N, 131.9000° E
Kazusa-Katuura, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.1333° N, 140.2500° E
Kean Point, Nunavutharmonics.world68.9500° N, 102.3667° W
Keansburg, Waackaack Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4483° N, 74.1433° W
Kearney Point, Hackensack River, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.7267° N, 74.1050° W
Kearney Point, Hackensack River, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.7267° N, 74.1050° W
Kearney Point, Passaic River, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.7317° N, 74.1167° W
Kearney Point, Passaic River, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.7317° N, 74.1167° W
Keasbey, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.5083° N, 74.3117° W
Kegaska, Québecharmonics.world50.1833° N, 61.2667° W
Kegaska, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.2000° N, 61.2333° W
Kellett Bluff, West of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5833° N, 123.2333° W
Kelley's Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7833° N, 66.1333° W
Kelsey Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.9667° W
Kelsey Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.9667° W
Kemano Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.5167° N, 128.1167° W
Kemano Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.5167° N, 128.1167° W
Kennebunkport, Maineoffsets.xml43.3483° N, 70.4733° W
Kennedy Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1500° N, 125.6667° W
Kenneth Passage, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.9500° N, 126.8000° W
Kenneth Passage, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.9500° N, 126.8000° W
Kent Island Narrows, Marylandoffsets.xml38.9667° N, 76.2500° W
Kerema, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world7.9667° S, 145.7500° E
Kerema, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world7.9667° S, 145.7500° E
Kernville, Siletz River, Oregonoffsets.xml44.8967° N, 124.0000° W
Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.8833° N, 141.6170° E
Ketchikan, Alaskaharmonics.world55.3333° N, 131.6250° W
Kettle Cove, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.4833° N, 70.7733° W
Kettle Creek, Green Island, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0133° N, 74.1133° W
Key Biscayne Yacht Club, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.7000° N, 80.1700° W
Key Bridge, D.C.offsets.xml38.9000° N, 77.0667° W
Key Colony Beach, Floridaharmonics.world24.7183° N, 81.0167° W
Key Colony Beach, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.7183° N, 81.0167° W
Key Haven - Stock Island Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.5800° N, 81.7383° W
Key Largo, South Sound, Key Largo, Floridaoffsets.xml25.1133° N, 80.4167° W
Key Lois, southeast end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6067° N, 81.4700° W
Key West (Naval Base), Floridaharmonics.world24.5533° N, 81.8083° W
Key West, Florida (expired 1986-12-31)harmonics.world24.5533° N, 81.8083° W
Key West, Florida Currentharmonics.world24.5483° N, 81.8167° W
Key West, south side, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.5450° N, 81.7833° W
Keyport, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4400° N, 74.1983° W
Keysfield, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.7450° N, 79.0650° W
Khowr-e Musa, Iranharmonics.world30.0000° N, 49.0000° E
Khyex Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2333° N, 129.8000° W
Khyex Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.2333° N, 129.8000° W
Kiawah River Bridge, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6033° N, 80.1317° W
Kieta Harbour, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world6.2000° S, 155.6333° E
Kihei, Maui (Hawaii)harmonics.world20.7833° N, 156.4667° W
Kii-Katuura, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world33.6333° N, 135.9500° E
Kiire, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.3833° N, 130.5500° E
Kikori, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world7.4167° S, 144.2500° E
Kikori, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world7.4167° S, 144.2500° E
Kikuma, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world34.0333° N, 132.8330° E
Kilindini Harbour, Kenyaharmonics.world4.0833° S, 39.6500° E
Kilkenny Club, Kilkenny Creek, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.7883° N, 81.2033° W
Kimball Island, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.0667° N, 68.6500° W
Kimbe, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world5.5000° S, 150.1000° E
Kimitu, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.3500° N, 139.8670° E
Kincolith, British Columbiaharmonics.world55.0000° N, 129.9833° W
Kincolith, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world55.0000° N, 129.9833° W
King Edward Point, Nunavutharmonics.world76.1333° N, 81.0667° W
Kings Bay NSB, Kings Bay, Cumberland Sound, Georgiaharmonics.world30.7967° N, 81.5150° W
Kings Bay NSB, Kings Bay, Cumberland Sound, Georgia (2)offsets.xml30.7967° N, 81.5150° W
Kings Bay, Crystal River, Floridaharmonics.world28.8983° N, 82.5983° W
Kings Bay, Crystal River, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.8983° N, 82.5983° W
Kings Ferry, St. Marys River, Floridaoffsets.xml30.7867° N, 81.8400° W
Kings Point, Lopez Island, 1 nnw of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.4833° N, 122.9500° W
Kingscliff, Australiaharmonics.world28.2667° S, 153.5833° E
Kingscote, Australiaharmonics.world35.6167° S, 137.6333° E
Kingsland Reach, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4000° N, 77.3833° W
Kingsley Creek, RR. bridge, Floridaharmonics.world30.6317° N, 81.4767° W
Kingsley Creek, RR. bridge, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.6317° N, 81.4767° W
Kingsley Creek, RR. bridge, Florida (3)offsets.xml30.6317° N, 81.4767° W
Kingston Point, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.9333° N, 73.9667° W
Kingston, Appletree Cove, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.7967° N, 122.4950° W
Kingston, Australiaharmonics.world36.8333° S, 139.8500° E
Kingstown, St. Vincentoffsets.xml13.1667° N, 61.2167° W
Kinsale, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.0333° N, 76.5833° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Kiptopeke Beach, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaharmonics.world37.1667° N, 75.9883° W
Kiptopeke Beach, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia (2)offsets.xml37.1667° N, 75.9883° W
Kirby Park, Elkhorn Slough, Californiaoffsets.xml36.8417° N, 121.7466° W
Kiritappu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.0833° N, 145.1330° E
Kirkcaldie Reef, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.4167° S, 142.8000° E
Kirkenes, Norwayharmonics.world69.7333° N, 30.0500° E
Kisiwada, Osaka, Japanharmonics.world34.4667° N, 135.3670° E
Kitadomari, Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world34.2333° N, 134.5830° E
Kitimat, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.9833° N, 128.7167° W
Kitimat, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.9833° N, 128.7000° W
Kitkatla Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.8000° N, 130.3500° W
Kitkatla Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.8000° N, 130.3500° W
Kittery Point, Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshireoffsets.xml43.0817° N, 70.7033° W
Kitts Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.1000° N, 76.4167° W
Kitty Hawk (ocean), North Carolinaoffsets.xml36.1017° N, 75.7100° W
Kivitoo, Baffin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world67.9333° N, 64.9333° W
Kivitoo, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml67.9333° N, 64.9333° W
Kiyobe, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.5333° N, 140.0000° E
Klakksvík, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world62.2540° N, 6.5813° W
Klaxton Creek, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.0833° N, 130.0833° W
Klaxton Creek, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.0833° N, 130.0833° W
Klemtu, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.6000° N, 128.5167° W
Klemtu, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.6000° N, 128.5167° W
Kleybolt Peninsula, Nunavutharmonics.world81.5500° N, 91.5500° W
Knappa, Knappa Slough, Columbia River, Oregonoffsets.xml46.1867° N, 123.5883° W
Knight Key Channel, Knight Key, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7067° N, 81.1250° W
Knockemdown Key, north end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7150° N, 81.4783° W
Knox Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.6000° W
Knox Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.6000° W
Ko Si Chang, Thailandharmonics.world13.1500° N, 100.8167° E
Ko-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.2667° N, 129.0830° E
Ko-Sagi Sima, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3667° N, 133.1000° E
Koartac, Québecharmonics.world61.0500° N, 69.6333° W
Kobe, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.6833° N, 135.2000° E
Kobe, Hyogo, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.6833° N, 135.2000° E
Kobi Syo, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world25.9333° N, 123.6830° E
Kobui, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.7667° N, 141.1330° E
Kodai, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0667° N, 129.7500° E
Kodiak, Alaska (1) (expired 1993-12-31)harmonics.world57.7883° N, 152.4000° W
Kodiak, Alaska (2)harmonics.world57.7833° N, 152.4000° W
Kodiak, Women's Bay, Alaskaharmonics.world57.7317° N, 152.5117° W
Kodomari, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.1333° N, 140.3000° E
Koe, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7500° N, 129.8170° E
Kogo Saki, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.1000° N, 129.6830° E
Kogusi, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.6000° N, 134.0330° E
Koiseboi, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.0500° N, 144.9500° E
Kokopo, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world4.3500° S, 152.2833° E
Koksoak River entrance, Québecoffsets.xml58.5333° N, 68.1833° W
Koksoak River, West Entrance, Québecharmonics.world58.5333° N, 68.2000° W
Koluktoo Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world72.1000° N, 80.7833° W
Komatusima, Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world34.0000° N, 134.5830° E
Kominato, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.9500° N, 140.9830° E
Komoda, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.2333° N, 129.2000° E
Komun Do, South Koreaharmonics.world34.0000° N, 127.3000° E
Koniya, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world28.1500° N, 129.3170° E
Konominato, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.8500° N, 130.4830° E
Konoura, Akita, Japanharmonics.world39.2500° N, 139.9170° E
Kópasker, Icelandharmonics.world66.1800° N, 16.2800° W
Koper, Sloveniaharmonics.world45.5500° N, 13.7333° E
Kornwerderzand, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.0667° N, 5.3333° E
Korsakov, Russiaharmonics.world46.6333° N, 142.7500° E
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysiaharmonics.world5.9833° N, 116.0667° E
Koti, Koti, Japanharmonics.world33.5000° N, 133.5670° E
Koti, Koti, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.5000° N, 133.5667° E
Kotomari, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world50.8167° N, 156.5000° E
Kottoi, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.3167° N, 130.9000° E
Koyo, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.2333° N, 132.7170° E
Kozu Sima, Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world34.2000° N, 139.1330° E
Kralendijk, Bonaireharmonics.world12.1500° N, 68.2833° W
Krammersluizen west, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.6500° N, 4.1500° E
Kristiansund, Norwayharmonics.world63.1167° N, 7.7500° E
Krubluyak Point, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.5333° N, 131.1000° W
Kuala Batu Pahat, Malaysiaharmonics.world1.8000° N, 102.8833° E
Kuala Trengganu, Malaysiaharmonics.world5.3500° N, 103.1333° E
Kuantan, Malaysiaharmonics.world3.8333° N, 103.3333° E
Kubura, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.4500° N, 122.9330° E
Kuching, Malaysiaharmonics.world1.5667° N, 110.3500° E
Kudamatu, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.0000° N, 131.8330° E
Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.7500° N, 130.5670° E
Kumeon Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.7167° N, 130.2333° W
Kumeon Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.7167° N, 130.2333° W
Kumul Tkr Mrg, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world8.1333° S, 144.5667° E
Kumul Tkr Mrg, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world8.1333° S, 144.5667° E
Kunehama, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.1667° N, 129.1830° E
Kunjan, South Koreaharmonics.world35.9833° N, 126.7000° E
Kure, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.2333° N, 132.5500° E
Kure, Hirosima, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.2333° N, 132.5500° E
Kurihama, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.2167° N, 139.7170° E
Kuroko Sima, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.3833° N, 129.5670° E
Kuru Sima, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world34.1167° N, 132.9670° E
Kusikino, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.7167° N, 130.2670° E
Kusimoto, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world33.4667° N, 135.7830° E
Kusimoto, Wakayama, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.4667° N, 135.7833° E
Kusiro, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.9667° N, 144.3830° E
Kusiro, Hokkaido, Japan (2)harmonics.world42.9667° N, 144.3833° E
Kusudomari, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.2167° N, 129.5830° E
Kuti-Erabu Sima, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world30.4667° N, 130.1830° E
Kutinotu, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.6000° N, 130.2000° E
Kutugata, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.1833° N, 141.1330° E
Kuzi (Iwate), Iwate, Japanharmonics.world40.1833° N, 141.8170° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Kuzi Wan (Osima Kaikyo), Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world28.2333° N, 129.2500° E
Kvichak Bay (off Naknek River entrance), Alaska Currentharmonics.world58.7033° N, 157.2500° W
Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islandsharmonics.world8.7367° N, 167.7383° E
Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands (2)harmonics.world8.7333° N, 167.7333° E
Kwinitsa Creek, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2167° N, 129.5833° W
Kwinitsa Creek, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.2167° N, 129.5833° W
Kwokwesta Creek, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5167° N, 127.5667° W
Kwokwesta Creek, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.5167° N, 127.5667° W
Kyuquot, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.0333° N, 127.3667° W
Kyuquot, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0333° N, 127.3667° W
L' Etang Harbour, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.0333° N, 66.8167° W
La Carraca, Spainharmonics.world36.5000° N, 6.1833° W
La Coloma, Cubaoffsets.xml22.2333° N, 83.5667° W
La Conner, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.3917° N, 122.4967° W
La Coruna, Spainharmonics.world43.3667° N, 8.6667° W
La Grande Rivière, Québecharmonics.world53.8167° N, 78.9167° W
La Habana, Cubaharmonics.world23.1500° N, 82.3333° W
La Have Bank, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world42.9000° N, 64.2333° W
La Isabela, Cubaoffsets.xml22.9333° N, 80.0000° W
La Jolla, Scripps Pier, Californiaharmonics.world32.8667° N, 117.2567° W
La Jolla, Scripps Pier, California (2)harmonics.world32.8667° N, 117.2567° W
La Jolla, Scripps Pier, California (3)offsets.xml32.8667° N, 117.2583° W
La Libertad, Ecuadorharmonics.world2.2167° S, 80.9167° W
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexicoharmonics.world24.1500° N, 110.3000° W
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico (2)harmonics.world24.1617° N, 110.3450° W
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico (3)harmonics.world24.1617° N, 110.3450° W
La Plata, Argentinaharmonics.world34.8333° S, 57.8833° W
La Poile Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.6667° N, 58.4000° W
La Pointe, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.6000° N, 61.0500° W
La Push, Quillayute River, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.9133° N, 124.6366° W
La Rochelle-La Pallice, Franceharmonics.world46.1667° N, 1.2167° W
La Scie, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.9667° N, 55.6000° W
La Tabatière, Québecharmonics.world50.8333° N, 58.9667° W
La Unión, El Salvadorharmonics.world13.3333° N, 87.8167° W
La Unión, El Salvador (2)harmonics.world13.3333° N, 87.8167° W
Lac St-Pierre, Québecharmonics.world46.1833° N, 72.9000° W
Lacrosse Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.7500° S, 128.3333° E
Lady Barron Harbour, Tasmaniaharmonics.world40.2167° S, 148.2500° E
Lady Elliot Island, Australiaharmonics.world24.1167° S, 152.7167° E
Lady Musgrave Island, Australiaharmonics.world23.9000° S, 152.3833° E
Ladysmith, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.9833° N, 123.7833° W
Ladysmith, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.9833° N, 123.7833° W
Lae, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world6.7500° S, 147.0000° E
Lafayette River, Granby St. Bridge, Hampton Roads, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8833° N, 76.2833° W
Lafayette River, Hampton Roads, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9000° N, 76.3000° W
Lagoon Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.6000° N, 126.3167° W
Lagoon Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.6000° N, 126.3167° W
Lagos Bar, Nigeriaharmonics.world6.4000° N, 3.4000° E
Lagos, Portugalharmonics.world37.1000° N, 8.6667° W
Lagrange Bay, Australiaharmonics.world18.7000° S, 121.7333° E
Laguna, Braziloffsets.xml28.5000° S, 48.7833° W
Laird Bayou, East Bay, St. Andrew Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.1200° N, 85.5283° W
Lake Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world62.8500° N, 69.8833° W
Lake Worth Creek, Day Beacon 19, ICWW, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9117° N, 80.0800° W
Lake Worth Pier, Floridaharmonics.world26.6117° N, 80.0333° W
Lake Worth Pier, Florida (2)offsets.xml26.6117° N, 80.0333° W
Lake Wyman, ICWW, Floridaoffsets.xml26.3700° N, 80.0717° W
Lakes Entrance, Australiaharmonics.world37.8833° S, 147.9667° E
Lakeville, Petaluma River, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1983° N, 122.5466° W
Lance Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.0833° N, 52.0333° W
Lancelin, Australiaharmonics.world31.0167° S, 115.3333° E
Lanexa, Chickahominy River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4000° N, 76.9000° W
Langara Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2500° N, 133.0500° W
Langara Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2500° N, 133.0333° W
Large Islet, Australiaharmonics.world21.3000° S, 115.5000° E
Largo Sound, Key Largo, Floridaoffsets.xml25.1400° N, 80.3950° W
Lark Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.1000° N, 58.3667° W
Larry's River, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2167° N, 61.3833° W
Larsen Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.6167° N, 130.5667° W
Larsen Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.6167° N, 130.5667° W
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Anglin Fishing Pier, Floridaoffsets.xml26.1883° N, 80.0933° W
Launceston, Tasmaniaharmonics.world41.4333° S, 147.1333° E
Lauwersoog, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.4167° N, 6.2000° E
Lawrence Point, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7833° N, 73.9167° W
Lawrence Point, Orcas Island, 1.3 mile East of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6500° N, 122.7167° W
Lawyer Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.1333° N, 130.0333° W
Lawyer Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.1333° N, 130.3333° W
Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexicoharmonics.world17.9167° N, 102.1667° W
Le Petit Pelerin, Québecharmonics.world47.7000° N, 69.7667° W
Le Robert, Martiniqueharmonics.world14.6833° N, 60.1167° W
Leadenwah Creek, 3 mi. above entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6367° N, 80.2017° W
Leaf Basin, Québecharmonics.world58.7333° N, 69.0833° W
Leaf Bay, Ungava Bay, Québecoffsets.xml58.9167° N, 69.0000° W
Leaf Lake, Ungava Bay, Québecoffsets.xml58.7500° N, 69.6667° W
Learmonth, Australiaharmonics.world22.1833° S, 114.0833° E
Learmonth, Australia (2)harmonics.world22.1833° S, 114.0833° E
Leedstown, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.1167° N, 77.0000° W
Legaspi, Philippinesharmonics.world13.1500° N, 123.7500° E
Leipsic River entrance, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.2417° N, 75.4150° W
Leipsic, Leipsic River, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.2450° N, 75.5183° W
Leith Harbor, South Georgiaoffsets.xml54.1333° S, 36.6833° W
Leith, Scotlandharmonics.world55.9833° N, 3.1667° W
Leith, Scotland (2)harmonics.world55.9833° N, 3.1667° W
Leixoes, Portugalharmonics.world41.1833° N, 8.7000° W
Lenoxville Point, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7083° N, 76.6200° W
Leonardtown, Breton Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2833° N, 76.6333° W
Lepreau Harbour, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.1167° N, 66.4833° W
Leroy Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.2667° N, 127.6833° W
Leroy Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.2667° N, 127.6833° W
Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotlandharmonics.world60.1500° N, 1.1333° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Les Escoumins, Québecharmonics.world48.3500° N, 69.3833° W
Les Hattes, Rio Maroni entrance, French Guianaharmonics.world5.7500° N, 53.9667° W
Les Hattes, Rio Maroni entrance, French Guianaoffsets.xml5.7500° N, 53.9667° W
Les Heaux de Brehat, Franceharmonics.world48.9167° N, 3.0833° W
Les Sables-d'Olonne, Franceharmonics.world46.5000° N, 1.8000° W
Leslie, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.6167° N, 61.5167° W
Lester Manor, Pamunkey River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5833° N, 76.9900° W
Lesueur Island, Australiaharmonics.world13.8333° S, 127.2833° E
Lewis Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world63.6000° N, 68.0667° W
Lewisetta, Potomac River, Virginiaharmonics.world37.9967° N, 76.4633° W
Lewisetta, Potomac River, Virginia (2)offsets.xml37.9967° N, 76.4633° W
Lewisporte, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.2333° N, 55.0500° W
Liberty Bay, Port Orchard, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.8000° N, 122.6167° W
Libreville, Gabonharmonics.world0.3833° N, 9.4333° E
Lichteiland Goeree, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.9167° N, 3.6667° E
Lifuka, Ha`apai Group, Tongaharmonics.world19.8000° S, 174.3333° W
Lighthouse Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.2500° N, 66.4000° W
Lighthouse Point, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.5233° N, 92.0433° W
Lignumvitae Key, NE side, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9033° N, 80.6950° W
Lignumvitae Key, west side, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9000° N, 80.7050° W
Lille Pendulum, Greenlandoffsets.xml74.6167° N, 18.4833° W
Limehouse Bridge, Stono River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7867° N, 80.1050° W
Limestone Point, Spieden Channel, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6167° N, 123.1000° W
Limon, Costa Ricaoffsets.xml10.0000° N, 83.0333° W
Lincoln Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world82.1167° N, 62.0667° W
Lisbon, Portugalharmonics.world38.7000° N, 9.1333° W
Lisbon, Portugal (2)harmonics.world38.7000° N, 9.1333° W
Liscomb Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0167° N, 62.0000° W
Liscomb Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.0000° N, 62.0333° W
Liston Point, Del.offsets.xml39.4167° N, 75.5333° W
Litchfield Beach bridge, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4717° N, 79.1017° W
Little Back River, Hwy. 17, Back River., Savannah River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1650° N, 81.1300° W
Little Basin, Upper Matecumbe Key, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9150° N, 80.6400° W
Little Bay Arm, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.6000° N, 55.9167° W
Little Bull Creek entrance, Bull Creek, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.6017° N, 79.1183° W
Little Card Sound bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml25.2883° N, 80.3700° W
Little Cornwallis Island, Nunavutharmonics.world75.3500° N, 96.8000° W
Little Cornwallis, Nunavutharmonics.world75.3833° N, 96.9500° W
Little Coyote Point, California Currentharmonics.world37.5903° N, 122.2487° W
Little Coyote Pt 3.1 mi ENE, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.5833° N, 122.2000° W
Little Coyote Pt 3.4 mi NNE, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.6500° N, 122.2166° W
Little Creek (RR. Terminal), Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9117° N, 76.1750° W
Little Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.2917° N, 68.6933° W
Little Duck Key, east end, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6817° N, 81.2283° W
Little Ferry, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.8467° N, 74.0317° W
Little Flying Point, Maquoit Bay, Maineoffsets.xml43.8333° N, 70.0500° W
Little Gull Island, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.2067° N, 72.1017° W
Little Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.7167° N, 62.8500° W
Little Hickory Island, Floridaoffsets.xml26.3533° N, 81.8550° W
Little Hoquiam River, highway bridge, Grays Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.9967° N, 123.8933° W
Little Inagua Island, Bahamasharmonics.world21.4500° N, 73.0167° W
Little Patonga, Australiaharmonics.world33.5667° S, 151.2667° E
Little Pine Key, north end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7500° N, 81.3283° W
Little Pine Key, south end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7133° N, 81.3033° W
Little Pottsburg Creek, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.3100° N, 81.6100° W
Little Pottsburg Creek, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3100° N, 81.6100° W
Little Pottsburg Creek, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.3100° N, 81.6100° W
Little Pottsburg Creek, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.3100° N, 81.6100° W
Little Pottsburg Creek, St. Johns River, Florida (5)harmonics.world30.3100° N, 81.6100° W
Little Pottsburg Creek, St. Johns River, Florida (6)offsets.xml30.3100° N, 81.6100° W
Little River (town), ICWW, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8700° N, 78.6083° W
Little River Neck, north end, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8700° N, 78.5733° W
Little River, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.7333° N, 124.9167° W
Little River, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.7333° N, 124.9167° W
Little Sheepshead Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5217° N, 74.3200° W
Little Spanish Key, Spanish Banks, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7733° N, 81.3683° W
Little St. Marys River, Floridaharmonics.world30.7317° N, 81.7267° W
Little St. Marys River, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.7317° N, 81.7267° W
Little Talbot Island, Floridaharmonics.world30.4300° N, 81.4050° W
Little Talbot Island, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.4300° N, 81.4050° W
Little Talbot Island, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.4300° N, 81.4050° W
Little Talbot Island, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.4300° N, 81.4050° W
Little Talbot Island, Florida (5)offsets.xml30.4300° N, 81.4050° W
Little Torch Key, Pine Channel Bridge, south side, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6650° N, 81.3867° W
Little Torch Key, Pine Channel Bridge, south side, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.6650° N, 81.3867° W
Little Torch Key, Torch Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6650° N, 81.3950° W
Little Whale River, Québecharmonics.world56.0000° N, 74.7667° W
Liverpool Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.0333° N, 64.6833° W
Liverpool Bay, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.7167° N, 130.5500° W
Liverpool Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.4667° N, 77.2667° W
Liverpool, Englandharmonics.world53.4167° N, 3.0000° W
Liverpool, England (2)harmonics.world53.4167° N, 3.0000° W
Liverpool, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.0500° N, 64.7167° W
Lizard Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.6667° S, 145.4500° E
Lloyd Harbor entrance, Huntington Bay, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9100° N, 73.4317° W
Lobeco, Whale Branch, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5733° N, 80.7450° W
Lobito, Angolaharmonics.world12.3333° S, 13.5667° E
Lockeport, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7000° N, 65.1167° W
Lockeport, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.7333° N, 65.0833° W
Lockheed Shipyard, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.5850° N, 122.3600° W
Locks Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.3333° N, 55.9500° W
Lockwoods Folly Inlet, North Carolinaoffsets.xml33.9167° N, 78.2333° W
Lofall, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.8150° N, 122.6567° W
Lofton, Lanceford Creek, St. Marys River, Floridaoffsets.xml30.6433° N, 81.5233° W
Loggieville, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0667° N, 65.3833° W
Lolomo Passage, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world8.1833° S, 157.6833° E
Lome, Togoharmonics.world6.1167° N, 1.2167° E
London Bridge, Englandharmonics.world51.5000° N, 0.0833° W
London Bridge, England (2)harmonics.world51.5000° N, 0.0833° W
London Bridge, England (3)harmonics.world51.5000° N, 0.0833° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Londonderry, Northern Irelandharmonics.world55.0000° N, 7.3167° W
Londonderry, Northern Ireland (2)harmonics.world55.0000° N, 7.3167° W
Lonesome Bayou (Thomasin), Louisianaoffsets.xml29.2283° N, 89.0500° W
Long Beach (outer coast), Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5833° N, 73.6500° W
Long Beach, Inner Harbor, Californiaoffsets.xml33.7717° N, 118.2100° W
Long Beach, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6000° N, 73.6500° W
Long Beach, Marylandoffsets.xml38.4667° N, 76.4667° W
Long Beach, Middle Harbor, Californiaoffsets.xml33.7500° N, 118.2333° W
Long Beach, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.9833° N, 53.8000° W
Long Beach, Outer Harbor, Pier A, Californiaoffsets.xml33.7583° N, 118.2066° W
Long Beach, Terminal Island, Californiaharmonics.world33.7517° N, 118.2267° W
Long Branch (fishing pier), New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.3033° N, 73.9767° W
Long Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9033° N, 76.0700° W
Long Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.4333° N, 54.8167° W
Long Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.6900° N, 70.1700° W
Long Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.1500° N, 66.9667° W
Long Island, Nunavutharmonics.world54.7667° N, 79.7333° W
Long Key Bight, Long Key, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8283° N, 80.8083° W
Long Key Channel (East), Floridaharmonics.world24.8033° N, 80.8500° W
Long Key Channel (West), Floridaharmonics.world24.7917° N, 80.8833° W
Long Key Lake, Long Key, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8200° N, 80.8167° W
Long Key Viaduct, Florida Currentharmonics.world24.8017° N, 80.8650° W
Long Key, east of drawbridge, Florida Currentharmonics.world24.8400° N, 80.7700° W
Long Key, western end, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8033° N, 80.8500° W
Long Point, Big Annemessex River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.0483° N, 75.8033° W
Long Point, Lake Borgne, Louisianaoffsets.xml30.1500° N, 89.6000° W
Long Pond, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5167° N, 52.9667° W
Long Reach, Ingram Thorofare, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1017° N, 74.7550° W
Longbranch (USCOE dredge depot), Floridaharmonics.world30.3600° N, 81.6200° W
Longbranch (USCOE dredge depot), Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3600° N, 81.6200° W
Longbranch (USCOE dredge depot), Florida (3)harmonics.world30.3600° N, 81.6200° W
Longbranch (USCOE dredge depot), Florida (4)harmonics.world30.3600° N, 81.6200° W
Longbranch (USCOE dredge depot), Florida (5)harmonics.world30.3600° N, 81.6200° W
Longbranch (USCOE dredge depot), Florida (6)harmonics.world30.3600° N, 81.6200° W
Longbranch, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2100° N, 122.7533° W
Longport (inside), Great Egg Harbor Inlet, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3083° N, 74.5333° W
Longstaff Bluff #1, Nunavutharmonics.world68.8833° N, 75.1167° W
Longyearbyen, Spitsbergenharmonics.world78.2167° N, 15.6333° E
Loon Island, Nunavutharmonics.world53.8167° N, 79.0167° W
Lopez Pass, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.4667° N, 122.8167° W
Lora Point, Escambia Bay, Pensacola Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5150° N, 87.1617° W
Lord Howe Island, Tasman Seaharmonics.world31.5333° S, 159.0667° E
Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexicoharmonics.world26.0167° N, 111.3500° W
Lorient, Franceharmonics.world47.7500° N, 3.3500° W
Lorneville, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.2000° N, 66.1500° W
Los Angeles Harbor, Mormon Island, Californiaoffsets.xml33.7500° N, 118.2666° W
Los Angeles, Californiaharmonics.world33.7200° N, 118.2717° W
Los Patos (highway bridge), Californiaoffsets.xml33.7083° N, 118.0600° W
Lostmans River entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml25.5533° N, 81.2133° W
Louisbourg, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.9167° N, 59.9667° W
Louisburg Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.9000° N, 59.9833° W
Louiseville, Québecharmonics.world46.2167° N, 72.9333° W
Loutit Bay, Australiaharmonics.world38.5500° S, 143.9833° E
Love Point, Marylandoffsets.xml39.0317° N, 76.3017° W
Loveladies Harbor, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7250° N, 74.1367° W
Lovell Island, The Narrows, Boston Harbor, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3333° N, 70.9333° W
Low Islets, Australiaharmonics.world16.3833° S, 145.5667° E
Low Wooded Isle, Australiaharmonics.world15.0833° S, 145.2500° E
Lowe Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.5500° N, 129.5833° W
Lowe Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.5500° N, 129.5833° W
Lowe Point (northeast of), Sasanoa River, Maine Currentharmonics.world43.8517° N, 69.7217° W
Lowell Cove, Orrs Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.7500° N, 69.9833° W
Lower Anchorage, Floridaoffsets.xml29.6000° N, 85.0500° W
Lower Attawaspiskat, Ontarioharmonics.world52.9667° N, 82.2667° W
Lower Cedar Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.3333° N, 76.9833° W
Lower East Pubnico, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.6333° N, 65.7667° W
Lower East Pubnico, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.6333° N, 65.7667° W
Lower Escuminac, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0667° N, 64.8833° W
Lower Hall Landing, Tensaw River, Alabamaoffsets.xml30.8183° N, 87.9150° W
Lower Hell Gate (Knubble Bay, Maine) Currentharmonics.world43.8767° N, 69.7300° W
Lower Marlboro, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6550° N, 76.6833° W
Lower Neguac, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.2667° N, 65.0667° W
Lower Rocketts, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5000° N, 77.4167° W
Lower Savage Islands, Nunavutoffsets.xml61.7667° N, 65.8500° W
Lower Toogoodoo Creek, 2 mi. above entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7033° N, 80.2783° W
Lower Topsaw Landing, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.6083° N, 79.1517° W
Lower Wedgeport, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7167° N, 65.9833° W
Lowestoft, Englandharmonics.world52.4333° N, 1.7500° E
Luanda, Angolaharmonics.world8.7833° S, 13.2333° E
Lubec, Maineoffsets.xml44.8667° N, 66.9833° W
Lucinda, Australiaharmonics.world18.5167° S, 146.3333° E
Lucy Point Creek entrance, Morgan River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4517° N, 80.6100° W
Luderitz Bay, Namibiaharmonics.world26.6500° S, 15.1500° E
Ludlam Bay, west side, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1767° N, 74.7100° W
Luis Correia, Braziloffsets.xml2.8833° S, 41.6667° W
Lund, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.9833° N, 124.7667° W
Lund, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.9833° N, 124.7667° W
Lunenburg, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.3667° N, 64.3167° W
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world44.3667° N, 64.3167° W
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (3)offsets.xml44.3667° N, 64.3167° W
Lushun, Chinaharmonics.world38.8000° N, 121.2500° E
Lyme, highway bridge, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.3200° N, 72.3517° W
Lynch Cove Dock, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.4183° N, 122.9017° W
Lynch Point, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.0500° N, 76.5167° W
Lynchburg Landing, San Jacinto River, Texasharmonics.world29.7650° N, 95.0783° W
Lynher Bank, Australiaharmonics.world15.4667° S, 122.0167° E
Lynn Harbor, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.4500° N, 70.9667° W
Lynn Haven, North Bay, St. Andrew Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.2550° N, 85.6483° W
Lyttelton, New Zealandharmonics.world43.6000° S, 172.7167° E
Maatsuyker Island, Tasmaniaharmonics.world43.6667° S, 146.3167° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Mabou River entrance, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.1000° N, 61.4667° W
Macaé (Imbitiba Bay), Braziloffsets.xml22.3833° S, 41.7667° W
Macapá, Amazon River, Braziloffsets.xml0.0500° S, 51.1833° W
Macau, Chinaharmonics.world22.2000° N, 113.5500° E
Macau, Rio Acu, Brazilharmonics.world5.1167° S, 36.6333° W
Macau, Rio Acu, Braziloffsets.xml5.1000° S, 36.6833° W
Maceió, Brazilharmonics.world9.6833° S, 35.7167° W
Maceió, Braziloffsets.xml9.6667° S, 35.7167° W
Machiasport, Machias River, Maineoffsets.xml44.6983° N, 67.3933° W
Mackay Outer Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world21.1167° S, 149.2333° E
Mackay Outer Harbour, Australia (2)harmonics.world21.1167° S, 149.2333° E
Mackay River (Daymark #239), Georgiaoffsets.xml31.2100° N, 81.4250° W
Mackay River (ICWW), Georgiaoffsets.xml31.2850° N, 81.3850° W
Mackerel Cove, Maineoffsets.xml44.1700° N, 68.4350° W
Macleay Island, Australiaharmonics.world15.9500° S, 123.6833° E
Macquarie Islandharmonics.world54.5167° S, 158.9333° E
Mad Horse Creek, 1 n.mi. above entrance, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.4317° N, 75.4467° W
Madang Harbour, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world5.2167° S, 145.8000° E
Madeira Beach Causeway, Floridaoffsets.xml27.8067° N, 82.7950° W
Madison Avenue Bridge, Harlem River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8167° N, 73.9333° W
Madison, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2667° N, 72.6000° W
Madras, Indiaharmonics.world13.1000° N, 80.3000° E
Madre de Deus, Brazilharmonics.world9.6833° S, 35.7167° W
Maeda, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9667° N, 130.9670° E
Magens Bay, St. Thomas Island, Virgin Islandsoffsets.xml18.3667° N, 64.9167° W
Magnolia Gardens, Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8767° N, 80.0833° W
Magome, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0333° N, 129.6170° E
