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0.1 mile east of Point Evans, The Narrows, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2858 N, 122.5445 W
Agate Passage, north end, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.7220 N, 122.5550 W
Agate Passage, south end, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.7128 N, 122.5655 W
Alki Point, 0.3 mile west of, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.5755 N, 122.4280 W
Allyn, Case Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.3833 N, 122.8230 W
Arcadia, Totten Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.1967 N, 122.9380 W
Arletta, Hale Passage, Puget Sound, Washington47.2800 N, 122.6520 W
Balch Passage, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.1875 N, 122.6972 W
Barron Point, Little Snookum Inlet Entrance, Puget Sound, Washington47.1567 N, 123.0080 W
Blake Island, southwest of, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.5250 N, 122.4995 W
Bremerton, Sinclair Inlet, Port Orchard, Puget Sound, Washington47.5617 N, 122.6230 W
Brownsville, Port Orchard, Puget Sound, Washington47.6517 N, 122.6150 W
Burns Point, Totten Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.1217 N, 123.0567 W
Burton, Quartermaster Hbr. (inside), Vashon I., Puget Sound, Washington47.3950 N, 122.4630 W
Clam Bay, Rich Passage, Puget Sound, Washington47.5733 N, 122.5430 W
Dana Passage, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.1633 N, 122.8678 W
Des Moines, East Passage, Puget Sound, Washington47.4000 N, 122.3280 W
Devils Head, Drayton Passage, Puget Sound, Washington47.1667 N, 122.7630 W
Dofflemeyer Point, Boston Hbr., Budd Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.1417 N, 122.9030 W
Dupont Wharf, Nisqually Reach, Puget Sound, Washington47.1183 N, 122.6650 W
Duwamish Waterway, Eighth Ave. South, Puget Sound, Washington47.5350 N, 122.3220 W
Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, Washington47.6200 N, 122.5150 W
Edmonds, 2.7 miles WSW of, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.8063 N, 122.4445 W
Edmonds, Puget Sound, Washington47.8133 N, 122.3830 W
Eld Inlet entrance, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.1463 N, 122.9333 W
Foulweather Bluff, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.9542 N, 122.5792 W
Gibson Point, 0.8 mile east of, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2180 N, 122.5895 W
Gig Harbor entrance, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.3258 N, 122.5747 W
Gig Harbor, Puget Sound, Washington47.3400 N, 122.5880 W
Hale Passage, west end, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2778 N, 122.6622 W
Hammersley Inlet, 0.8 mile east of Libby Point, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2025 N, 122.9745 W
Hammersley Inlet, west of Skookum Point, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2070 N, 123.0395 W
Hansville, Puget Sound, Washington47.9183 N, 122.5450 W
Harper, Yukon Harbor, Puget Sound, Washington47.5233 N, 122.5170 W
Henderson Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.1550 N, 122.8380 W
Home, Von Geldern Cove, Carr Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.2750 N, 122.7580 W
Horsehead Bay, Carr Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.3017 N, 122.6820 W
Kingston, Appletree Cove, Puget Sound, Washington47.7967 N, 122.4930 W
Lockheed Shipyard, Harbor Island, Puget Sound, Washington47.5850 N, 122.3620 W
Longbranch, Filucy Bay, Puget Sound, Washington47.2100 N, 122.7530 W
McMicken Island, Case Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.2467 N, 122.8620 W
Meadow Point, Shilshole Bay, Puget Sound, Washington47.6883 N, 122.4030 W
Nisqually Reach, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.1167 N, 122.7000 W
Off Pleasant Beach, Rich Passage, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.5833 N, 122.5333 W
Olympia, Budd Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.0600 N, 122.9030 W
Peale Passage, north end, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2225 N, 122.9203 W
Pickering Passage, north end, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.3058 N, 122.8508 W
Pickering Passage, off Graham Point, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2483 N, 122.9255 W
Pickering Passage, south end, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2195 N, 122.9347 W
Pitt Passage, east of Pitt Island, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2237 N, 122.7158 W
Point Vashon, Vashon Island, Puget Sound, Washington47.5117 N, 122.4630 W
Port Blakely, Puget Sound, Washington47.5967 N, 122.5100 W
Port Jefferson, Puget Sound, Washington47.7467 N, 122.4770 W
Port Madison, Puget Sound, Washington47.7050 N, 122.5250 W
Port Washington Narrows, north ent, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.6013 N, 122.6617 W
Port Washington Narrows, south ent, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.5667 N, 122.6167 W
Poulsbo, Liberty Bay, Puget Sound, Washington47.7250 N, 122.6380 W
Rocky Point, Eld Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.0817 N, 123.0050 W
Sandy Point, Anderson Island, Puget Sound, Washington47.1530 N, 122.6751 W
Seattle, Puget Sound, Washington47.6026 N, 122.3393 W
Shelton, Oakland Bay, Puget Sound, Washington47.2150 N, 123.0830 W
South end (midstream), The Narrows, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.2608 N, 122.5583 W
Squaxin Passage, north of Hunter Point, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.1770 N, 122.9192 W
Steilacoom, Cormorant Passage, Puget Sound, Washington47.1733 N, 122.6030 W
Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Puget Sound, Washington47.2717 N, 122.5520 W
Tacoma, Commencement Bay, Sitcum Waterway, Puget Sound, Washington47.2667 N, 122.4133 W
Tacoma, Commencement Bay, Sitcum Waterway, Puget Sound, Washington (sub)47.2667 N, 122.4133 W
Tahlequah, Neil Pt., Dalco Passage, Vashon I., Puget Sound, Washington47.3333 N, 122.5070 W
Totten Inlet entrance, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.1888 N, 122.9450 W
Tracyton, Dyes Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.6100 N, 122.6600 W
Vaughn, Case Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.3417 N, 122.7750 W
Walkers Landing, Pickering Passage, Puget Sound, Washington47.2817 N, 122.9230 W
Wauna, Carr Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington47.3783 N, 122.6340 W
West end, Rich Passage, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.5900 N, 122.5622 W
West Point, 0.3 mile west of, Puget Sound, Washington Current47.6612 N, 122.4388 W
Yoman Point, Anderson Island, Balch Passage, Puget Sound, Washington47.1800 N, 122.6750 W

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