Magosaki, Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world34.2333° N, 134.6500° E
Magueyes Island, Caribbean Sea, Puerto Ricoharmonics.world17.9717° N, 67.0467° W
Magueyes Island, Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico (2)offsets.xml17.9667° N, 67.0500° W
Mahon River entrance, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.1833° N, 75.4000° W
Mahone Harbour, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.4500° N, 64.3667° W
Mailboat Slough, Willapa River, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.6867° N, 123.8150° W
Main Key, Barnes Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml25.2400° N, 80.4000° W
Main Marsh Thorofare, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.4783° N, 74.3833° W
Maisaka, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.6833° N, 137.6170° E
Maizuru (Higasi-Ko), Kyoto, Japanharmonics.world35.4833° N, 135.4000° E
Maizuru (Higasi-Ko), Kyoto, Japan (2)harmonics.world35.4833° N, 135.4000° E
Maizuru (Nisi Ko), Kyoto, Japanharmonics.world35.4500° N, 135.3170° E
Makemo Atoll, Tuamotu Archipelagoharmonics.world16.6333° S, 143.5667° W
Makkovik Bank North, Labradorharmonics.world55.7167° N, 58.2000° W
Makkovik, Labradorharmonics.world55.0833° N, 59.1667° W
Makung, Chinaharmonics.world23.5500° N, 119.5500° E
Makurazaki, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.2667° N, 130.3000° E
Makuti, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.1500° N, 139.6830° E
Makwaziniht Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5500° N, 127.5500° W
Makwaziniht Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.5500° N, 127.5500° W
Malaga, Spainharmonics.world36.7167° N, 4.4167° W
Malagash, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7833° N, 63.2833° W
Malakal Harbor, Palau Islands, Caroline Islandsharmonics.world7.3300° N, 134.4700° E
Malakal, Palauharmonics.world7.3333° N, 134.4667° E
Malecon, Venezuelaharmonics.world11.0000° N, 71.5833° W
Malhado, Brazilharmonics.world14.7667° S, 39.0167° W
Mali Losinj, Croatiaharmonics.world44.5333° N, 14.4667° E
Malibu Inner, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.0167° N, 123.8500° W
Malibu Outer, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.0167° N, 123.8500° W
Malindi, Kenyaharmonics.world3.2167° S, 40.1167° E
Mallard Island Ferry Wharf, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0433° N, 121.9183° W
Mallison Island, Australiaharmonics.world12.1833° S, 136.1000° E
Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Islandoffsets.xml46.5833° N, 63.6667° W
Malpeque, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.5333° N, 63.7000° W
Mamaroneck, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9333° N, 73.7333° W
Man O' War Bay, Cameroonharmonics.world3.9667° N, 9.2167° E
Manahawkin Creek, Manahawkin Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6667° N, 74.2150° W
Manahawkin Drawbridge, Manahawkin Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6533° N, 74.1850° W
Manasquan Inlet, USCG Station, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.1017° N, 74.0350° W
Manasquan Inlet, USCG Station, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.1017° N, 74.0350° W
Manatee Creek, Manatee Bay, Barnes Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml25.2350° N, 80.4300° W
Manazuru, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.1500° N, 139.1500° E
Manchester Harbor, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.5667° N, 70.7833° W
Mangalore, Indiaharmonics.world12.8500° N, 74.8333° E
Mangrove Point, Crystal Bay, Floridaharmonics.world28.8700° N, 82.7233° W
Mangrove Point, Crystal Bay, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.8700° N, 82.7233° W
Manila, Philippinesharmonics.world14.5833° N, 120.9667° E
Manilla, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.4267° N, 89.9767° W
Manta, Ecuadorharmonics.world0.9333° S, 80.7167° W
Mantoloking, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0367° N, 74.0533° W
Mantua, Mantua Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7967° N, 75.1767° W
Manzanillo, Colima, Mexicoharmonics.world19.0533° N, 104.3300° W
Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico (2)harmonics.world19.0533° N, 104.3300° W
Manzanillo, Golfo de Guacanayabo, Cubaoffsets.xml20.3500° N, 77.1167° W
Manzeki-Eastern-Ent., Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 129.3670° E
Manzeki-Thuo, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 129.3500° E
Manzeki-Western-Ent., Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 129.3670° E
Maple Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8167° N, 123.6167° W
Maple Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8167° N, 123.4500° W
Maputo, Mozambiqueharmonics.world25.9833° S, 32.5667° E
Mar del Plata, Argentinaharmonics.world38.0500° S, 57.5500° W
Marble Island, Nunavutharmonics.world62.6833° N, 91.2000° W
Marblehead Channel, Massachusetts Currentharmonics.world42.5000° N, 70.8167° W
Marblehead, Massachusettsharmonics.world42.5000° N, 70.8500° W
Marblehead, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml42.5000° N, 70.8500° W
Marco, Big Marco River, Floridaharmonics.world25.9717° N, 81.7333° W
Marco, Big Marco River, Florida (2)offsets.xml25.9717° N, 81.7333° W
Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, Delaware River, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml39.8117° N, 74.4100° W
Marcus Island (Minami Tori Shima)offsets.xml24.2667° N, 154.0000° E
Mare Island Strait Entrance, San Pablo Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0667° N, 122.2500° W
Mare Island Strait, So Vallejo, San Pablo Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0833° N, 122.2500° W
Mare Island, Naval Shipyard, Californiaharmonics.world38.0700° N, 122.2500° W
Mare Island, Naval Shipyard, California (2)offsets.xml38.0700° N, 122.2500° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Margaree Breakwater, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.4500° N, 61.1167° W
Margaree Trailer, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.4333° N, 61.1167° W
Margate, Englandharmonics.world51.3833° N, 1.3833° E
Margretsville, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0500° N, 65.0667° W
Marie Joseph, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9667° N, 62.0833° W
Marín, Spainharmonics.world42.4000° N, 8.7000° W
Marine Corps Air Station, Brickyard Creek, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4650° N, 80.6917° W
Marion Reef, Coral Seaharmonics.world19.1000° S, 152.4000° E
Marion, Sippican Harbor, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7050° N, 70.7617° W
Market Street Bridge, Schuylkill River, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml39.9550° N, 75.1800° W
Markham, Grays Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.9067° N, 123.9983° W
Marmagao, Indiaharmonics.world15.4167° N, 73.8000° E
Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world8.5000° S, 157.9667° E
Marquis Island, Australiaharmonics.world22.3333° S, 150.4500° E
Marrowstone Point, 0.3 miles NE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1000° N, 122.6833° W
Marrowstone Point, 0.4 miles NE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1000° N, 122.6833° W
Marrowstone Point, 1.1 miles NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1167° N, 122.7000° W
Marrowstone Point, 1.6 miles NE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1167° N, 122.6667° W
Marrowstone Point, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.1000° N, 122.6833° W
Marsden Point, New Zealandharmonics.world35.8333° S, 174.5000° E
Marsden Point, New Zealand (2)harmonics.world35.8333° S, 174.5000° E
Marseille, Franceharmonics.world43.3000° N, 5.3667° E
Marshall Hall, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6833° N, 77.1000° W
Marshall, Tomales Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1617° N, 122.8933° W
Marugame, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 133.8000° E
Mary Ann Haven, Australiaharmonics.world33.9500° S, 120.1167° E
Maryland Point Light, Marylandoffsets.xml38.3500° N, 77.2000° W
Marysville, Quilceda Creek, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0333° N, 122.2000° W
Mason Creek, Homosassa Bay, Floridaharmonics.world28.7617° N, 82.6383° W
Mason Creek, Homosassa Bay, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.7617° N, 82.6383° W
Masonboro Inlet, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.1833° N, 77.8167° W
Massacre Bay, Attu Island, Alaskaharmonics.world52.8400° N, 173.1950° E
Massacre, Rivière du entrance, Haitioffsets.xml19.7167° N, 71.7667° W
Massaponax, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.2500° N, 77.4167° W
Massawa, Eritreaharmonics.world15.6167° N, 39.4667° E
Masset, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.0000° N, 132.1500° W
Masset, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.0167° N, 132.1500° W
Mastic Beach, Moriches Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7500° N, 72.8333° W
Mataiva, Tahitiharmonics.world17.5167° S, 149.5167° W
Mataiva, Tahiti (2)harmonics.world17.5167° S, 149.5167° W
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexicoharmonics.world25.8833° N, 97.5167° W
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexicooffsets.xml25.8833° N, 97.5167° W
Matane, Québecharmonics.world48.8500° N, 67.5333° W
Matane, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.8500° N, 67.5333° W
Matanzas Pass (fixed bridge) Estero Island, Floridaoffsets.xml26.4567° N, 81.9533° W
Matanzas, Cubaoffsets.xml23.0667° N, 81.5333° W
Matapeake, Kent Island, Marylandoffsets.xml38.9583° N, 76.3550° W
Matarani, Peruharmonics.world17.0000° S, 72.1167° W
Matawan Creek, Route 35 bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4333° N, 74.2183° W
Matecumbe Bight, Lower Matecumbe Key, Fla. Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8650° N, 80.7167° W
Matecumbe Harbor, Lower Matecumbe Key, Fla. Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.8517° N, 80.7400° W
Mathias Point, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.4000° N, 77.0500° W
Matia Island, 0.8 mile West of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7500° N, 122.8667° W
Matia Island, 1.4 mile North of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7500° N, 122.8333° W
Matinicus Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml43.8617° N, 68.8817° W
Matlacha Pass (bascule bridge), Floridaoffsets.xml26.6317° N, 82.0683° W
Matoya, Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.3667° N, 136.8670° E
Mattapoisett, Mattapoisett Harbor, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.6567° N, 70.8133° W
Mattapoisett, Mattapoisett Harbor, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.6567° N, 70.8133° W
Matthew Town, Great Inagua Island, Bahamasharmonics.world20.9500° N, 73.6833° W
Matthew Town, Great Inagua Island, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml20.9500° N, 73.6833° W
Matthews Cove, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0500° N, 66.8667° W
Mattituck Inlet, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0150° N, 72.5617° W
Matugae, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7333° N, 129.8670° E
Matugae, Nagasaki, Japan (2)harmonics.world32.7333° N, 129.8667° E
Matukawaura, Fukusima, Japanharmonics.world37.8167° N, 140.9830° E
Matumae, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.4167° N, 140.0830° E
Matunami, Ishikawa, Japanharmonics.world37.3500° N, 137.2500° E
Matusaka, Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.6000° N, 136.5670° E
Matusima (Nagasaki), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.9333° N, 129.6170° E
Matuyama, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.8667° N, 132.7170° E
Matuyama, Ehime, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.8667° N, 132.7167° E
Mauricetown, Maurice River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2850° N, 74.9917° W
Mawari, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3667° N, 129.2500° E
Mawson, Antarcticaharmonics.world67.6000° S, 62.8833° E
Maxwell Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world74.6833° N, 88.9000° W
Mayaguez, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.2167° N, 67.1500° W
Mayan Lake, Fort Lauderdale, Floridaoffsets.xml26.1000° N, 80.1083° W
Mayo Key, Big Spanish Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7333° N, 81.3617° W
Mayport (ferry dock), Floridaharmonics.world30.3950° N, 81.4317° W
Mayport (ferry dock), Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.4317° W
Mayport (ferry dock), Florida (3)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.4317° W
Mayport (ferry dock), Florida (4)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.4317° W
Mayport (ferry dock), Florida (5)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.4317° W
Mayport (ferry dock), Florida (6)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.4317° W
Mayport (ferry dock), Florida (7)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.4317° W
Mayport (ferry dock), Florida (8)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.4317° W
Mays Landing, Great Egg Harbor River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.4483° N, 74.7283° W
Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexicoharmonics.world23.1983° N, 106.4217° W
Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico (2)harmonics.world23.1983° N, 106.4217° W
Mc Donald Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.7167° N, 66.0500° W
Mcbean Island, Nunavutharmonics.world72.6333° N, 89.6333° W
McClellanville, Jeremy Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0783° N, 79.4600° W
Mcewin Islet, Australiaharmonics.world22.1500° S, 149.6000° E
McKenney Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.6500° N, 129.4833° W
McKenney Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.6500° N, 129.4833° W
Mcmaster Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0500° N, 66.9333° W
McMicken Island, Case Inlet, Puget Sound, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2333° N, 122.8500° W
McPherson Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2333° N, 132.9667° W
McPherson Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.2333° N, 132.9667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Mctavish Island, Québecharmonics.world57.0500° N, 76.8667° W
Me Sima, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.0000° N, 128.3500° E
Meadow Point, Shilshole Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.6883° N, 122.4033° W
Meadowdale, Washingtonharmonics.world47.8500° N, 122.0333° W
Meadowville, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3783° N, 77.3233° W
Meaipe, Brazilharmonics.world20.7500° S, 40.5333° W
Meetpost Noordwijk, Netherlandsharmonics.new52.2667° N, 4.3000° E
Meins Landing, Montezuma Slough, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1367° N, 121.9066° W
Melaka, Malaysiaharmonics.world2.1833° N, 102.2500° E
Melbourne, Australiaharmonics.world37.8667° S, 144.8667° E
Melbourne, Australia (2)harmonics.world37.8667° S, 144.9167° E
Melchior, Antarcticaharmonics.world64.3333° S, 62.9833° W
Mellish Reef, Coral Seaharmonics.world17.4167° S, 155.8667° E
Memory Rock, Bahamasharmonics.world26.9500° N, 79.1167° W
Memory Rock, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml26.9500° N, 79.1167° W
Menado, Sulawesi, Indonesiaharmonics.world1.5000° N, 124.8333° E
Menantico Creek entrance, Maurice River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3433° N, 75.0083° W
Menchville, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.0817° N, 76.5250° W
Mendocino, Mendocino Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml39.3017° N, 123.8033° W
Menemsha Bight, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.3500° N, 70.7667° W
Menemsha Bight, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.3500° N, 70.7667° W
Mera, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world34.9167° N, 139.8330° E
Mera-Koura, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.6667° N, 138.7830° E
Merauke, Irian Jaya, Indonesiaharmonics.world8.5333° S, 140.3333° E
Merauke, Irian Jaya, Indonesia (2)harmonics.world8.5333° S, 140.3333° E
Mercy Bay, Banks Island, NWT, Canadaoffsets.xml74.1167° N, 118.2500° W
Mereworth Sound, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.0167° N, 127.4167° W
Mergui, Myanmarharmonics.world12.4333° N, 98.6000° E
Merigomish Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6500° N, 62.4500° W
Merigomish Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6500° N, 62.4500° W
Mermaid Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.1833° W
Mermaid Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.4000° N, 125.1833° W
Mermentau River entrance, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.7500° N, 93.1000° W
Merrimack River Entrance, Massachusettsharmonics.world42.8167° N, 70.8167° W
Merrimack River Entrance, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml42.8167° N, 70.8167° W
Mesquite Point, Sabine Pass, Texasoffsets.xml29.7667° N, 93.8950° W
Messick Point, Back River, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.1083° N, 76.3183° W
Meteghan, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.2000° N, 66.1667° W
Metis-sur-Mer, Québecoffsets.xml48.6833° N, 68.0333° W
Metompkin Inlet, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.6717° N, 75.5950° W
Meyers Narrows, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.6000° N, 128.6167° W
Meyers Narrows, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.6000° N, 128.6167° W
Miacomet Rip, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.2333° N, 70.1000° W
Miah Maull Shoal Light, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1333° N, 75.2167° W
Miami Harbor Entrance, Floridaharmonics.world25.7683° N, 80.1317° W
Miami Harbor Entrance, Florida Current (1) (expired 1986-12-31)harmonics.world25.7650° N, 80.1367° W
Miami Harbor Entrance, Florida Current (2)harmonics.world25.7650° N, 80.1367° W
Miami Harbor Entrance, Florida Current (3)harmonics.world25.7650° N, 80.1367° W
Miami, 79th St. Causeway, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8483° N, 80.1717° W
Miami, Causeway (east end), Floridaoffsets.xml25.7733° N, 80.1417° W
Miami, Marina, Floridaoffsets.xml25.7800° N, 80.1867° W
Micco, Indian River, Floridaoffsets.xml27.8733° N, 80.4967° W
Middle Arm, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1833° N, 123.0167° W
Middle Branch, Baltimore Harbor, Marylandoffsets.xml39.2667° N, 76.6267° W
Middle Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6667° N, 52.7000° W
Middle Island Anchorage, Australiaharmonics.world21.6500° S, 150.2500° E
Middle Thorofare, Ocean Drive bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2150° N, 74.6483° W
Middle Torch Key, Torch Ramrod Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6617° N, 81.4017° W
Midjik Bluff, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.1167° N, 66.9000° W
Midway Inlet North, Pawleys Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4483° N, 79.1117° W
Miho, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world35.0000° N, 138.5170° E
Miike, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.0167° N, 130.4170° E
Miike, Hukuoka, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.0167° N, 130.4167° E
Miiraku, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7500° N, 128.7000° E
Mikata (Aso Wan), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.2833° N, 129.2670° E
Mikuni, Hukui, Japanharmonics.world36.2167° N, 136.1330° E
Milbridge, Narraguagus River, Maineoffsets.xml44.5333° N, 67.8833° W
Milford Harbor, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2183° N, 73.0550° W
Milford Haven, Walesharmonics.world51.7000° N, 5.0167° W
Mill Basin, Brooklyn, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6083° N, 73.9217° W
Mill Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world55.0000° N, 129.9000° W
Mill Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world55.0000° N, 129.9000° W
Mill Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5833° N, 64.0667° W
Mill Creek entrance, Garretts Reach, Hackensack River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.8050° N, 74.0533° W
Mill Creek, 1 n.mi. above entrance, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6650° N, 74.2317° W
Mill Creek, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5833° N, 76.4167° W
Mill Point, Sasanoa River, Maineoffsets.xml43.8833° N, 69.7667° W
Millenbeck, Corrotoman River, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.6683° N, 76.4867° W
Millerand, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.2134° N, 61.9870° W
Millerand, Québecharmonics.world47.1167° N, 61.8833° W
Millington, Marylandoffsets.xml39.2567° N, 75.8400° W
Millside, RR. bridge, Delaware offsets.xml39.7250° N, 75.5600° W
Millstone Point, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.3000° N, 72.1667° W
Millville, Maurice River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3917° N, 75.0417° W
Milne Inlet (Head), Nunavutharmonics.world71.9000° N, 80.8500° W
Milne Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.6167° N, 128.7667° W
Milne Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.6167° N, 128.7667° W
Milner Bay, Australiaharmonics.world13.8333° S, 136.5000° E
Milton, Blackwater River, Pensacola Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.6167° N, 87.0333° W
Miminegash, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.8833° N, 64.2333° W
Mimitu, Miyazaki, Japanharmonics.world32.3333° N, 131.6170° E
Mina Al Ahmadi, Kuwaitharmonics.world29.0667° N, 48.1667° E
Mina Salman, Bahrainharmonics.world26.2333° N, 50.6000° E
Mina Su`ud, Kuwaitharmonics.world28.7333° N, 48.4000° E
Mina Zayed, U.A.E.harmonics.world24.5167° N, 54.3833° E
Minamata, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.2000° N, 130.3830° E
Minami Izu-Koine, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.6167° N, 138.8830° E
Minami-Daito Sima, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world25.8167° N, 131.2330° E
Minas Basin (Ray .4), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3167° N, 64.2000° W
Miners Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8500° N, 123.3000° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Miners Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8500° N, 123.3000° W
Mingan, Québecharmonics.world50.2833° N, 64.0167° W
Mingan, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.3000° N, 64.0500° W
Minicoy Island, Lakshadweepharmonics.world8.2833° N, 73.0500° E
Minim Creek ent., ICWW, North Santee Bay, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.1950° N, 79.2750° W
Minjiang Kou, Chinaharmonics.world26.1333° N, 119.6333° E
Mink Creek entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5367° N, 81.5817° W
Minmaya, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.2000° N, 140.4170° E
Mino, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.2500° N, 132.3830° E
Mio, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world33.8833° N, 135.0830° E
Miojin Hana, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 130.9667° E
Miri, Malaysiaharmonics.world4.3833° N, 113.9833° E
Miscou Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.9000° N, 64.5833° W
Miscou Harbour, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.9000° N, 64.5833° W
Misima (Hiuti Nada), Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.9833° N, 133.5500° E
Misima, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world10.7000° S, 152.7833° E
Mispillion River entrance, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml38.9450° N, 75.3133° W
Missouri Key-Little Duck Key Channeloffsets.xml24.6800° N, 81.2350° W
Missouri Key-Ohio Key Channel, west side, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6733° N, 81.2433° W
Mistanoque Harbour, Québecoffsets.xml51.2667° N, 58.2000° W
Misumi, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.6167° N, 130.4500° E
Mitarai, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.1833° N, 132.8670° E
Mitaziri, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.0333° N, 131.5830° E
Mitlenatch Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.9500° N, 125.0000° W
Mitlenatch Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.9500° N, 125.0000° W
Mito (Utiura), Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world35.0167° N, 138.9000° E
Mituisi, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.2500° N, 142.5500° E
Mitukue, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.4500° N, 132.2330° E
Miya, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.8167° N, 137.2500° E
Miyako, Iwate, Japanharmonics.world39.6333° N, 141.9830° E
Miyanoura (Nao Sima), Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.4500° N, 133.9670° E
Miyanoura (Oita), Oita, Japanharmonics.world32.8833° N, 132.0000° E
Miyazaki (Toyama), Toyama, Japanharmonics.world36.9667° N, 137.5830° E
Mizu-No-Ura (Goto), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7500° N, 128.7500° E
Mizu-No-Ura (Kyusyu/w.), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7500° N, 129.8670° E
Mizushima, Japanharmonics.world34.5167° N, 133.7333° E
Mizusima, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.5167° N, 133.7500° E
Mo i Rana, Norwayharmonics.world66.3167° N, 14.1333° E
Moa Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.2333° S, 142.2167° E
Mobile (Mobile State Docks), Alabamaharmonics.world30.7050° N, 88.0367° W
Mobile (Mobile State Docks), Alabama (2) (expired 1989-12-31)harmonics.world30.7050° N, 88.0367° W
Mobile Bay Entrance, Alabama Currentharmonics.world30.2333° N, 88.0333° W
Mobile Point (Fort Morgan), Alabamaoffsets.xml30.2333° N, 88.0200° W
Mobjack, East River, Mobjack Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3733° N, 76.3467° W
Mocamedes, Angolaharmonics.world15.2000° S, 12.1500° E
Mocimboa da Praia, Mozambiqueharmonics.world11.3333° S, 40.3667° E
Modo Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 129.3830° E
Moen Island, Chuuk, F.S.M.harmonics.world7.4467° N, 151.8467° E
Moffatt Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.4500° N, 130.7333° W
Moffatt Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.4500° N, 130.7333° W
Mogadishu, Somaliaharmonics.world2.0333° N, 45.3500° E
Moisie Bay, Québecoffsets.xml50.2000° N, 66.0833° W
Mokp'o, South Koreaharmonics.world34.7833° N, 126.3833° E
Mokuoloe, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu Island, Hawaiiharmonics.world21.4367° N, 157.7933° W
Mokuoloe, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu Island, Hawaii (2)harmonics.world21.4350° N, 157.7917° W
Molasses Key Channel, Molasses Keys, Floridaharmonics.world24.6833° N, 81.1917° W
Molasses Key Channel, Molasses Keys, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.6833° N, 81.1917° W
Molasses Reef, Floridaoffsets.xml25.0117° N, 80.3767° W
Molle Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.2500° S, 148.8333° E
Monbetu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.3500° N, 143.3670° E
Monbetu, Hokkaido, Japan (2)harmonics.world44.3500° N, 143.3667° E
Moncrief Creek entrance, Trout River, Floridaharmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.6617° W
Moncrief Creek entrance, Trout River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.6617° W
Moncrief Creek entrance, Trout River, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.3917° N, 81.6617° W
Moncrief Creek entrance, Trout River, Florida (4)offsets.xml30.3917° N, 81.6617° W
Money Island, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2500° N, 72.7500° W
Money Island, Nantuxent Creek entrance, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2850° N, 75.2383° W
Money Key, Floridaharmonics.world24.6833° N, 81.2167° W
Money Key, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.6833° N, 81.2167° W
Mongo Passage, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world8.3500° S, 157.8667° E
Monhegan Island, Maineharmonics.world43.7650° N, 69.3217° W
Monhegan Island, Maine (2)offsets.xml43.7650° N, 69.3217° W
Monkey Mia, Australiaharmonics.world25.8000° S, 113.7167° E
Monomoy Point, Cape Cod, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5500° N, 70.0000° W
Monrovia, Liberiaharmonics.world6.3333° N, 10.8000° W
Mont-Louis, Québecharmonics.world49.2333° N, 65.7333° W
Montague Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8833° N, 123.3833° W
Montague Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8833° N, 123.3833° W
Montague, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.0167° N, 62.6500° W
Montauk Harbor entrance, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0750° N, 71.9367° W
Montauk Point, Long Island Sound, New Yorkharmonics.world41.0717° N, 71.8567° W
Montauk Point, Long Island Sound, New York (2)offsets.xml41.0700° N, 71.8583° W
Montauk, Fort Pond Bay, Long Island Sound, New Yorkharmonics.world41.0483° N, 71.9600° W
Montauk, Fort Pond Bay, Long Island Sound, New York (2)harmonics.world41.0483° N, 71.9600° W
Montauk, Fort Pond Bay, Long Island Sound, New York (3)offsets.xml41.0483° N, 71.9600° W
Monte Hermoso, Argentinaharmonics.world38.9833° S, 61.6833° W
Montego Bay, Jamaicaoffsets.xml18.4667° N, 77.9167° W
Monterey, Monterey Harbor, Californiaharmonics.world36.6050° N, 121.8883° W
Monterey, Monterey Harbor, California (2)harmonics.world36.6050° N, 121.8883° W
Monterey, Monterey Harbor, California (3)offsets.xml36.6050° N, 121.8883° W
Montesano, Chehalis River, Grays Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.9683° N, 123.6000° W
Montevideo, Uruguayharmonics.world34.9167° S, 56.2167° W
Montezuma Slough 1 mi in W Entrance, Suisun Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.1333° N, 122.0500° W
Montezuma Slough Bridge, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1867° N, 121.9800° W
Montezuma Slough E end nr Brg, Suisun Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0833° N, 121.8833° W
Montezuma Slough West Entrance, Suisun Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.1333° N, 122.0500° W
Montezuma Slough, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1333° N, 122.0666° W
Montmorency, Québecharmonics.world46.8667° N, 71.1500° W
Monument Beach, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7150° N, 70.6167° W
Mooloolaba, Australiaharmonics.world26.6833° S, 153.1167° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Moon Head, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3083° N, 70.9917° W
Moon Island, North Channel, Grays Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.9667° N, 123.9483° W
Moonstone Beach, Rhode Islandharmonics.world41.3667° N, 71.5500° W
Moores Landing, ICWW, Sewee Bay, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9367° N, 79.6550° W
Moose Cove, Maineoffsets.xml44.7333° N, 67.1000° W
Moosonee, James Bay, Ontarioharmonics.world51.2833° N, 80.6333° W
Morehead City, North Carolinaharmonics.world34.7200° N, 76.7267° W
Morehead City, North Carolina (2)offsets.xml34.7183° N, 76.6950° W
Moreland Cemetery, May River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1750° N, 80.8917° W
Morgans Point, Texasoffsets.xml29.6817° N, 94.9850° W
Mori, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.1167° N, 140.6000° E
Moriches Inlet, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7650° N, 72.7533° W
Moroiso, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.1500° N, 139.6170° E
Morozaki, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.7000° N, 136.9830° E
Morris Island, Australiaharmonics.world13.4833° S, 143.7167° E
Morro Bay, Californiaharmonics.world35.3670° N, 120.8500° W
Morro Beach, Estero Bay, Californiaharmonics.world35.4000° N, 120.8667° W
Morro Beach, Estero Bay, California (2)offsets.xml35.4000° N, 120.8666° W
Morro de São Paulo, Braziloffsets.xml13.3500° S, 38.9000° W
Morse Basin, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2500° N, 130.2333° W
Morse Basin, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.2500° N, 130.2333° W
Mortier Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.1667° N, 55.1500° W
Moruya, Australiaharmonics.world35.9000° S, 150.1167° E
Moser Channel (swingbridge), Florida Currentharmonics.world24.7000° N, 81.1700° W
Mosqueiro, Brazilharmonics.world1.1833° S, 48.4667° W
Mosquito Bank, Floridaoffsets.xml25.0733° N, 80.3933° W
Moss Landing, Californiaharmonics.world36.8017° N, 121.7900° W
Moss Landing, California (2)offsets.xml36.8017° N, 121.7900° W
Mosselbaai, South Africaharmonics.world34.1833° S, 22.1500° E
Motts Basin, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6167° N, 73.7583° W
Motuoini, Tahitiharmonics.world17.7500° S, 140.3667° W
Mould Bay, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world76.2833° N, 119.4667° W
Moulmein, Myanmarharmonics.world16.4833° N, 97.6167° E
Mount Airy, Chickahominy River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3500° N, 76.9167° W
Mount Desert Narrows, Maineoffsets.xml44.4333° N, 68.3667° W
Mount Desert, Maineoffsets.xml44.3667° N, 68.3333° W
Mount Holly, Nomini Creek, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.1000° N, 76.7333° W
Mount Sinai Harbor, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9633° N, 73.0400° W
Mount Vernon, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.7000° N, 77.0833° W
Mountain Point, Magothy River, Marylandoffsets.xml39.0667° N, 76.4333° W
Moura, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.9500° N, 140.8670° E
Mourilyan Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world17.6000° S, 146.1167° E
Mourilyan Harbour, Australia (2)harmonics.world17.6000° S, 146.1167° E
Mowry Slough, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.4933° N, 122.0416° W
Moyoro Wan, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.4333° N, 148.8500° E
Mozambique, Mozambiqueharmonics.world15.0333° S, 40.7333° E
Mozi, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9333° N, 130.9670° E
Mt. Pleasant Plantation, Black River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4950° N, 79.4617° W
Mtwara, Tanzaniaharmonics.world10.2667° S, 40.2000° E
Mucuripe, Brazilharmonics.world3.7000° S, 38.4667° W
Mud River, at Old Teakettle Creek, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.4833° N, 81.3167° W
Muddy Creek Entrance, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8550° N, 75.6750° W
Mugu Lagoon (ocean pier), Californiaoffsets.xml34.1017° N, 119.0983° W
Mukah, Malaysiaharmonics.world2.9000° N, 112.0833° E
Mukho, South Koreaharmonics.world37.5500° N, 129.1167° E
Mukogasaki, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.1333° N, 139.6170° E
Mulberry Point, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.1333° N, 76.6333° W
Mulford Gardens Channel #2 SSW, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.6500° N, 122.2166° W
Mullet Key Channel (Skyway), Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.6167° N, 82.6667° W
Mumfort Islands, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2667° N, 76.5167° W
Munson Island, Newfound Harbor Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6233° N, 81.4033° W
Murderkill River entrance, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.0583° N, 75.3967° W
Muroo, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.1000° N, 132.5500° E
Muroran, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.3500° N, 140.9500° E
Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan (2)harmonics.world42.3500° N, 140.9667° E
Murotozaki, Koti, Japanharmonics.world33.2667° N, 134.1670° E
Murotu (Awazi Sima), Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.5333° N, 134.8670° E
Murotu (Kaminoseki), Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.8333° N, 132.1170° E
Murotu (Koti), Koti, Japanharmonics.world33.2833° N, 134.1500° E
Murphy Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.7833° N, 62.7500° W
Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.0167° N, 62.4833° W
Mururoa Atoll, Tuamotu Archipelagoharmonics.world21.8333° S, 138.7833° W
Musay'id, Qatarharmonics.world25.0167° N, 51.6500° E
Muscat, Omanharmonics.world23.6167° N, 58.6000° E
Muscongus Harbor, Muscongus Sound, Maineoffsets.xml43.9667° N, 69.4417° W
Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4500° N, 53.9667° W
Muskeget Island, north side, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.3367° N, 70.3050° W
Musquash Harbour, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.1500° N, 66.2500° W
Musselboro Island, Mosquito Creek, Ashepoo River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5783° N, 80.4483° W
Mutine Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.9500° N, 125.0167° W
Mutine Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.9333° N, 125.0167° W
Mutiny Bay, 3.3 miles SE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1333° N, 122.6333° W
Myggbukta, Foster Bay, Greenlandoffsets.xml73.4667° N, 21.5500° W
Myrtle Beach (Springmaid Pier), South Carolinaharmonics.world33.6550° N, 78.9183° W
Myrtle Beach (Springmaid Pier), South Carolina (2)offsets.xml33.6550° N, 78.9183° W
Myrtle Beach Airport, ICWW, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8200° N, 78.7183° W
Myrtle Beach, Combination Bridge, ICWW, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.7133° N, 78.9217° W
Myrtle Beach, South Carolinaharmonics.world33.6833° N, 78.8850° W
Mys Astronomicheski, Russiaharmonics.world62.3833° N, 164.5000° E
Mys Etolina, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world45.8167° N, 149.9500° E
Mys Kapuetnyi, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world50.0667° N, 155.2170° E
Mys Savushkina, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world50.7500° N, 156.1330° E
Mystery Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0500° N, 122.6833° W
N.C. State Fisheries, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7167° N, 76.7500° W
Naarai, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.7000° N, 140.8500° E
Nabe Sima, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.3833° N, 133.8170° E
Nacala, Mozambiqueharmonics.world14.4667° S, 40.6833° E
Nachvak Bay, Labradoroffsets.xml59.0500° N, 63.5833° W
Nacote Creek, U.S. Highway 9 bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5350° N, 74.4633° W
Naga Ura, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.3167° N, 139.6500° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Nagahama (Hiro Wan), Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.2167° N, 132.6170° E
Nagahama (Iyo Nada), Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.6167° N, 132.4830° E
Nagappattinam, Indiaharmonics.world10.7667° N, 79.8500° E
Nagasaki Megami, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7167° N, 129.8500° E
Nagasima (Mie), Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.2000° N, 136.3330° E
Nagasu, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.9167° N, 130.4500° E
Nagayama, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.8000° N, 125.2000° E
Nagoya Ura, Saga, Japanharmonics.world33.5333° N, 129.8670° E
Nagoya, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world35.0833° N, 136.8830° E
Nagoya, Aichi, Japan (2)harmonics.world35.0833° N, 136.8833° E
Naha Ko, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.2000° N, 127.6667° E
Naha Ko, Okinawa, Japan (2)harmonics.world26.2000° N, 127.6667° E
Naha, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.2167° N, 127.6667° E
Naha, Okinawa, Japan (2)harmonics.world26.2167° N, 127.6670° E
Nahant, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.4167° N, 70.9167° W
Nahcotta, Willipa Bay, Washingtonharmonics.world46.5000° N, 124.0233° W
Nahcotta, Willipa Bay, Washington (2)offsets.xml46.5000° N, 124.0233° W
Naibo Wan, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.7667° N, 147.2000° E
Nain Bank Station 847, Labradorharmonics.world57.0000° N, 58.0667° W
Nain, Labradorharmonics.world56.5333° N, 61.6833° W
Nain, Labrador (2)offsets.xml56.5500° N, 61.6833° W
Nakagawara Ura, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.8500° N, 129.8500° E
Nakai Iri, Ishikawa, Japanharmonics.world37.2333° N, 136.9500° E
Nakaminato, Ibaraki, Japanharmonics.world36.3333° N, 140.5830° E
Nakatu, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.6000° N, 131.2500° E
Nakazato, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.3500° N, 126.8170° E
Nakura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0667° N, 129.7670° E
Nakwakto Rapids, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world51.0967° N, 127.5033° W
Namu, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.8667° N, 127.8667° W
Namu, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.8667° N, 127.8667° W
Nanaimo, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1667° N, 123.9333° W
Nanaimo, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0167° N, 123.9333° W
Nanao, Ishikawa, Japanharmonics.world37.0500° N, 136.9670° E
Nanoose Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.2667° N, 124.1333° W
Nanortalik, Greenlandoffsets.xml60.1167° N, 45.2500° W
Nantasket Beach, Weir River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2667° N, 70.8667° W
Nantucket Harbor Entrance Channel, Massachusetts Currentharmonics.world41.3067° N, 70.1000° W
Nantucket, Nantucket Island, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.2850° N, 70.0967° W
Nantucket, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts (2)harmonics.world41.2867° N, 70.0950° W
Nantucket, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts (3)offsets.xml41.2850° N, 70.0967° W
Naoetu, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world37.1833° N, 138.2500° E
Naozhou Dao, Chinaharmonics.world20.9500° N, 110.6000° E
Napa, Napa River, Carquinez Strait, Californiaoffsets.xml38.2983° N, 122.2833° W
Napier Broome Bay, Australiaharmonics.world14.1000° S, 126.7000° E
Napier, New Zealandharmonics.world39.4833° S, 176.9167° E
Naples (outer coast), Floridaharmonics.world26.1300° N, 81.8067° W
Naples (outer coast), Florida (2)harmonics.world26.1300° N, 81.8067° W
Naples (outer coast), Florida (3)offsets.xml26.1300° N, 81.8067° W
Naples, Naples Bay, north end, Floridaoffsets.xml26.1367° N, 81.7883° W
Narragansett Pier, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.4217° N, 71.4550° W
Narsarssuaq, Greenlandoffsets.xml61.1333° N, 45.4167° W
Narvaez Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.7667° N, 123.1000° W
Narvaez Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.7667° N, 123.1000° W
Narvik, Norwayharmonics.world68.4167° N, 17.4000° E
Narvik, Norway (2)harmonics.world68.4333° N, 17.4167° E
Nasake Sima, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 132.4670° E
Naselle River, 4 miles above swing bridge, Willapa Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.3883° N, 123.8400° W
Naselle River, swing bridge, Willapa Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.4300° N, 123.9050° W
Naskeag Harbor, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.2333° N, 68.5500° W
Nassau River entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5183° N, 81.4533° W
Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamasharmonics.world25.0833° N, 77.3500° W
Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas (2)harmonics.world25.0833° N, 77.3500° W
Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas (3)harmonics.world25.0833° N, 77.3500° W
Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas (3)offsets.xml25.0833° N, 77.3500° W
Nassauville, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5683° N, 81.5150° W
Nassawadox Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4667° N, 75.9667° W
Natal, Brazilharmonics.world5.7667° S, 35.2000° W
Natal, Braziloffsets.xml5.7833° S, 35.2000° W
Natashquan, Québecharmonics.world50.1833° N, 61.0833° W
Natashquan, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.2000° N, 61.8333° W
Nathan Reefharmonics.worldNULL
National City, San Diego Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml32.6650° N, 117.1183° W
Natkusiak Peninsula, Nunavutharmonics.world73.0167° N, 110.4667° W
Naufrage, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4667° N, 62.4167° W
Naufrage, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.4667° N, 62.4167° W
Nauset Harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.8000° N, 69.9333° W
Nauset Harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.8000° N, 69.9333° W
Navarre Beach, Floridaharmonics.world30.3767° N, 86.8650° W
Navlakhi, Indiaharmonics.world22.9667° N, 70.4500° E
Nawiliwili, Hawaiiharmonics.world21.9567° N, 159.3600° W
Nawiliwili, Hawaii (2)harmonics.world21.9667° N, 159.3500° W
Nayatt Point, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.7167° N, 71.3333° W
Nayoka, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.2667° N, 147.8670° E
Naze, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world28.3833° N, 129.5000° E
Neah Bay, Washingtonharmonics.world48.3683° N, 124.6167° W
Neah Bay, Washington (2)harmonics.world48.3667° N, 124.6167° W
Neah Bay, Washington (3)harmonics.world48.3667° N, 124.6167° W
Neds Creek, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6233° N, 73.5550° W
Needle Cove, Nunavutharmonics.world69.1000° N, 79.0167° W
Negisi, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.4000° N, 139.6330° E
Neguac, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.2500° N, 65.0833° W
Nehalem, Nehalem River, Oregonoffsets.xml45.7100° N, 123.8900° W
Nehumkeag Island, Kennebec River, Maineoffsets.xml44.1667° N, 69.7500° W
Neiafu, Vava`u Group, Tongaharmonics.world18.6500° S, 173.9833° W
Neil Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.8000° N, 60.3333° W
Neko, Antarcticaharmonics.world64.8000° S, 62.3833° W
Nelson, New Zealandharmonics.world41.2667° S, 173.2667° E
Nemuro, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.3333° N, 145.5830° E
Neponset, Neponset River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2850° N, 71.0400° W
Nerang River (Bundall), Australiaharmonics.world28.0000° S, 153.4167° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Nes, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.4333° N, 5.7833° E
Nestucca Bay entrance, Oregonoffsets.xml45.1667° N, 123.8833° W
Neuville, Québecharmonics.world46.7000° N, 71.5667° W
Neuville, Québecharmonics.new46.7000° N, 71.5667° W
Neville Island, Labradorharmonics.world52.5500° N, 56.1167° W
Nevlunghavn, Norwayharmonics.world58.9667° N, 9.8833° E
New Baltimore, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml42.4500° N, 73.7833° W
New Bedford, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.5967° N, 70.9000° W
New Bedford, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.6400° N, 70.9183° W
New Bedford, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.1783° N, 74.0467° W
New Brunswick, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4883° N, 74.4350° W
New Castle, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delawareharmonics.world39.6567° N, 75.5617° W
New Castle, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delaware (2)offsets.xml39.6567° N, 75.5617° W
New Dorp Beach, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.5667° N, 74.1000° W
New Dungeness Light, 2.8 miles NNW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.2333° N, 123.1333° W
New Dungeness Light, 6 miles NNE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.2667° N, 123.0500° W
New Gretna, Bass River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5917° N, 74.4417° W
New Hamburg, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.5833° N, 73.9500° W
New Harbor, Muscongus Bay, Maineoffsets.xml43.8750° N, 69.4917° W
New Haven (city dock), Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2933° N, 72.9167° W
New Haven Harbor entrance, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2333° N, 72.9167° W
New Hope Bridge #4, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.2267° N, 121.4900° W
New London, Connecticutharmonics.world41.3550° N, 72.0867° W
New Millford, Hackensack River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.9350° N, 74.0300° W
New Point Comfort, Mobjack Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3000° N, 76.2833° W
New Port Richey, Pithlachascotee River, Floridaoffsets.xml28.2483° N, 82.7233° W
New River Inlet, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.5333° N, 77.3417° W
New Rochelle, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8917° N, 73.7817° W
New Suffolk, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9917° N, 72.4717° W
New Topsail Inlet, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.3667° N, 77.6333° W
New Westminster, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1833° N, 122.9000° W
New York, Desbrosses Street, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7167° N, 74.0167° W
New York, New Yorkharmonics.world40.7000° N, 74.0150° W
New York, New York (2) (expired 1993-12-31)harmonics.world40.7000° N, 74.0150° W
Newark Slough, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5133° N, 122.0800° W
Newburgh, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.5000° N, 74.0000° W
Newburyport (Merrimack River), Massachusetts Currentharmonics.world42.8133° N, 70.8683° W
Newburyport, Merrimack River, Massachusettsharmonics.world42.8150° N, 70.8733° W
Newburyport, Merrimack River, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml42.8150° N, 70.8733° W
Newby Shoal, Australiaharmonics.world11.8667° S, 129.1833° E
Newcastle Creek, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0667° N, 66.0000° W
Newcastle, Australiaharmonics.world32.9333° S, 151.7833° E
Newcastle, Australia (2)harmonics.world32.9333° S, 151.7833° E
Newcastle, Maineoffsets.xml44.0333° N, 69.5367° W
Newcastle, Miramichi River, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0000° N, 65.5667° W
Newcastle, Miramichi River, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.0000° N, 65.5667° W
Newman Bay, Greenlandharmonics.world81.9667° N, 60.0000° W
Newman Sound, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.5833° N, 53.9500° W
Newport Bay Entrance, Corona del Mar, Californiaharmonics.world33.6033° N, 117.8833° W
Newport Bay Entrance, Corona del Mar, California (2)offsets.xml33.6000° N, 117.9000° W
Newport Landing, Nantuxent Creek, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2917° N, 75.1983° W
Newport News, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9733° N, 76.4333° W
Newport River, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7667° N, 76.6867° W
Newport, Rhode Islandharmonics.world41.5050° N, 71.3267° W
Newport, Walesharmonics.world51.5667° N, 2.9833° W
Newport, Yaquina River, Oregonoffsets.xml44.6267° N, 124.0550° W
Nezugaseki, Yamagata, Japanharmonics.world38.5667° N, 139.5500° E
Nezumi Sima, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7167° N, 129.8330° E
Nice, Franceharmonics.world43.7167° N, 7.3000° E
Nicholson Creek, Ontarioharmonics.world51.3000° N, 80.5667° W
Nickerie Rivièr, Surinameharmonics.world5.9667° N, 57.0167° W
Nickerie Rivièr, Surinameoffsets.xml5.9500° N, 56.9833° W
Nicolet, Québecharmonics.world46.2333° N, 72.6167° W
Night Cliff, Australiaharmonics.world12.3833° S, 130.8333° E
Night Island, Australiaharmonics.world13.1833° S, 143.5667° E
Nigisima, Mie, Japanharmonics.world33.9333° N, 136.1830° E
Niigata, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world37.9333° N, 139.0670° E
Niigata, Niigata, Japan (2)harmonics.world37.9333° N, 139.0667° E
Niihama, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.9667° N, 133.2670° E
Nikisiyoro, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.0500° N, 145.7330° E
Nikiski, Cook Inlet, Alaskaharmonics.world60.6833° N, 151.3967° W
Nisi (Io-Sima), Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world24.8000° N, 141.3000° E
Nisi-Oita, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.2500° N, 131.5830° E
Nisikomi Wan, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world28.2500° N, 129.1670° E
Nisinoomote, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world30.7333° N, 131.0000° E
Nisqually Reach, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.1167° N, 122.7000° W
Nissequogue River entrance, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9000° N, 73.2333° W
Niue Islandharmonics.world19.0333° S, 169.9167° W
Nixon Crossroads, ICWW, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8550° N, 78.6483° W
Njarðvík, Icelandharmonics.world63.5900° N, 22.3200° W
No Man's Land, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.2617° N, 70.8183° W
No Man's Land, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.2617° N, 70.8183° W
No Name Key (northeast of), Florida Currentharmonics.world24.7050° N, 81.3133° W
No Name Key, east side, Bahía Honda Channel, Floridaharmonics.world24.6983° N, 81.3183° W
No Name Key, east side, Bahía Honda Channel, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.6983° N, 81.3183° W
No0, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world37.1000° N, 138.0000° E
Noank, Mystic River entrance, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.3167° N, 71.9833° W
Nobiru Wan, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.3500° N, 141.1500° E
Nobska Point, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5154° N, 70.6552° W
Nodule Pt, 0.5 mile SE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.0167° N, 122.6500° W
Nohezi, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world40.8667° N, 141.1170° E
Noosa Head, Australiaharmonics.world26.3833° S, 153.1000° E
Norah Island, Nunavutharmonics.world77.0333° N, 96.7500° W
Norfolk Island, Tasman Seaharmonics.world29.0667° S, 167.9333° E
Norfolk, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8517° N, 76.2983° W
Normanby River, Australiaharmonics.world14.4167° S, 144.1500° E
Norris Cove, Bonne Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.5167° N, 57.8667° W
Norris Cove, Bonne Bay, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml49.5167° N, 57.8667° W
North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7167° N, 73.9667° W
North Anclote Key, Floridaoffsets.xml28.2100° N, 82.8400° W

LocationFile Coordinates
North Arm, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0833° N, 123.1333° W
North Barnard Island, Australiaharmonics.world17.6833° S, 146.1833° E
North Barnard Island, Australia (2)harmonics.world17.6833° S, 146.1833° E
North Beach Coast Guard Station, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2000° N, 75.1500° W
North Beach, Manahawkin Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6750° N, 74.1600° W
North Bimini, Bahamasharmonics.world25.7333° N, 79.3000° W
North Bimini, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml25.7333° N, 79.3000° W
North Branch, Rancocas Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9983° N, 74.8183° W
North Brother Island, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7983° N, 73.8983° W
North Cat Cay, Bahamasharmonics.world25.5500° N, 79.2817° W
North Cat Cay, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml25.5500° N, 79.2833° W
North Dawson Landing, Coosawhatchie River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5617° N, 80.9100° W
North Dewees Island, Capers Inlet, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8500° N, 79.7033° W
North entrance, Wilmington River, Georgiaoffsets.xml32.0667° N, 81.0000° W
North Fork, 2 miles above entrance, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9750° N, 80.1133° W
North Fork, St. Lucie River, Floridaoffsets.xml27.2433° N, 80.3133° W
North Galiano, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0000° N, 123.5833° W
North Goulburn Island, Australiaharmonics.world11.5500° S, 133.4333° E
North Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.8500° N, 54.1000° W
North Harris Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6533° N, 81.5533° W
North Haven, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.1267° N, 68.8733° W
North Head, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.7667° N, 66.7500° W
North Head, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.7667° N, 66.7500° W
North Highlands Beach, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.0183° N, 74.9533° W
North Inian Pass, Cross Sound, Alaska Currentharmonics.world58.2833° N, 136.3833° W
North Island, Australiaharmonics.world28.3000° S, 113.6000° E
North Kopak Island, Québecharmonics.world60.0000° N, 77.7500° W
North Lake Harbour, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4667° N, 62.0667° W
North Lubec, Maineharmonics.world44.8700° N, 67.0180° W
North Miami Beach, Newport Fishing Pier, Floridaoffsets.xml25.9300° N, 80.1200° W
North Myrtle Beach, ICWW, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.7667° N, 78.8150° W
North Newport River (Daymark #119), Georgiaoffsets.xml31.6817° N, 81.1917° W
North Newport River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.6667° N, 81.2667° W
North Palm Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml26.8267° N, 80.0550° W
North Point, Marylandoffsets.xml39.1967° N, 76.4450° W
North Point, Pier 41, San Francisco Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.8100° N, 122.4133° W
North Point, Pier 41, San Francisco Bay, California (2)offsets.xml37.8100° N, 122.4133° W
North Point, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world47.0667° N, 63.9833° W
North River Bridge, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7917° N, 76.6083° W
North Rustico, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4667° N, 63.2833° W
North Rustico, Prince Edward Island (2)harmonics.world46.4667° N, 63.2833° W
North Rustico, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.4667° N, 63.2833° W
North Santee Bridge, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.2100° N, 79.3850° W
North Santee River Inlet, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.1333° N, 79.2500° W
North Shields, Englandharmonics.world55.0167° N, 1.4333° W
North Star Bay, Wolstenholme Fjord, Greenlandharmonics.world76.5500° N, 68.8833° W
North Star Bay, Wolstenholme Fjord, Greenland (2)offsets.xml76.5333° N, 68.8333° W
North Sydney, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.2167° N, 60.2500° W
North Sydney, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world46.2167° N, 60.2500° W
North Sydney, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml46.2167° N, 60.2500° W
North Turtle Islet, Australiaharmonics.world19.9000° S, 118.9000° E
North Twin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world53.0333° N, 80.0000° W
North West Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.3667° S, 115.5167° E
Northbury, Pamunkey River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.6167° N, 77.1167° W
Northern Boulevard Bridge, Flushing Creek, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7667° N, 73.8333° W
Northport, Northport Bay, Long Island Sound, New Yorkharmonics.world40.9000° N, 73.3500° W
Northport, Northport Bay, Long Island Sound, New York (2)harmonics.world40.9000° N, 73.3500° W
Northport, Northport Bay, Long Island Sound, New York (3)offsets.xml40.9000° N, 73.3533° W
Northumberland Sound, Nunavutharmonics.world76.8667° N, 96.7000° W
Northville, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9817° N, 72.6450° W
Northwest Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.3000° N, 124.2000° W
Northwest Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.3000° N, 124.2000° W
Northwest Harbor, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.2333° N, 68.6833° W
Northwest River, Labradorharmonics.world53.5167° N, 60.1500° W
Northwest Solitary Island, Australiaharmonics.world30.0167° S, 153.2833° E
Norton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world64.0000° N, 94.2167° W
Norton Point, Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5900° N, 73.9983° W
Norton Point, Head of Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6350° N, 73.7467° W
Norwegian Bay, Australiaharmonics.world22.5667° S, 113.7000° E
Norwegian Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world77.7000° N, 88.9500° W
Norwich, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.5233° N, 72.0783° W
Norwood City, Darby Creek, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml39.8800° N, 75.2900° W
Nosiro, Akita, Japanharmonics.world40.2167° N, 140.0000° E
Noto (Hiburi Sima), Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.1667° N, 132.2670° E
Nottingham, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7167° N, 76.7000° W
Nouadhibou, Mauritaniaharmonics.world20.9167° N, 17.0333° W
Noumea, New Caledoniaharmonics.world22.3000° S, 166.4333° E
Nova Zembla Island, Nunavutharmonics.world72.2167° N, 74.6500° W
Nowell Creek, Wando River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9000° N, 79.9000° W
Noyack Bay, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9950° N, 72.3317° W
Noyo River, Californiaoffsets.xml39.4167° N, 123.8000° W
Nueces Bay, Texasharmonics.world27.8233° N, 97.4150° W
Nuevitas, Bahía de Nuevitas, Cubaoffsets.xml21.5833° N, 77.2500° W
Nugent Sound, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.0833° N, 127.2500° W
Nugu Island, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world9.2833° S, 160.3500° E
Nuku`alofa, Tongaharmonics.world21.1333° S, 175.2167° W
Nuku`alofa, Tonga (2)harmonics.world21.1333° S, 175.2167° W
Nummy Island, Grassy Sound Channel, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.0283° N, 74.8017° W
Nunarssuaq, Kronprinsens Ejlanden, Greenlandoffsets.xml68.9833° N, 53.3500° W
Nurse Channel, Bahamasharmonics.world22.5167° N, 75.8500° W
Nurse Channel, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml22.5167° N, 75.8500° W
Nushagak Bay (Clark's Point), Alaskaharmonics.world58.8483° N, 158.5517° W
Nususonga, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world8.3333° S, 157.2333° E
Nut Island, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2800° N, 70.9533° W
Nw Crocodile Island, Australiaharmonics.world11.7500° S, 135.0833° E
Nymphe Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.1333° N, 125.3667° W
Nyu, Hukui, Japanharmonics.world35.7167° N, 135.9670° E
Nyube, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.4833° N, 134.2000° E
O Sima (Kurusima), Ehime, Japanharmonics.world34.1167° N, 132.9830° E
O Sima (Saeki Wan), Oita, Japanharmonics.world32.9667° N, 132.0670° E

LocationFile Coordinates
O Ura (Tane-Ga-Sima), Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world30.4500° N, 130.9670° E
O'Hara Key, north end, Waltz Key Basin, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6167° N, 81.6450° W
O-Tobi Sima, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.4000° N, 129.7830° E
Oak Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4333° N, 123.3000° W
Oak Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.4333° N, 123.3000° W
Oak Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0167° N, 122.7167° W
Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.4583° N, 70.5550° W
Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.4583° N, 70.5550° W
Oak Branch, Bohicket Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6833° N, 80.0967° W
Oak Landing, ICWW, Floridaharmonics.world30.2533° N, 81.4300° W
Oak Landing, ICWW, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.2533° N, 81.4300° W
Oak Landing, ICWW, Florida (3)offsets.xml30.2533° N, 81.4300° W
Oak Orchard, Delawareoffsets.xml38.5950° N, 75.1733° W
Oak Point, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.1167° N, 65.2667° W
Oakbeach, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6333° N, 73.2833° W
Oakland Airport SW, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.6667° N, 122.2166° W
Oakland Airport, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.7317° N, 122.2083° W
Oakland Harbor High Street Bridge, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.7667° N, 122.2166° W
Oakland Harbor WebStreeter Street, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8000° N, 122.2666° W
Oakland Harbor, Grove Street, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.7950° N, 122.2833° W
Oakland Harbor, Park Street Bridge, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.7733° N, 122.2366° W
Oakland Inner Harbor Entrance, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8000° N, 122.3333° W
Oakland Inner Harbor Reach, 33 ft. below datum Currentoffsets.xml37.7945° N, 122.2858° W
Oakland Inner Harbor, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.7950° N, 122.2816° W
Oakland Outer Harbor Entrance, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8000° N, 122.3333° W
Oakland Pier, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8000° N, 122.3333° W
Oakland, Californiaharmonics.world37.8167° N, 122.3667° W
Oakland, Matson Wharf, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8100° N, 122.3266° W
Oaks Creek, 0.5 mi. above entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5300° N, 79.0433° W
Oaks Creek, upper end, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5117° N, 79.0683° W
Oamaru, New Zealandharmonics.world45.1000° S, 170.9667° E
Obama, Hukui, Japanharmonics.world35.5000° N, 135.7330° E
Oban, Scotlandharmonics.world56.4167° N, 5.4833° W
Obatake, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 132.1670° E
Obbia, Somaliaharmonics.world5.3333° N, 48.5000° E
Obbia, Somalia (2)harmonics.world5.3333° N, 48.5000° E
Obe, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.5500° N, 134.2830° E
Obstruction Pass Light, 0.4 mile NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6000° N, 122.8167° W
Ocean Beach, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9883° N, 74.0683° W
Ocean Beach, Californiaharmonics.world37.7667° N, 122.5167° W
Ocean Beach, California (2)offsets.xml37.7750° N, 122.5133° W
Ocean City (fishing pier), Marylandharmonics.world38.3267° N, 75.0833° W
Ocean City (fishing pier), Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.3267° N, 75.0833° W
Ocean City, 9th Street Bridge, New Jerseyharmonics.new39.2833° N, 74.5817° W
Ocean City, Isle of Wight Bay, Marylandharmonics.world38.3317° N, 75.0900° W
Ocean City, Isle of Wight Bay, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.3317° N, 75.0900° W
Ocean City, New Jerseyharmonics.world39.2833° N, 74.5817° W
Ocean Drive bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1217° N, 74.7167° W
Ocean Falls, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.3500° N, 127.6833° W
Ocean Falls, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.3500° N, 127.6833° W
Ocean Reef Harbor, Key Largo, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3083° N, 80.2767° W
Ocean Ridge, ICWW, Floridaoffsets.xml26.5267° N, 80.0533° W
Oceanic Bridge, Navesink River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.3767° N, 74.0150° W
Oceanville, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.2000° N, 68.6333° W
Ocella Creek, 2 mi. above entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5617° N, 80.2383° W
Ochong Do, South Koreaharmonics.world36.1167° N, 125.9833° E
Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.0667° N, 76.0167° W
Ocracoke, Ocracoke Island, North Carolinaharmonics.world35.1150° N, 75.9883° W
Ocracoke, Ocracoke Island, North Carolina (2)offsets.xml35.1150° N, 75.9883° W
Octopus Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.2833° N, 125.2167° W
Octopus Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.2833° N, 125.2167° W
Odaito, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.5667° N, 145.2330° E
Odawa Wan, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.2167° N, 139.6170° E
Odomari (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.0167° N, 130.6830° E
Odomari (Senzaki), Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.4000° N, 131.1830° E
Off Chilmark Pond, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.3333° N, 70.7167° W
Off Chilmark Pond, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.3333° N, 70.7167° W
Off Jobs Neck Pond, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.3500° N, 70.5833° W
Off Jobs Neck Pond, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.3500° N, 70.5833° W
Off Lake Tashmoo, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.4667° N, 70.6333° W
Off Lake Tashmoo, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.4667° N, 70.6333° W
Oga, Akita, Japanharmonics.world39.9333° N, 139.7000° E
Ogi Sima, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.4333° N, 134.0500° E
Ogi, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world37.8167° N, 138.2830° E
Oginohama, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.3667° N, 141.4500° E
Ogusi Wan, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0667° N, 129.8170° E
Ohata, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.4167° N, 141.1670° E
Ohio Key-Bahía Honda Key Channel, west side, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6700° N, 81.2517° W
Ohu, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.1333° N, 127.7830° E
Ohunakosi, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.2833° N, 129.3500° E
Ohunato, Iwate, Japanharmonics.world39.0500° N, 141.7330° E
Oita-Turusaki, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.2667° N, 131.6830° E
Oita-Turusaki, Oita, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.2667° N, 131.6833° E
Okada (O Sima), Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world34.7833° N, 139.4000° E
Okawati Wan, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.6833° N, 129.4170° E
Okeover Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.9833° N, 124.7000° W
Okeover Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.9833° N, 124.7000° W
Okha, Indiaharmonics.world22.4667° N, 69.0833° E
Oki (Haha Sima), Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world26.6333° N, 142.1500° E
Oki (Kanmon), Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.8667° N, 130.7500° E
Oki-Kamuro Sima, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.8500° N, 132.3670° E
Oki-No-Sima, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world34.2833° N, 135.0170° E
Okitu, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world35.0500° N, 138.5170° E
Oku-No-Uti, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.1500° N, 132.5330° E
Okukari Bay, South Island, New Zealandharmonics.world41.2000° S, 174.3167° E
Okusiri, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.1667° N, 139.5170° E
Okuti Wan, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.3333° N, 132.3830° E
Ólafsfjörður, Icelandharmonics.world66.0450° N, 18.3900° W
Old Bridge, South River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4167° N, 74.3633° W
Old Capers Landing, Santee Pass, Capers Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8700° N, 79.6867° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Old Ferry Point, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8000° N, 73.8333° W
Old Frenchtown Wharf, Marylandoffsets.xml39.5667° N, 75.8500° W
Old Harry, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.5667° N, 61.4667° W
Old House Channel, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.7750° N, 75.5817° W
Old Orchard Beach, Maineoffsets.xml43.5167° N, 70.3667° W
Old Plantation Flats, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2333° N, 76.0500° W
Old Point Comfort, Hampton Roads, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.0033° N, 76.3150° W
Old Rice Mill, West Branch, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0783° N, 79.9250° W
Old Saybrook Point, Connecticutharmonics.world41.2833° N, 72.3500° W
Old Saybrook Point, Connecticut (2)offsets.xml41.2833° N, 72.3500° W
Old Tampa Bay Entrance (Port Tampa), Florida Currentharmonics.world27.8650° N, 82.5533° W
Old Tea Kettle Creek (Daymark #173), Georgiaoffsets.xml31.4317° N, 81.3067° W
Old Tower, Sapelo Island, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.3900° N, 81.2883° W
Old Town Point Wharf, Marylandoffsets.xml39.5033° N, 75.9167° W
Old Tracadie Gully entrance, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.5167° N, 64.8667° W
Old Tracadie Gully entrance, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml47.5167° N, 64.8667° W
Old Turtle Thorofare, RR. bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.0183° N, 74.8417° W
Olele Point, 1.8 mile ENE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.9833° N, 122.6167° W
Olympia, Washingtonharmonics.world47.0500° N, 122.9000° W
Olympia, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.0517° N, 122.9033° W
Oma, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.5333° N, 140.9000° E
Omae Saki, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.6000° N, 138.2330° E
Omati, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world7.4333° S, 143.9667° E
Omati, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world7.4333° S, 143.9667° E
Ominato, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.2500° N, 141.1500° E
Omodaka Wan, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0667° N, 129.6670° E
Omu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.5833° N, 142.9670° E
Omura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.9000° N, 129.9500° E
Onagawa, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.4333° N, 141.4670° E
Onahama, Fukusima, Japanharmonics.world36.9333° N, 140.9000° E
Onahama, Fukusima, Japan (2)harmonics.world36.9333° N, 140.9000° E
Onancock, Onancock Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.7117° N, 75.7567° W
Ondo Seto, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.2000° N, 132.5330° E
Onehunga, New Zealandharmonics.world36.9333° S, 174.7833° E
Onion Key, Lostmans River, Floridaoffsets.xml25.6117° N, 81.1333° W
Onizaki, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.9000° N, 136.8330° E
Ono Seto, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.2667° N, 132.2670° E
Onoda, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9667° N, 131.1830° E
Onomichi, Japanharmonics.world34.4000° N, 133.1833° E
Onomiti, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.4000° N, 133.2000° E
Onslow, Australiaharmonics.world21.6333° S, 115.1000° E
Oomon, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.4333° N, 130.2170° E
Oostende, Belgiumharmonics.world51.2333° N, 2.9333° E
Ootu, Ibaraki, Japanharmonics.world36.8333° N, 140.8000° E
Ooyamanohana, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 130.9000° E
Orange Bay, Chileharmonics.world55.5167° S, 68.0833° W
Orange Park, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.1683° N, 81.6950° W
Orange Park, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.1683° N, 81.6950° W
Orange Park, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.1683° N, 81.6950° W
Orange Park, St. Johns River, Florida (4)offsets.xml30.1683° N, 81.6950° W
Orcas, Orcas Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.6000° N, 122.9500° W
Orchard Point, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.6500° N, 76.4500° W
Oregon Inlet (USCG Station), North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.7683° N, 75.5267° W
Oregon Inlet Bridge, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.7733° N, 75.5383° W
Oregon Inlet Channel, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.7733° N, 75.5583° W
Oregon Inlet Marina, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.7967° N, 75.5500° W
Oregon Inlet, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.7667° N, 75.5167° W
Orient, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.1367° N, 72.3067° W
Ormond Beach, Halifax River, Floridaoffsets.xml29.2850° N, 81.0533° W
Oro Bay, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world8.8833° S, 148.4833° E
Ortega River Entrance, Floridaharmonics.world30.2783° N, 81.7050° W
Ortega River Entrance, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.2783° N, 81.7050° W
Ortega River Entrance, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.2783° N, 81.7050° W
Ortega River Entrance, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.2783° N, 81.7050° W
Ortega River Entrance, Florida (5)offsets.xml30.2783° N, 81.7050° W
Orton Point, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.0567° N, 77.9400° W
Orwood, Old River, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9383° N, 121.5600° W
Oryuzako, Miyazaki, Japanharmonics.world31.7833° N, 131.4670° E
Osaka, Osaka, Japanharmonics.world34.6500° N, 135.4330° E
Osaka, Osaka, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.6500° N, 135.4333° E
Osidomari, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.2333° N, 141.2330° E
Osika Wan, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.5167° N, 129.4500° E
Osirabetu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.2167° N, 143.3170° E
Oslo, Indian River, Floridaharmonics.world27.5933° N, 80.3567° W
Oslo, Indian River, Florida (2)offsets.xml27.5933° N, 80.3567° W
Oslo, Norwayharmonics.world59.9167° N, 10.7333° E
Ossining, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.1667° N, 73.8667° W
Ostrov Atlasova, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world50.8333° N, 155.6500° E
Ostrov Kharimkotan, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world49.1667° N, 154.4830° E
Ostrov Matua, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world48.0833° N, 153.2670° E
Ostrov Toporkova, Kuril Islands, Russiaharmonics.world48.0833° N, 153.2667° E
Ostrov Ushishir, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world47.5333° N, 152.8170° E
Osyoro, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.2167° N, 140.8500° E
Otabu Sima, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.6833° N, 134.3000° E
Otaru, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.2167° N, 141.0170° E
Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan (2)harmonics.world43.2167° N, 141.0167° E
Otiisi, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.1833° N, 145.5170° E
Otis Cove, Maineoffsets.xml43.9867° N, 69.2367° W
Otome Wan, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world48.7833° N, 154.0500° E
Otrick Island, Nunavutharmonics.world72.6000° N, 95.5500° W
Otter Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4767° N, 80.4200° W
Ottozawa, Fukusima, Japanharmonics.world37.4167° N, 141.0330° E
Oude Schild, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.0333° N, 4.8500° E
Oura (Sekito Seto), Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.9833° N, 132.6330° E
Out Skerries, Shetland Islands, Scotlandharmonics.world60.4167° N, 0.7500° W
Outer Wood Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.6000° N, 66.8000° W
Outer Wood Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.6000° N, 66.8000° W
Owase, Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.0667° N, 136.2170° E
Owen Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.3167° N, 125.2167° W
Owen Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.3167° N, 125.2167° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Owls Head, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5833° N, 63.9167° W
Owls Head, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.1000° N, 69.0500° W
Oxford, Tred Avon River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6933° N, 76.1733° W
Oyama Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3333° N, 129.3500° E
Oyragjógv, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world62.1167° N, 7.1667° W
Oyster Bay Harbor, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8833° N, 73.5333° W
Oyster Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8083° N, 74.1883° W
Oyster Point 2.8 mi E, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.6500° N, 122.3166° W
Oyster Point Marina, San Francisco Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.6650° N, 122.3767° W
Oyster Point Marina, San Francisco Bay, California (2)harmonics.world37.6667° N, 122.3833° W
Oyster Point Marina, San Francisco Bay, California (3)offsets.xml37.6650° N, 122.3766° W
Oyster Point, California Currentharmonics.world37.6650° N, 122.3233° W
Ozaki Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3167° N, 129.2170° E
Ozello North, Crystal Bay, Floridaharmonics.world28.8633° N, 82.6667° W
Ozello North, Crystal Bay, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.8633° N, 82.6667° W
Ozello, St. Martin's River, Floridaharmonics.world28.8250° N, 82.6583° W
Ozello, St. Martin's River, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.8250° N, 82.6583° W
Pablo Creek entrance, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.3767° N, 81.4483° W
Pablo Creek entrance, St. Johns River, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.3767° N, 81.4483° W
Pablo Creek, ICWW bridge, St. Johns River, Floridaoffsets.xml30.3233° N, 81.4383° W
Pacific Mariculture Dock, Elkhorn Slough, Californiaoffsets.xml36.8133° N, 121.7583° W
Pacofi Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.8333° N, 131.8833° W
Pacofi Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.8333° N, 131.8833° W
Padre Island (South), Texasharmonics.world26.0683° N, 97.1567° W
Padre Island (South), Texas (2)offsets.xml26.0667° N, 97.1500° W
Pago Pago, American Samoaharmonics.world14.2783° S, 170.6817° W
Palatka, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world29.6433° N, 81.6317° W
Palatka, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world29.6433° N, 81.6317° W
Palatka, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world29.6433° N, 81.6317° W
Palatka, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world29.6433° N, 81.6317° W
Palatka, St. Johns River, Florida (5)harmonics.world29.6433° N, 81.6317° W
Palatka, St. Johns River, Florida (6)harmonics.world29.6433° N, 81.6317° W
Palatka, St. Johns River, Florida (7)offsets.xml29.6433° N, 81.6317° W
Palermo, Argentinaharmonics.world34.5667° S, 58.4000° W
Palix River, south fork, Willapa Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.5867° N, 123.9100° W
Palm Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml26.7333° N, 80.0417° W
Palm Beach, Highway 704 bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml26.7050° N, 80.0450° W
Palm Valley, ICWW, Floridaharmonics.world30.1333° N, 81.3867° W
Palm Valley, ICWW, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.1333° N, 81.3867° W
Palmetto Bluff, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world29.7633° N, 81.5617° W
Palmetto Bluff, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.7633° N, 81.5617° W
Palmetto Bluff, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world29.7633° N, 81.5617° W
Palmetto Bluff, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world29.7633° N, 81.5617° W
Palmetto Bluff, St. Johns River, Florida (5)harmonics.world29.7633° N, 81.5617° W
Palmetto Bluff, St. Johns River, Florida (6)offsets.xml29.7633° N, 81.5617° W
Palmyra, Pennsauken Creek, Route 73 bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9933° N, 75.0283° W
Palo Alto Yacht Harbor, Californiaharmonics.world37.4500° N, 122.1000° W
Palo Alto Yacht Harbor, California (2)offsets.xml37.4567° N, 122.1050° W
Pamban (Passe), Indiaharmonics.world9.2667° N, 79.2000° E
Panacea, Dickerson Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.0283° N, 84.3867° W
Panama City Beach, Floridaharmonics.world30.2133° N, 85.8800° W
Panama City, St. Andrew Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.1517° N, 85.6667° W
Paradise Point, Long Island, Willapa Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.4683° N, 123.9450° W
Paradise River, Labradorharmonics.world53.4333° N, 57.2833° W
Paradwip, Indiaharmonics.world20.2667° N, 86.6833° E
Paramaribo, Surinameharmonics.world5.8333° N, 55.1500° W
Paramaribo, Surinameoffsets.xml5.8167° N, 55.1500° W
Paranaguá, Brazilharmonics.world25.5000° S, 48.5167° W
Paranaguá, Braziloffsets.xml25.5166° S, 48.4500° W
Parati, Braziloffsets.xml23.2333° S, 44.7167° W
Parika, Essequibo River, Guyanaoffsets.xml6.8667° N, 58.4167° W
Paris Road Bridge, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml30.0000° N, 89.9333° W
Park Channel Bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6550° N, 81.5400° W
Park Island, Tom Point Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6650° N, 80.3167° W
Parker Island, Horlbeck Creek, Wando River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8850° N, 79.8450° W
Parker Reef Light, 1 mile North of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7333° N, 122.8833° W
Parker Run, upper end, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6167° N, 74.3100° W
Parker, St. Andrew Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.1267° N, 85.6117° W
Parkers Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.8000° N, 65.5333° W
Parkers Cove, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world44.8000° N, 65.5333° W
Parris Island, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Beaufort River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3500° N, 80.6683° W
Parrsboro, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3667° N, 64.3333° W
Parrsboro, Nova Scotia (over keel blocks)harmonics.world45.3667° N, 64.1167° W
Parsons Bay, Tasmaniaharmonics.world43.1000° S, 147.7500° E
Partridge Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.2333° N, 66.0500° W
Pasajes, Spainharmonics.world43.3333° N, 1.9333° W
Pascagoula River entrance, Mississippioffsets.xml30.3500° N, 88.5667° W
Pascagoula, Mississippi Sound, Mississippioffsets.xml30.3400° N, 88.5333° W
Paspebiac, Québecharmonics.world48.0167° N, 65.2333° W
Paspebiac, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.0167° N, 65.2333° W
Pass a Loutre entrance, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.2000° N, 89.0333° W
Pass Cavallo, Texasoffsets.xml28.3667° N, 96.4000° W
Pass-a-Grille Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml27.6833° N, 82.7333° W
Passaic, Passaic River, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.8483° N, 74.1200° W
Passaic, Passaic River, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.8550° N, 74.1217° W
Patchogue, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7583° N, 73.0200° W
Patos Island Light, 1.4 miles W of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7833° N, 123.0000° W
Patos Island Wharf, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.7833° N, 122.9667° W
Patos Island, Washingtonharmonics.world48.7833° N, 122.9667° W
Patreksfjörður, Icelandharmonics.world65.3500° N, 24.0000° W
Patricia Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.6500° N, 123.4500° W
Patricia Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.6500° N, 123.4500° W
Patrick Air Force Base, Floridaoffsets.xml28.2450° N, 80.6000° W
Patunungan Bay, Philippinesharmonics.world18.4000° N, 122.3000° E
Paulatuk, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.3500° N, 124.0667° W
Paulsboro, Mantua Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8350° N, 75.2383° W
Pavilion Key, Floridaoffsets.xml25.7000° N, 81.3500° W
Pavonia, Cooper River, RR. bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9467° N, 75.1050° W
Pawleys Island Pier (ocean), South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4317° N, 79.1167° W
Pawtucket, Seekonk River, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.8683° N, 71.3800° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Payer Harbour, Cape Sabine, Ellesmere Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml78.7167° N, 74.4167° W
Pea Patch Island, Bulkhead Shoal Channel, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delawareoffsets.xml39.5733° N, 75.5833° W
Peaks Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.6550° N, 70.2000° W
Peale Passage, North end, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2167° N, 122.9167° W
Peapod Rocks Light, 1.2 mile South of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6167° N, 122.7333° W
Pear Point, Lopez Island, 1.1 mile East of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5167° N, 122.9500° W
Pearce Point, Australiaharmonics.world14.4333° S, 129.3667° E
Pearce Point, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.8167° N, 122.0667° W
Pearson Island, Australiaharmonics.world33.9333° S, 134.2667° E
Peart Reefharmonics.worldNULL
Peavine Pass, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.6000° N, 122.8000° W
Peavine Pass, West Entrance of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5833° N, 122.8167° W
Pebane, Mozambiqueharmonics.world17.2667° S, 38.1333° E
Peck Lake, ICWW, Floridaoffsets.xml27.1133° N, 80.1450° W
Pecks Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.7500° N, 64.4833° W
Pedder Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.3333° N, 123.5500° W
Pedder Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.3333° N, 123.5500° W
Pedricktown, Oldmans Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.7617° N, 75.4033° W
Pee Shoal, Australiaharmonics.world11.7667° S, 124.8333° E
Peekskill, Hudson River, New Yorkharmonics.world41.2883° N, 73.9317° W
Peekskill, Hudson River, New York (2)offsets.xml41.2883° N, 73.9317° W
Peel Point, Nunavutharmonics.world73.2667° N, 115.1833° W
Pei-Hai, Chinaharmonics.world21.4833° N, 109.1000° E
Pelabuhan Kelang, Malaysiaharmonics.world3.0000° N, 101.3833° E
Pelham Bay, Belcher Channel, Nunavutharmonics.world76.7500° N, 96.9000° W
Pelham Bay, Belcher Channel, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world76.7500° N, 96.9000° W
Pelican Harbour, Abaco Island, Bahamasharmonics.world26.3833° N, 76.9667° W
Pelican Harbour, Abaco Island, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml26.3833° N, 76.9667° W
Pelican Island (East Coast), Australiaharmonics.world13.9000° S, 143.8333° E
Pelican Island (North Coast), Australiaharmonics.world14.7667° S, 128.7833° E
Pelican Islands, Timbalier Bay, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.1283° N, 90.4233° W
Pelly Island, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.6167° N, 135.3667° W
Pemaquid Harbor, Johns Bay, Maineoffsets.xml43.8833° N, 69.5333° W
Pender Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.6333° N, 124.0333° W
Pender Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.6333° N, 124.0333° W
Pender Point, Australiaharmonics.world15.2833° S, 128.0833° E
Peniche, Portugalharmonics.world39.3500° N, 9.3667° W
Penikese Island, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.4500° N, 70.9217° W
Pennefather River, Australiaharmonics.world12.2167° S, 141.7833° E
Penniman Spit, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2833° N, 76.5833° W
Penny Creek, south of, Edisto River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7150° N, 80.4367° W
Penny Strait, Nunavutoffsets.xml76.8667° N, 97.0000° W
Pennys Creek, west entrance, Stono River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7683° N, 80.0700° W
Penrith Island, Australiaharmonics.world21.0000° S, 149.9000° E
Penrose Avenue Bridge, Schuylkill River, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml39.8983° N, 75.2117° W
Pensacola Bay Entrance, Pensacola Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.3267° N, 87.3117° W
Pensacola, Floridaharmonics.world30.4033° N, 87.2133° W
Pepperfish Keys, Floridaoffsets.xml29.5000° N, 83.3667° W
Perky, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6483° N, 81.5700° W
Perrin River, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2667° N, 76.4250° W
Perth Amboy, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.5083° N, 74.2617° W
Petaluma River Approach #3/#4, San Pablo Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0500° N, 122.4166° W
Petaluma River Approach, San Pablo Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0667° N, 122.4166° W
Petaluma River entrance, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1117° N, 122.4983° W
Peters Point, St. Pierre Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5400° N, 80.3400° W
Petersburg, Appomattox River, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2333° N, 77.4000° W
Petit De Grat, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.5000° N, 60.9667° W
Petite Rivière, Québecharmonics.world48.4106° N, 64.4131° W
Petropavlosk, Russiaharmonics.world53.0167° N, 158.6333° E
Petten zuid, Netherlandsharmonics.new52.7667° N, 4.6500° E
PGA Boulevard Bridge, ICWW, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.8433° N, 80.0667° W
Philadelphia, Delaware Riverharmonics.world39.9333° N, 75.1417° W
Philadelphia, Municipal Pier 11, Pennsylvaniaharmonics.world39.9517° N, 75.1350° W
Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniaharmonics.world39.9533° N, 75.1383° W
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Currentharmonics.world39.9500° N, 75.1333° W
Phippsburg, Kennebec River, Maineoffsets.xml43.8183° N, 69.8100° W
Phoenix Park, Floridaharmonics.world30.3833° N, 81.6367° W
Phoenix Park, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3833° N, 81.6367° W
Phoenix Park, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.3833° N, 81.6367° W
Phoenix Park, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.3833° N, 81.6367° W
Phoenix Park, Florida (5)offsets.xml30.3833° N, 81.6367° W
Pickering Passage, North, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.3000° N, 122.8500° W
Pickering Passage, off Graham Pt, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2500° N, 122.9333° W
Pickering Passage, South, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2167° N, 122.9333° W
Picton, New Zealandharmonics.world41.2833° S, 174.0000° E
Picton, New Zealand (2)harmonics.world41.2833° S, 174.0000° E
Pictou Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8000° N, 62.5833° W
Pictou, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6833° N, 62.7000° W
Pictou, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.6833° N, 62.7000° W
Pieman River, Tasmaniaharmonics.world41.6833° S, 145.1000° E
Pierce Harbor, Goodyear Slough, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1267° N, 122.1000° W
Pig Point, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9167° N, 76.4350° W
Pigeon Hill Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.4500° N, 67.8667° W
Pigeon Key, north side, Florida Bay, Floridaharmonics.world24.7050° N, 81.1567° W
Pigeon Key, north side, Florida Bay, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.7050° N, 81.1567° W
Pigeon Key, south side, Hawk Channel, Floridaharmonics.world24.7033° N, 81.1550° W
Pigeon Key, south side, Hawk Channel, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.7033° N, 81.1550° W
Pikyulik Island, Payne River, Québecharmonics.world60.0000° N, 69.9167° W
Pikyulik Island, Payne River, Québec (2)offsets.xml60.0000° N, 69.9167° W
Pilot Island, West Branch Boyds Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5050° N, 80.8633° W
Pim Island, Nunavutharmonics.world78.0667° N, 74.0167° W
Pimlico, West Branch, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0950° N, 79.9533° W
Pinamar, Argentinaharmonics.world37.1333° S, 56.8833° W
Pinang, Malaysiaharmonics.world5.4167° N, 100.3500° E
Pinckney Island, Mackay Creek, Chechessee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.2600° N, 80.7667° W
Pine Harbor, Sapelo River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.5483° N, 81.3717° W
Pine Island, Malapartis Creek, Mad Horse Creek, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.4217° N, 75.4283° W
Pine Island, Ramshorn Creek, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1217° N, 80.8983° W
Pine Landing, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6033° N, 80.3883° W
Pineland, Pine Island, Floridaoffsets.xml26.6600° N, 82.1550° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Piney Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.1333° N, 76.5333° W
Piney Point, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.2283° N, 81.6633° W
Piney Point, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.2283° N, 81.6633° W
Piney Point, St. Johns River, Florida (3)offsets.xml30.2283° N, 81.6633° W
Pinkham Bay, Dyer Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.4667° N, 67.9167° W
Pinkney Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7000° N, 66.0667° W
Pinole Point 1.2 mi W, San Pablo Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0167° N, 122.3666° W
Pinole Point, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0150° N, 122.3633° W
Pipavav Bandar, Indiaharmonics.world20.9500° N, 71.5333° E
Piper Island, Australiaharmonics.world12.2500° S, 143.2500° E
Pipon Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.1333° S, 144.5167° E
Pirates Bay, Tasmaniaharmonics.world43.0333° S, 147.9667° E
Pisiktarfik Island, Nunavutharmonics.world72.5833° N, 80.0500° W
Pistolet Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml51.5000° N, 55.7333° W
Pitch Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8000° N, 79.0550° W
Pith Reef, Australiaharmonics.world18.2333° S, 147.0333° E
Pitt Passage, E of Pitt Island, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2167° N, 122.7167° W
Pittsburg, New York Slough, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0367° N, 121.8800° W
Pittwater, Australiaharmonics.world33.6000° S, 151.3000° E
Placida, Gasparilla Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml26.8333° N, 82.2650° W
Plantation Key, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9733° N, 80.5500° W
Playa Cortada, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml17.9833° N, 66.4500° W
Playa de Fajardo, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.3333° N, 65.6333° W
Playa de Ponce, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml17.9667° N, 66.6167° W
Playalinda Beach, Floridaharmonics.world28.6500° N, 80.6000° W
Pleasant Bay, Quonset Pont, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.7367° N, 69.9817° W
Pleasant Bay, Quonset Pont, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.7367° N, 69.9817° W
Pleasant Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.6650° N, 122.9117° W
Pleasant Hill Landing, Santee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.2450° N, 79.5217° W
Pleasantville, Lakes Bay, Great Egg Harbor Inlet, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3817° N, 74.5183° W
Plum Gut Harbor, Plum Island, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.1717° N, 72.2050° W
Plum Island Sound (south end), Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.7100° N, 70.7883° W
Plum Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6167° N, 76.5167° W
Plumb Beach Channel, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5833° N, 73.9167° W
Plymouth (Devonport), Englandharmonics.world50.3667° N, 4.1833° W
Plymouth (Devonport), England (2)harmonics.world50.3667° N, 4.1833° W
Plymouth, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.9600° N, 70.6633° W
Plymouth, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.9600° N, 70.6633° W
Pocahontas Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.9833° N, 124.9167° W
Pocomoke City, Pocomoke River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.0767° N, 75.5717° W
Point Adams., Columbia River, Oregonoffsets.xml46.2000° N, 123.9500° W
Point Arena, Californiaoffsets.xml38.9500° N, 123.7333° W
Point Arena, California Currentoffsets.xml38.9500° N, 123.7500° W
Point Atkinson, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.3333° N, 123.2500° W
Point Atkinson, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0333° N, 123.2500° W
Point Au Fer, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.3333° N, 91.3533° W
Point Avisadero .3 mi E, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.7167° N, 122.3333° W
Point Avisadero 1 mi E, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.7167° N, 122.3333° W
Point Avisadero 2 mi E, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.7167° N, 122.3000° W
Point Barrow, Trinity Bay, Texasoffsets.xml29.7400° N, 94.8317° W
Point Blunt .3 mi S, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8333° N, 122.4166° W
Point Blunt .8 mi SE, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8333° N, 122.4000° W
Point Bonita, Bonita Cove, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8183° N, 122.5283° W
Point Brown, Grays Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.9500° N, 124.1283° W
Point Buckler, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1000° N, 122.0166° W
Point Cabrillo, California Currentoffsets.xml39.3500° N, 123.8333° W
Point Cavallo 1.3 mi E, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8167° N, 122.4333° W
Point Chauncey, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8917° N, 122.4433° W
Point Chevreuil, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.5183° N, 91.5550° W
Point Danger, Australiaharmonics.world28.1667° S, 153.5500° E
Point Disney, 1.6 mile East of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6667° N, 123.0167° W
Point Grenville, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3033° N, 124.2700° W
Point Grey, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.2500° N, 123.2667° W
Point Hammond, 1.1 miles NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7333° N, 123.0333° W
Point Hudson, 0.5 mile E of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1167° N, 122.7167° W
Point Hudson, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.1167° N, 122.7500° W
Point Isabel, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8983° N, 122.3200° W
Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, Rhode Islandharmonics.world41.3600° N, 71.4900° W
Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, Rhode Island (2)offsets.xml41.3667° N, 71.4833° W
Point Loma, Californiaoffsets.xml32.6667° N, 117.2333° W
Point Lookout, Marylandharmonics.world38.0400° N, 76.3233° W
Point Lookout, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.0400° N, 76.3233° W
Point Maud, Australiaharmonics.world23.1167° S, 113.7833° E
Point Migley, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.7500° N, 122.7166° W
Point Murat, Australiaharmonics.world21.8167° S, 114.1833° E
Point Murat, Australia (2)harmonics.world21.8167° S, 114.1833° E
Point No Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4000° N, 123.9667° W
Point No Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.4000° N, 123.9667° W
Point No Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.1333° N, 76.3000° W
Point o' Woods, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6517° N, 73.1367° W
Point of Pines, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5850° N, 80.2283° W
Point Orient, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9583° N, 122.4250° W
Point Partridge, 3.7 miles W of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.2333° N, 122.8667° W
Point Partridge, Whidbey Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.2333° N, 122.7667° W
Point Pinellas, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.7017° N, 82.6400° W
Point Pinos, California Currentoffsets.xml36.6333° N, 121.9500° W
Point Reyes, Californiaharmonics.world37.9967° N, 122.9750° W
Point Reyes, California (2)harmonics.world37.9967° N, 122.9750° W
Point Reyes, California (3)offsets.xml37.9967° N, 122.9750° W
Point Reyes, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0000° N, 123.0333° W
Point Richmond .5 mi W, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.9000° N, 122.4000° W
Point Sacramento .3 mi NE, Sacramento River, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0667° N, 121.8333° W
Point San Bruno, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.6500° N, 122.3766° W
Point San Pablo Midchannel, San Pablo Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.9667° N, 122.4333° W
Point San Pedro, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9900° N, 122.4466° W
Point San Quentin 1.9 mi E, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.9500° N, 122.4333° W
Point San Quentin, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9450° N, 122.4750° W
Point Sapin, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.9833° N, 64.8167° W
Point Tupper, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6000° N, 61.3667° W
Point Tupper, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world45.6000° N, 61.3667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Point Wilson, 0.5 miles NE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1500° N, 122.7500° W
Point Wilson, 0.8 miles east of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1500° N, 122.7333° W
Point Wilson, 1.1 miles NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1667° N, 122.7667° W
Point Wilson, 1.4 miles NE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1667° N, 122.7333° W
Point Wilson, 2.3 miles NE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1667° N, 122.7000° W
Point Ybel (0.4 Mi. NW of), Florida Currentharmonics.world26.4567° N, 82.0183° W
Point Ybel, San Carlos Bay Entrance, Floridaharmonics.world26.4500° N, 82.0167° W
Point Ybel, San Carlos Bay Entrance, Florida (2)offsets.xml26.4500° N, 82.0167° W
Pointe Au Platon, Québecharmonics.world46.6536° N, 71.8263° W
Pointe Basse, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.3833° N, 61.7833° W
Pointe de Grave, Franceharmonics.world45.5667° N, 1.0667° W
Pointe des Galets, Reunionharmonics.world20.9167° S, 55.2833° E
Pointe des Monts, Québecoffsets.xml49.3333° N, 67.3667° W
Pointe Howatson, Québecharmonics.world48.1333° N, 65.0833° W
Pointe Noire, Congoharmonics.world4.7833° S, 11.8333° E
Pointe Saint-Pierre, Québecharmonics.world48.6333° N, 64.1667° W
Pointe Saint-Pierre, Québec (2)harmonics.world48.6253° N, 64.1739° W
Pointe Saint-Pierre, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.6333° N, 64.1667° W
Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupeharmonics.world16.2333° N, 61.5333° W
Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupeoffsets.xml16.2333° N, 61.5333° W
Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe (2)harmonics.world16.2333° N, 61.5333° W
Pointe-au-Pere, Québecharmonics.world48.5167° N, 68.4667° W
Pointe-au-Pere, Québec (2)harmonics.world48.5167° N, 68.4667° W
Pointe-Au-Pic, Québecharmonics.world47.6167° N, 70.0500° W
Pointe-Aux-Orignaux, Québecharmonics.world47.4833° N, 70.0333° W
Pollock Rip Channel, Massachusetts Currentharmonics.world41.5467° N, 69.9850° W
Pompeston Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0133° N, 75.0083° W
Ponape Harbor, Caroline Islandsharmonics.world6.9800° N, 158.2200° E
Ponape Harbor, Caroline Islands (2)harmonics.world6.9667° N, 158.2000° E
Ponce de Leon Inlet (inside), Floridaharmonics.world29.0633° N, 80.9150° W
Ponce de Leon Inlet (inside), Florida (2)offsets.xml29.0633° N, 80.9150° W
Pond Point, Susquehanna River, Marylandoffsets.xml39.3833° N, 76.2500° W
Pondalowie Bay, Australiaharmonics.world35.2500° S, 136.8167° E
Ponquogue Bridge, Shinnecock Bay, Long Island, New Yorkharmonics.world40.8500° N, 72.5000° W
Ponquogue Bridge, Shinnecock Bay, Long Island, New York (2)offsets.xml40.8500° N, 72.5000° W
Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azoresharmonics.world37.7333° N, 25.6667° W
Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores (2)harmonics.world37.7333° N, 25.6667° W
Ponta Pedreira, Amazon River, Braziloffsets.xml0.1833° S, 50.7167° W
Pooles Island, Susquehanna River, Marylandoffsets.xml39.2833° N, 76.2667° W
Poplar Island, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7667° N, 76.3833° W
Poponesset Island, Poponesset Bay, Nantucket Sound, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5867° N, 70.4633° W
Porlier Pass, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0167° N, 123.5833° W
Porlier Pass, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0167° N, 123.5833° W
Porlier Pass, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world49.0150° N, 123.5850° W
Porpoise Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.4833° N, 123.7500° W
Porpoise Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.4833° N, 123.7500° W
Porpoise Key, Big Spanish Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7183° N, 81.3517° W
Port Adelaide, Australiaharmonics.world34.8000° S, 138.4667° E
Port Alberni, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.2333° N, 124.8167° W
Port Alberni, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.2333° N, 124.8167° W
Port Alice, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.3833° N, 127.4500° W
Port Alice, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.3833° N, 127.4500° W
Port Alma, Australiaharmonics.world23.5833° S, 150.8667° E
Port Angeles, Washingtonharmonics.world48.1167° N, 123.4333° W
Port Angeles, Washington (2)harmonics.world48.1167° N, 123.4333° W
Port Angeles, Washington (3)offsets.xml48.1167° N, 123.4333° W
Port Aransas, Holiday Beach, Texasharmonics.world27.8267° N, 97.0500° W
Port Augusta, Australiaharmonics.world32.5500° S, 137.7833° E
Port Augusta, Australia (2)harmonics.world32.5000° S, 137.7667° E
Port Aux Basques, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5833° N, 59.1500° W
Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml47.5833° N, 59.1500° W
Port Bickerton, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.1000° N, 61.7333° W
Port Blackney, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.3167° N, 128.3500° W
Port Blackney, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.3167° N, 128.3500° W
Port Blair, Andaman Islandsharmonics.world11.6833° N, 92.7667° E
Port Blakely, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.5967° N, 122.5100° W
Port Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor, Floridaoffsets.xml26.7200° N, 82.2583° W
Port Bolivar, Texasoffsets.xml29.3633° N, 94.7783° W
Port Borden, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.2500° N, 63.7000° W
Port Bowen, Prince Regent Inlet, Nunavutoffsets.xml73.2333° N, 88.9167° W
Port Broughton, Australiaharmonics.world33.6000° S, 137.9333° E
Port Burwell, Labradorharmonics.world60.4167° N, 64.8500° W
Port Burwell, Labrador (2)offsets.xml60.4167° N, 64.8667° W
Port Campbell, Australiaharmonics.world38.6333° S, 143.0000° E
Port Cartier, Québecharmonics.world50.0333° N, 66.7833° W
Port Castries, St. Luciaharmonics.world14.0167° N, 61.0000° W
Port Chalmers, New Zealandharmonics.world45.8167° S, 170.6500° E
Port Chester, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0000° N, 73.6600° W
Port Chicago, Suisun Bay, Californiaharmonics.world38.0567° N, 122.0383° W
Port Chicago, Suisun Bay, California (2) (expired 1996-12-31)harmonics.world38.0567° N, 122.0383° W
Port Clements, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.6833° N, 132.1667° W
Port Clements, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.6833° N, 132.1667° W
Port Clinton, Australiaharmonics.world22.5333° S, 150.7500° E
Port Clyde, Maineharmonics.world43.9250° N, 69.2600° W
Port Clyde, Maine (2)offsets.xml43.9250° N, 69.2600° W
Port Daniel, Québecharmonics.world48.1833° N, 64.9500° W
Port Daniel, Québec (2)offsets.xml48.1667° N, 64.9500° W
Port De Boucherville, Nunavutharmonics.world63.2500° N, 77.4667° W
Port De Boucherville, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml63.2000° N, 77.4667° W
Port De Laperriere, Nunavutharmonics.world62.5667° N, 78.0667° W
Port De St-Pierre, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.8167° N, 56.1833° W
Port Deposit, Susquehanna River, Marylandoffsets.xml39.6033° N, 76.1133° W
Port Dickson, Malaysiaharmonics.world2.5167° N, 101.7833° E
Port Douglas, Australiaharmonics.world16.4833° S, 145.4667° E
Port Dreger, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world6.6500° S, 147.8833° E
Port Dufferin, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9000° N, 62.3667° W
Port Eads, South Pass, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.0150° N, 89.1600° W
Port Edward, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2333° N, 130.3000° W
Port Edward, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.2333° N, 130.3000° W
Port Elgin, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0500° N, 64.0667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Port Elizabeth, Manumuskin River, Maurice River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3133° N, 74.9850° W
Port Elizabeth, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.6733° N, 74.1400° W
Port Elizabeth, South Africaharmonics.world33.9667° S, 25.6333° E
Port Essington, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.1667° N, 129.9667° W
Port Everglades, Turning Basin, Fort Lauderdale, Floridaoffsets.xml26.0917° N, 80.1233° W
Port Eyre, Australiaharmonics.world32.0000° S, 132.4500° E
Port Foster, Deception Island, South Shetlandsharmonics.world62.9667° S, 60.5667° W
Port Foster, Deception Island, South Shetlandsoffsets.xml62.9666° S, 60.5667° W
Port Foulke, Greenlandoffsets.xml78.3000° N, 72.7500° W
Port Gamble Bay, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.9833° N, 122.5500° W
Port Gamble, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.8583° N, 122.5800° W
Port George, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.0167° N, 65.1667° W
Port Gregory, Australiaharmonics.world28.2000° S, 114.2500° E
Port Greville, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4000° N, 64.5500° W
Port Hacking, Australiaharmonics.world34.0833° S, 151.1500° E
Port Hardy, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.7167° N, 127.4833° W
Port Hardy, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.7167° N, 127.4833° W
Port Harmon, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.5167° N, 58.5333° W
Port Harvey, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5667° N, 126.2667° W
Port Harvey, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.5667° N, 126.2667° W
Port Hastings, Strait of Canso, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6500° N, 61.4000° W
Port Hastings, Strait of Canso, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.6500° N, 61.4000° W
Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.6167° N, 61.3667° W
Port Hedland, Australiaharmonics.world20.3000° S, 118.5833° E
Port Hedland, Australia (2)harmonics.world20.3000° S, 118.5833° E
Port Hood, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.0167° N, 61.5333° W
Port Hood, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml46.0167° N, 61.5333° W
Port Hope Simpson, Labradorharmonics.world52.5500° N, 56.3000° W
Port Hueneme, Californiaoffsets.xml34.1483° N, 119.2033° W
Port Isabel, Texasharmonics.world26.0600° N, 97.2150° W
Port Isabel, Texas (2)offsets.xml26.0600° N, 97.2150° W
Port Ivory, Howland Hook, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6450° N, 74.1800° W
Port Jefferson Harbor entrance, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9717° N, 73.0917° W
Port Jefferson, Long Island Sound, New Yorkharmonics.world40.9500° N, 73.0767° W
Port Jefferson, Long Island Sound, New York (2)offsets.xml40.9500° N, 73.0767° W
Port Jefferson, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.7450° N, 122.4767° W
Port Keats, Australiaharmonics.world14.0500° S, 129.5667° E
Port Kem, Russiaharmonics.world64.9833° N, 34.7833° E
Port Kembla, Australiaharmonics.world34.4833° S, 150.9167° E
Port Kembla, Australia (2)harmonics.world34.4833° S, 150.9167° E
Port Kennedy, Bellot Strait, Nunavutoffsets.xml72.0167° N, 94.2000° W
Port Langdon, Australiaharmonics.world13.8667° S, 136.8333° E
Port Laudania, Dania cut-off Canal, Fort Lauderdale, Floridaoffsets.xml26.0600° N, 80.1300° W
Port Lavaca, Matagorda Bay, Texasharmonics.world28.6500° N, 96.5950° W
Port Leopold, Nunavutharmonics.world73.0833° N, 90.0333° W
Port Leopold, Prince Regent Inlet, Nunavutoffsets.xml73.8000° N, 90.2500° W
Port Lincoln, Australiaharmonics.world34.7167° S, 135.8667° E
Port Lincoln, Australia (2)harmonics.world34.7167° S, 135.8667° E
Port Louis (Berkeley Sound), Falkland Islandsoffsets.xml51.5500° S, 58.1500° W
Port Louis, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.6833° N, 132.9667° W
Port Louis, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.6833° N, 132.9667° W
Port Ludlow, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.9250° N, 122.6800° W
Port Macdonnell, Australiaharmonics.world38.0500° S, 140.7000° E
Port Macquarie, Australiaharmonics.world31.4333° S, 152.9167° E
Port Madison, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.7050° N, 122.5250° W
Port Maitland, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.9833° N, 66.1500° W
Port Manatee, Tampa Bay, Florida Currentharmonics.world27.6617° N, 82.6000° W
Port Manvers, Labradoroffsets.xml56.9500° N, 61.4167° W
Port Marnham, Labradorharmonics.world52.3833° N, 55.7333° W
Port Marnham, Labrador (2)offsets.xml52.3833° N, 55.7333° W
Port Martin, Antarcticaharmonics.world66.8167° S, 141.3833° E
Port Martin, Antarctica (2)harmonics.world66.8333° S, 141.4167° E
Port McNeill, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.6000° N, 127.0833° W
Port McNeill, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.6000° N, 127.0833° W
Port Moody, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.2833° N, 122.8667° W
Port Moody, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.2833° N, 122.8667° W
Port Morant, Jamaicaoffsets.xml17.8833° N, 76.3333° W
Port Moresby, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world9.4833° S, 147.1333° E
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world9.4833° S, 147.1333° E
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (3)harmonics.world9.4833° S, 147.1000° E
Port Morris (Stony Point), East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8017° N, 73.9067° W
Port Mouton, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.9333° N, 64.8500° W
Port Muhammad Bin Qasin, Pakistanharmonics.world24.7833° N, 67.3500° E
Port Neill, Australiaharmonics.world34.1167° S, 136.3500° E
Port Nelson, Manitobaharmonics.world57.0000° N, 92.0500° W
Port Neville, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5000° N, 126.0833° W
Port Neville, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0500° N, 126.0833° W
Port Newark Terminal, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.6900° N, 74.1333° W
Port Noarlunga, Australiaharmonics.world35.1667° S, 138.5000° E
Port Norfolk, Western Branch, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8500° N, 76.3333° W
Port O'Connor, Matagorda Bay, Texasharmonics.world28.4517° N, 96.3883° W
Port of Palm Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml26.7700° N, 80.0517° W
Port of Spain, Trinidadharmonics.world10.6500° N, 61.5167° W
Port of Spain, Trinidad (2)harmonics.world10.6500° N, 61.5167° W
Port Orford, Oregonharmonics.world42.7400° N, 124.4967° W
Port Orford, Oregon (2)offsets.xml42.7400° N, 124.4966° W
Port Phillip Heads, Australiaharmonics.world38.3000° S, 144.6167° E
Port Phillip Heads, Australia (2)harmonics.world38.3000° S, 144.6167° E
Port Pirie, Australiaharmonics.world33.1667° S, 138.0167° E
Port Pirie, Australia (2)harmonics.world33.1667° S, 138.0167° E
Port Refuge, Cocos Islandsharmonics.world12.0833° S, 96.8833° E
Port Refuge, Cocos Islands (2)harmonics.world12.0833° S, 96.8833° E
Port Renfrew, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.5500° N, 124.4167° W
Port Renfrew, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.5500° N, 124.4167° W
Port Romilly, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world7.6667° S, 144.8333° E
Port Romilly, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world7.6667° S, 144.8333° E
Port Royal Plantation, Hilton Head Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.2200° N, 80.6683° W
Port Royal, Isla de Roatan, Hondurasoffsets.xml16.4000° N, 86.3333° W
Port Royal, Jamaicaharmonics.world17.9500° N, 76.8333° W
Port Royal, Jamaicaoffsets.xml17.9333° N, 76.8500° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Port Royal, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.1733° N, 77.1900° W
Port Said, Egyptharmonics.world31.2667° N, 32.3167° E
Port Saint Joe, St. Joseph Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml29.8150° N, 85.3133° W
Port Salerno, Manatee Pocket, Floridaoffsets.xml27.1517° N, 80.1950° W
Port San Luis Wharf, Californiaoffsets.xml35.1700° N, 120.7516° W
Port San Luis, Californiaharmonics.world35.1767° N, 120.7600° W
Port Saunders, Newfoundlandharmonics.world50.6500° N, 57.3000° W
Port Saunders, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml50.6500° N, 57.3000° W
Port Seeadler, Manus, Admiralty Islandsharmonics.world2.0167° S, 147.2667° E
Port Simpson, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.5667° N, 130.4333° W
Port Simpson, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.5667° N, 130.4333° W
Port St. Francois, Québecharmonics.world46.2667° N, 72.6167° W
Port Stephens, Australiaharmonics.world32.7167° S, 152.1833° E
Port Taranaki, New Zealandharmonics.world39.0667° S, 174.0333° E
Port Townsend Canal, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.0167° N, 122.7167° W
Port Townsend, 0.5 miles S of Point Hudson, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1167° N, 122.7333° W
Port Townsend, Washingtonharmonics.world48.1117° N, 122.7583° W
Port Townsend, Washington (2) (expired 1991-12-31)harmonics.world48.1117° N, 122.7583° W
Port Townsend, Washington (3)harmonics.world48.1333° N, 122.7667° W
Port Turton, Australiaharmonics.world34.9333° S, 137.3500° E
Port Union, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.5000° N, 53.0833° W
Port Union, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml48.5000° N, 53.0833° W
Port Vashon, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.5117° N, 122.4633° W
Port Victoria, Australiaharmonics.world34.5000° S, 137.4500° E
Port Vincent, Australiaharmonics.world34.7667° S, 137.8500° E
Port Walcott, Australiaharmonics.world20.5833° S, 117.1833° E
Port Walcott, Australia (2)harmonics.world20.5833° S, 117.1833° E
Port Warrender, Australiaharmonics.world14.5167° S, 125.9000° E
Port Washington Narrows, North Entrance of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5667° N, 122.6167° W
Port Washington Narrows, South Entrance of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5833° N, 122.5667° W
Port Washington, Manhasset Bay, Long Island Sound, New Yorkharmonics.world40.8333° N, 73.7000° W
Port Washington, Manhasset Bay, Long Island Sound, New York (2)offsets.xml40.8317° N, 73.7033° W
Port Welshpool, Australiaharmonics.world38.7000° S, 146.4500° E
Port Wentworth, Savannah River, Georgiaoffsets.xml32.1417° N, 81.1417° W
Port-Alfred, Québecharmonics.world48.3333° N, 70.8667° W
Port-Alfred, Québec (2)harmonics.world48.3167° N, 70.8833° W
Port-au-Port, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml48.5500° N, 58.7500° W
Port-au-Prince, Haitiharmonics.world18.5500° N, 72.3500° W
Port-au-Prince, Haitioffsets.xml18.5500° N, 72.3500° W
Port-aux-Francais, Kerguelen Islandsharmonics.world49.3500° S, 70.2167° E
Port-Menier, Québecharmonics.world49.8167° N, 64.3667° W
Port-Navalo, Franceharmonics.world47.5500° N, 2.9167° W
Port-Tudy, Franceharmonics.world47.6500° N, 3.4500° W
Port-Vila, Vanuatuharmonics.world17.7500° S, 168.3167° E
Portage Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4500° N, 123.4167° W
Portage Island, Miramichi Bay, New Brunswickoffsets.xml47.1500° N, 65.0500° W
Portage Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.0167° N, 65.0500° W
Portage Island, off Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world47.2000° N, 65.1333° W
Portland Cove, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml50.1833° N, 57.6000° W
Portland Head Light, Maineoffsets.xml43.6233° N, 70.2067° W
Portland Roads, Australiaharmonics.world12.6000° S, 143.4167° E
Portland, Australiaharmonics.world38.3500° S, 141.6167° E
Portland, Australia (2)harmonics.world38.3500° S, 141.6167° E
Portland, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.5617° N, 72.6283° W
Portland, Englandharmonics.world50.5667° N, 2.4333° W
Portland, England (2)harmonics.world50.5667° N, 2.4333° W
Portland, Maineharmonics.world43.6567° N, 70.2467° W
Portland, Maine (2) (expired 1988-12-31)harmonics.world43.6567° N, 70.2467° W
Portland, Maine (3) (expired 1982-12-31)harmonics.world43.6567° N, 70.2467° W
Portneuf, Québecharmonics.world46.6833° N, 71.8833° W
Porto Amelia, Mozambiqueharmonics.world12.9667° S, 40.4833° E
Pôrto Belo, Braziloffsets.xml27.1500° S, 48.5500° W
Porto Corsini, Italyharmonics.world44.5000° N, 12.2833° E
Porto Grande, Cape Verde Islandsharmonics.world16.8667° N, 24.9833° W
Portsmouth Harbor Entrance, New Hampshire Currentharmonics.world43.0667° N, 70.7000° W
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, disputed waters, New Englandoffsets.xml43.0800° N, 70.7417° W
Portsmouth, Englandharmonics.world50.8000° N, 1.1167° W
Portsmouth, England (2)harmonics.world50.8000° N, 1.1167° W
Portsmouth, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Virginiaharmonics.world36.8217° N, 76.2933° W
Portsmouth, Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshireoffsets.xml43.0783° N, 70.7517° W
Portsmouth, Southern Branch, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8217° N, 76.2933° W
Portugal Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6167° N, 52.8667° W
Posorja, Ecuadorharmonics.world2.7000° S, 80.2500° W
Possession Island, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world10.7333° S, 142.4000° E
Possum Point, Delawareoffsets.xml38.5833° N, 75.2667° W
Postville, Labradorharmonics.world54.9000° N, 59.7833° W
Potrero Point 1.1 mi E, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.7500° N, 122.3500° W
Potunk Point, Moriches Bay, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8000° N, 72.6500° W
Poughkeepsie, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.7000° N, 73.9500° W
Poulsbo, Liberty Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.7250° N, 122.6383° W
Povungnituk, Québecharmonics.world60.0333° N, 77.2833° W
Powell River (Strait of Georgia), British Columbiaharmonics.world49.8667° N, 124.5500° W
Powell River (Strait of Georgia), British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.8667° N, 124.5500° W
Preedy Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.9833° N, 123.6667° W
Preedy Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.9833° N, 123.0667° W
President Channel, Orcas Island, Washingtonharmonics.world48.6550° N, 123.0083° W
President Point, 1.5 mile E of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7667° N, 122.4167° W
Presumpscot River Bridge, Maineoffsets.xml43.6867° N, 70.2467° W
Pretty Marsh Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml44.3333° N, 68.4167° W
Price Creek, North Capers Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8817° N, 79.6583° W
Prideaux Haven, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.1500° N, 124.6667° W
Prim Point, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.0500° N, 63.0333° W
Primrose Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.9167° N, 93.0000° W
Prince Point, Maineoffsets.xml43.7617° N, 70.1733° W
Prince Rupert, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.3167° N, 130.3333° W
Prince Rupert, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.3167° N, 130.3333° W
Princes Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.5167° N, 74.2000° W
Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world50.1667° N, 123.8500° W
Princess Royal Islands, NWT, Canadaoffsets.xml72.7500° N, 117.7500° W
Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, Californiaoffsets.xml34.0200° N, 119.6833° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Prisoners Point, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0600° N, 121.5550° W
Progreso, Yucatán, Mexicoharmonics.world21.3000° N, 83.3250° W
Progreso, Yucatán, Mexico (2)harmonics.world21.2833° N, 89.6667° W
Progreso, Yucatán, Mexico (2)offsets.xml21.3000° N, 89.6667° W
Promised Land, Napeague Bay, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9983° N, 72.0817° W
Prospect Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml44.4000° N, 68.0217° W
Prospect, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4500° N, 63.7833° W
Proudfoot Shoal, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.5167° S, 141.4833° E
Providence, Rhode Islandharmonics.world41.8067° N, 71.4017° W
Providence, Rhode Island (2)offsets.xml41.8067° N, 71.4017° W
Provincetown, Massachusettsharmonics.world42.0533° N, 70.1883° W
Provincetown, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml42.0533° N, 70.1883° W
Prudence Island, (south end), Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.5833° N, 71.3167° W
Prudhoe Bay, Alaskaharmonics.world70.4000° N, 148.5267° W
Prudhoe Bay, Dock #2, Alaskaharmonics.world70.3883° N, 148.5100° W
Public Landing, Chincoteague Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.1483° N, 75.2850° W
Puertecitos, Baja California Norte, Mexicoharmonics.world30.3500° N, 114.6000° W
Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexicoharmonics.world15.6567° N, 96.4933° W
Puerto Ángel, Oaxaca, Mexicoharmonics.world15.6500° N, 96.4833° W
Puerto Armuelles, Panamaharmonics.world8.2667° N, 82.8500° W
Puerto Belgrano, Argentinaharmonics.world38.8833° S, 62.1000° W
Puerto Bolívar, Ecuadorharmonics.world3.2667° S, 80.0000° W
Puerto Cabezas, Nicaraguaoffsets.xml14.0167° N, 83.3833° W
Puerto Castilla, Hondurasoffsets.xml16.0000° N, 86.0333° W
Puerto Colombia, Colombiaoffsets.xml11.0000° N, 74.9667° W
Puerto Cortes, Hondurasoffsets.xml15.8333° N, 87.9500° W
Puerto de Bahía Caraquez, Ecuadorharmonics.world0.5833° S, 80.4333° W
Puerto de Esmeraldas, Ecuadorharmonics.world1.0000° N, 79.6500° W
Puerto de Gibara, Cubaoffsets.xml21.1167° N, 76.1167° W
Puerto de la Luz, Gran Canaria, Canary Islandsharmonics.world28.1500° N, 15.4167° W
Puerto de Pilón, Cubaoffsets.xml19.9000° N, 77.3167° W
Puerto de Santiago de Cuba, Cubaoffsets.xml19.9833° N, 75.8667° W
Puerto Deseado, Argentinaharmonics.world47.7500° S, 65.9167° W
Puerto Ferro, Isla de Vieques, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.1000° N, 65.4333° W
Puerto Gallegos, Argentinaharmonics.world51.6000° S, 69.0167° W
Puerto Iradier, Equatorial Guineaharmonics.world1.0833° N, 9.7000° E
Puerto López, Ecuadorharmonics.world1.5667° S, 80.8333° W
Puerto Madryn, Argentinaharmonics.world42.7667° S, 65.0333° W
Puerto Maunabo, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.0000° N, 65.8833° W
Puerto Montt, Chileharmonics.world41.4833° S, 72.9667° W
Puerto Nuevo, Ecuadorharmonics.world2.2667° S, 79.9167° W
Puerto Padre, Cubaoffsets.xml21.2333° N, 76.5500° W
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexicoharmonics.world31.3000° N, 113.5333° W
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico (2)harmonics.world31.3017° N, 113.3817° W
Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico (3)harmonics.world31.3017° N, 113.3817° W
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republicoffsets.xml19.8167° N, 70.7000° W
Puerto Real, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.0833° N, 67.1833° W
Puerto San Antonio, Argentinaharmonics.world40.8000° S, 64.8667° W
Puerto Soberania, South Shetland Islandsharmonics.world62.4833° S, 59.6333° W
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexicoharmonics.world20.6150° N, 105.2450° W
Puffin Island light, 4.8 miles N of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.8167° N, 122.8000° W
Pugwash, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8500° N, 63.6833° W
Pugwash, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.8500° N, 63.6667° W
Pulau Besin, Myanmarharmonics.world9.9833° N, 98.4833° E
Pulpit Harbor, North Haven Island, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.1567° N, 68.8867° W
Pumpkin Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8950° N, 81.5583° W
Pumpkin Island, South Bay, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.4167° N, 68.7333° W
Pumpkin Key, Bow Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7167° N, 81.5617° W
Pumpkin Key, south end, Card Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3250° N, 80.2933° W
Punchbowl, Labradorharmonics.world53.2500° N, 55.7667° W
Pungoteague Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.6667° N, 75.8333° W
Punta Arenas, Chileharmonics.world53.1667° S, 70.9000° W
Punta Arenas, Costa Ricaharmonics.world9.9667° N, 84.8333° W
Punta Gorda, Belizeharmonics.world16.1000° N, 88.8167° W
Punta Gorda, Belize (2)offsets.xml16.1000° N, 88.8167° W
Punta Gorda, California Currentoffsets.xml40.2500° N, 124.3666° W
Punta Gorda, Charlotte Harbor, Floridaharmonics.world26.9283° N, 82.0650° W
Punta Gorda, Charlotte Harbor, Florida (2)offsets.xml26.9283° N, 82.0650° W
Punta Gorda, Venezuelaharmonics.world10.1667° N, 62.6333° W
Punta Maisí, Cubaoffsets.xml20.2500° N, 74.1333° W
Punta Mulas, Isla de Vieques, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.1500° N, 65.4333° W
Punta Pasacaballos, Cubaoffsets.xml22.0667° N, 80.4500° W
Punta Quilla, Argentinaharmonics.world50.1167° S, 68.4167° W
Punta Rassa, San Carlos Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml26.4883° N, 82.0133° W
Punta Tuna, Puerto Ricoharmonics.world17.9900° N, 65.8850° W
Purfur Cove, Nunavutharmonics.world69.0833° N, 84.2167° W
Purrysburg Landing, Savannah River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3033° N, 81.1217° W
Pusan, South Koreaharmonics.world35.1000° N, 129.0333° E
Pushthrough, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.6333° N, 56.1667° W
Pusur River, Bangladeshharmonics.world21.7167° N, 89.5500° E
Qingdao, Chinaharmonics.world36.0833° N, 120.3000° E
Qlawdzeet Anchorage, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2167° N, 130.7667° W
Qlawdzeet Anchorage, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.2167° N, 130.7667° W
Quaco Bay, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.3333° N, 65.5333° W
Quantico Creek, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.5167° N, 77.2833° W
Quarter Point, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2500° N, 76.4500° W
Quathiaski Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.0500° N, 125.2167° W
Quathiaski Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0500° N, 125.2167° W
Quatre Bayous Pass, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.3000° N, 89.8500° W
Quatsino Narrows, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world50.5550° N, 127.5550° W
Quatsino Village, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5333° N, 127.6333° W
Québec (Lauzon), Québecharmonics.world46.8333° N, 71.1667° W
Québec (Lauzon), Québec (2)harmonics.world46.8333° N, 71.1667° W
Québec (Lauzon), Québec (3)harmonics.world46.8333° N, 71.1667° W
Québec City, Québecharmonics.world46.8167° N, 71.1500° W
Queen Charlotte, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.2500° N, 132.0667° W
Queen Charlotte, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.2500° N, 132.0667° W
Queen Creek (2 miles above entrance), York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2967° N, 76.6500° W
Queenstown, Marylandoffsets.xml39.0000° N, 76.1667° W
Quelimane, Mozambiqueharmonics.world17.8833° S, 36.8833° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Quequen, Argentinaharmonics.world38.5833° S, 58.7000° W
Quicks Hole (middle), Massachusetts Currentharmonics.world41.4433° N, 70.8483° W
Quicks Hole, Middle, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.4417° N, 70.8567° W
Quicks Hole, North side, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.4483° N, 70.8567° W
Quicks Hole, South side, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.4333° N, 70.8500° W
Quilcene, Quilcene Bay, Dabob Bay, Hood Canal, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.8000° N, 122.8583° W
Quinby Creek bridge, East Branch, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0950° N, 79.8083° W
Quinby Inlet entrance, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4667° N, 75.6667° W
Quinton, Alloway Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5483° N, 75.4150° W
Quivira Basin, Mission Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml32.7667° N, 117.2333° W
Ra's al Khafji, Saudi Arabiaharmonics.world28.4167° N, 48.5167° E
Ra's al Mish`ab, Saudi Arabiaharmonics.world28.1167° N, 48.6333° E
Ra's al Qulay`ah, Saudi Arabiaharmonics.world26.8667° N, 49.9000° E
Ra's Gharib, Egyptharmonics.world28.3500° N, 33.1000° E
Rabat, Moroccoharmonics.world34.0667° N, 6.7667° W
Rabaul, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world4.2000° S, 152.1833° E
Rabaul, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world4.2000° S, 152.1833° E
Rabbit Island, 5 miles south of, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.4200° N, 91.5933° W
Rabbit Island, Australiaharmonics.world38.9167° S, 146.5167° E
Raccoon Ditch, Newport Meadows, Stow Creek, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.4217° N, 75.3817° W
Raccoon Key, east side, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7417° N, 81.4833° W
Raccoon Point, Caillou Bay, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.0633° N, 90.9617° W
Raccoon Strait off Hospital Cove, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8667° N, 122.4333° W
Raccoon Strait off Point Stuart, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8667° N, 122.4500° W
Race Passage, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world48.3067° N, 123.5367° W
Race Point, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.0667° N, 70.2500° W
Racoon Point, 0.6 mile NNE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7000° N, 122.8167° W
Radstock Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world74.7167° N, 91.0833° W
Rae Island, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.5333° N, 135.1167° W
Rae Point, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world75.3667° N, 105.7000° W
Ragged Keys, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.5333° N, 80.1717° W
Ragged Point, Coles Neck, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.1333° N, 76.6167° W
Rahway River, RR. Bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.5983° N, 74.2317° W
Raine Island, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world11.6000° S, 144.0500° E
Rainsford Island, Nantasket Roads, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.3167° N, 70.9500° W
Raivavae, Austral Islandsharmonics.world23.8667° S, 147.6833° W
Ramrod Key, Newfound Harbor, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6500° N, 81.4033° W
Ramrod Key, Niles Channel Bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6600° N, 81.4233° W
Randalls Island, Harlem River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8000° N, 73.9283° W
Random Head Harbour, Trinity Bay, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml48.1000° N, 53.5667° W
Ranger Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.8333° N, 130.1667° W
Ranger Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.8333° N, 130.1667° W
Rangoon River, Myanmarharmonics.world16.4833° N, 96.3000° E
Rankin Inlet, Nunavutharmonics.world62.8167° N, 92.0667° W
Rattlesnake Island, Australiaharmonics.world19.0333° S, 146.6167° E
Rausu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.0167° N, 145.2000° E
Raymond, Washingtonharmonics.world46.6833° N, 123.7500° W
Raymond, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.6833° N, 123.7550° W
Raynor Group, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.8833° N, 127.2333° W
Raynor Group, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.8833° N, 127.2333° W
Reagan National Airport, Washington, D.C.offsets.xml38.8500° N, 77.0333° W
Ream, Cambodiaharmonics.world10.5500° N, 103.6000° E
Reaves Point, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.0033° N, 77.9550° W
Recife, Brazilharmonics.world8.0500° S, 34.8667° W
Recife, Brazil (2)harmonics.world8.0500° S, 34.8667° W
Red Bank, Navesink River, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.3550° N, 74.0650° W
Red Bank, Navesink River, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.3550° N, 74.0650° W
Red Bay Point, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.worldNULL
Red Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labradorharmonics.world51.7167° N, 56.4167° W
Red Bay, Strait of Bell Isle, Labrador (2)offsets.xml51.7167° N, 56.4167° W
Red Bluff, Australiaharmonics.world17.0667° S, 122.3167° E
Red Island, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world10.8500° S, 142.3667° E
Red Rock .1 E, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.9333° N, 122.4333° W
Redcliff, Australiaharmonics.world32.7333° S, 137.8167° E
Redfish Pass, Captiva Island (north end), Floridaoffsets.xml26.5500° N, 82.1967° W
Redfish Point, Manatee River, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.5267° N, 82.4817° W
Redonda Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.2667° N, 124.9833° W
Redonda Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.2667° N, 124.9833° W
Redwood City, Wharf 5, Californiaharmonics.world37.5067° N, 122.2100° W
Redwood City, Wharf 5, California (2)harmonics.world37.5067° N, 122.2100° W
Redwood City, Wharf 5, California (3)offsets.xml37.5067° N, 122.2100° W
Redwood Creek entrance (inside), San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5217° N, 122.2016° W
Redwood Creek, C.M. No.8, San Francisco Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.5333° N, 122.1933° W
Redwood Creek, C.M. No.8, San Francisco Bay, California (2)offsets.xml37.5333° N, 122.1933° W
Reedsport, Umpqua River, Oregonoffsets.xml43.7083° N, 124.0983° W
Reedy Point, Delawareharmonics.world39.5583° N, 75.5733° W
Reedy Point, Delaware (2) (expired 1994-12-31)harmonics.world39.5617° N, 75.5667° W
Refuge Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.0500° N, 130.5333° W
Refuge Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.0500° N, 130.5333° W
Refuge Cove, Wellington Channel, Nunavutoffsets.xml75.5167° N, 92.1667° W
Refuge Harbour, Nunavutharmonics.world70.8667° N, 71.0167° W
Rehoboth Beach, Delawareoffsets.xml38.7167° N, 75.0833° W
Rennel Island, Coral Seaharmonics.world9.7667° S, 143.2667° E
Renouf Island, Nunavutharmonics.world56.5667° N, 79.0167° W
Rensselaer Bugt, Greenlandharmonics.world78.6167° N, 71.0000° W
Rensselaer Bugt, Greenland (2)offsets.xml78.6167° N, 70.8833° W
Reservation Bay, Washingtonharmonics.world48.4167° N, 122.6667° W
Reservation Bay, Washington (2)harmonics.world48.4167° N, 122.0667° W
Resolute, Nunavutharmonics.world74.6833° N, 94.9000° W
Resolute, Nunavut (2)harmonics.world74.6833° N, 94.9000° W
Resor Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.2167° N, 68.0500° W
Restoration Island, Australiaharmonics.world12.6167° S, 143.4667° E
Restoration Point, 0.6 miles ESE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5833° N, 122.4333° W
Reveley Island, Australiaharmonics.world14.3500° S, 127.8000° E
Revillon Wharf, Ontarioharmonics.world51.2833° N, 80.6167° W
Reyd Otkrytyy, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world45.8500° N, 149.7330° E
Reykjavik, Icelandharmonics.world64.1500° N, 21.8500° W
Reykjavik, Iceland (2)harmonics.world64.1500° N, 21.9333° W
Reykjavik, Iceland (3)harmonics.world64.1500° N, 21.9333° W
Rhems, Black Mingo Creek, Black River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.6033° N, 79.4267° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Rhode River (County Wharf), Marylandoffsets.xml38.8867° N, 76.5400° W
Rib Reef, Australiaharmonics.world18.4667° S, 146.8667° E
Ribault River, Lake Forest, Floridaharmonics.world30.3983° N, 81.6983° W
Ribault River, Lake Forest, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.3983° N, 81.6983° W
Rich Passage, East End, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5667° N, 122.5000° W
Rich Passage, North of Blake Island, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5833° N, 122.4667° W
Rich Passage, off Pleasant Beach, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5833° N, 122.5333° W
Rich Passage, West end, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5667° N, 122.5333° W
Richardson Bay Entrance, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8500° N, 122.4666° W
Richardson, Lopez Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.4500° N, 122.9000° W
Richibucto Bar, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.7167° N, 64.7833° W
Richibucto Cape, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0667° N, 64.7000° W
Richibucto, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.6833° N, 64.8667° W
Richmond (river locks), James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5250° N, 77.4200° W
Richmond Deepwater Terminal, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4500° N, 77.4167° W
Richmond Inner Harbor, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.9100° N, 122.3583° W
Richmond Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.5450° N, 70.2383° W
Richmond Plantation, East Branch, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.0767° N, 79.8550° W
Richmond, Californiaharmonics.world37.9167° N, 122.3500° W
Richmond, Chevron Oil Pier, Californiaharmonics.world37.9283° N, 122.4000° W
Richmond, Chevron Oil Pier, California (2)offsets.xml37.9283° N, 122.4000° W
Richmond, Kennebec River, Maineoffsets.xml44.0833° N, 69.8000° W
Ridgefield Park, Hackensack River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.8500° N, 74.0300° W
Rigby Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world74.5500° N, 90.0167° W
Riggins Ditch, 0.5 n.mi. above entrance, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2000° N, 74.9700° W
Riggins Ditch, Heislerville, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2183° N, 74.9800° W
Rigolet, Labradorharmonics.world54.1833° N, 58.4333° W
Rigolet, Labrador (2)offsets.xml54.1833° N, 58.4167° W
Rijeka, Croatiaharmonics.world45.3333° N, 14.4167° E
Rikitea, Gambier Islandsharmonics.world23.1167° S, 134.9667° W
Riley Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.3833° N, 126.2167° W
Riley Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.3833° N, 126.2167° W
Rimouski, Québecharmonics.world48.4333° N, 68.5500° W
Rincon Island, Californiaharmonics.world34.3483° N, 119.4433° W
Rincon Island, California (2)offsets.xml34.3500° N, 119.4500° W
Rincon Point midbay, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.7833° N, 122.3500° W
Rio Ceara (bar), Braziloffsets.xml3.6833° S, 38.6167° W
Rio Cunani entrance, Braziloffsets.xml2.8333° N, 50.8833° W
Rio de Janeiro, Brazilharmonics.world22.9000° S, 43.2000° W
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2)harmonics.world22.8833° S, 43.1667° W
Rio Dulce entrance, Guatamalaoffsets.xml15.8333° N, 88.8167° W
Rio Grande, Brazilharmonics.world32.1333° S, 52.1000° W
Rio Negro, Argentinaharmonics.world41.0333° S, 62.7667° W
Rio São Francisco (bar), Braziloffsets.xml10.5166° S, 36.4000° W
Rio Vista, Sacramento River, Californiaharmonics.world38.1450° N, 121.6917° W
Rio Vista, Sacramento River, California (2)offsets.xml38.1450° N, 121.6916° W
Riohacha, Colombiaoffsets.xml11.5500° N, 72.9167° W
River Bend Marina, Great Egg Harbor River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3683° N, 74.7167° W
River Tees, Englandharmonics.world54.6333° N, 1.1667° W
River Tyne Entrance, Englandharmonics.world55.0167° N, 1.4000° W
River Tyne Entrance, England (2)harmonics.world55.0167° N, 1.4000° W
Riverdale, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9033° N, 73.9167° W
Riverport, La Have River, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.2833° N, 64.3333° W
Riverside, Marylandoffsets.xml38.3833° N, 77.1500° W
Riverview, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7167° N, 77.0333° W
Riviera Beach, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0967° N, 74.0867° W
Rivière Au Tonnerre, Québecharmonics.world50.2833° N, 64.7833° W
Rivière-Au-Renard, Québecharmonics.world49.0000° N, 64.3833° W
Rivière-Du-Loup, Québecharmonics.world47.8500° N, 69.5667° W
Roane Point, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4467° N, 76.7083° W
Roanoke Sound Channel, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.7983° N, 75.5833° W
Roaring Point, Nanticoke River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2617° N, 75.9200° W
Robbinston, Maineoffsets.xml45.0833° N, 67.1000° W
Robe (offshore), Australiaharmonics.world37.2000° S, 139.5167° E
Roberts Creek, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.4167° N, 123.6333° W
Roberts Creek, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.4167° N, 123.6333° W
Roberts Landing, 1.3 miles west of, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.6750° N, 122.1650° W
Robichaud Spit, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.1167° N, 65.2500° W
Robinhood, Sasanoa River, Maineharmonics.world43.8533° N, 69.7333° W
Robinhood, Sasanoa River, Maine (2)offsets.xml43.8533° N, 69.7333° W
Rocas, Atol das, Braziloffsets.xml3.8500° S, 33.8167° W
Roche Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world68.4167° N, 82.6167° W
Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.6167° N, 123.1500° W
Rock Harbor, Key Largo, Floridaoffsets.xml25.0817° N, 80.4450° W
Rock Harbor, Key Largo, Florida (2)offsets.xml25.0817° N, 80.4467° W
Rock Islands, Floridaoffsets.xml29.9667° N, 83.8333° W
Rock Point, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2667° N, 76.8333° W
Rockdedundy River (Daymark #185), Georgiaoffsets.xml31.3733° N, 81.3350° W
Rockland Key, Rockland Channel Bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml24.5917° N, 81.6700° W
Rockland, Penobscot River, Maineharmonics.world44.1050° N, 69.1017° W
Rockland, Penobscot River, Maine (2)offsets.xml44.1050° N, 69.1017° W
Rockport, Aransas Bay, Texasharmonics.world28.0217° N, 97.0467° W
Rockport, Aransas Bay, Texas (2)harmonics.world28.0217° N, 97.0467° W
Rockport, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.6583° N, 70.6150° W
Rockville, Bohicket Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5983° N, 80.1950° W
Rocky Hill, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.6500° N, 72.6333° W
Rocky Point, Back River, Marylandharmonics.world39.2500° N, 76.4000° W
Rocky Point, Back River, Maryland (2)offsets.xml39.2500° N, 76.4000° W
Rocky Point, Eld Inlet, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.0817° N, 123.0050° W
Rodanthe, Pamlico Sound, North Carolinaoffsets.xml35.5950° N, 75.4717° W
Roe Island S, Suisun Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0667° N, 122.0333° W
Roggan-River, Québecharmonics.world54.3833° N, 79.0500° W
Romerly Marsh Creek, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.9333° N, 81.0000° W
Roompot binnen, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.6333° N, 3.7000° E
Roompot buiten, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.6167° N, 3.6667° E
Roosevelt Inlet, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml38.8167° N, 75.2000° W
Roosevelt Island, north end, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7667° N, 73.9333° W
Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Ricooffsets.xml18.2333° N, 65.6167° W
Roque Island Harbor, Englishman Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.5667° N, 67.5167° W
Rosales, Argentinaharmonics.world38.9167° S, 62.0667° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Rosario Strait, Washington Currentharmonics.world48.4583° N, 122.7800° W
Rosario, East Sound, Orcas Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.6500° N, 122.7000° W
Roscoff, Franceharmonics.world48.7167° N, 3.9667° W
Roscoff, France (2)harmonics.world48.7167° N, 3.9667° W
Rose Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.1500° N, 131.0833° W
Rose Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.1500° N, 131.0833° W
Rose Haven, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7250° N, 76.5417° W
Rose River, Australiaharmonics.world14.2833° S, 135.7167° E
Roseau, Dominicaoffsets.xml15.3000° N, 61.4000° W
Roses Bluff, Bells River, St. Marys River, Floridaharmonics.world30.7033° N, 81.5767° W
Roses Bluff, Bells River, St. Marys River, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.7033° N, 81.5767° W
Ross Island, Antarcticaharmonics.world77.8667° S, 166.8000° E
Ross Island, Antarctica (2)harmonics.world77.8667° S, 166.8000° E
Rosslyn Bay, Australiaharmonics.world23.1667° S, 150.7833° E
Rossville, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.5567° N, 74.2233° W
Rosyth, Scotlandharmonics.world56.0167° N, 3.4500° W
Rota, Spainharmonics.world36.6167° N, 6.3500° W
Rothesay, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.4000° N, 66.0000° W
Rotterdam, Netherlandsharmonics.world51.9167° N, 4.5000° E
Rottnest Island, Australiaharmonics.world32.0000° S, 115.5500° E
Round Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.5500° S, 142.2000° E
Round Key, Floridaoffsets.xml25.8333° N, 81.5333° W
Round Point, Trinity Bay, Texasoffsets.xml29.7383° N, 94.7067° W
Route 35 bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.1050° N, 74.0550° W
Royal Bay (Moltke Harbor), South Georgiaoffsets.xml54.5166° S, 36.0167° W
Rørvik, Norwayharmonics.world64.8667° N, 11.2500° E
RR. Bridge, Hall Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5217° N, 80.8383° W
Rt. 170 bridge, New River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.2367° N, 81.0117° W
Rubesibetu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.2000° N, 143.3330° E
Rumoi, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.9500° N, 141.6330° E
Runaway Bay, Australiaharmonics.world27.9167° S, 153.4000° E
Russell Island, Australiaharmonics.world17.2333° S, 146.1000° E
Rye Beach, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9617° N, 73.6717° W
Ryotu, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world38.0833° N, 138.4330° E
S.C.L. RR. bridge, Savannah River, Georgiaoffsets.xml32.2317° N, 81.1450° W
Saanichton Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.6000° N, 123.3833° W
Saanichton Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.6000° N, 123.3833° W
Saavedra Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.6167° N, 126.6167° W
Saavedra Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.6167° N, 126.6167° W
Sabine Bank Lighthouse, Texasoffsets.xml29.4667° N, 93.7167° W
Sabine Pass (jetty), Texasoffsets.xml29.6500° N, 93.8283° W
Sabine Pass, North, Texasharmonics.world29.7300° N, 93.8700° W
Sabine Pass, Texasharmonics.world29.7067° N, 93.8533° W
Sabine Pass, Texas (2)offsets.xml29.7050° N, 93.8533° W
Sable Bank, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.0833° N, 59.9500° W
Sable Island Drill Site, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.0333° N, 59.6000° W
Sable Island, north side, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml43.9500° N, 60.1000° W
Sable Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.9667° N, 59.8000° W
Sable Island, south side, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml43.9333° N, 59.9000° W
Sachem Head, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2450° N, 72.7083° W
Sachs Harbour, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world71.9667° N, 125.2500° W
Sacramento #4, Sacramento River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.5800° N, 121.5066° W
Saddlebunch Keys, Channel No. 3, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6233° N, 81.6033° W
Saddlebunch Keys, Channel No. 4, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6150° N, 81.6167° W
Saddlebunch Keys, Channel No. 5, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6117° N, 81.6233° W
Saddlebunch Keys, Similar Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6000° N, 81.6217° W
Safety Harbor, Old Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.9883° N, 82.6850° W
Sag Harbor, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0033° N, 72.2967° W
Saga (Tusima), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.4500° N, 129.3830° E
Saganoseki, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.2500° N, 131.8830° E
Sagar Island, Indiaharmonics.world21.6500° N, 88.0500° E
Sagara, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.6833° N, 138.2330° E
Sagi, Simane, Japanharmonics.world35.4500° N, 132.6830° E
Sagua de Tanamo, Bahía de, Cubaoffsets.xml20.7167° N, 75.3167° W
Saibai Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world9.3833° S, 142.6167° E
Saigo, Simane, Japanharmonics.world36.2000° N, 133.3330° E
Saiki-Nagasima, Oita, Japanharmonics.world32.9667° N, 131.9170° E
Saint George's Harbour, Grenadaharmonics.world12.0500° N, 61.7500° W
Saint Helier, Jersey, Channel Islandsharmonics.world49.1667° N, 2.1000° W
Saint Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands (2)harmonics.world49.1667° N, 2.1000° W
Saint John's Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5500° N, 52.7000° W
Saint John, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.2667° N, 66.0667° W
Saint John, New Brunswick (2)harmonics.world45.2667° N, 66.0667° W
Saint Pierre et Miquelonharmonics.world46.8167° N, 56.1833° W
Saint Servan, Franceharmonics.world48.6333° N, 2.0333° W
Saint Thomas, Saint Thomasharmonics.world18.3333° N, 64.9333° W
Saint-Godefroi, Québecharmonics.world48.0333° N, 65.1000° W
Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Franceharmonics.world43.3833° N, 1.6667° W
Saint-Louis, Senegalharmonics.world16.0000° N, 16.5167° W
Saint-Malo, Franceharmonics.world48.6333° N, 2.0333° W
Saint-Malo, France (2)harmonics.world48.6333° N, 2.0333° W
Saint-Nazaire, Franceharmonics.world47.2667° N, 2.2000° W
Saint-Nicolas, Québecharmonics.world46.7167° N, 71.3833° W
Saipan Harbor, Saipan Islandoffsets.xml15.1600° N, 145.7000° E
Saito Saki, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.6500° N, 130.3670° E
Saizyo, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.9333° N, 133.1670° E
Sakai (Osaka Wan), Osaka, Japanharmonics.world34.5833° N, 135.4670° E
Sakai (Tottori), Tottori, Japanharmonics.world35.5500° N, 133.2500° E
Sakaide, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.3167° N, 133.8500° E
Sakata, Yamagata, Japanharmonics.world38.9167° N, 139.8330° E
Sakate (Syodo Sima), Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.4500° N, 134.3170° E
Sakate (Syodo Sima), Kagawa, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.4500° N, 134.3167° E
Sakito, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0167° N, 129.5670° E
Sakitu Wan, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.3167° N, 130.0170° E
Sakonnet, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.4650° N, 71.1933° W
Saku Sima, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.7333° N, 137.0500° E
Salem Canal entrance, Delaware River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6833° N, 75.5100° W
Salem, Massachusettsharmonics.world42.5183° N, 70.8867° W
Salem, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml42.5183° N, 70.8867° W
Salem, Salem River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5767° N, 75.4767° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexicoharmonics.world16.1600° N, 95.2033° W
Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico (2)harmonics.world16.1667° N, 95.2000° W
Salinópolis, Brazilharmonics.world0.6167° S, 47.3500° W
Salinópolis, Braziloffsets.xml0.6500° S, 47.3833° W
Salisbury, Maryland (2 miles below) Currentharmonics.world38.3400° N, 75.6383° W
Salisbury, Wicomico River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandharmonics.world38.3650° N, 75.6067° W
Salisbury, Wicomico River, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.3650° N, 75.6067° W
Salmon Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world55.2667° N, 129.8500° W
Salmon Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world55.2667° N, 129.8500° W
Salmon Falls River entrance, Piscataqua River, New Hampshireoffsets.xml43.1833° N, 70.8333° W
Salmon River Bridge, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.7667° N, 63.0500° W
Salsbury Cove, Maineoffsets.xml44.4333° N, 68.2833° W
Salt Point, California Currentoffsets.xml38.5667° N, 123.3500° W
Saltery Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.7833° N, 124.1833° W
Saltery Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.7833° N, 124.1833° W
Salvador, Brazilharmonics.world12.9500° S, 38.5167° W
Salvador, Braziloffsets.xml12.9666° S, 38.5167° W
Samarai Island, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world10.6167° S, 150.6667° E
Samarai Island, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world10.6167° S, 150.6667° E
Sambro Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4833° N, 63.6000° W
Samch'onp'o, South Koreaharmonics.world34.9333° N, 128.0667° E
Samoa, Humboldt Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml40.8167° N, 124.1800° W
Sams Point, Lucy Point Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4833° N, 80.6000° W
Samuel Island (North Shore), British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8167° N, 123.2000° W
Samuel Island (North Shore), British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8167° N, 123.2000° W
Samuel Island (South Shore), British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8000° N, 123.2000° W
Samuel Island (South Shore), British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8000° N, 123.2000° W
Samugawa, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.5833° N, 140.1170° E
San Blas, Argentinaharmonics.world40.5500° S, 62.2333° W
San Carlos, Baja California Sur, Mexicoharmonics.world24.7833° N, 112.1167° W
San Carlos, Baja California Sur, Mexico (2)harmonics.world24.7900° N, 112.1200° W
San Carlos, Baja California Sur, Mexico (3)harmonics.world24.7900° N, 112.1200° W
San Carlos, Equatorial Guineaharmonics.world3.5167° N, 8.5500° E
San Clemente, Californiaoffsets.xml33.4167° N, 117.6166° W
San Clemente, Punta Norte del Cabo San Antonio, Argentinaharmonics.world36.3000° S, 56.7833° W
San Cristóbal, Galapagos Islandsharmonics.world0.9000° S, 89.6167° W
San Diego Bay Entrance, California Currentharmonics.world32.6817° N, 117.1733° W
San Diego, Californiaharmonics.world32.7133° N, 117.1733° W
San Diego, California (2)harmonics.world32.7170° N, 117.1670° W
San Diego, Quarantine Station, Californiaoffsets.xml32.7033° N, 117.2350° W
San Felipe, Baja California Norte, Mexicoharmonics.world31.0333° N, 114.7667° W
San Fernando, Argentinaharmonics.world34.4333° S, 58.5333° W
San Fernando, Philippinesharmonics.world16.6167° N, 120.3000° E
San Francisco Bar, Californiaoffsets.xml37.7667° N, 122.6333° W
San Francisco Bay Entrance (Golden Gate), California Currentharmonics.world37.8167° N, 122.4833° W
San Francisco, Californiaharmonics.world37.8067° N, 122.4650° W
San Francisco, California (2) (expired 1998-12-31)harmonics.world37.8067° N, 122.4650° W
San Francisco, Pier 22 1/2, Californiaharmonics.world37.7900° N, 122.3867° W
San Francisco, Pier 22 1/2, California (2)offsets.xml37.7833° N, 122.3833° W
San Juan Channel (South Entrance), Washington Currentharmonics.world48.4667° N, 122.9500° W
San Juan del Norte (Greytown), Nicaraguaoffsets.xml10.9167° N, 83.7000° W
San Juan, Argentinaharmonics.world54.7500° S, 63.8833° W
San Juan, Puerto Ricoharmonics.world18.4617° N, 66.1167° W
San Juan, Puerto Rico (2) (expired 1998-12-31)harmonics.world18.4617° N, 66.1167° W
San Juan, Puerto Rico (3)harmonics.world18.4617° N, 66.1150° W
San Leandro Channel, San Leandro Bay, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.7483° N, 122.2350° W
San Leandro Marina, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.6950° N, 122.1916° W
San Luis Pass, Texasharmonics.world29.0950° N, 95.1133° W
San Luis Pass, Texas (2)offsets.xml29.0833° N, 95.1167° W
San Marino Island, Floridaoffsets.xml25.7933° N, 80.1633° W
San Mateo Bridge (east end), San Francisco Bay, Californiaharmonics.world37.6000° N, 122.1833° W
San Mateo Bridge (east end), San Francisco Bay, California (2)offsets.xml37.6083° N, 122.1816° W
San Mateo Bridge (West), Californiaharmonics.world37.5800° N, 122.2533° W
San Mateo Bridge (West), California (2)harmonics.world37.5833° N, 122.2500° W
San Mateo Bridge (West), California (3)offsets.xml37.5800° N, 122.2533° W
San Mateo Bridge, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentharmonics.world37.5867° N, 122.2533° W
San Mateo Bridge, South San Francisco Bay, California Current (2)offsets.xml37.5833° N, 122.2500° W
San Nicolas Island, Californiaoffsets.xml33.2667° N, 119.4966° W
San Román, Argentinaharmonics.world42.2500° S, 64.2333° W
San Salvador (Watling Island), Bahamasharmonics.world24.0500° N, 74.5500° W
San Salvador (Watling Island), Bahamas (2)offsets.xml24.0500° N, 74.5500° W
San Simeon, Californiaoffsets.xml35.6417° N, 121.1883° W
Sanagi, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.3333° N, 133.6330° E
Sanchez, Dominican Republicoffsets.xml19.2167° N, 69.6000° W
Sand Head, Ontarioharmonics.world51.4167° N, 80.3500° W
Sand Head, Ontario (2)harmonics.world51.4167° N, 80.3500° W
Sand Heads, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1000° N, 123.3000° W
Sand Heads, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.1000° N, 123.3000° W
Sand Island, Midway Islandsharmonics.world28.2117° N, 177.3600° W
Sand Key Lighthouse, Sand Key Channel, Floridaharmonics.world24.4533° N, 81.8767° W
Sand Key Lighthouse, Sand Key Channel, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.4533° N, 81.8767° W
Sand Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.5167° N, 61.2667° W
Sand Point, Popof Island, Alaskaharmonics.world55.3367° N, 160.5017° W
Sand Shoal Inlet (Coast Guard Station), Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3017° N, 75.7783° W
Sandakan, Malaysiaharmonics.world5.8333° N, 118.1167° E
Sandblasters, Pennys Creek, Stono River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7700° N, 80.0633° W
Sandfly Passage, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world9.0000° S, 160.1167° E
Sandgerði, Icelandharmonics.world64.0230° N, 22.4290° W
Sandheads (Station Harry), British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1333° N, 123.2833° W
Sandpiper Island, Nunavutharmonics.world63.4333° N, 90.0667° W
Sands Key, northwest point, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.5067° N, 80.1883° W
Sandwich Bay (East Arm), Labradorharmonics.world53.5667° N, 57.1667° W
Sandy Beach Centre, Québecharmonics.world48.8194° N, 64.4289° W
Sandy Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.5000° N, 66.1000° W
Sandy Hook, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.4667° N, 74.0017° W
Sandy Hook, New Jersey (2) (expired 1994-12-31)harmonics.world40.4683° N, 74.0117° W
Sandy Point, Lummi Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.7900° N, 122.7083° W
Sandy Point, Marylandoffsets.xml39.0167° N, 76.3833° W
Sandy Point, North Caicos Islandharmonics.world21.9333° N, 72.0500° W
Sandy Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7000° N, 65.3333° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Sandy Point, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.6667° N, 68.8000° W
Sandy Point, Whidbey Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0350° N, 122.3767° W
Sanmura Wan, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world27.8667° N, 128.9670° E
Sansum Narrows, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world48.7833° N, 123.5500° W
Santa Ana River entrance (inside), Californiaoffsets.xml33.6300° N, 117.9583° W
Santa Barbara de Samana, Dominican Republicoffsets.xml19.2000° N, 69.3333° W
Santa Barbara Island, Californiaoffsets.xml33.4817° N, 119.0200° W
Santa Barbara, Californiaharmonics.world34.4083° N, 119.6850° W
Santa Barbara, California (2)offsets.xml34.4083° N, 119.6850° W
Santa Cruz Cabrália, Braziloffsets.xml16.2833° S, 39.0333° W
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islandsharmonics.world28.4833° N, 16.2333° W
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands (2)harmonics.world28.4833° N, 16.2333° W
Santa Cruz, Californiaharmonics.world36.9667° N, 122.0167° W
Santa Cruz, Flores, Azoresharmonics.world39.4500° N, 31.1333° W
Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml36.9583° N, 122.0166° W
Santa Cruz, Philippinesharmonics.world15.7667° N, 119.9000° E
Santa Elena, Puerto, Argentinaharmonics.world44.5167° S, 65.3667° W
Santa Isabel, Equatorial Guineaharmonics.world3.7667° N, 8.7833° E
Santa Marta, Colombiaoffsets.xml11.3000° N, 74.2000° W
Santa Monica, Californiaharmonics.world34.0083° N, 118.5000° W
Santa Monica, Municipal Pier, Californiaharmonics.world34.0067° N, 118.4983° W
Santa Monica, Municipal Pier, California (2)offsets.xml34.0000° N, 118.5000° W
Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexicoharmonics.world27.3167° N, 112.2500° W
Santana, Brazilharmonics.world0.0500° S, 51.1667° W
Santana, Recifes de, Braziloffsets.xml2.2667° S, 43.6000° W
Santander, Spainharmonics.world43.4667° N, 3.7833° W
Santo Antonio, Principeharmonics.world1.6333° N, 7.4167° E
Santo Antonio, Zaireharmonics.world6.1167° S, 12.3667° E
Santo Domingo (Ciudad Trujillo), Dominican Republicharmonics.world18.4667° N, 69.8833° W
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republicoffsets.xml18.4500° N, 69.8833° W
Santos, Brazilharmonics.world23.9500° S, 46.3167° W
Santos, Brazil (2)harmonics.world23.9500° S, 46.3000° W
São Francisco do Sul, Brazilharmonics.world26.2333° S, 48.6333° W
São João da Barra, Braziloffsets.xml21.6333° S, 41.0500° W
São Luís, Brazilharmonics.world2.5167° S, 44.2833° W
São Luís, Braziloffsets.xml2.5333° S, 44.3000° W
São Sebastião, Brazilharmonics.world23.8000° S, 45.3833° W
São Sebastião, Braziloffsets.xml23.8166° S, 45.4000° W
Sarahama, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.8333° N, 125.2170° E
Sarasota, Sarasota Bay, Floridaharmonics.world27.3317° N, 82.5450° W
Sarasota, Sarasota Bay, Florida (2)offsets.xml27.3317° N, 82.5450° W
Sarina Inlet, Australiaharmonics.world21.4000° S, 149.3333° E
Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.1500° N, 129.7330° E
Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.1667° N, 129.7000° E
Sasuna, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.6333° N, 129.4000° E
Satomura (Naka-No-Sima), Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world29.8333° N, 129.8500° E
Sattahip, Thailandharmonics.world12.6500° N, 100.8833° E
Sauðárkrókur, Icelandharmonics.world65.4540° N, 19.3880° W
Saugatuck River entrance, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.1000° N, 73.3667° W
Sault-Au-Cochon, Québecharmonics.world47.2000° N, 70.6333° W
Saunders Wharf, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.0900° N, 77.0333° W
Sausalito, Californiaharmonics.world37.8500° N, 122.4833° W
Sausalito, California (2)offsets.xml37.8467° N, 122.4766° W
Sausalito, Corps of Engineers Dock, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.8650° N, 122.4933° W
Savage Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.3333° N, 56.7000° W
Savage Harbour, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4333° N, 62.8500° W
Savage I., Savage Creek, Bull Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1850° N, 80.8600° W
Savannah (Bull Street), Georgiaharmonics.world32.0817° N, 81.0917° W
Savannah River Entrance, Georgiaharmonics.world32.0333° N, 80.9017° W
Savannah River Entrance, Georgia (2) (expired 1989-12-31)harmonics.world32.0333° N, 80.9017° W
Savannah River Entrance, Georgia Currentharmonics.world32.0367° N, 80.8583° W
Savannah River Entrance, Georgia Current (2) (expired 1999-12-31)harmonics.world32.0367° N, 80.8583° W
Savannah Sheraton Resort Hotel, Wilmington River, Georgiaoffsets.xml32.0000° N, 81.0000° W
Savannah, Georgia (expired 1988-12-31)harmonics.world32.0800° N, 81.0817° W
Sawpit Creek entrance, bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5133° N, 81.4567° W
Sawpit Creek, 1 mi. above entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5033° N, 81.4717° W
Sawyer Key, inside, Cudjoe Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7583° N, 81.5617° W
Sawyer Key, outside, Cudjoe Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7583° N, 81.5617° W
Saybrook Jetty, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2633° N, 72.3433° W
Sayreville, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4783° N, 74.3567° W
Sayville (Brown Creek), Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7317° N, 73.0733° W
Scarborough, Tobagooffsets.xml11.1833° N, 60.7333° W
Scawfell Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.8667° S, 149.6167° E
Scheveningen, Netherlandsharmonics.new52.1000° N, 4.2500° E
Schooner Harbour, Baffin Island, Nunavutharmonics.world64.4167° N, 78.0000° W
Schooner Harbour, Baffin Island, Nunavut (2)offsets.xml64.4000° N, 77.8667° W
Schottegat, Curaçaooffsets.xml12.1167° N, 68.9333° W
Scituate, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.1983° N, 70.7250° W
Scotia Bay, Laurie Island, South Orkneysharmonics.world60.7333° S, 44.6500° W
Scotia Bay, Laurie Island, South Orkneysoffsets.xml60.7333° S, 44.6500° W
Scotland, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.1850° N, 76.7833° W
Scots Bay, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3167° N, 64.4333° W
Scott Reef, Australiaharmonics.world14.0500° S, 121.8000° E
Scrabster, Scotlandharmonics.world58.6167° N, 3.5500° W
Sea Bright, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.3650° N, 73.9750° W
Sea Girt, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.1333° N, 74.0333° W
Sea Grape Point, Elliott Key, Floridaoffsets.xml25.4767° N, 80.1800° W
Seabeck, Seabeck Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.6417° N, 122.8283° W
Seabreeze Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.9833° N, 130.1833° W
Seabreeze Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.9833° N, 130.1833° W
Seabrook, Ashepoo River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5233° N, 80.4067° W
Seacamp Dock, Cumberland Island, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.7633° N, 81.4717° W
Seal Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world69.5167° N, 98.5167° W
Seal Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.3333° N, 130.2833° W
Seal Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.3333° N, 130.2833° W
Seal Cove, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.6500° N, 66.8500° W
Seal Cove, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.6167° N, 66.8500° W
Seal Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.9333° N, 56.3667° W
Seal Cove, Newfoundland (2)harmonics.world49.7333° N, 54.2833° W
Seal Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.4833° N, 66.0000° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Seaplane Harbor, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.6367° N, 122.3833° W
Seapoint, Cutts Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.0850° N, 70.6617° W
Seaside Heights, ocean, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9433° N, 74.0350° W
Seaside Park, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9217° N, 74.0833° W
Seaside, 12th Avenue bridge, Necanicum River, Oregonoffsets.xml46.0000° N, 123.9216° W
Seattle, Washingtonharmonics.world47.6050° N, 122.3383° W
Seattle, Washington (2)harmonics.world47.6000° N, 122.0333° W
Seavey Island, disputed waters, New Englandharmonics.world43.0833° N, 70.7317° W
Sebastian Inlet bridge, Indian River, Floridaharmonics.world27.8600° N, 80.4483° W
Sebastian Inlet bridge, Indian River, Florida (2)offsets.xml27.8600° N, 80.4483° W
Sebastian, Indian River, Floridaharmonics.world27.8117° N, 80.4650° W
Sebastian, Indian River, Florida (2)offsets.xml27.8117° N, 80.4650° W
Secaucus, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.7983° N, 74.0700° W
Sechelt Rapids, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world49.7383° N, 123.8983° W
Second Narrows, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world49.3000° N, 123.0167° W
Second Valley, Australiaharmonics.world35.5000° S, 138.2167° E
Section Cove, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.4333° N, 131.3833° W
Section Cove, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.4333° N, 131.3833° W
Sedgwick Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.6333° N, 131.5667° W
Sedgwick Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.6333° N, 131.5667° W
Sedgwick, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.3000° N, 68.6333° W
Seeadler Harbour, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world2.0167° S, 147.2667° E
Seitetu-Tobata-Hakuti, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 130.8500° E
Sekinehama, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.3667° N, 141.2330° E
Sekiu, Washingtonharmonics.world48.2667° N, 124.3000° W
Sekiu, Washington (2)offsets.xml48.2633° N, 124.2966° W
Selby, Carquinez Strait, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0583° N, 122.2433° W
Seldovia, Alaskaharmonics.world59.4400° N, 151.7200° W
Sembawang, Singaporeharmonics.world1.4667° N, 103.8167° E
Seminole Shores, Floridaharmonics.world27.1833° N, 80.1583° W
Seminole Shores, Florida (2)offsets.xml27.1833° N, 80.1583° W
Sendai (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.8500° N, 130.2170° E
Sepik River, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world3.8500° S, 144.5667° E
Sept-Îles, Québecharmonics.world50.1833° N, 66.3667° W
Sept-Îles, Québec (2)harmonics.world50.2167° N, 66.4000° W
Sept-Îles, Québec (2)offsets.xml50.2167° N, 66.4000° W
Sequim Bay Entrance, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0833° N, 123.0500° W
Sergius Narrows, Peril Strait, Alaska Currentharmonics.world57.4067° N, 135.6267° W
Serrurier Island, Australiaharmonics.world21.6000° S, 114.6833° E
Sesimbra, Portugalharmonics.world38.4333° N, 9.1167° W
Setana, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.4667° N, 139.8500° E
Setauket Harbor, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9500° N, 73.1000° W
Setoda, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 133.0830° E
Settlement Point, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamasharmonics.world26.7100° N, 78.9967° W
Settlers Point, Columbia River, Oregonoffsets.xml46.1750° N, 123.6783° W
Seven Island, Newmans Thorofare, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5167° N, 74.3367° W
Sevenfoot Knoll Light, Marylandoffsets.xml39.1500° N, 76.4167° W
Severn Harbour Area, Nunavutharmonics.world63.6000° N, 91.0167° W
Sevigny Point, Nunavutharmonics.world69.7833° N, 82.1167° W
Sevilla, Spainharmonics.world37.3833° N, 6.0000° W
Sewall Point, Floridaoffsets.xml27.1750° N, 80.1883° W
Seward, Resurrection Bay, Alaskaharmonics.world60.1200° N, 149.4267° W
Seward, Resurrection Bay, Alaska (2)harmonics.world60.1000° N, 149.4500° W
Seyðisfjörður, Icelandharmonics.world65.1600° N, 13.5900° W
Seymour Narrows, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.1333° N, 125.3500° W
Seymour Narrows, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.1333° N, 125.3500° W
Seymour Narrows, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world50.1333° N, 125.3500° W
Sfax, Tunisiaharmonics.world34.7333° N, 10.7667° E
Shaat al Arab, Iraqharmonics.world29.8333° N, 48.7167° E
Shadwan, Egyptharmonics.world27.4500° N, 34.0333° E
Shady Side, West River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.8500° N, 76.5167° W
Shale Island, Australiaharmonics.world16.3833° S, 124.3333° E
Shallotte Inlet (Bowen Point), North Carolinaoffsets.xml33.9150° N, 78.3733° W
Shanghai, Chinaharmonics.world31.4000° N, 121.5000° E
Shannon Point, 2 mile W of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5000° N, 122.7167° W
Sharjah (Ash Shariqah), U.A.E.harmonics.world25.3667° N, 55.3833° E
Shark Key, southeast end, Similar Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6033° N, 81.6450° W
Shark River entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3450° N, 81.1267° W
Shark River Hills, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.1917° N, 74.0383° W
Shark River Island, fixed RR. bridge, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.1867° N, 74.0267° W
Sharkfin Shoal Light, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2000° N, 75.9833° W
Sharp Island, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world9.2500° S, 152.5500° E
Sharps Island Light, Little Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.6333° N, 76.3833° W
Sharptown, Nanticoke River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.5450° N, 75.7233° W
Shaw Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.5000° S, 149.0667° E
Shaw Island, Ferry Terminal, Harney Channel, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.5850° N, 122.9283° W
Shediac Bay, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.2500° N, 64.5333° W
Shediac Bay, New Brunswick (2)harmonics.world46.2500° N, 64.5333° W
Sheep Island, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2833° N, 70.9167° W
Sheepscot (below rapids), Maineoffsets.xml44.0500° N, 69.6183° W
Sheepscot River (off Barter Island), Maine Currentharmonics.world43.9000° N, 69.6917° W
Sheerness, Englandharmonics.world51.4500° N, 0.7500° E
Sheerness, England (2)harmonics.world51.4500° N, 0.7500° E
Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9167° N, 62.5333° W
Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml44.9000° N, 62.5000° W
Shelburne, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7500° N, 65.3000° W
Shelburne, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.7500° N, 65.3000° W
Sheldon, Huspa Creek, Whale Branch, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5833° N, 80.7833° W
Shell Beach, Lake Borgne, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.8683° N, 89.6733° W
Shell Island (north end), Crystal Bay, Floridaharmonics.world28.9233° N, 82.6917° W
Shell Island (north end), Crystal Bay, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.9233° N, 82.6917° W
Shell Island, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.4733° N, 91.3050° W
Shell Key Channel, Florida Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9133° N, 80.6600° W
Shell Key, northwest side, Lignumvitae Basin, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9233° N, 80.6717° W
Shell Point, Floridaharmonics.world30.0600° N, 84.2900° W
Shell Point, Florida (2) (expired 1989-08-09)harmonics.world30.0600° N, 84.2900° W
Shell Point, Florida (3)offsets.xml30.0600° N, 84.2900° W
Shell Point, Harkers Island, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.6833° N, 76.5333° W
Shell Point, Peace River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9883° N, 81.9933° W
Shell Point, Tampa Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml27.7183° N, 82.4800° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Shelltown, Pocomoke River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml37.9833° N, 75.6333° W
Shelter Cove, Californiaoffsets.xml40.0250° N, 124.0583° W
Shelton, Housatonic River, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.3167° N, 73.0833° W
Shelton, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2150° N, 123.0833° W
Shem Creek, Charleston Harbor, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7933° N, 79.8817° W
Sherbrooke, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.1333° N, 61.9833° W
Sherman Island (East), California Currentharmonics.world38.0587° N, 121.8000° W
Shields Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.3167° N, 132.4167° W
Shields Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.3167° N, 132.4167° W
Shingle Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.2500° N, 131.8167° W
Shingle Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.2500° N, 131.8167° W
Shingle Bay, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world68.9333° N, 137.2000° W
Shinminato, Japanharmonics.world34.1833° N, 132.2333° E
Shinnecock Canal, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9000° N, 72.5000° W
Shinnecock Canal, Railroad Bridge, New York Currentharmonics.world40.8867° N, 72.5017° W
Shinnecock Inlet (ocean), Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8383° N, 72.4750° W
Shiogama, Japanharmonics.world38.3167° N, 141.1167° E
Ship Cove, Bay d'Espoir, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml47.8667° N, 55.8333° W
Ship Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.6333° N, 55.6333° W
Ship Harbor, Fidalgo Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.5067° N, 122.6766° W
Ship Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.7833° N, 62.8167° W
Ship Island Pass, Mississippioffsets.xml30.2167° N, 88.9833° W
Ship Sands Island, Nunavutharmonics.world51.0333° N, 80.4333° W
Ship Shoal Inlet, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2167° N, 75.8000° W
Ship Shoal Light, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml28.9150° N, 91.0717° W
Shippegan Gully, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.7167° N, 64.6667° W
Shippegan, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.7500° N, 64.7000° W
Shipping Point, St. Clements Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2667° N, 76.7000° W
Shipyard Creek, 0.8 mile above entrance., Charleston Harbor, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8333° N, 79.9500° W
Shipyard Landing, Langford Creek, Marylandoffsets.xml39.1667° N, 76.1833° W
Shoal Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.4667° N, 125.3667° W
Shoal Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.4667° N, 125.3667° W
Shoal Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.0167° N, 57.0167° W
Shoal Tickle, Labradorharmonics.world55.7667° N, 60.3667° W
Shooting Thorofare, Little Egg Inlet, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5083° N, 74.3250° W
Shoppee Point, Englishman Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.6150° N, 67.4967° W
Shoreham, Englandharmonics.world50.8333° N, 0.2500° W
Shortland Island, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world10.5333° S, 151.0833° E
Shortt Island, Indiaharmonics.world20.7833° N, 87.0667° E
Shushartie Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.8500° N, 127.8500° W
Shushartie Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.8500° N, 127.8500° W
Shute Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world20.2833° S, 148.7833° E
Siasconset, Nantucket Island, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.2667° N, 69.9667° W
Sibaura, Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world35.6333° N, 139.7500° E
Sibaura, Tokyo, Japan (2)harmonics.world35.6333° N, 139.7500° E
Sibayama, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world35.6500° N, 134.6670° E
Sibetoro, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.5000° N, 148.6170° E
Sibusi, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.4667° N, 131.1170° E
Sidney Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5167° N, 125.5833° W
Sidney Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.5167° N, 125.5833° W
Sidney, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.6500° N, 123.4000° W
Sidney, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.6500° N, 123.4000° W
Sierra Point 1.3 mi ENE, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.6833° N, 122.3666° W
Sierra Point 4.4 mi E, South San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.6667° N, 122.2833° W
Siglufjörður, Icelandharmonics.world66.0900° N, 18.5400° W
Sigsbee Park, Garrison Bight Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.5850° N, 81.7750° W
Siizaki, Kyoto, Japanharmonics.world35.5500° N, 135.2000° E
Sikine Sima, Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world34.3167° N, 139.2170° E
Silva Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1500° N, 123.7000° W
Silva Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.1500° N, 123.7000° W
Silver Bay, Silver Bay Marina, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9967° N, 74.1483° W
Silver Eel Pond, Fishers Island, N.Y.offsets.xml41.2500° N, 72.0333° W
Sima Saki, Kyoto, Japanharmonics.world35.5333° N, 135.2000° E
Simabara, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7667° N, 130.3670° E
Simabara-Sinkoo, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.8167° N, 130.3670° E
Simayama, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3167° N, 129.3170° E
Simizu, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world35.0167° N, 138.5000° E
Simizu, Sizuoka, Japan (2)harmonics.world35.0167° N, 138.5000° E
Simoda, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.6667° N, 138.9500° E
Simonoseki Sanbasi, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 130.9330° E
Simotu, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world34.1167° N, 135.1330° E
Simotui, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.4333° N, 133.8000° E
Simpson Creek, A1A highway bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml30.4650° N, 81.4317° W
Sin-Mikuriya, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.3667° N, 129.6670° E
Sinclair Island Light, 0.6 mile SE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6000° N, 122.6500° W
Sinclair Island, 1 mile NE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6167° N, 122.6500° W
Sines, Portugalharmonics.world37.9500° N, 8.8667° W
Singapore (Horsburgh Lighthouse)harmonics.world1.3333° N, 104.4000° E
Singapore (Victoria Dock)harmonics.world1.2667° N, 103.8500° E
Singapore (Victoria Dock) (2)harmonics.world1.2667° N, 103.8500° E
Sinmozi, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.8667° N, 130.9830° E
Sinnickson Landing, Salem River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5700° N, 75.4983° W
Sino Sima, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.6833° N, 137.0000° E
Sinti (Tyosi), Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.7333° N, 140.8500° E
Sinzyuku Wan (Zusi), Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.2833° N, 139.5670° E
Siogama-Minatobasi, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.3167° N, 141.0330° E
Siogama-Sendai, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.2667° N, 141.0330° E
Siokubi Misaki, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.7167° N, 140.9670° E
Siomi Ura, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world49.5167° N, 154.7330° E
Sir Chas Hardy Island, Australiaharmonics.world11.9167° S, 143.4667° E
Sirahama (Iriomote), Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world24.3500° N, 123.7500° E
Sirahama (Izu), Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.7167° N, 138.9830° E
Sirahama (Tiba), Tiba, Japanharmonics.world34.9167° N, 139.9330° E
Siranuka, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.1333° N, 141.4000° E
Sirasima, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.0167° N, 130.7330° E
Siriya, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.4000° N, 141.4500° E
Siriyamisaki, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.4167° N, 141.4330° E
Sisters Creek, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world30.4167° N, 81.4533° W
Sisters Creek, St. Johns River, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.4167° N, 81.4533° W
Sita Ura, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.2333° N, 131.8830° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Sitirui, Simane, Japanharmonics.world35.5667° N, 133.2330° E
Sitka, Alaskaharmonics.world57.0517° N, 135.3417° W
Siziki Wan, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.2000° N, 129.3830° E
Sizugawa, Miyagi, Japanharmonics.world38.6667° N, 141.4500° E
Skagaströnd, Icelandharmonics.world65.4900° N, 20.2000° W
Skagit Bay, 1 mile N of Rocky Point, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5333° N, 122.5000° W
Skagit Bay, 1 mile S of Goat Island, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.3500° N, 122.5333° W
Skagit Bay, channel SW of Hope Island, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.4000° N, 122.5833° W
Skagway, Alaskaharmonics.world59.4500° N, 135.3250° W
Skerry Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0500° N, 124.2333° W
Skinner Cove, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.8000° N, 63.0500° W
Skinner's Pond, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.9500° N, 64.1167° W
Skipjack Island, 2 mile nne of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7500° N, 123.0500° W
Skull Creek, north entrance, Hilton Head Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.2667° N, 80.7367° W
Skull Creek, south entrance, Hilton Head Island, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.2233° N, 80.7717° W
Sloop Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9050° N, 74.1333° W
Sluice Creek, Route 47 bridge, Dennis Creek, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1617° N, 74.8317° W
Small Point Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml43.7333° N, 69.8500° W
Smith Cove entrance, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.4000° N, 72.1000° W
Smith Creek, Flagler Beach, Floridaoffsets.xml29.4783° N, 81.1367° W
Smith Island (Coast Guard Station), Virginiaoffsets.xml37.1233° N, 75.9117° W
Smith Island, 1.4 miles SSW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.3000° N, 122.8500° W
Smith Island, 2 miles east of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.3167° N, 122.8000° W
Smith Island, 3.7 miles ESE of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.3000° N, 122.7500° W
Smith Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.3167° N, 122.8333° W
Smith Point Light, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8833° N, 76.1833° W
Smith Slough, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5017° N, 122.2233° W
Smith's Dock, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5450° N, 79.0450° W
Smithers Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.7500° N, 129.0667° W
Smithers Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.7500° N, 129.0667° W
Smithfield, Pagan River, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.9833° N, 76.6300° W
Smokey, Labradorharmonics.world54.4667° N, 57.2500° W
Snake Bay, Australiaharmonics.world11.4000° S, 130.6833° E
Snake Creek, Hwy. 1 bridge, Windley Key, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9517° N, 80.5883° W
Snake Creek, USCG Station, Plantation Key, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9533° N, 80.5867° W
Snake Island, Stono River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6400° N, 80.0150° W
Snipe Keys, Middle Narrows, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6667° N, 81.6300° W
Snipe Keys, Snipe Point, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6917° N, 81.6733° W
Snipe Keys, southeast end, Inner Narrows, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6583° N, 81.6083° W
Snodgrass Slough, Sacramento River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.2767° N, 121.4950° W
Snow Point, 0.4 mi. North of, Cooper River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9483° N, 79.9317° W
Snowhill, city park, Pocomoke River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.1750° N, 75.4000° W
Socastee Bridge, ICWW, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.6867° N, 79.0050° W
Sogwip'o, Cheju Do, South Koreaharmonics.world33.2333° N, 126.5500° E
Soldier Key, Floridaoffsets.xml25.5900° N, 80.1617° W
Solide Passage, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.1833° N, 132.9833° W
Solomons Island, Patuxent River, Marylandharmonics.world38.3167° N, 76.4517° W
Solomons Island, Patuxent River, Maryland (2)harmonics.world38.3167° N, 76.4533° W
Solomons Island, Patuxent River, Maryland (3)offsets.xml38.3167° N, 76.4517° W
Solomons Lump Light, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.0500° N, 76.0167° W
Sombrero Key, Hawk Channel, Floridaharmonics.world24.6267° N, 81.1117° W
Sombrero Key, Hawk Channel, Florida (2)offsets.xml24.6267° N, 81.1117° W
Songkhla, Thailandharmonics.world7.2333° N, 100.6167° E
Sonok Do, South Koreaharmonics.world34.5000° N, 127.1500° E
Sonoma Creek, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1567° N, 122.4066° W
Sonora, St. Mary River, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.0500° N, 61.9167° W
Sonora, St. Mary River, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.0500° N, 61.9167° W
Sonoyama, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.6167° N, 130.7000° E
Sooke Basin, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.3833° N, 123.6833° W
Sooke Basin, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.3833° N, 123.6833° W
Sooke, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.3667° N, 123.7333° W
Sooke, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.3667° N, 123.7333° W
Sooma, Fukusima, Japanharmonics.world37.8333° N, 140.9670° E
Sop's Island, White Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.8333° N, 56.7667° W
Sop's Island, White Bay, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml49.8333° N, 56.7667° W
Sora, Ishikawa, Japanharmonics.world37.1833° N, 137.0170° E
Sorel, Québecharmonics.world46.0500° N, 73.1167° W
Soroken, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world5.5667° S, 154.7167° E
Sorry Harbor, Resolution Island, Nunavutoffsets.xml61.6167° N, 64.7333° W
Souris Head, Prince Edward Islandoffsets.xml46.3333° N, 62.2833° W
Souris, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.3500° N, 62.2500° W
South Amboy, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.4917° N, 74.2817° W
South Ashley Bridge, Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7833° N, 79.9567° W
South Bay Wreck, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5517° N, 122.1616° W
South Beach, Yaquina Bay, Oregonharmonics.world44.6250° N, 124.0433° W
South Beach, Yaquina Bay, Oregon (2)offsets.xml44.6250° N, 124.0433° W
South Bend, Washingtonharmonics.world46.6633° N, 123.7983° W
South Bend, Washington (2)offsets.xml46.6633° N, 123.7983° W
South Channel, San Francisco Bay Approach, California Currentoffsets.xml37.7500° N, 122.5333° W
South Dartmouth, Apponagansett Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5867° N, 70.9450° W
South Delray Beach, ICWW, Floridaoffsets.xml26.4467° N, 80.0650° W
South Dewees Island, Dewees Inlet, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.8333° N, 79.7267° W
South Fork, St. Lucie River, Floridaoffsets.xml27.1650° N, 80.2550° W
South Freeport, Maineoffsets.xml43.8167° N, 70.1000° W
South Harpswell, Potts Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml43.7383° N, 70.0233° W
South Island Ferry, Intracoastal Waterway, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.2517° N, 79.2683° W
South Island Plantation (C.G. Station), South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.2350° N, 79.2033° W
South Jamesport, Gt. Peconic Bay, New Yorkharmonics.world40.9350° N, 72.5767° W
South Jamesport, Gt. Peconic Bay, New York (2)offsets.xml40.9350° N, 72.5767° W
South Lubec, Maineharmonics.world44.8210° N, 66.9920° W
South Negril Point, Jamaicaoffsets.xml18.3000° N, 78.4000° W
South Newport Cut, N. Newport River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.6667° N, 81.2667° W
South Newport River (Daymark #135), Georgiaoffsets.xml31.5750° N, 81.1900° W
South Newport River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.6333° N, 81.2667° W
South Norwalk, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.0983° N, 73.4150° W
South of Sam Worth Game Management Area, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4683° N, 79.1883° W
South Orrington, Penobscot River, Maineoffsets.xml44.7000° N, 68.8167° W
South Pass, Louisianaharmonics.world28.9900° N, 89.1400° W
South Point, Marsh Island, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.4850° N, 91.7633° W
South Point, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.8500° N, 122.5833° W

LocationFile Coordinates
South Port Everglades, ICWW, Fort Lauderdale, Floridaoffsets.xml26.0817° N, 80.1167° W
South San Francisco, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.6667° N, 122.3900° W
South West Rocks, Australiaharmonics.world30.9000° S, 153.0167° E
South Yarmouth, Bass River, Nantucket Sound, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.6650° N, 70.1833° W
South Yarmouth, Bass River, Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.6650° N, 70.1833° W
Southampton Shoal Light .2 mi E, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8833° N, 122.4000° W
Southampton, Englandharmonics.world50.9000° N, 1.4000° W
Southampton, England (2)harmonics.world50.9000° N, 1.4000° W
Southampton, England (3)harmonics.world50.9000° N, 1.4000° W
Southeast Farallon Island, Californiaoffsets.xml37.7000° N, 123.0000° W
Southeast Pass, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.1167° N, 89.0450° W
Southold, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0600° N, 72.4133° W
Southport, Cape Fear River, North Carolinaoffsets.xml33.9150° N, 78.0183° W
Southport, Townsend Gut, Maineoffsets.xml43.8467° N, 69.6617° W
Southwest Fork (spillway), Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9350° N, 80.1433° W
Southwest Fork, 0.5 mile above entrance, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9433° N, 80.1200° W
Southwest Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml44.2750° N, 68.3133° W
Southwest Pass, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaharmonics.world28.9333° N, 89.4333° W
Southwest Pass, Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana (2)offsets.xml28.9317° N, 89.4283° W
Southwest Pass, Vermilion Bay, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.5800° N, 92.0350° W
Southwest Point, Québecharmonics.world49.4000° N, 63.6000° W
Southwest Point, Québec (2)offsets.xml49.4000° N, 63.6000° W
Sovetskaya, Russiaharmonics.world49.0000° N, 140.3000° E
Soya Misaki, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.5167° N, 141.9500° E
Sørvágur, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world62.0710° N, 7.3333° W
Spence Bay, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.5333° N, 93.5167° W
Spencer Island, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3500° N, 64.7167° W
Spencer Island, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml45.3333° N, 64.7000° W
Spicer Cove, Chignecto Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.4333° N, 64.9000° W
Split, Croatiaharmonics.world43.5000° N, 16.4333° E
Spoonbill Creek near Bridge, Suisun Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0667° N, 121.9000° W
Spooner Creek, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.7250° N, 76.8033° W
Spring Bay, Tasmaniaharmonics.world42.5500° S, 147.9333° E
Spring Passage, South entrance of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6000° N, 123.0333° W
Spring Warrior Creek, Floridaoffsets.xml29.9200° N, 83.6717° W
Springdale, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4833° N, 56.0500° W
Sproat Narrows, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1000° N, 124.8333° W
Spry Harbour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.8333° N, 62.6167° W
Spuyten Duyvil Creek Entrance, Hudson River, New Yorkharmonics.world40.8783° N, 73.9250° W
Spuyten Duyvil Creek Entrance, Hudson River, New York (2)offsets.xml40.8783° N, 73.9250° W
Squamish, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.7000° N, 123.1500° W
Squamish, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.7000° N, 123.1500° W
Squamish, British Columbia (3)harmonics.world49.7000° N, 123.1500° W
Squamscott River RR. Bridge, New Hampshireoffsets.xml43.0533° N, 70.9133° W
Square Island Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml52.7333° N, 55.8167° W
Squaxin Passage, N of Hunter Point, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.1833° N, 122.9167° W
Squibnocket Point, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.3117° N, 70.7683° W
Squibnocket Point, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.3117° N, 70.7683° W
Squitty Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.4500° N, 124.0167° W
St-Bernard-de-l'ile-, Québecharmonics.world47.4500° N, 70.3667° W
St-Francois, Québecharmonics.world47.0000° N, 70.8167° W
St-Irénée, Québecharmonics.world47.5167° N, 70.0167° W
St-Jean-D'orleans, Québecharmonics.world46.9167° N, 70.9000° W
St-Jean-Port-Joli, Québecharmonics.world47.2167° N, 70.2667° W
St-Joachim, Québecharmonics.world47.0500° N, 70.8500° W
St-Joseph-De-La-Rive, Québecharmonics.world47.4500° N, 70.3667° W
St-Laurent-D'orleans, Québecharmonics.world46.8667° N, 71.0000° W
St-Lawrence Mooring, Québecharmonics.world47.4667° N, 70.1000° W
St-Romuald, Québecharmonics.world46.7667° N, 71.2333° W
St-Simeon, Québecharmonics.world47.8333° N, 69.8833° W
St-Thomas-De-Kent, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.4500° N, 64.6333° W
St. Alban's, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.8667° N, 55.8333° W
St. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.0667° N, 67.0500° W
St. Andrews, Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml45.0667° N, 67.0500° W
St. Anns Bay, Jamaicaoffsets.xml18.4167° N, 77.2333° W
St. Anns Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml46.2500° N, 60.5667° W
St. Anthony, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.3667° N, 55.5833° W
St. Asaph Bay, Australiaharmonics.world11.3000° S, 130.4333° E
St. Augustin, Québecharmonics.world51.2167° N, 58.6500° W
St. Augustine Beach, Floridaharmonics.world29.8567° N, 81.2617° W
St. Augustine Beach, Florida (2)offsets.xml29.8567° N, 81.2617° W
St. Augustine, city dock, Floridaharmonics.world29.8917° N, 81.3100° W
St. Augustine, city dock, Florida (2)offsets.xml29.8917° N, 81.3100° W
St. Barbe Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world51.2000° N, 56.7667° W
St. Barbe Bay, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml51.2000° N, 56.7667° W
St. Barthelemy, Guadeloupeoffsets.xml17.9000° N, 62.8500° W
St. Bees Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.9000° S, 149.4500° E
St. Bride's, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.9167° N, 54.1833° W
St. Croix Island, Maineoffsets.xml45.1333° N, 67.1333° W
St. Croix, Lime Tree Bay, Virgin Islandsharmonics.world17.6967° N, 64.7533° W
St. Francis Island, Australiaharmonics.world32.5000° S, 133.3000° E
St. George Island, East End, Floridaoffsets.xml29.6867° N, 84.7867° W
St. George Island, Rattlesnake Cove, Floridaoffsets.xml29.6917° N, 84.7917° W
St. George Island, Sikes Cut, Floridaoffsets.xml29.6133° N, 84.9583° W
St. George, Staten Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6433° N, 74.0733° W
St. Georges Harbour, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml48.4500° N, 58.5000° W
St. Georges, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delawareoffsets.xml39.5550° N, 75.6483° W
St. Georges, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.4333° N, 58.0500° W
St. James City, Pine Island, Floridaoffsets.xml26.4917° N, 82.0817° W
St. John's, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5667° N, 52.7000° W
St. John's, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml47.5667° N, 52.7000° W
St. Johns River at Bar Pilot Dock, Floridaharmonics.world30.3969° N, 81.4294° W
St. Johns River at Buckman Bridge, Floridaharmonics.world30.1911° N, 81.6922° W
St. Johns River at Dames Point (N. end, SR 9A bridge), Floridaharmonics.world30.3869° N, 81.5581° W
St. Johns River at Dames Point (N. end, SR 9A bridge), Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3869° N, 81.5581° W
St. Johns River at Dames Point (N. end, SR 9A bridge), Florida (3)harmonics.world30.3869° N, 81.5581° W
St. Johns River at Dames Point (N. end, SR 9A bridge), Florida (4)harmonics.world30.3869° N, 81.5581° W
St. Johns River at Dames Point (N. end, SR 9A bridge), Florida (5)harmonics.world30.3869° N, 81.5581° W
St. Johns River at Long Branch, USCOE dredge depot, Floridaharmonics.world30.3575° N, 81.6129° W
St. Johns River at Long Branch, USCOE dredge depot, Florida (2)offsets.xml30.3600° N, 81.6200° W

LocationFile Coordinates
St. Johns River at Main Street Bridge, Floridaharmonics.world30.3231° N, 81.6639° W
St. Johns River at Navy degaussing structure, Floridaharmonics.world30.3964° N, 81.3953° W
St. Johns River at Navy degaussing structure, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.3964° N, 81.3953° W
St. Johns River at Racy Point, Floridaharmonics.world29.8019° N, 81.5497° W
St. Johns River at Shands Bridge, Floridaharmonics.world29.9786° N, 81.6286° W
St. Johns River Entrance, Florida Currentharmonics.world30.4000° N, 81.3833° W
St. Johns River Entrance, Florida Current (2) (expired 1999-12-31)harmonics.world30.4000° N, 81.3833° W
St. Johns River Entrance, Florida Current (3)harmonics.world30.7967° N, 81.5150° W
St. Johns, Antiguaharmonics.world17.1333° N, 61.8667° W
St. Jones River entrance, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.0667° N, 75.4000° W
St. Lucie, Indian River, Floridaoffsets.xml27.4800° N, 80.3333° W
St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.5167° N, 63.9333° W
St. Marks River Entrance, Floridaharmonics.world30.0783° N, 84.1783° W
St. Marks River Entrance, Florida (2) (expired 1995-12-31)harmonics.world30.0783° N, 84.1783° W
St. Marks River Entrance, Florida (3) (expired 1984-12-31)harmonics.world30.0783° N, 84.1783° W
St. Marks, St. Marks River, Floridaoffsets.xml30.1533° N, 84.2033° W
St. Martins, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.3500° N, 65.5333° W
St. Mary Harbour, St. Mary Bay, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.9333° N, 53.5833° W
St. Mary Harbour, St. Mary Bay, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml46.9167° N, 53.5833° W
St. Mary's, Isles Of Scilly, Englandharmonics.world49.9167° N, 6.3167° W
St. Marys City, Marylandoffsets.xml38.1833° N, 76.4333° W
St. Marys Entrance, North Jetty, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.7200° N, 81.4450° W
St. Marys, St. Marys River, Floridaoffsets.xml30.7200° N, 81.5483° W
St. Michael, Alaskaharmonics.world63.4750° N, 162.0267° W
St. Michaels, Miles River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7867° N, 76.2217° W
St. Michaels, San Domingo Creek, Marylandoffsets.xml38.7667° N, 76.2333° W
St. Patrick Bay, Nunavutharmonics.world81.8000° N, 64.0167° W
St. Paul Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world47.2000° N, 60.1500° W
St. Paul Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml47.2000° N, 60.1500° W
St. Peter Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.6333° N, 60.8667° W
St. Peters Bay, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.4333° N, 62.7333° W
St. Peters Bay, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.4333° N, 62.7333° W
St. Petersburg Beach Causeway, Floridaoffsets.xml27.7500° N, 82.7500° W
St. Petersburg, Floridaharmonics.world27.7600° N, 82.6267° W
St. Petersburg, Florida (2) (expired 1995-12-31)harmonics.world27.7733° N, 82.6217° W
St. Pierre Harbor, St. Pierre Island, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml46.7833° N, 56.1667° W
St. Simons Light, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.1317° N, 81.3967° W
St. Simons Sound Bar, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.1000° N, 81.3167° W
St. Stephen, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.2000° N, 67.2833° W
Stack Island, Tasmaniaharmonics.world40.6000° S, 144.7833° E
Stag Island, Nunavutharmonics.world51.6333° N, 79.0333° W
Stage Harbor, Nantucket Sound, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6667° N, 69.9667° W
Stake Point .9 Mi NNW, Suisun Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0500° N, 121.9500° W
Stamford, Connecticutharmonics.world41.0383° N, 73.5467° W
Stamford, Connecticut (2)offsets.xml41.0383° N, 73.5467° W
Stamp Narrows, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1833° N, 124.8167° W
Stanley Harbor, Falkland Islandsharmonics.world51.7000° S, 57.8500° W
Stanley Harbor, Falkland Islandsoffsets.xml51.7000° S, 57.8500° W
Stanley, Tasmaniaharmonics.world40.7667° S, 145.3000° E
Stanovan, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.2833° N, 123.0000° W
Stanwood, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.2333° N, 122.3667° W
Stathems Neck, Stow Creek, Delaware Bay, Delawareoffsets.xml39.4067° N, 75.4050° W
Station Creek, County Landing, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.3250° N, 80.6017° W
Station Creek, west end, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.2800° N, 80.6383° W
Stavanger, Norwayharmonics.world58.9833° N, 5.7333° E
Stavenisse, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.6000° N, 4.0167° E
Ste-Anne-De-Beaupré, Québecharmonics.world47.0167° N, 70.9333° W
Ste-Anne-De-Portneuf, Québecharmonics.world48.6333° N, 69.0833° W
Ste-Anne-Des-Monts, Québecharmonics.world49.1333° N, 66.4833° W
Ste-Anne-Des-Monts, Québec (2)offsets.xml49.1333° N, 66.4833° W
Steamboat Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.8167° S, 116.0667° E
Steamboat Landing, Steamboat Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6033° N, 80.2867° W
Steamboat Slough, Snug Harbor Marina, Sacramento River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1833° N, 121.6550° W
Steele Harbor Island, Maineoffsets.xml44.4933° N, 67.5433° W
Steelmanville, Patcong Ck., 2.5 n.mi. above ent., New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3350° N, 74.5967° W
Steilacoom, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.1733° N, 122.6033° W
Steinhatchee River ent., Deadman Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml29.6717° N, 83.3900° W
Stenhouse Bay, Australiaharmonics.world35.2833° S, 136.9333° E
Steventon, Great Exuma Island, Bahamasharmonics.world23.6667° N, 75.9667° W
Steveston, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1167° N, 123.1667° W
Steveston, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.1167° N, 123.2000° W
Stewart, British Columbiaharmonics.world55.9167° N, 130.0000° W
Stewart, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world55.9167° N, 130.0000° W
Stingray Point, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5667° N, 76.3000° W
Stites Sound, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1200° N, 74.7550° W
Stockton, Californiaharmonics.world37.9667° N, 121.2833° W
Stone Harbor, Great Channel, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.0567° N, 74.7650° W
Stone Island, Machias Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.6033° N, 67.3683° W
Stonehaven, New Brunswickharmonics.world47.7500° N, 65.3500° W
Stonington, Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.1533° N, 68.6617° W
Stonington, Fishers Island Sound, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.3333° N, 71.9000° W
Stony Brook, Smithtown Bay, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.9167° N, 73.1500° W
Stony Point, Australiaharmonics.world38.3667° S, 145.2167° E
Stopper Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0000° N, 125.3500° W
Stopper Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0000° N, 125.3500° W
Storm Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.6667° N, 123.7500° W
Storm Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0667° N, 123.8167° W
Stouts Creek, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8450° N, 74.1517° W
Strait Of Canso Bass, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.4667° N, 61.1833° W
Strait of Juan de Fuca Entrance, Washington Currentharmonics.world48.4500° N, 124.5833° W
Stratford Shoal, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0667° N, 73.1000° W
Stratford, Housatonic River, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.1883° N, 73.1233° W
Strathcona Sound, Nunavutharmonics.world73.0500° N, 84.4000° W
Strathmere, Strathmere Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2000° N, 74.6567° W
Strawberry Bay, Cypress Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.5667° N, 122.7167° W
Strawberry Hill, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2833° N, 70.8833° W
Strawberry Island, 0.8 mile W of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5667° N, 122.7500° W
Strendur, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world62.1093° N, 6.7565° W
Strutton Island, Nunavutharmonics.world52.0333° N, 78.8667° W
Stuart Narrows, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.9000° N, 126.9000° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Stuart, St. Lucie River, Floridaoffsets.xml27.2000° N, 80.2583° W
Stupart Bay, Québecharmonics.world61.5833° N, 71.5333° W
Stupart Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml61.5833° N, 71.5333° W
Sturgeon Island, Merrymeeting Bay, Maineoffsets.xml43.9817° N, 69.8350° W
Sturgeon Point, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3067° N, 77.0067° W
Suarji Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.1667° S, 142.5167° E
Succonnesset Point, Nantucket Sound, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5500° N, 70.4833° W
Suehiro (Turumi), Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.4833° N, 139.7000° E
Suez, Egyptharmonics.world29.9333° N, 32.5500° E
Suffolk, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.7400° N, 76.5833° W
Sugarloaf Key, east side, Tarpon Creek, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6283° N, 81.5100° W
Sugarloaf Key, north end, Bow Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6933° N, 81.5550° W
Sugarloaf Key, northeast side, Bow Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6717° N, 81.5333° W
Sugarloaf Key, Pirates Cove, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6533° N, 81.5150° W
Sugawa, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.6500° N, 130.3000° E
Sugluk, Québecharmonics.world62.2167° N, 75.6500° W
Suisun City, Suisun Slough, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.2367° N, 122.0300° W
Suisun Point, Carquinez Strait, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0350° N, 122.1233° W
Suisun Slough entrance, Suisun Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1283° N, 122.0733° W
Suisun Slough Entrance, Suisun Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.1167° N, 122.0666° W
Suisyo Sima, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.4167° N, 145.9000° E
Sukku, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.5500° N, 128.0330° E
Sukui-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.0833° N, 129.7170° E
Sullivan Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.8833° N, 126.7000° W
Sullivan Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.8833° N, 126.0833° W
Sullivan, Maineoffsets.xml44.5167° N, 68.2000° W
Sullivans Island (outer coast), South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7667° N, 79.8333° W
Sullom Voe, Shetland Islands, Scotlandharmonics.world60.4500° N, 1.3500° W
Suminoe, Saga, Japanharmonics.world33.2000° N, 130.2000° E
Sumiyo Wan, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world28.2333° N, 129.4170° E
Summerford, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.4833° N, 54.7833° W
Summerhouse Point, Bull River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5267° N, 80.5733° W
Summerland Key, Niles Channel Bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6600° N, 81.4367° W
Summerland Key, Niles Channel South, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6517° N, 81.4350° W
Summerland Key, southwest side, Kemp Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6500° N, 81.4467° W
Summerside Harbour, Prince Edward Islandoffsets.xml46.4000° N, 63.7833° W
Summerside, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.3833° N, 63.7833° W
Summit Bridge, Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Delawareoffsets.xml39.5500° N, 75.7333° W
Sumoto, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.3333° N, 134.9170° E
Suna Wan, Kurile Islandsharmonics.world46.5333° N, 150.9000° E
Sunatu, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.8833° N, 130.9000° E
Sunbury, Medway River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.7667° N, 81.2783° W
Sunday Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.7167° N, 126.7000° W
Sunday Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.7167° N, 126.7000° W
Sunday Island, Australiaharmonics.world16.3833° S, 123.1833° E
Sungai Barito, Borneo, Indonesiaharmonics.world3.5667° S, 114.4833° E
Sungai Kutei, Borneo, Indonesiaharmonics.world0.7000° S, 117.5000° E
Sungai Muturi, New Guinea, Indonesiaharmonics.world2.2333° S, 133.6500° E
Sungai Sarawak, Malaysiaharmonics.world1.7500° N, 110.5000° E
Sunny Isles, Biscayne Creek, Floridaoffsets.xml25.9283° N, 80.1300° W
Sunnybank, Little Wicomico River, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8867° N, 76.2667° W
Sunset Beach, Whidbey Island, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.2833° N, 122.7283° W
Sunwi Do, North Koreaharmonics.world37.7500° N, 125.3333° E
Surabaya, Java, Indonesiaharmonics.world7.2167° S, 112.7333° E
Surf Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.0333° N, 128.9000° W
Surf Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.0333° N, 128.9000° W
Surge Narrows, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.2167° N, 125.1167° W
Surge Narrows, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.2167° N, 125.1167° W
Surge Narrows, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world50.2333° N, 125.1500° W
Surinam River, Surinamharmonics.world6.0000° N, 55.2333° W
Surinam River, Surinam (2)harmonics.world5.9667° N, 55.2167° W
Surprise Bay, Tasmaniaharmonics.world40.1333° S, 143.9667° E
Surprise Fiord, Nunavutharmonics.world78.0333° N, 90.0333° W
Susaki (Aiti), Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.7833° N, 137.1670° E
Susaki (Koti), Koti, Japanharmonics.world33.4000° N, 133.2830° E
Susami, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world33.5500° N, 135.5000° E
Sutherlands Still, Dunns Creek, Floridaharmonics.world29.5733° N, 81.6033° W
Sutherlands Still, Dunns Creek, Florida (2)harmonics.world29.5733° N, 81.6033° W
Sutherlands Still, Dunns Creek, Florida (3)harmonics.world29.5733° N, 81.6033° W
Sutherlands Still, Dunns Creek, Florida (4)offsets.xml29.5733° N, 81.6033° W
Suttu, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.7833° N, 140.2670° E
Sutwik Island, West End, Alaskaharmonics.world56.5400° N, 157.3267° W
Suva Harbor, Fiji Islandsharmonics.world18.1333° S, 178.4333° E
Suwannee River entrance, Floridaoffsets.xml29.2833° N, 83.1500° W
SW Branch, Severn River, Mobjack Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3000° N, 76.4500° W
Swain Channel, Taylor Sound, New Jerseyoffsets.xml38.9800° N, 74.8633° W
Swan Island, Tasmaniaharmonics.world40.7333° S, 148.1167° E
Swansea, Australiaharmonics.world33.0833° S, 151.6667° E
Swansea, Walesharmonics.world51.6167° N, 3.9167° W
Swartz Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.6833° N, 123.4000° W
Swartz Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.6833° N, 123.4000° W
Swatow, Chinaharmonics.world23.3333° N, 116.7500° E
Sweeper Cove, Adak Island, Alaskaharmonics.world51.8633° N, 176.6317° W
Sweeper Cove, Adak Island, Alaska (2) (expired 1988-12-31)harmonics.world51.8633° N, 176.6317° W
Sweers Island, Australiaharmonics.world17.1167° S, 139.6333° E
Sweet Hall Landing, Pamunkey River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5667° N, 76.9000° W
Sweetwater, Mullica River Marina, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6250° N, 74.6417° W
Swim Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.4333° N, 65.6333° W
Swim Point, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml43.4333° N, 65.6333° W
Swinomish Channel Entrance, Padilla Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.4667° N, 122.5167° W
Syakotan, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.8667° N, 146.8170° E
Syamanbe, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.3333° N, 148.0170° E
Sydney, Australiaharmonics.world33.8500° S, 151.2333° E
Sydney, Australia (2)harmonics.world33.8500° S, 151.2333° E
Sydney, Australia (3)harmonics.world33.8500° S, 151.2333° E
Sydney, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.1500° N, 60.2000° W
Sydney, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world46.1500° N, 60.2000° W
Syoya, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.0167° N, 143.2830° E
Table Head Point, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world46.3333° N, 60.3667° W
Tachin, Thailandharmonics.world13.5333° N, 100.2833° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Tacks Beach, Newfoundlandharmonics.world47.5833° N, 54.2000° W
Tacloban, Philippinesharmonics.world11.2500° N, 125.0000° E
Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2717° N, 122.5517° W
Tacoma, Commencement Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2550° N, 122.4317° W
Tacoma, Washingtonharmonics.world47.2833° N, 122.4167° W
Tadanoumi, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3333° N, 133.0000° E
Tadoussac, Saguenay River, Québecharmonics.world48.1333° N, 69.7167° W
Taech'on, South Koreaharmonics.world36.3833° N, 126.4333° E
Taehuksan Do, South Koreaharmonics.world34.6833° N, 125.4333° E
Taeyonp'yong Do, North Koreaharmonics.world37.6667° N, 125.7167° E
Taft, Siletz Bay, Oregonoffsets.xml44.9267° N, 124.0133° W
Tago, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.8000° N, 138.7670° E
Tagonoura, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world35.1333° N, 138.7000° E
Tahlequah, Neil Point, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3317° N, 122.5067° W
Tai, Kyoto, Japanharmonics.world35.5833° N, 135.2330° E
Tai-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.9500° N, 129.1000° E
Tai-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.0833° N, 129.7500° E
Taihoae, Marquesas Islandsharmonics.world8.9167° S, 140.1000° W
Tailevu, Fiji Islandsharmonics.world17.6500° S, 178.5833° E
Taisya, Simane, Japanharmonics.world35.4000° N, 132.6670° E
Takada, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.5833° N, 131.4330° E
Takahama, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.2500° N, 129.3170° E
Takamatu, Kagawa, Japanharmonics.world34.3500° N, 134.0500° E
Takamatu, Kagawa, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.3500° N, 134.0500° E
Takara Sima, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world29.1500° N, 129.2000° E
Takasago, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.7333° N, 134.8000° E
Takasima, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.6500° N, 129.7500° E
Takehara, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3333° N, 132.9670° E
Takesiki, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.3000° N, 129.3000° E
Taketoyo, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.8833° N, 136.9330° E
Takezaki Sima (Oura), Saga, Japanharmonics.world32.9500° N, 130.2170° E
Taki, Ishikawa, Japanharmonics.world36.9333° N, 136.7670° E
Takihama, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.9833° N, 133.3500° E
Takoradi, Ghanaharmonics.world4.8833° N, 1.7500° W
Talara, Peruharmonics.world4.5833° S, 81.2833° W
Talbert Island, River Shannon, Irelandharmonics.world52.5833° N, 9.3667° W
Talbert Island, River Shannon, Ireland (2)harmonics.world52.5833° N, 9.3667° W
Talcahuano, Chileharmonics.world36.6833° S, 73.1000° W
Tall Pines Camp, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.0583° N, 74.1167° W
Tamajarush (Ifni), Moroccoharmonics.world29.5500° N, 10.0667° W
Tamanoura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.6167° N, 128.6170° E
Tamatave, Madagascarharmonics.world18.1500° S, 49.4333° E
Tambau, Braziloffsets.xml7.1000° S, 34.8333° W
Tampa Bay (Sunshine Skyway Bridge), Florida Currentharmonics.world27.6200° N, 82.6550° W
Tampa Bay Entrance (Egmont Channel), Florida Currentharmonics.world27.6050° N, 82.7600° W
Tampa Bay Entrance, Florida Currentharmonics.world27.6083° N, 82.7683° W
Tampico Harbor (Madero), Tamaulipas, Mexicoharmonics.world22.2167° N, 97.8500° W
Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexicoharmonics.world22.2167° N, 97.8550° W
Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico (2)harmonics.world22.2500° N, 97.8500° W
Tanabe, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world33.7167° N, 135.3670° E
Tangalooma Point, Australiaharmonics.world27.1833° S, 153.3667° E
Tangao, Vanuatuharmonics.world15.5833° S, 166.9833° E
Tanger, Moroccoharmonics.world35.7833° N, 5.8000° W
Tangier Sound Light, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.7833° N, 75.9667° W
Tanjong Baram, Malaysiaharmonics.world4.5833° N, 113.9833° E
Tanjong Gelang, Malaysiaharmonics.world3.9833° N, 103.4167° E
Tanjong Sedili Kechil, Malaysiaharmonics.world1.8500° N, 104.1500° E
Tanjung Priok, Java, Indonesiaharmonics.world6.1000° S, 106.8667° E
Tannowa, Osaka, Japanharmonics.world34.3333° N, 135.1830° E
Tanokubi, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 130.9170° E
Tanoura, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9500° N, 130.9830° E
Tanowaki, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world30.6833° N, 131.0670° E
Tanquary Camp, Nunavutharmonics.world81.4000° N, 76.9167° W
Tantabiddi, Australiaharmonics.world21.9167° S, 113.9833° E
Tapa Bay, Australiaharmonics.world12.4500° S, 130.6000° E
Tappahannock, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.9300° N, 76.8567° W
Tappi Saki, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.2667° N, 140.3330° E
Taraku Sima, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.6333° N, 146.3670° E
Tarawa, Gilbert Islandsharmonics.world1.3667° N, 172.9333° E
Tarilag Island, Endeavour Straitharmonics.world10.7500° S, 142.2333° E
Tarlatt Slough, Willapa Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.3700° N, 124.0500° W
Tarpaulin Cove, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.4700° N, 70.7600° W
Tarpon Creek, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6300° N, 81.5167° W
Tarpon Springs, Anclote River, Floridaoffsets.xml28.1600° N, 82.7683° W
Tarrytown, Hudson River, New Yorkharmonics.world41.0783° N, 73.8700° W
Tarrytown, Hudson River, New York (2)offsets.xml41.0783° N, 73.8700° W
Tarumi, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world34.6167° N, 135.0670° E
Tarumizu, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.5000° N, 130.7000° E
Tasmania Island, Nunavutharmonics.world71.2000° N, 96.4167° W
Tasu Sound, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.7500° N, 132.0333° W
Tateyama, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world34.9833° N, 139.8500° E
Tatibana, Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world33.8667° N, 134.6500° E
Tatoosh Island, Cape Flattery, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.3917° N, 124.7366° W
Tatuma Saki, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.6667° N, 137.0830° E
Taunton, Taunton River, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.8833° N, 71.1000° W
Tauranga, New Zealandharmonics.world37.6500° S, 176.1833° E
Tauranga, New Zealand (2)harmonics.world37.6500° S, 176.1833° E
Tavernier Creek, Hwy. 1 bridge, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml25.0033° N, 80.5300° W
Tavernier, Floridaharmonics.world25.0050° N, 80.5167° W
Tavernier, Florida (2)offsets.xml25.0050° N, 80.5167° W
Tawara-Ga-Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.1167° N, 129.6670° E
Tawau, Malaysiaharmonics.world4.2333° N, 117.8833° E
Taylors Bridge, Blackbird Creek, Del.offsets.xml39.4000° N, 75.6000° W
Taylors Island, Slaughter Creek, Little Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.4667° N, 76.2950° W
Taylors Landing, Australiaharmonics.world34.8500° S, 135.9500° E
Taziri, Tottori, Japanharmonics.world35.5833° N, 134.3170° E
Te Iro Bay, South Island, New Zealandharmonics.world41.2333° S, 174.1833° E
Teague Creek, Manokin River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.1083° N, 75.8383° W
Telegraph Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.9667° N, 123.0667° W
Tenants Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml43.9667° N, 69.2000° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Tequesta, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9500° N, 80.1017° W
Tequesta, North Fork entrance, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9517° N, 80.1017° W
Tequesta, North Fork, Loxahatchee River, Floridaoffsets.xml26.9600° N, 80.1050° W
Teradomari, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world37.6333° N, 138.7670° E
Terazu, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.8167° N, 137.0000° E
Terminous, South Fork, Mokelumne River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1100° N, 121.4983° W
Tern Island, Australiaharmonics.world11.0000° S, 142.7500° E
Terneuzen, Netherlandsharmonics.world51.3333° N, 3.8333° E
Terrington Basin, Labradorharmonics.world53.3500° N, 60.4000° W
Terschelling Noordzee, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.4500° N, 5.3333° E
Terschelling, Netherlandsharmonics.world53.3667° N, 5.2167° E
Tête-à-la-Baleine, Québecharmonics.world50.6833° N, 59.2333° W
Texada Mines, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.7000° N, 124.5500° W
Texas City, Turning Basin, Texasoffsets.xml29.3833° N, 94.8833° W
Texel Noordzee, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.1167° N, 4.7333° E
Thank God Harbour, Polaris Bugt, Greenlandharmonics.world81.6000° N, 61.6333° W
Thank God Harbour, Polaris Bugt, Greenland (2)offsets.xml81.6000° N, 61.6667° W
Thatcher Pass, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.5333° N, 122.8000° W
Thatcher Pass, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5167° N, 122.8000° W
The Bight, Cat Island, Bahamasharmonics.world24.3167° N, 75.4333° W
The Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas (2)offsets.xml24.3167° N, 75.4333° W
The Cove, Fort Moultrie, Charleston Harbor, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7633° N, 79.8567° W
The Folly, Hilton Head Island, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.1833° N, 80.7000° W
The Great Bend, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7000° N, 122.7667° W
The Ledge, St. Croix River, New Brunswickoffsets.xml45.1667° N, 67.2000° W
The Narrows (North End), Puget Sound, Washington Currentharmonics.world47.3000° N, 122.5500° W
The Narrows, 0.1 miles E of Pt. Evans, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2833° N, 122.5500° W
The Narrows, Midchannel, New York Harbor, New York Currentharmonics.world40.6100° N, 74.0467° W
The Narrows, Midchannel, New York Harbor, New York Current (2)harmonics.world40.6100° N, 74.0467° W
The Narrows, North end E side, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.3000° N, 122.5333° W
The Narrows, North End, W side, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.3000° N, 122.5500° W
The Narrows, S end midstream, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.2667° N, 122.5500° W
The Race, Long Island Sound, New York Currentharmonics.world41.2367° N, 72.0600° W
The Race, Long Island Sound, New York Current (2) (expired 1993-12-31)harmonics.world41.2367° N, 72.0600° W
The Swash, south end, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5000° N, 75.6667° W
Thevenard, Australiaharmonics.world32.1500° S, 133.6500° E
Thio, New Caledoniaharmonics.world21.6167° S, 166.2333° E
Thistle Island, Australiaharmonics.world34.9500° S, 136.3500° E
Thomas Landing, S. Newport River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.6433° N, 81.2567° W
Thomas Point Shoal Light, Marylandharmonics.world38.9000° N, 76.4333° W
Thomas Point Shoal Light, Maryland (2)offsets.xml38.9000° N, 76.4333° W
Thomaston, Maineoffsets.xml44.0717° N, 69.1817° W
Thoroughfare Creek entrance, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5067° N, 79.1450° W
Thousand Ships Bay, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world8.4333° S, 159.7000° E
Threemile Cut entrance, Darien River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.3567° N, 81.3767° W
Threemile Harbor entrance, Gardiners Bay, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.0350° N, 72.1900° W
Threemile Slough Entrance, San Joaquin River, Californiaharmonics.world38.0833° N, 121.6833° W
Threemile Slough Entrance, San Joaquin River, California (2)offsets.xml38.0867° N, 121.6850° W
Threemile Slough, Sacramento River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1067° N, 121.7000° W
Throg's Neck, Long Island Sound, New York Currentharmonics.world40.8017° N, 73.7883° W
Throgs Neck, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8050° N, 73.7950° W
Thunderbolt, Wilmington River, Georgiaoffsets.xml32.0333° N, 81.0500° W
Thursday Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.5833° S, 142.2167° E
Thursday Island, Torres Strait (2)harmonics.world10.5833° S, 142.2167° E
Tianjin Xingang, Chinaharmonics.world38.9833° N, 117.7000° E
Tiba Light, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.5667° N, 140.0500° E
Ticoralak Island, Labradoroffsets.xml54.2833° N, 58.2000° W
Tide Point, Cypress Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.5867° N, 122.7483° W
Tidnish Head, New Brunswickharmonics.world46.0000° N, 64.0167° W
Tidnish Head, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml46.0167° N, 64.0167° W
Tiger Point, Pumpkin Hill Creek, Floridaoffsets.xml30.5017° N, 81.4950° W
Tignish, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.9500° N, 64.0000° W
Tignish, Prince Edward Island (2)offsets.xml46.9667° N, 64.0000° W
Tikuzen Oosima, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9000° N, 130.4330° E
Tillamook, Hoquarten Slough, Oregonoffsets.xml45.4600° N, 123.8450° W
Tilt Cove, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.8833° N, 55.6167° W
Tilting Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.7000° N, 54.0500° W
Timaru Harbour, New Zealandharmonics.world44.4000° S, 171.2500° E
Timaru Harbour, New Zealand (2)harmonics.world44.4000° S, 171.2500° E
Timbalier Island, Timbalier Bay, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.0867° N, 90.5267° W
Tindalls Wharf, Cohansey River, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3783° N, 75.2350° W
Tinicum National Wildlife Refuge, Darby Creek, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml39.8867° N, 75.2650° W
Tinicum National Wildlife Refuge, Darby Creek, Pennsylvania (2)offsets.xml39.8783° N, 75.2767° W
Tiromo, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.4000° N, 129.3830° E
Titi Sima, Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world27.0833° N, 142.1830° E
Titii, Simane, Japanharmonics.world36.0667° N, 133.1170° E
Titusville, Indian River, Floridaharmonics.world28.6200° N, 80.8000° W
Tiverton (Boar's Head), St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4000° N, 66.2167° W
Tiverton (Boar's Head), St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotia (2)harmonics.world44.3833° N, 66.2167° W
Tiverton (Boar's Head), St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotia (3)offsets.xml44.4000° N, 66.2167° W
Tivoli, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml42.0667° N, 73.9333° W
To-No-Ura (Hamada), Simane, Japanharmonics.world34.9000° N, 132.0670° E
Toba, Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.4833° N, 136.8500° E
Tobata, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9000° N, 130.8170° E
Tod Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.5667° N, 123.4667° W
Todd Creek entrance, Satilla River, Georgiaoffsets.xml30.9717° N, 81.5200° W
Toe Point, Patos Island, 0.5 mile South of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7667° N, 122.9333° W
Tofino, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.1500° N, 125.9167° W
Tofino, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.1500° N, 125.9167° W
Togi Ura, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.7500° N, 128.8330° E
Toguti, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.6500° N, 127.9000° E
Toi, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.7167° N, 141.0000° E
Tokasiki, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.2000° N, 127.3670° E
Tokati, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.2833° N, 143.3330° E
Tokchok To, South Koreaharmonics.world37.2500° N, 126.1500° E
Toke Point, Willapa Bay, Washingtonharmonics.world46.7083° N, 123.9650° W
Toke Point, Willapa Bay, Washington (2)harmonics.world46.7067° N, 123.9650° W
Toke Point, Willapa Bay, Washington (3)offsets.xml46.7083° N, 123.9650° W
Tokoname, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.8667° N, 136.8330° E
Tokuyama, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.0333° N, 131.8000° E

LocationFile Coordinates
Tokuyama, Yamaguti, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.0333° N, 131.8000° E
Tolchester Beach, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandharmonics.world39.2133° N, 76.2450° W
Tolchester Beach, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland (2)offsets.xml39.2133° N, 76.2450° W
Toledo, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregonoffsets.xml44.5350° N, 123.9366° W
Tom Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.4000° N, 128.2667° W
Tom Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.4000° N, 128.2667° W
Tom Nevers Head, Nantucket Island, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.2333° N, 70.0167° W
Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.6333° N, 141.6330° E
Tomales Bay Entrance, Californiaharmonics.world38.2283° N, 122.9767° W
Tomales Bay Entrance, California (2)offsets.xml38.2333° N, 122.9833° W
Tomamae, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world44.3167° N, 141.6500° E
Tomari Wan, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world43.7333° N, 145.4500° E
Tomari, Aomori, Japanharmonics.world41.1000° N, 141.3830° E
Tomarigauti, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.1333° N, 131.9000° E
Tomie, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.6167° N, 128.7670° E
Tomioka (Amakusa), Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.5333° N, 130.0330° E
Tomioka (Hukusima), Fukusima, Japanharmonics.world37.3167° N, 141.0330° E
Tomioka (Kii Suido), Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world33.9167° N, 134.7000° E
Tomlee Bay, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.8333° N, 62.6000° W
Tomo, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3833° N, 133.3830° E
Toms Harbor Channel, Hwy. 1 bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7767° N, 80.9233° W
Toms Harbor Cut, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7833° N, 80.9067° W
Toms River (town), Toms River, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9500° N, 74.1983° W
Tongyong (Ch'ungmu), South Koreaharmonics.world34.8333° N, 128.4167° E
Tonoura (Miyazaki), Miyazaki, Japanharmonics.world31.5167° N, 131.3670° E
Toogoodoo Creek, 2 mi. above entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6683° N, 80.2933° W
Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexicoharmonics.world25.6000° N, 109.0333° W
Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico (2)harmonics.world25.6000° N, 109.0483° W
Tori Sima, Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world30.4833° N, 140.3170° E
Tórshavn, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world62.0100° N, 6.7750° W
Tosa-Simizu, Koti, Japanharmonics.world32.7833° N, 132.9670° E
Tosadomari, Tokusima, Japanharmonics.world34.1833° N, 134.6330° E
Tosaki, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world31.6500° N, 130.3000° E
Totoro, Miyazaki, Japanharmonics.world32.5000° N, 131.6830° E
Totten Key, west side, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3783° N, 80.2567° W
Tottenville, New Jerseyoffsets.xml40.5167° N, 74.2500° W
Toulon, Franceharmonics.world43.1167° N, 5.9000° E
Towhead Island, 0.4 mile East of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.6000° N, 122.7000° W
Town Point, Virginiaoffsets.xml36.8833° N, 76.5000° W
Townsend Sound, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1467° N, 74.7500° W
Townsville, Australiaharmonics.world19.2500° S, 146.8333° E
Townsville, Australia (2)harmonics.world19.2667° S, 146.8333° E
Toya, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.3833° N, 127.7330° E
Toyama, Toyama, Japanharmonics.world36.7667° N, 137.2330° E
Toyohasi, Aichi, Japanharmonics.world34.7167° N, 137.3330° E
Tracadie, New Brunswickoffsets.xml47.5167° N, 64.9167° W
Tracyton, Dyes Inlet, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.6100° N, 122.6600° W
Trafton Island, Narraguagus Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.4833° N, 67.8333° W
Trail Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.5833° N, 130.3500° W
Trail Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.5833° N, 130.3500° W
Traverse St-Roch, Québecharmonics.world47.4000° N, 70.2333° W
Travis Point, Coan River, Virginiaoffsets.xml38.0000° N, 76.4667° W
Treadwell Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.1000° N, 127.5333° W
Treadwell Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.1000° N, 127.5333° W
Treasure Island .3 mi E, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8167° N, 122.3500° W
Treasure Island .5 mi N, San Francisco Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml37.8333° N, 122.3666° W
Trenton, Delaware River, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.1883° N, 74.7550° W
Trenton, Delaware River, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.1883° N, 74.7550° W
Trepassey Harbour, Newfoundlandharmonics.world46.7333° N, 53.3667° W
Trepassey Harbour, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml46.7167° N, 53.3833° W
Trial Island, 5.2 miles SSW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.3167° N, 123.3667° W
Trident Pier, Port Canaveral, Floridaharmonics.world28.4150° N, 80.5933° W
Trieste, Italyharmonics.world45.6500° N, 13.7667° E
Trimouille Island, Australiaharmonics.world20.3833° S, 115.5500° E
Trincomalee, Sri Lankaharmonics.world8.5500° N, 81.2167° E
Trindade Islandharmonics.world20.5000° S, 29.3000° W
Trinidad Harbor, Californiaoffsets.xml41.0567° N, 124.1466° W
Trinity, Newfoundlandharmonics.world48.3667° N, 53.3500° W
Triple ESS Marina, Bogue Sd., North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.6950° N, 76.7117° W
Tristan da Cunha Islandharmonics.world37.0333° S, 12.3000° W
Triton Head, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.6033° N, 122.9817° W
Trois-Pistoles, Québecharmonics.world48.1333° N, 69.1833° W
Trois-Rivières, Québecharmonics.world46.3500° N, 72.5500° W
Trois-Rivières, Québec (2)harmonics.world46.3333° N, 72.5333° W
Tromsø, Norwayharmonics.world69.6500° N, 18.9667° E
Trondheim, Norwayharmonics.world63.4333° N, 10.4333° E
Tropical Homesites Landing, Pine Island, Floridaoffsets.xml26.5483° N, 82.0800° W
Troughton Island, Australiaharmonics.world13.7500° S, 126.1333° E
Trounce Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world53.1500° N, 132.3167° W
Trounce Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world53.1500° N, 132.3167° W
Troup Passage, British Columbiaharmonics.world52.2333° N, 128.0333° W
Troup Passage, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world52.2500° N, 128.0333° W
Trout River, Sherwood Forest, Floridaharmonics.world30.4200° N, 81.7283° W
Trout River, Sherwood Forest, Florida (2)harmonics.world30.4200° N, 81.7283° W
Trout River, Sherwood Forest, Florida (3)harmonics.world30.4200° N, 81.7283° W
Trout River, Sherwood Forest, Florida (4)harmonics.world30.4200° N, 81.7283° W
Trout River, Sherwood Forest, Florida (5)offsets.xml30.4200° N, 81.7283° W
Troy, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml42.7333° N, 73.7000° W
Truman Beach, Long Island Sound, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.1333° N, 72.3167° W
Tryon Islet, Australiaharmonics.world23.2500° S, 151.7833° E
Tsawwassen, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0000° N, 123.1333° W
Tu, Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.7167° N, 136.5330° E
Tubarão, Brazilharmonics.world20.2833° S, 40.2333° W
Tubbs Inlet, North Carolinaoffsets.xml33.8833° N, 78.4833° W
Tuckahoe, Tuckahoe River, New Jerseyharmonics.world39.2950° N, 74.7483° W
Tuckahoe, Tuckahoe River, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml39.2950° N, 74.7483° W
Tuckernuck Island, East Pond, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.3000° N, 70.2500° W
Tuckers Island, Homosassa River, Floridaharmonics.world28.7717° N, 82.6950° W
Tuckers Island, Homosassa River, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.7717° N, 82.6950° W
Tuckerton Creek entrance, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.5767° N, 74.3317° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Tuckerton, Tuckerton Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6017° N, 74.3417° W
Tue Marshes Light, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.2350° N, 76.3850° W
Tufi Harbour, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world9.0833° S, 149.3167° E
Tuiyama, Hyogo, Japanharmonics.world35.6500° N, 134.8330° E
Tukarak, Québecharmonics.world56.3167° N, 78.0833° W
Tukizi, Tokyo, Japanharmonics.world35.6667° N, 139.7670° E
Tuktoyaktuk, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.4500° N, 133.0000° W
Tuktoyaktuk, Nunavut/NWT (2)harmonics.world69.4500° N, 133.0000° W
Tukumi, Oita, Japanharmonics.world33.0667° N, 131.8670° E
Tulalip, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.0650° N, 122.2883° W
Tulear, Madagascarharmonics.world23.3833° S, 43.6667° E
Tulifiny River, I-95 bridge, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6017° N, 80.9033° W
Tumbo Channel, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.7833° N, 123.1000° W
Tumbo Channel, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.7833° N, 123.1000° W
Tuna Wan, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.4167° N, 129.2670° E
Tuneisi, Hirosima, Japanharmonics.world34.3833° N, 133.3000° E
Turbo, Colombiaoffsets.xml8.1667° N, 76.7500° W
Turkey Point, Biscayne Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml25.4367° N, 80.3300° W
Turkey Point, FSU Lab, Floridaharmonics.world29.9150° N, 84.5117° W
Turkey Point, FSU Lab, Florida (2)offsets.xml29.9150° N, 84.5117° W
Turn Point, Boundary Pass, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.4500° N, 123.1500° W
Turn Point, Stuart Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.6833° N, 123.2333° W
Turn Rock, 1.9 mile NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5500° N, 122.9833° W
Turnavik Island, Labradorharmonics.world55.3000° N, 59.3500° W
Turnbridge Landing, Salt Water Creek, New River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.1283° N, 81.0117° W
Turning Island, Nunavutharmonics.world53.8500° N, 79.2167° W
Turtle Head, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.5167° S, 142.2167° E
Turtle Islet, Australiaharmonics.world15.5833° S, 136.9667° E
Turtle Point, Australiaharmonics.world14.8333° S, 129.2333° E
Turuga, Hukui, Japanharmonics.world35.6667° N, 136.0670° E
Tusket, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.8500° N, 65.9833° W
Tutóia, Baia da, Brazilharmonics.world2.7500° S, 42.2333° W
Tutóia, Baia da, Braziloffsets.xml2.7667° S, 42.2333° W
Tutu, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world34.1167° N, 129.1830° E
Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexicoharmonics.world21.0000° N, 97.3333° W
Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico (2)offsets.xml21.0000° N, 97.3333° W
Tuyazaki, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.7833° N, 130.4500° E
Tweed River, Australiaharmonics.world28.1667° S, 153.5500° E
Twillingate, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.6500° N, 54.7667° W
Twin Island, Torres Straitharmonics.world10.4667° S, 142.4333° E
Twin Island, Torres Strait (2)harmonics.world10.4667° S, 142.4333° E
Twin Islands, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.0333° N, 124.9333° W
Twin Islands, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.0333° N, 124.9333° W
Twin Rivers Marina, Crystal River, Floridaharmonics.world28.9050° N, 82.6383° W
Twin Rivers Marina, Crystal River, Florida (2)offsets.xml28.9050° N, 82.6383° W
Twin Rivers, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.1750° N, 123.9500° W
Two Hills Bay, Australiaharmonics.world11.5167° S, 132.0667° E
Two Rocks Marina, Australiaharmonics.world31.5000° S, 115.5833° E
Tybee Creek entrance, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.9833° N, 80.8500° W
Tybee Light, Savannah River, Georgiaoffsets.xml32.0283° N, 80.8550° W
Tyohu, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.0167° N, 131.0000° E
Tyosi-Gyoko, Tiba, Japanharmonics.world35.7333° N, 140.8670° E
Tysoe Point, Nunavut/NWTharmonics.world69.6167° N, 120.7833° W
U.S. 17 Bridge, Combahee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6517° N, 80.6833° W
U.S. Highway 17 bridge, South Santee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.1850° N, 79.4067° W
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Marylandharmonics.world38.9833° N, 76.4800° W
Ube, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world33.9333° N, 131.2500° E
Uchucklesit Inlet, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0167° N, 125.0500° W
Uchucklesit Inlet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0000° N, 125.0000° W
Uchucklesit Inlet, British Columbia (3)harmonics.world49.0167° N, 125.0500° W
Ucluelet, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.9500° N, 125.5500° W
Ucluelet, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.9500° N, 125.5500° W
Udono, Mie, Japanharmonics.world33.7333° N, 136.0170° E
Ugaiushak Island, Alaskaharmonics.world56.7967° N, 156.8483° W
Ugusu, Sizuoka, Japanharmonics.world34.8500° N, 138.7670° E
Ujung Pandang, Sulawesi, Indonesiaharmonics.world5.1500° S, 119.4000° E
Uke Sima, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world28.0333° N, 129.2330° E
Uken, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world28.2833° N, 129.2330° E
Ulladulla Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world35.3667° S, 150.5000° E
Ullapool, Scotlandharmonics.world57.9000° N, 5.1667° W
Ulneung Do, South Koreaharmonics.world37.5000° N, 130.9167° E
Ulsan, South Koreaharmonics.world35.5167° N, 129.3833° E
Umm al Hatab, U.A.E.harmonics.world24.2167° N, 51.8667° E
Umuda Island, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world8.5000° S, 143.7833° E
Unalaska, Alaskaharmonics.world53.8800° N, 166.5367° W
Uncatena Island (south side), Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.5200° N, 70.7083° W
Ungowa, Australiaharmonics.world25.5000° S, 152.9833° E
Unimak Pass (off Scotch Cap), Alaska Currentharmonics.world54.3650° N, 164.8000° W
Union River, Maineoffsets.xml44.5000° N, 68.4333° W
Union Seamount, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.5833° N, 132.7833° W
Union Stock Yards, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7833° N, 74.0000° W
Union, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3583° N, 123.0983° W
University Heights Bridge, Harlem River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8667° N, 73.9167° W
Unnamed Reef No. 1, Australiaharmonics.world17.8667° S, 146.7167° E
Unnamed Reef No. 1, Australia (2)harmonics.world17.8667° S, 146.7167° E
Unnamed Reef No. 2, Australiaharmonics.world19.6167° S, 149.8333° E
Uno, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.5000° N, 133.9500° E
Uno, Okayama, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.5000° N, 133.9500° E
Unosima, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.6333° N, 131.1330° E
Unten, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world26.6667° N, 128.0170° E
Uoturi Sima, Okinawa, Japanharmonics.world25.7333° N, 123.4670° E
Upper Attawaspiskat, Ontarioharmonics.world52.9167° N, 82.4333° W
Upper Cedar Point Light, Marylandoffsets.xml38.4000° N, 77.0833° W
Upper drawbridge, Petaluma River, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.2283° N, 122.6133° W
Upper Gagetown, New Brunswickharmonics.world45.8500° N, 66.2333° W
Upper Guadalupe Slough, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.4350° N, 122.0066° W
Upper Hell Gate (Sasanoa River, Maine) Currentharmonics.world43.8950° N, 69.7717° W
Upper Hell Gate, Sasanoa River, Maineoffsets.xml43.9000° N, 69.7833° W
Upper Matecumbe Key, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9150° N, 80.6317° W
Upper Matecumbe Key, west end, Hawk Channeloffsets.xml24.8967° N, 80.6583° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Upper Port Latour, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.5167° N, 65.4667° W
Uppurui Wan, Simane, Japanharmonics.world35.4500° N, 132.7500° E
Upright Head, Lopez Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.5667° N, 122.8833° W
Upshur Neck, south end, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.4667° N, 75.8000° W
Uraga, Kanagawa, Japanharmonics.world35.2333° N, 139.7170° E
Uragami, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world33.5500° N, 135.9000° E
Urago, Simane, Japanharmonics.world36.0833° N, 133.0170° E
Urakawa, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.1667° N, 142.7670° E
Uramu Island, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world7.6667° S, 144.6500° E
Uramu Island, Papua New Guinea (2)harmonics.world7.6667° S, 144.6500° E
Urangan, Australiaharmonics.world25.2833° S, 152.9167° E
Urbanna, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.6500° N, 76.5750° W
Useless Loop, Australiaharmonics.world26.1333° S, 113.4167° E
Ushuaia, Argentinaharmonics.world54.8167° S, 68.2167° W
Usibuka, Kumamoto, Japanharmonics.world32.2000° N, 130.0170° E
Usimado, Okayama, Japanharmonics.world34.6167° N, 134.1670° E
Usu Wan, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world42.5167° N, 140.7670° E
Usuka Wan, Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world33.3833° N, 129.5330° E
Usuyong, South Koreaharmonics.world34.5833° N, 126.2833° E
Usuziri, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.9333° N, 140.9500° E
Utaro, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.9667° N, 143.2000° E
Utinoura, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.3667° N, 132.0500° E
Utiumi, Miyazaki, Japanharmonics.world31.7500° N, 131.4670° E
Utiura Wan, Hukui, Japanharmonics.world35.5500° N, 135.5000° E
Utu, Yamaguti, Japanharmonics.world34.7833° N, 131.1500° E
Uwama, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.9667° N, 132.5830° E
Uwazima, Ehime, Japanharmonics.world33.2333° N, 132.5500° E
Uwazima, Ehime, Japan (2)harmonics.world33.2333° N, 132.5500° E
Uzi-Yamada, Mie, Japanharmonics.world34.5167° N, 136.7500° E
Vaca Key, Florida Bay, Floridaharmonics.world24.7117° N, 81.1050° W
Vaca Key-Fat Deer Key bridge, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7300° N, 81.0300° W
Vágur, Faroe Islandsharmonics.world61.4700° N, 6.8000° W
Vaill Island, Maineoffsets.xml43.6767° N, 70.1550° W
Valdes Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0500° N, 123.6167° W
Valdes Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.0500° N, 123.6167° W
Valdez, Alaskaharmonics.world61.1250° N, 146.3617° W
Vallejo, Mare Island Strait, Carquinez Strait, Californiaoffsets.xml38.1000° N, 122.2666° W
Valleyfield, Newfoundlandharmonics.world49.1667° N, 53.6167° W
Valleyfield, Newfoundland (2)offsets.xml49.1667° N, 53.6167° W
Valparaiso, Chileharmonics.world33.0333° S, 71.6333° W
Vancouver, Argentinaharmonics.world54.7833° S, 64.0667° W
Vancouver, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.2833° N, 123.1167° W
Vancouver, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.2833° N, 123.1167° W
Vancouver, British Columbia (3)harmonics.world49.2833° N, 123.1167° W
Vancouver, Columbia River, Washington (dubious accuracy)harmonics.world45.6267° N, 122.6833° W
Vanimo, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world2.6833° S, 141.3000° E
Vardø, Norwayharmonics.world70.3333° N, 31.1000° E
Vaughn, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3417° N, 122.7750° W
Venezia, Italyharmonics.world45.4333° N, 12.3333° E
Venezia, Italy (2)harmonics.world45.4333° N, 12.3333° E
Venice Inlet (inside), Floridaharmonics.world27.1233° N, 82.4700° W
Venice Inlet (inside), Florida (2)offsets.xml27.1117° N, 82.4633° W
Ventnor City, ocean pier, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.3350° N, 74.4767° W
Ventura, Californiaoffsets.xml34.2667° N, 119.2833° W
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexicoharmonics.world19.2017° N, 96.1367° W
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico (2)harmonics.world19.1833° N, 96.1167° W
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico (2)offsets.xml19.2000° N, 96.1333° W
Veraval, Indiaharmonics.world20.9000° N, 70.3667° E
Vernon View, Burnside River, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.9267° N, 81.0983° W
Vero Beach (ocean), Floridaoffsets.xml27.6700° N, 80.3600° W
Vero Beach, Indian River, Floridaharmonics.world27.6333° N, 80.3750° W
Vero Beach, Indian River, Florida (2)offsets.xml27.6333° N, 80.3750° W
Viana do Castelo, Portugalharmonics.world41.6833° N, 8.8333° W
Victor Harbor, Australiaharmonics.world35.5667° S, 138.6333° E
Victoria (Labuan), Malaysiaharmonics.world5.2667° N, 115.2500° E
Victoria Bluff, South Carolinaharmonics.world32.3000° N, 80.8000° W
Victoria, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.4167° N, 123.3667° W
Victoria, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.4167° N, 123.3667° W
Victoria, British Columbia (3)harmonics.world48.4167° N, 123.3667° W
Victoria, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.2167° N, 63.0500° W
Vienna, Nanticoke River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.4833° N, 75.8183° W
Vieques Passage, Puerto Rico Currentharmonics.world18.1883° N, 65.6183° W
Vieques Passage, Puerto Rico Current (2)harmonics.world18.1883° N, 65.6183° W
Vieux Fort Bay, St. Luciaoffsets.xml13.7333° N, 60.9667° W
Vieux-Boucau, Franceharmonics.world43.5167° N, 1.5333° W
Vigo, Spainharmonics.world42.2500° N, 8.7167° W
Vila do Porto, Santa Maria, Azoresharmonics.world36.9500° N, 25.1500° W
Vila do Porto, Santa Maria, Azores (2)harmonics.world36.9500° N, 25.1500° W
Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugalharmonics.world37.1833° N, 7.4000° W
Vilano Beach Bridge, Tolomato River, Floridaharmonics.world29.9167° N, 81.3000° W
Vilano Beach Bridge, Tolomato River, Florida (2)offsets.xml29.9167° N, 81.3000° W
Villa Cisneros, Western Saharaharmonics.world23.3667° N, 15.9333° W
Villagarcia, Spainharmonics.world42.6167° N, 8.7833° W
Village Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8500° N, 123.3167° W
Village Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8500° N, 123.3167° W
Village Creek Cemetery, Morgan River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4167° N, 80.5200° W
Village Creek Entrance, Morgan River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.4450° N, 80.5033° W
Village Point, Lummi Island, Washingtonoffsets.xml48.7167° N, 122.7083° W
Vinalhaven, Vinalhaven Island, Penobscot Bay, Maineoffsets.xml44.0433° N, 68.8400° W
Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.4500° N, 70.6000° W
Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.4500° N, 70.6000° W
Violet Point, 3.2 miles NW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1667° N, 122.9667° W
Violet Point, 3.7 miles N of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.1833° N, 122.9167° W
Virginia Beach, Virginiaharmonics.world36.8433° N, 75.9717° W
Virginia Beach, Virginia (2)offsets.xml36.8500° N, 75.9667° W
Virginia Key, Bear Cut, Floridaharmonics.world25.7317° N, 80.1617° W
Virginia Key, Bear Cut, Florida (2)offsets.xml25.7317° N, 80.1617° W
Viru, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world8.5000° S, 157.7500° E
Vishakhapatnam, Indiaharmonics.world17.6833° N, 83.2833° E
Vitória, Brazilharmonics.world20.3167° S, 40.3167° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Vitória, Braziloffsets.xml20.3166° S, 40.3167° W
Vivonne Bay, Australiaharmonics.world36.0000° S, 137.1833° E
Vlieland haven, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.3000° N, 5.1000° E
Vlissingen, Netherlandsharmonics.world51.4500° N, 3.6000° E
Vopnafjörður, Icelandharmonics.world65.4500° N, 14.5000° W
Vulcan Island .5 mi E, San Joaquin River, California Currentoffsets.xml37.9833° N, 121.3833° W
Vung Tau, Vietnamharmonics.world10.3333° N, 107.0667° E
Wabasso, Indian River, Floridaharmonics.world27.7550° N, 80.4250° W
Wabasso, Indian River, Florida (2)offsets.xml27.7550° N, 80.4250° W
Wachapreague Inlet (inside), Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5833° N, 75.6167° W
Wachapreague, Wachapreague Channel, Virginiaharmonics.world37.6067° N, 75.6867° W
Wachesaw Landing, Waccamaw River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5600° N, 79.0850° W
Wada, Hukui, Japanharmonics.world35.5000° N, 135.5830° E
Waddington Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.9333° N, 124.8500° W
Waddington Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.9333° N, 124.8500° W
Waddy Point, Australiaharmonics.world24.9667° S, 153.3500° E
Wadhams, British Columbiaharmonics.world51.5167° N, 127.5167° W
Wadhams, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world51.5167° N, 127.5167° W
Wading River (town), Wading River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6183° N, 74.4967° W
Wadomari, Kagosima, Japanharmonics.world27.4000° N, 128.6670° E
Wadsworth Island, Nunavutharmonics.world73.4333° N, 95.6833° W
Wagina Island, Solomon Islandsharmonics.world7.4667° S, 157.7333° E
Wainwright Basin, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.2500° N, 130.2667° W
Wainwright Basin, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.2500° N, 130.2333° W
Waita, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9333° N, 130.7330° E
Wakamatu (Goto), Nagasaki, Japanharmonics.world32.8833° N, 129.0170° E
Wakamatu (Kanmon), Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9000° N, 130.8170° E
Wakamatu-Hibikinada, Hukuoka, Japanharmonics.world33.9333° N, 130.8500° E
Wakatu, Saga, Japanharmonics.world33.2167° N, 130.3500° E
Wakayama, Wakayama, Japanharmonics.world34.2167° N, 135.1500° E
Wakayama, Wakayama, Japan (2)harmonics.world34.2167° N, 135.1500° E
Wake Island, Pacific Oceanharmonics.world19.2900° N, 166.6183° E
Wakeham Bay, Québecharmonics.world61.6000° N, 72.2500° W
Wakeham Bay, Québec (2)offsets.xml61.7167° N, 71.9500° W
Wakema, Mattaponi River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.6500° N, 76.9000° W
Wakimoto, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world41.5667° N, 140.4170° E
Wakkanai, Hokkaido, Japanharmonics.world45.4167° N, 141.6830° E
Walburg Creek entrance, Georgiaoffsets.xml31.6900° N, 81.1550° W
Waldoboro, Maineoffsets.xml44.0933° N, 69.3767° W
Waldport, Alsea Bay, Oregonoffsets.xml44.4350° N, 124.0583° W
Waldron Island, 1.7 miles West of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.7000° N, 123.1167° W
Walkers Landing, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.2817° N, 122.9233° W
Walkerton, Mattaponi River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.7167° N, 77.0333° W
Wallabout Bay, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7067° N, 73.9750° W
Wallaroo, Australiaharmonics.world33.9000° S, 137.6000° E
Wallaroo, Australia (2)harmonics.world33.9000° S, 137.6000° E
Wallops Island, Virginiaharmonics.world37.8417° N, 75.4783° W
Wallops Island, Virginia (2)offsets.xml37.8417° N, 75.4783° W
Walton, Nova Scotia (over keel blocks)harmonics.world45.2167° N, 64.0000° W
Walton-on-the-Naze, Englandharmonics.world51.8500° N, 1.2667° E
Waltz Key, Waltz Key Basin, Floridaoffsets.xml24.6467° N, 81.6533° W
Walvis Bay, Namibiaharmonics.world22.9500° S, 14.5000° E
Wan Do, South Koreaharmonics.world34.3167° N, 126.7500° E
Wanamaker Bridge, Darby Creek, Pennsylvaniaoffsets.xml39.8767° N, 75.3050° W
Wangjia Wan, Chinaharmonics.world36.8667° N, 122.4000° E
Wapitagun Harbour, Québecoffsets.xml50.2000° N, 60.0167° W
Wappoo Creek, highway bridge, Ashley River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.7667° N, 79.9733° W
Waratah Bay, Australiaharmonics.world38.8667° S, 146.0000° E
Ward's Dock, Pawleys Inlet, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4117° N, 79.1350° W
Wards Island, Little Connection Slough, San Joaquin River, Californiaoffsets.xml38.0500° N, 121.4966° W
Wareham, Wareham River, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.7567° N, 70.7133° W
Wares Wharf, Rappahannock River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.8733° N, 76.7833° W
Waretown, Barnegat Bay, New Jerseyharmonics.world38.7917° N, 74.1817° W
Waretown, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml39.7917° N, 74.1817° W
Warnbro Sound, Australiaharmonics.world32.3167° S, 115.7167° E
Warren, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.7333° N, 71.2833° W
Warrenton, Skipanon River, Columbia River, Oregonoffsets.xml46.1650° N, 123.9200° W
Warrington, 2 miles south of, Pensacola Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.3450° N, 87.2733° W
Warrnambool, Australiaharmonics.world38.4000° S, 142.8167° E
Washington Bridge, Harlem River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8500° N, 73.9333° W
Washington Canal, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.4717° N, 74.3683° W
Washington, D.C.harmonics.world38.8733° N, 77.0217° W
Wasini Island, Kenyaharmonics.world4.6500° S, 39.3500° E
Wasizaki, Niigata, Japanharmonics.world38.3167° N, 138.5170° E
Wasp Passage Light, 0.5 mile WSW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml48.5833° N, 122.9667° W
Wasque Point, Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.3633° N, 70.4500° W
Wasque Point, Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.3633° N, 70.4500° W
Watch Hill Point, Rhode Islandharmonics.world41.3050° N, 71.8600° W
Watch Hill Point, Rhode Island (2)offsets.xml41.3050° N, 71.8600° W
Water Key, west end, Big Spanish Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7400° N, 81.3417° W
Water Keys, south end, Harbor Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7467° N, 81.4500° W
Watts Island, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.7983° N, 75.8967° W
Wauna, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.3783° N, 122.6400° W
Wauwinet (outer shore), Nantucket Island, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.3333° N, 70.0000° W
Wauwinet (outer shore), Nantucket Island, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.3333° N, 70.0000° W
Waveland, Mississipi Sound, Mississippiharmonics.world30.3250° N, 89.3250° W
Wayman Wharf, Tuckahoe Creek, Choptank River, Marylandoffsets.xml38.8883° N, 75.9450° W
Wazima, Ishikawa, Japanharmonics.world37.4000° N, 136.9000° E
Webeck Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml54.9000° N, 58.0333° W
Wedderburn, Rogue River, Oregonoffsets.xml42.4300° N, 124.4116° W
Wedge Island, Australiaharmonics.world35.1667° S, 136.5667° E
Wedgeport, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.7333° N, 65.9833° W
Wednesday Point, Key Largo, Card Sound, Floridaoffsets.xml25.3100° N, 80.3000° W
Weehawken, Days Point, New Jerseyharmonics.world40.7667° N, 74.0167° W
Weehawken, Days Point, New Jersey (2)offsets.xml40.7650° N, 74.0183° W
Weeks Bay, Vermilion Bay, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.8000° N, 91.8333° W
Wei-Hai-Wei, Chinaharmonics.world37.5000° N, 122.1667° E
Weipa, Australiaharmonics.world12.6833° S, 141.8833° E
Weipa, Australia (2)harmonics.world12.6833° S, 141.0500° E
Weir Creek bridge, Dividing Creek, Maurice River, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2500° N, 75.1283° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Welaka, St. Johns River, Floridaharmonics.world29.4767° N, 81.6750° W
Welaka, St. Johns River, Florida (2)harmonics.world29.4767° N, 81.6750° W
Welaka, St. Johns River, Florida (3)harmonics.world29.4767° N, 81.6750° W
Welaka, St. Johns River, Florida (4)harmonics.world29.4767° N, 81.6750° W
Welaka, St. Johns River, Florida (5)harmonics.world29.4767° N, 81.6750° W
Welcome Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.7000° N, 124.5500° W
Wellfleet, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.9167° N, 70.0333° W
Wellhouse Rock, River Severn, Englandharmonics.world51.7333° N, 2.4833° W
Wellington, New Zealandharmonics.world41.2833° S, 174.7833° E
Welshpool, Campobello Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.8833° N, 66.9500° W
Welshpool, Campobello Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.8833° N, 66.9500° W
West Advocate, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.3500° N, 64.8167° W
West Bahía Honda Key, Floridaoffsets.xml24.7800° N, 81.2717° W
West Bay Creek, West Bay, St. Andrew Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.2933° N, 85.8583° W
West Chop, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.4833° N, 70.6017° W
West Chop, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.4833° N, 70.6017° W
West Creek, 0.7 n.mi. above entrance, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.1883° N, 74.9150° W
West Creek, Route 47 bridge, Delaware Bay, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.2167° N, 74.9250° W
West Creek, Westecunk Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6317° N, 74.2967° W
West Falmouth Harbor, Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6033° N, 70.6400° W
West Fire Island, Long Island, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.6567° N, 73.2050° W
West Harbor, Fishers Island, N.Y.offsets.xml41.2667° N, 72.0000° W
West Head, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world43.4667° N, 65.6500° W
West Island (west side), Buzzards Bay, Massachusettsoffsets.xml41.6000° N, 70.8333° W
West Island Lt .5 mi SE, San Joaquin River, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0167° N, 121.7667° W
West Narrows, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.4000° N, 66.2167° W
West Newdy Quoddy, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.9000° N, 62.3167° W
West Palm Beach Canal, Floridaharmonics.world26.6450° N, 80.0450° W
West Palm Beach Canal, Florida (2)offsets.xml26.6450° N, 80.0450° W
West Pass, Floridaoffsets.xml29.6333° N, 85.0967° W
West Point Slough, San Francisco Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml37.5050° N, 122.1916° W
West Point, Hudson River, New Yorkoffsets.xml41.4000° N, 73.9500° W
West Point, Prince Edward Islandharmonics.world46.6167° N, 64.3833° W
West Point, Seattle, 0.3 miles W of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.7000° N, 122.6333° W
West Point, Whidbey Island, 1.8 miles SW of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.3833° N, 122.7000° W
West Point, York River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5350° N, 76.7933° W
West Quoddy Head, Maineharmonics.world44.8167° N, 66.9667° W
West Quoddy Head, Maine (2)offsets.xml44.8167° N, 66.9833° W
West Ste Modeste, Strait of Bell Isle, Labradorharmonics.world51.5833° N, 56.7000° W
West Wildwood, Grassy Sound, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.0050° N, 74.8267° W
West-Terschelling, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.3667° N, 5.2167° E
Westbrook, Duck Island Roads, Connecticutoffsets.xml41.2733° N, 72.4750° W
Westchester Avenue Bridge, Bronx River, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8333° N, 73.8833° W
Westchester, Westchester Creek, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.8333° N, 73.8333° W
Westecunk Creek entrance, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.6133° N, 74.2633° W
Westerly, Pawcatuck River, Rhode Islandoffsets.xml41.3833° N, 71.8333° W
Westernport, Australiaharmonics.world38.3667° S, 145.2167° E
Westkapelle, Netherlandsharmonics.new51.5167° N, 3.4333° E
Westover, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3167° N, 77.1500° W
Westport Harbor Entrance, Massachusettsharmonics.world41.5083° N, 71.0933° W
Westport Harbor Entrance, Massachusetts (2)offsets.xml41.5083° N, 71.0933° W
Westport River Entrance, Massachusetts Currentharmonics.world41.5083° N, 71.0883° W
Westport, Californiaoffsets.xml39.6333° N, 123.7833° W
Westport, New Zealandharmonics.world41.7500° S, 171.6000° E
Westport, Point Chehalis, Grays Harbor, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.9083° N, 124.1100° W
Westport, St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotiaharmonics.world44.2667° N, 66.3500° W
Westport, St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotia (2)offsets.xml44.2667° N, 66.3500° W
Westville, Rt. 47 bridge, Big Timber Creek, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.8750° N, 75.1233° W
Wetappo Creek, East Bay, St. Andrew Bay, Floridaoffsets.xml30.0383° N, 85.3933° W
Wewak, Papua New Guineaharmonics.world3.5500° S, 143.6333° E
Weymouth Back River Bridge, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2500° N, 70.9333° W
Weymouth Fore River Bridge, Massachusettsoffsets.xml42.2450° N, 70.9683° W
Weymouth Plantation, Great Pee Dee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4550° N, 79.2050° W
Weymouth, St. Mary Bay, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml44.4500° N, 66.0167° W
Weynton Passage, British Columbia Currentharmonics.world50.6033° N, 126.8117° W
Whale Branch entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5250° N, 80.6750° W
Whale Harbor Channel, Hwy. 1 bridge, Windley Key, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9383° N, 80.6100° W
Whale Harbor, Windley Key, Hawk Channel, Floridaoffsets.xml24.9400° N, 80.6083° W
Whaler Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.8833° N, 123.3333° W
Whaler Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world48.8833° N, 123.0333° W
Whaletown Bay, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.1000° N, 125.0500° W
Whaletown Bay, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.1000° N, 125.0500° W
Whangarei, New Zealandharmonics.world35.7667° S, 174.3500° E
Wharf Creek entrance, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.9133° N, 79.6150° W
Whiskey Creek, north end, Fort Lauderdale, Floridaoffsets.xml26.0800° N, 80.1117° W
Whiskey Creek, south end, Fort Lauderdale, Floridaoffsets.xml26.0550° N, 80.1133° W
White Bear Arm, Labradorharmonics.world52.7333° N, 55.8333° W
White House, Pamunkey River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5833° N, 77.0167° W
White Island, Australiaharmonics.world15.0667° S, 124.6667° E
White Rock, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.0167° N, 122.8000° W
Whitehaven Harbour, Nova Scotiaoffsets.xml45.2333° N, 61.2000° W
Whitehaven, Wicomico River, Chesapeake Bay, Marylandoffsets.xml38.2683° N, 75.7883° W
Whitehead (Casp350), Nova Scotiaharmonics.world45.2333° N, 61.1833° W
Whitestone, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7983° N, 73.8133° W
Whitney Point, Dabob Bay, Washingtonoffsets.xml47.7617° N, 122.8500° W
Whyalla, Australiaharmonics.world33.0167° S, 137.6000° E
Whyalla, Australia (2)harmonics.world33.0167° S, 137.5667° E
Wiah Point, British Columbiaharmonics.world54.1167° N, 132.3167° W
Wiah Point, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world54.1167° N, 132.3167° W
Wick, Scotlandharmonics.world58.4333° N, 3.0833° W
Wickford, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Islandharmonics.world41.5733° N, 71.4450° W
Wickford, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island (2)offsets.xml41.5733° N, 71.4450° W
Wicomico Beach, Marylandoffsets.xml38.3333° N, 76.8667° W
Wierumergronden, Netherlandsharmonics.new53.5167° N, 5.9667° E
Wiggins, Chehaw River, Combahee River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6017° N, 80.5417° W
Wild Cove, Newfoundlandoffsets.xml50.7000° N, 56.1667° W
Wildwood Crest, ocean pier, New Jerseyoffsets.xml39.9750° N, 74.8233° W
Wildwood Crest, Sunset Lake, New Jerseyoffsets.xml38.9783° N, 74.8367° W
Wilhelmshaven, Germanyharmonics.world53.5167° N, 8.1667° E
Willapa City, Willapa River, Washingtonoffsets.xml46.6783° N, 123.6716° W

LocationFile Coordinates
Willcox Wharf, Charles City, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3150° N, 77.0983° W
Willemstad, Curaçaoharmonics.world12.1000° N, 68.9333° W
Willets Point, New Yorkharmonics.world40.7933° N, 73.7817° W
William Head, British Columbiaharmonics.world48.3333° N, 123.5333° W
William Head, Washingtonharmonics.world48.0333° N, 123.5333° W
William Point Light, 0.8 miles W of, Washington Currentoffsets.xml47.5833° N, 122.5833° W
Williams Harbour, Labradoroffsets.xml60.0000° N, 64.3167° W
Williamsburg Bridge, East River, New York, New Yorkoffsets.xml40.7167° N, 73.9667° W
Willis Island, Coral Seaharmonics.world16.2167° S, 150.0167° E
Willtown Bluff, Edisto River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.6817° N, 80.4167° W
Wilmington Beach, North Carolinaoffsets.xml34.0317° N, 77.8933° W
Wilmington Marine Terminal, Delaware offsets.xml39.7183° N, 75.5200° W
Wilmington, North Carolinaharmonics.world34.2267° N, 77.9533° W
Wilson Cove, Middle Bay, Maineoffsets.xml43.8250° N, 69.9767° W
Wilson Cove, San Clemente Island, Californiaoffsets.xml33.0050° N, 118.5566° W
Wilson Point 3.9 mi NNW, San Pablo Bay, California Currentoffsets.xml38.0667° N, 122.3333° W
Wilson's Beach, Campobello Island, New Brunswickharmonics.world44.9333° N, 66.9333° W
Wilson's Beach, Campobello Island, New Brunswick (2)offsets.xml44.9333° N, 66.9333° W
Winant, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregonoffsets.xml44.5833° N, 124.0000° W
Winchelsea Island, British Columbiaharmonics.world49.3000° N, 124.0833° W
Winchelsea Island, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world49.3000° N, 124.0833° W
Windmill Point Light, Chesapeake Bay, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.5967° N, 76.2367° W
Windmill Point, James River, Virginiaoffsets.xml37.3000° N, 77.1000° W
Windmill Point, Rappahannock River, Virginiaharmonics.world37.6117° N, 76.2750° W
Windmill Point, Rappahannock River, Virginia (2)harmonics.world37.6117° N, 76.2750° W
Windmill Point, Rappahannock River, Virginia (3)offsets.xml37.6117° N, 76.2750° W
Windsor Plantation, Black River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.4150° N, 79.2500° W
Windsor Plantation, Russel Creek, South Carolinaoffsets.xml32.5983° N, 80.3450° W
Windsor, Nova Scotia (over keel blocks)harmonics.world45.0000° N, 64.1333° W
Windy Harbour, Australiaharmonics.world34.8333° S, 116.0333° E
Wine Island, Terrebonne Bay, Mississippi River Delta, Louisianaoffsets.xml29.0833° N, 90.6167° W
Winea Plantation, Black River, South Carolinaoffsets.xml33.5350° N, 79.3883° W
Wingo, Sonoma Creek, San Pablo Bay, Californiaoffsets.xml38.2100° N, 122.4266° W
Winisk, Ontarioharmonics.world55.2833° N, 85.1000° W
Winter Harbor, Maineoffsets.xml44.3883° N, 68.0867° W
Winter Harbour, British Columbiaharmonics.world50.5167° N, 128.0333° W
Winter Harbour, British Columbia (2)harmonics.world50.5167° N, 128.0000° W
Winter Harbour, Melville Island, Nunavut/NWT